It Is You
My eyes - a blind window
The other world is calling
Brown night dwells inside
You say itīs appalling 
When I get drowned in Gin
Baby youīre not fair
It is you whoīs disarranged my mind

Baby I remind you
Of what youīve been to me
Center of a life
Now turned to misery
Your heart as cold as snow
Well all the people know
It is you whoīs disarranged my mind

We Are Alone
I've got a brandnew car, take you on a ride
All your neighbours stare when I pick you up
You can really be proud īcause you are my bride
Then we move away, have you on my side
People we have segregated 
So we two feel integrated
We are alone

As we lie on the ground silent and shy
On a quivering blade a butterfly
Your long golden hair gleams in the sun
Then you smell the heavy scent of hay
Oh your eyes will gaze so dreamy
I will ever hold you near me
We are alone

Roaming ībout the countryside
Feeling free just like a child
All my senses are far widened
Weīre alone

Then itīs time to go, it can be hell
Youīre so sad, your eyes are filled with tears
You think of your work to come so soon
Baby you can cheer up looking at the moon
Baby now I promise you
Till next Sunday Iīll be true
We are alone

Marvin Is Dead
There the leading car went into a skid
Ramming that telegraph pole
Marvin always knew whatever he did
Yet the transmission shaft broke

Oh he was trapped in his car
When all the full tanks exploded at a blow
God when all the full tanks exploded at a blow

But I wonīt sit asking who is to blame
Marvin did know itīs a game
Racingīs just the sort of beautiful thing
Where you may lose or may win
Where you may lose or may win

Sing Your Song
In his tomb I saw the Well-known Soldier
Sweating tiny drops of blood
Yes I guess he didnīt like this last home
That was burning in the sun
So he just walked out there to rest
While asking me for a drink
Things go better with big-big smashing Coke

Iīll sing your song
Stopping fighting for a while
Iīll sing your song
But I canīt resist a smile

Yesterday I freed a prosecuter
Who was growing weed at home
Mrs. Joan OīLeary killed herself mmh
īCause she couldnīt stand a vice
Deep and strong leaving her no choice
Sheīd stolen hard to believe
"Cream-Line" Toffee at Mr. Gardnerīs shop

Love Is A Natural Thing
When you walk 
Thereīs a worldīs fair of beauty in the street
When you talk 
I feel my heartīs unsteady beat

See her smile
Each guy will feel that he is born a man
In her file
One more attempt to break the ban

Baby hey
Youīre just the sort of girl Iīm bound to get
Canīt you see
That my desire must be pleased

You drive me mad
Donīt make me sad
Love is a natural thing girl

Dear cool girl
Why donīt you take a seat right on my lap
Dear cool girl
Oh you have caught me in your trap

Hoppe Reiter
You'll feel the freshness of love
And don't act like a dove
Take a look at her thighs
She will surely enjoy
Feelin' high as your toy
Come on and make her sigh

Well girl we shall go ridin'
Tell me where you've been hidin'

I'm gonna pet you all night
Guess we're feeling up-tight
Oh this wonderful girl is mine

Tell me why should you refuse 
I know that you will amuse 
Yourself to make me fly 
It's so unfair to waste time 
When there's no reason or rhyme 
For feelin' high and dry

Well girl we shall go ridin'
Tell me where you've been hidin'
Hoppe hoppe Reiter

Don't Know Baby If You Are Safe
Woke up and had this girl near me
I don't know why I grabbed her tonight
Must be this damned stuff called whisky
That my mind didn't work right

So please come on and tell me now
What have I done to you tonight
Don't know baby if you are safe

Your bra is Iying there on the blue floor
But tell me baby where are your shoes
I want to know who's locked this front door
Tell me girl what tricks did you use

I tell you baby that I don't like you
To see you here will make me feel blue
You're absolutely not the right girl here
I hate the way you try to be near

Leave This Lesbian World
I don't want you when you're shy
Tell me girl how should I try

I hope to see you breakthrough
Leave all the things that haunt you

You suffer from that rape
Girl blot out the tape
Leave this lesbian world

Leave the things that break your heart
Try to make another start

There's no reason you should tease me 
So go out and strive to ease me

If you want me to stay here
Well come on to feel you near

Old Captain Cook
You meet a girl and you want to be with her
Her Mom says impossible 
You have to love her before
Why should you care 
Because you donīt want anything bad
It tastes fresh 
Like an orange slice on your tongue

Remember old Captain Cook
He surely got off the hook
When he met those kind Samoan girls
Where is all the gaiety
I do blame society
If I do not find Samoan girls

Donīt be misled when she wears the latest fad
You canīt take her straight 
īCause itīs nothing more than a joke
Things arenīt as bad
As they were ten years ago
But when you are on pills
You can buy it the drugstore next door

Donīt You Feel Any Pain
My days are dreary since I have lost you
Life is hard, I have to go through
It ainīt no use when I try to forget you
But tell me baby what can I do
Your heart is made out of concrete
Baby donīt you feel any pain

Find me thinking over and over
What kind of fool had changed your mind
At night I donīt see you breathing gently
I weep so long till I get blind
Your heart is made out of concrete
Baby donīt you feel any pain

I'm Exhausted
I come home from work this evening
Feelin' pretty bad
You seem waitin' just the whole day
Bein' so upset

More evermore you want
But you got all you need
More evermore you want
Be careful and take heed

I do everything to please you
Donīt wanna see you sad
How about a movie baby?
So that you feel glad

More evermore you want
But you got all you need
More evermore you want
Be careful and take heed

I do want you
You do want me
But can't you see
I'm exhausted

I'm at least ten damn' years older
But I don't feel old
Men may have much younger women
All my folks have told

Mother never did accept my habit
Called all my life a shame
Got Momīs picture on the walls around me
She canīt help watching me

Tell you Mom youīve got to stand it
Tell you Mom youīve got to stand it
Watch the things my lover do me

Never did her shopping in this quarter
To shun the neighboursī blab
Got Momīs picture on the walls around me
She canīt help watching me

You toldīem that I was queer
And that she shouldnīt
Be friendly with me
Always put me down
Itīs alright Ma you nearly made it
But youīve got to know I havenīt changed
Now you are able to watch me all the time
You had no right to disown your child
Sorry Mom

The Policeman
Thou shalt not steal
When you donīt have a meal
They told me God was a policeman
Thou shall not steal
Say who makes the big deal
They told me God was a policeman
Crime does not pay
Yes my mother would say
She went to church every mornī
You got to run, boy 
That wonīt be much fun
One day theyīll catch you at dawn

Baby not me - gonna fool īem all
Baby not me - have a lot on the ball

The Very Last Waltz
It's the end of a story
'Bout some guys with a great big dream
Now you know it's all over
Stay away, stay away from braggin' 'bout
And now you know it's all over
You've got to learn to live without

It's like flipping through the pages
Of a love that just had to end
So put your mind to remember
All the places we've been flying so high
Now put your mind to remember
"The Beauty Of The Days Gone By"

It's not easy to try
To sing this last lullaby
And forever say good-bye