Malesch Records                

(Original Deram / Japan) 1970; A Midlands-based band, whose sole album presents us with the perennial problem of rock without guitars. As little instrumental interplay is possible, vocals, lyrics, compositions and above all the inventive use of keyboards become more important than ever. The result here is ambiguous. Copper Sunset has a nice title and a great 'wrong' and nagging bass-note in the chorus and Many Things To Do has nice harmonies, but this latter track is too long. Generally the music suffers from too many long extended tracks. The outstanding cut Once Upon A Hill is lovable, though, with great eclectic medieval stylings and effective celeste parts. Limited edition! 23,00 €

(Gear Fab-US) 2 CD / 1966 / 1977 Acknowledged as one of the Bay areas most significant collectibles from the heyday of California's political and psychedelic era. This 99 minutes long double CD tracks this band transition from the Berkley Free speech movement, their performance at the Monterrey pop Festival and the Golden Gate Human Beins, to their fantasy Studio sessions 1966/67. Originally released as triple LP set this project is taken from the Master tapes. A much sought after totally unknown hippy Underground-acid-folk: Their repertoire: acoustic material covered blues, flamenco guitar improvisations, Hindustani ragas, even American Indian charts. A California's political psychedelic sound. (Code E)

(HMP-Korea) Reissue on CD, of ultra rare album by south African band. Original release on 1970: Inventive mind stimulating head music, acid folk-rock with use of flute, sax, hand percussion, acid leads, dreamy stoned vocals. Very Limited edition. (Code G)

(Re. Runner-Brazil) Now also on CD with 6 bonus tracks, the monster rarity from Argentina only released in France 1973. Real complex heavy progressive with phased vocals, effects, outburst of Fuzz, mouth harp, flute, power bass, thunder organs. Musically like JERICHO / BLACKWATER PARK jamming with EL RELOJ / VOX DEI. (Code G)

ACHE - De Homine Urbano/Green Man 
(Philips-DK) 1970 / 1971, 2 on 1 CD by Danish progsters recorded between 1970 and 1971: First album "De Homine" comprises the music from a ballet of the same name. Long instrumental passages dominated by strong Hammond organ sound and heavy guitar riffs: Second album "Green Man" was similar in form, but contained shorter tracks, nevertheless, an awesome piece of progressive rock.(Code C)

(BMG-I / Digipack) 1973 / Acqua Fragile were one the more song-oriented Italian progressive groups, singing in English and combining melodic influences from early 70's Genesis, Yes and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Lanzetti's nasal voice (comparable to Peter Gabriel, Roger Chapman or Pat Moran of the group Spring) dominates most racks, sometimes accompanied by three-part vocal harmonies. The majestic guitar licks are similar to those of Steve Hackett. Their album didn't contain anything uncommon, but are relaxing, harmonic and perhaps a little too light-hearted for those who enjoy the more complex sound favoured by other Italian bands. (Code E) 

(BMG / I) Acqua Fragile only made 2 albums before they broke up when their singer Bernardo Lanzetti joined P.F.M. They never had too much success during their lifetime, but their albums have a nice sorta P.F.M-styled charm. This is their first album, & most would agree that it's their best. Comes in miniature LP sleeve : 17,00 €

AEROVONS - Resurrection
( RPM / UK ) One of those "Wow! I didn't know that existed, but what a find!", type albums. A lost in action masterpiece from 1969, full of Beatles connections and inflections, plus the groups own popsike visions. Signed by EMI from the demo of their song World of You, the Beatles inspired American band, the Aerovons proceeded to absorb everything around them in late 60's London and particularly Abbey Road studios. They met George Harrison and Paul McCartney, watched the Fab Four record Yer Blues and Sexy Sadie, heard playbacks of Oh Darling! Then they laid down their ownmaterial, with the able assistance of engineers Alan Parsons and Geoff Emerick, both with their own Beatles connections. With songs varying from acoustic ballads to full orchestral productions the album was drenched in typically florid late 60's Abbey Road production sounds. Band leader and album producer, Tom Hartman admits to succumbing to his flair for the dramatic using bytes from the EMI sound effects library rather liberally. Unintentionally many of the songs bare their influences brightly: Like Her (strong whiff of 'And I Love Her' about It), Resurrection (a retake on 'Across The Universe'), Everythings Alright (which lyrically, vocally, melodically visits 'Getting Better' and stays). Though other songs do show how strong the group were as writers in their own direction with the hook and strings laden World Of You, and the psychedelically vaudevillian Bessy Goodheart. Only two singles were released by Parlophone in 1969, the band returned to St Louis and the album was criminally shelved. With hind sight had the album been released at the proper time the Aerovons would have beaten Badfinger by a year, and could well have stolen their thunder. This is a lost sixties gem, essential listen for popsike fans, full of the Beatles and the Abbey Road sound. 18,00 €

