Supra Surge                    

If you were ever told that "Concept" was just one of those many bands amongst others, youíll change your mind about the whole thing by having any of Conceptís L.P.ís. Youíll also understand why this is becoming a ďSupra SurgeĒ of the Humanist Advent Concept. Itís also imperative to mention that the Humanist Advent regroups many affiliates from everywhere and you may be the next to join the great strengthening spread that occurs for Concept.

Once you take the time to listen really at the whole content of any of Conceptís L.P.ís, and certainly this one, you'll try to know more and get in touch with Concept; and here is one of the addresses: 

The Humanist Advent ∑ Concept ∑ 3440 Barb Road ∑ Vankleek HillON ∑ K0B 1R0 ∑ Canada

Concept wants to hear about you, your feelings and interest towards Concept. If youíre not an affiliate yet, donít wait, but join the many others along with the Humanist Advent Concept, your letters are most welcome. Remember that any previous Conceptís releases are available at the mentioned address.

Marcís selections are all Angelyric Music publications
Robert C.ís selections are all Conquest Music publications
Peterís selections are all Ridenístars Music publications
All selections under BMI copyrights.

This album is spread worldwide under Reveal label and any available informations can be provided by Revealís head office upon proper request. Reveal is the property of the Humanist Advent Concept.

Warning: This concerns inappropriate use of drugs while listening at Conceptís L.P.ís. For the previous victims... you know For the upcoming challengers... donít try... just accept Concept.

special thanks to Peter Riden for his great support.

Peter Riden: lead guitar, strings, voices, machine head
Robert C. Schwelb: keyboards, voices
Marc Ulus: strings, windwood, voices
Pier Heiken: percussions



01. KEEP UP THE GREAT MUSIC (Robert C. Schwelb) 01:58
02. COMES A TIME IN YOUR LIFE (Marc Ulus) 04:59
03. CONSTANT DREAM (Robert C. Schwelb) 04:46
04. EQUILIBRIUM (Marc Ulus) 06:06
05. IN SEARCH FOR THE ANSWER (Robert C. Schwelb) 03:30
06. THEY PROPHESIED (Marc Ulus) 03:46
07. ALLEGORY OF NATURAL (Peter Riden) 03:41
08. MISSING NOTES (Peter Riden) 02:47
09. MEMENTUM (Peter Riden) 05:31
10. SUPRA SURGE (Peter Riden) 06:31

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