Malesch Records                .0-9 

THE 31st OF FEBRUARY - same 
(Vanguard-Arkama-Digipack-I) The first and only album originally released in 1969. Acid-rock, psychedelia featuring Butch Truchs (later with the Allman brothers) Musically is the Byrdsy-folk-rock and excellent psych freak-out. (Code C)

49th PARALLEL - same 
(Pacemaker-CAN) 1969 / Plus bonus tracks from 1967. Their sound is a mixture of pop-rock, progressive-psychedelic with lots of fuzz. Close the barn door is the best psych track. (Code D)

6 FEET UNDER - In Retrospect 1969-70 
(Arf Arf-US) Countercultural psych from New Jersey: Formed in 1966 out of the ashes of the Marc 5 and Sonix, this ensemble upheaval of the pre-Woodstock Nation. Like Jefferson Airplane, Neighbourhood Children and United States of America. Six feet under was blessed with a dynamic diva who soared admidst snearing fuzz leads, swirling organ chord. (Code D)

Code A     11,00
Code B     13,00
Code C     15,00
Code D     17,00
Code E     18,00
Code F     20,00
Code G     22,00
Code H     25,00
Code I     29,00
Code J     33,00
Code K     35,00
Code L    39,00