AFTER ALL - same 
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue on CD of 1970 one and only psychedelic / progressive album by Florida group "After All" very sought after by collectors. Excellent spacey guitar-riffs outstanding and innovative keyboards, all necessary elements and underground vibes are there. (Code C)

AFFINTY - same
( Repertoire / G ) Affinity were on of several UK Jazz rock oufits signed by Vertigo Records. Fronted by Linda Hoyle, they released their one and only LP in 1970. This 9 track release includes two bonus cuts "Eli`s Coming" and "United States Of Mind"! 14,00 €

AFFINITY - Live Instrumental
1969 ( Angel Air / UK ) At the end of 1968, Affinity's vocalist Linda Hoyle was forced to have an operation on her vocal chords to remove what was then known as 'singer's nodes'. During her absence, the four guys in the band - bass player Mo Foster, guitarist Mike Jopp, organist Lynton Naiff and drummer Grant Serpell - played instrumental music as part of a month-long stint at Ronnie Scott;s Club in London. The first nine tracks on this CD were recorded by the four-piece at the club in January 1969. An extra four tracks are taken from an FM radio broadcast and the final tracks features the University of Sussex Jazz Trio, an early incarnation of Affinity. Within a few weeks after their Ronnie Scotts' stint, the band were reunited with Linda Hoyle who by then had fully recovered, and they continued thier career ultimately releasing the self-titled album in 1970. Plus bonus tracks - RADIO BROADCAST All Blues - 81 - Mercy,Mercy,Mercy - Jive Samba - On Green Dolphin Street* * credited to University of Sussex Jazz trio (an early version of Affinity): 17,00 €

AFFINITY - 1971-1972
( Angel Air /UK ) 9 Tracks compiled from a set of studio demos and full band rehearsals, with informative sleeve notes by MO FOSTER plus rare and unseen band photos. At the end of January 1971, lead vocalist Linda Hoyle and Hammond organist Lynton Naiff, having both given a month's notice, quit Affinity - the band they had been with for two and a half years - to go their separate ways. It was an amicable split. The remaining members of the band - bass-player Mo Foster, guitarist Mike Jopp, and drummer Grant Serpell - each began to embrace new projects. However they missed the fun of a small cohesive team and, after some discussion, made the decision to keep the name Affinity and to try to continue as a performing and recording entity. It was not an easy task since finding replacements for Linda and Lynton - both of whom were superb musicians - was necessarily a challenge. Affinity had first met Vivienne McAuliffe at Exeter University while playing one of their last gigs with the original line-up. She had been lead vocalist with the college band, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre. Back in London the band held a set of tortuous auditions but it soon became clear that Vivienne - with her crystal-clear voice and out-going personality - was the only possible choice to replace Linda. She became one of the lads. At about this time ex-Tornados keyboard-player Dave Watts answered an advert in Melody Maker and brought with him not only his own Hammond Organ but also an impish sense of humour. Within minutes he slotted in to the band banter and, as soon as he played, the guys knew he was the right man. There was soon had enough material for a whole new set and UK college gigs and club dates soon followed. Frustratingly, a studio album of the new material at that time never happened. But this album - the album that never was - is an attempt to fill that void and is compiled from a set of studio demos and full band rehearsals. Enjoy! 17,00 €

(Sundazed / US) 1968 / With four previously unissued tracks - alternate versions of Susie's Gone, Chasing Rainbows, Afternoon and Morning From Chico, California, this band were originally known as The Medallions. Their album, which was produced by Larry Goldberg and Leo Kulka (aka Leo De Gar Kulka, a regular at Golden Gate studios, in San Francisco), consists of soft pop with a tinny organ backing and memorable tunes. Some of the tracks such as Susie's Gone, It's A Wonder, and Afternoon are extremely psychedelic and Side One is much the stronger of the two. (Code C) 

AGAPE - Gospel hard rock
(Agape-US) Rare 1971 debut album. This Californian outfit are preaching the gospel using a hard rock format and musically it's pretty good too. Fred Caban was the brain behind the project-he wrote the lyrics, music and supplies the vocals on all the tracks. The opening cut on the first album" Blind" is pretty bluesy, there's plenty of fuzz on tracks like "Trust" and a good echoed guitar on "Freedom". The magnum opus is the final track "Rejoice", which deals with the end of the world and the coming of Christ. Imaginative, maybe even psychedelic, this track in particular is well worth a listen. (Code H)

AGAPE - Live & Unreleased
(Agape-US) Recorded live at Mount San Antonio College, California, 1973. Plus unreleased post-AGAPE tracks (Fred Caban). (Code E)

AGAPE - Victims of Tradition
(Agape-US) Their second album from 1972 is more laid back than the first but both are equally sought-after, hard-psychedelic, killer guitar work, religious message. (Code H)

(Garden of Delights / G) New issue of this stone classic on Garden Of Delights. There are no extra tracks or anything, but there is the usual excellent archival photos and band history, so I would say that this is now the definitive edition of this album. The first of their 2 'official' albums released during their lifetime. Agitation Free were an instrumental, dual guitar oriented, somewhat 'jammy' oriented psychedelic/Krautrock outfit. In addition to the guitar, they are best known for giving the world synthesist/keyboardist Michael Hoenig. Some nice middle Eastern touches give this one the big thumbs up! : 15,00 €

(Garden of Delights / G) New issue of this stone classic on Garden Of Delights. There are no extra tracks or anything, but there is the usual excellent archival photos and band history, so I would say that this is now the definitive edition of this album. The second of their 2 'official' albums released during their lifetime. Agitation Free were an instrumental, dual guitar oriented, somewhat 'jammy' oriented psychedelic/Krautrock outfit. In addition to the guitar, they are best known for giving the world synthesist/keyboardist Michael Hoenig. This adds bouzouki, mellotron, 12-string guitar to their twin guitar, "Krautrock meets the most out moments of the Grateful Dead" sound! 15,00 € 

(Garden of Delights / G) This is the third time that these very final sessions by Agitation Free have been issued, and this would seem to be the definitive version, with the best sound of any of the previous issues, as well as a bonus track. This is a big psychedelic jam from a lot of different members of the group from the different lineups of the band, including Christopher Franke, Michael Hoenig, Lutz Ulbrich, Jörg Schwenke, Mickie Duwe and more. It is looser than their classic albums, which may strike you as a plus or a minus, depending on your tastes. In any event, it's a very decent release & does not besmirch their great reputation in any way! 15,00 €

AGITATION FREE - At The Cliff Of River Rhine
(Garden-G) At 02. February 1974 shortly after the release of their LP "Second": Free were playing in Cologne on the Rhine. This gig has already been released as a bootleg LP, yet in bad recording quality. This is the authorised release, with many page booklet. Excellent SPACE PSYCH. (Code C)

(Spalax-F) 1974 / The last album of the band, includes live recordings and previously unreleased tracks, was only released in France at the time. (Code C)

AGITATION FREE - Other Sides Of 
(Garden of Delights-G) With 36 page booklet: Unreleased material from the last days of their existence as a musical unit recorded in 1974, studio-sessions with more jazz-rock influence and guest stars from "Wallenstein", "Os Mundi" and "Karthago". (Code C)

AGNES STRANGE - Strange Flavour 
(GRT-G) UK heavy bluesy progressive underground rock, with 2 previously unreleased tracks from 1975 / 1976. (Code C)

AGNES STRANGE - Theme for a Dream 
(Rock Fever-G) 1972 / 1974; Unreleased tracks from the masters and original demos. UK heavy bluesy progressive rock band, more heavier prog.-psych.-rock then on the debut album; 14 rare never before released tracks. (Code C)

AGONY BAG - Feelmazumba
(Black Widow / I ) This is a really good rock album from Clive Jones, former lead vocalist/sax/flute/keyboard player of the legendary UK progressive band BLACK WIDOW. It is very much in the science fiction realm, and is a lot more diverse than his former band. Recorded in the late 70's and never released until now, it reminds me of Nic Turners' Inner City Unit quite a bit! 15,00 €

(Pseudonym-NL) 1970 plus one bonus: Dutch psychedelic progressive rock legends AHORA MAZDA. They made one album of intriguing psychedelia with prog. moves. Great acid-drenched guitars accompany you, on some lengthy trips, psychy vibe, flutes, stoned vocals, guitars that cut through space dark underground. (Code C)

AIGUES VIVES - Water Of Seasons 
(Garden of Delights/G) Originally from 1981 and coming with 4 bonus tracks. This was the only release by this Rheinbach band, founded in 1971. Taken from the original mastertapes. Including the demos from their unfinished second album. A virtually acoustic group featuring four guitars, two flutes and violin, the only electric instrument being bass guitar! A tuneful instrumental folk-rock band apparently! 15,00 € 

ALACRAN - same
(Disconforme/SP) Alacran was apparently a short-lived project, recording an album for demo purposes and then simply disappearing. The album recorded in 1971, had a short playing time of 26 minutes. Those already acquainted with Los Brincos will recognise the same melodic sound, strongly influenced by the late sixties British groups such as Pretty Things, Traffic, Cream and The Beatles. In addition, Alacran had louder guitars and a Latin touch a la Santana on several tracks! 15,00 €

ALAMEDA - Todas sus grabaciones en discos Epic (1979- 1983)
(Rama Lama / SP ) The complete work of this South Spain Group ( 2-CD ) Alameda was formed in 1978 by experienced musicians.Alameda played flamenco-rock comparable to Triana and Mezquita, perhaps adding a bit more keyboards ( Pianos and synthesizer ). The dramatic vocals are performed with great vigour and passion. Still their albums stay on the safe side with no bold experiments, focusing instead on harmonic and easily accessible music. 18,00 €

(Norton-US) Wild 60's Ohio garage band mayhem from the ALARM CLOCKS, whose sole 1966 single "YEAH! / NO REASON TO COMPLAIN" remains one of the rarest and most sought-after 60's punk singles ever. This 1st time reappearance of their landmark 45, plus raw, insane 66 studio tapes and early recordings as "The Perceptions". Clean blast of 100% unadulterated teen-age crude. (Code C)

ALBATROS - Garden of Eden 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1978 / A German band played polished art rock in the vein of early "Genesis" or early "Wallenstein". Their style can be characterised as mellow, tuneful rock into which they introduced an element of tension by adding hard breaks that really get under your skin. (Code C)

ALCATRAZ - Vampire State Building 
(LongHair-G, LHC 14) First album by mysterious band from Hamburg. Originally released 1971 on Philips. Their music featured fuzzed guitars and effects overdose in a heavy and bluesy over-the-top Krautrock mixing together genres that no-one else did. One of the finest slabs of eccentric heady Krautrock. Simple Head Phone Mind (11:56) and the title-track “Vampire State Building” (13:10) are masterpieces you will never forget. For the first time on CD! This album is an absolutely must for every Krautrock or Progrock fan. From the master tapes plus one bonus track; informative booklet. Highly recommended! (Code C)

ALEPH - Surface tension
(M2U / Korea) Powerful twin key's symphonic prog monsters from Australia. Formed in 1975, this symphonic progressive outfit played along the lines of SEBASTIAN HARDIE. They have one very collectable album: "Surface Tension" as a promo copy. Never released as an official by license matter with Atlantic. (Code H)

ALFORT, GLEM - Mirror Image 
(Magic Carpet-UK) Limited. Edition. "The Electronic Sitar" originally release in 1974. Great Orient influence, sitar, tabla, flute, tamboura, very experimental sound. From the sitar leader Magic Carpet. (Code D)

(Silence-SW) This is the first time ever release of the mythical unreleased 2nd album by this legendary Swedish psychedelic Acid Space band. Recorded 27 years ago, but ended up on the shelf, until now!! As goods as their stunning and classic debut album. Cosmic acid space psychedelic folk from 1974. (Code E)

(Silence-SW) 1971-1972 / incl. 2 live bonus tracks, recorded at Museum of Art in Gothenburg. Outer worldly Swedish stoned psychedelia with dark, long tracks with long guitar trips and spacey sound. (Code D)

ALL SAVED FREAK BAND - My Poor Generation
(Hidden Vision / US) The All Saved Freak Band evolved from an outfit called Preacher And The Witness Band. Formed by Larry Hill and Joe Markko, they played a mix of gospel, Christian rock, heavy blues and psychedelic folk with female vocals. Their albums from 1971 are sought-after by some collectors now. (Code F) 

ALLEN, DAVID - Banana Moon
(Spalax-F) 1970 / Ex member of the first Soft Machine line up and founder of Gong. This album boasts a haunting rendition of memories on an old Soft Machine number here sung again by Robert Wyatt. Interesting is David's unusual guitar style and Gillis voice dubbed the space whisper. Mystically stoned music, they gained a reputation as pixie brained space heads (release on Digipak). (Code C)

ALLEN, DAVID - Divided Alien Playbax 80
(Spalax-F) 1984 / One of the first ever LPs recorded of electronic music It sounds wild. A very interesting performance. (Code C)

ALLEN, DAVID - N'Existe pas
(Spalax-F) 1979 / A freak-out jazz album with great guest Chris Cutler from "Rock in Opposition" and George Bishop adds crazy saxophone & Clarinet; Release on Digipak. (Code C)

ALLEN, DAVID - Now is the happiest time of your life
(Spalax) Maybe the best solo work David recorded. These recordings are sons of Captain Beefheart, Syd Barrett & Mayo Thomson. Originally released in 1977. (Digipak) (Code C)

ALLEN, DAVID - Opium for the people & Alien in New York
(Spalax-F) A collection of two of David's ultra rare EPs from the late 70's, featuring HERE & NOW aka, The Opium and very early material on Alien. (Digipak) (Code C)

( Black Rills / Swiss ) This Swiss group (Four singers, guitar, piano, flute, bass & drums) recorded this concept-album in 1976. they offer an early Seventies Progressive rock with excellent melodic hard-rock passages, sophisticated sketches ala Spooky Tooth, a mix of basic rock and opera rock ala "Tommy" and even symphonic parts with choirs. They develop a great varity of climates with energetic rhythms, varied vocals, saturated guitar parts and flute flights: Hard to find and last CD copies: limited in stock! 18,00 €

ALQUIN - Marks / Mountain Queen
(Polydor / NL) Dutch band performing progressive rock in the vein of a cross between PINK FLOYD and ROXY MUSIC, but with a larger brass section than the 2 above mentioned bands. This is their 1st and 2nd albums on 1 CD. (Code C)

ALQUIN - Wheelchair groupie
(Universal / NL) A 12 track compilation from this great Dutch band with progressive roots feat "Wheelchair groupie", "Fool in the mirror", "Soft Royce", "Convicts of the air", "Take any road", "Marc's occasional shows", "You always can change", "Revolution's eve", "Farewell, Miss Barcelona", "Soft eyed woman", "Central Station hustle" and "Mountain queen". (Code C)

(Karma-DK) CD reissue of the bands 5th album, originally recorded in 1972 and released in 1974 on the bands own Mandagora records. Musically in the spirits of the band's early 70's heavy progressive heyday. (Code C)

ALRUNE ROD - Spredt vor Vinden
(Karma-DK) CD reissue of 4th album by legendary Danish heavy progressive rock band. All tracks recorded in 1971 and released in 1973, on the band's own Mandagora records. (Code C)

AMAZING BLONDEL - A Foreign Field That Is Forever England 
(Blue Flame) UK-folk-rock band from the early 70's with excellent quality LIVE recordings from 1972, compiled by the band themselves who were as responsible for the liner notes in the 8-page booklet / nice-gatefold Digipack. A must for all Folk-rock fans. (Code C)

(G-Fab) US-Connecticut band from 1969 which release a now extreme rare album. Excellent psychy blues rock with duelling guitars, harmonica, recorder and one helluva cowbell. From master tape with 3 unreleased tracks. (Code C)

(GOD / G) "Hi jack" from 1974 is probably the most underestimated album of Amon Düül II. Only if one has recognised all of it's details one notices that it is by no means second to their masterpiece "Phallus Dei" (from 1969). From the master tape and the booklet is a mine of information. (Code C) 

AMULET - same 
(monster-US) Now also on CD of ultra rare album by USA psychedelic hard-rock band from 1979. Molten hard-rock, infamous for it stinging guitar work has lyrics, biography and photos. Powerful, infectious hard-rock loaded with loud, blistering lead guitar. For all collectors of US acid/heavy rock. (Code C)

(Second Battle-Digipack G) 1970 German-Art-rock to Krautrock. Musically output sounded much more professional than many other com temporary groups and should be compared to "Nosferatu". (Code C)

ANGEL PAVEMENT - Maybe Tomorrow
(Wooden Hill/UK) Recorded in 1969 but unreleased at the time, the sole album by baroque harmony popsike group Angel Pavement finally emerged in vinyl-only format in early 2003. This new CD release adds a further eight tracks, including five superb psychedelic pop demos recorded in Yorkshire in late 1967 before they came down to London to release two singles, all four sides of which are also included on this release. A rare treat for lovers of Honeybus/Zombies-style late 60s British pop, the 23 track Maybe Tomorrow includes revised and extended liner notes, quotes from group members, previously unpublished photos, substantially different artwork and improved sound quality to stand as the final word on a criminally underrated band: 19,00 €

ANNEXUS QUAM - Beziehungen 
(Spalax-F) 1972; 7 Second experimental album. Bridges the gap between free-jazz and rock with no compromises. (Code C)

ANNO DOMINI - On This New Day
(HMP / Korea) 1971 / Formed in Ireland by Taylor (ex-EIRE APPARENT) their mildly flavoured folksy album is surprisingly hard to find. Not that locating it would be a very rewarding musical experience. The music is gentle, almost bland and although it contains some nice melodic patterns, you're bound to have forgotten them quickly. They were obviously influenced by The Byrds. The album begins with a good version of their Rock 'n' Roll Star and June Tremayne and The Badlands Of Ardguzth are full of ringing guitars. Best of the melodic, folky songs are The Trapper and The Good Life I Have Known. There's also a heavy rockin' version of Dion's Daddy Rollin'. Only recommended for fans of melodic acoustic folk. (Code G)

ANONYMOUS - Inside the Shadow 
(Aether-US) Plus J. Rider - No longer annoy mouse. Fantastic blend of "BYRDS", "JEFFERSON AIRPLANE", "BUFFALO", "SPRINGFIELD" jangle rock with great song writing, male / female vocals and great playing! With melodic guitar driven rock. If you like ringing guitar work and harmonic vocals, this album is for you. (Code E)

ANTONIUS REX - Anno Demoni
(Mellow / I) Finally, a proper reissue of the 1978 album by the masters of magic. This consist of unpublished pieces recorded between 1974 and 1978. The music is very beautiful and dark, featuring female vocals, flute, organ, and percussion. Along with "Ralefun", this is one of their more interesting releases! 15,00 €

ANTONIUS REX - Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex
(Black Widow / I) Unreleased studio album recorded in London in 1974. The six recorded tracks are dark-progressive with some Black Sabbath influences and loaded with pipe organ and chanting. This features heavier guitar than their other releases. The album was almost released on Vertigo, but the label wanted to change the Satanic cover and drop the song "Devil Letter" which the band had no intentions of doing, so in turn they were dropped! 15,00 €

(Vertigo / G) Double CD, 1971, Superb Progressive creation with the future VANGELIS at the keyboards (mellotron,organ..) and Demis ROUSSOS as bass player and lead vocalist in this album, there is a part sung a capella that can remind of Irene Pappas: Aphrodite's Child were a Greek pop band of the late 1960's who released a number of huge hits in Europe, each a little more insipid than the one before it. They were also the first band of Demis Roussos (still a huge pop star in Europe and still making fairly insipid music) and soon-to-be-legendary keyboardist, etc. Vangelis Papathanassiou. Then, for their final work together in 1971, they came up with this legendary, early psychedelic/progressive double classic based loosely on The Apocalypse of John ("Anyone who has intelligence may interpret the number of The Beast. It is a man's number. This number is 666"! 18,00 €

(Long Hair / G) Reissue of the 1968 debut by one of Germany's finest pop/psychedelic bands. Catchy songs with intelligent arrangements played by well educated musicians displying their abilities to the fullest. Every song could have been a huge hit, also due to the very convincing harmony vocals. All friends of psychedelic pop will love this record. Digitally remastered and coming with a 24 page full coloured booklet. 17,00 €

(Long Hair / G) Reissue of the second album (1969) by this "hitwonder" from Germany. The band developed and refined their music toward psychedelic rock without denying the psych pop roots. The tracks became longer, the instrumentation many sided (great sitar in "Let die"). Intelligent compositions with great vocals make this underrated album a true gem. Digitally remastered, coming with 2 bonus tracks and a 12 page booklet! 17,00 €

APOLLO - same
(Warner/Fin) Legit, from the master-tapes, 24 bit digital remaster reissue of this Finnish rarity from 1970. This was drummer Edward Vesala's first band, and he is joined by Harri Saksala-vocals, harmonica, Erero Lupari-guitars, Heimo Holopainen-bass. Since I also hear lots of keyboards/mellotrons, flutes, strings and orchestrations and more, I will assume that the 3 names under the four musicians' names above are guests (that means that Jukka Gustavsson of Wigwam is the keyboardist!). This very early album - one of the very first of Finnish progressive, along with Elonkorjuu - is a curious blending of progressive songcraft of the late 60's (Procol Harum, Traffic), bluesy underground rock, and other touches. The vocalist is kind of a bellower, but I still really enjoyed this: 15,00 €

APPLE - same
(Repertoire-G) This is on of the most sought-after UK psychedelic albums from 1969. It's a fine amalgam of psychedelia and heavy R&B CD release, complete with four bonus tracks from 1968, available in the LPs original sleeve now comes with informative notes on this obscure but legendary band. (Code C)

APRYL FOOL - same 
(Shagadelic) Korean Import. Reissue on CD of the one and only album by Japanese psychedelic band from 1970. An ultra rare psychedelic masterpiece. This band features Hiro Yanagida later of Food Brain. Included here as bonus are the 4 rare single tracks by pre-APRYL FOOL band THE FLORAL. From the original Master tapes. Booklet with full discography. (Code F)

(Microfon-ARG) 1974 / 3rd album by hard psychedelic progressive rock band, featuring members of Almendra, Great, thick fuzz guitar work, lengthy tracks. Great Argentinean prog. Group. (Code G)

(Microfon-ARG) 1975 / Plus one bonus track. Another great psych-progressive rock. (Code G)

ARABESQUE - Tales Of Power
( Shroom / US ) An album by a completely unknown and forgotten symphonic progressive rock quintet from the 1970's from Verona, PA. Vocals, keyboards (organ, synths, Fender Rhodes piano), guitars, bass, drums and percussion/vibes. You can definitely hear echos of bands like Yes, Genesis, Ethos and even Happy The Man and Hands (although I doubt that they had actually heard those last two at the time that they were working; probably just a situation of being influenced by similar things). This is all unreleased tracks from 1975-1979, and comes with a 16 page full color booklet. Mostly long tracks (over 10'), the sound is a little thin, but more than listenable and hard core progressive fans will be amazed to find a previously unknown band of this caliber! 17,00 €

ARC - At This
( RCA / Japan ) 1971; This progressive blues/rock album involved some former members of Skip Bifferty. They formed the band in 1970 when Graham Bell joined Every Which Way but never really made a living on their own and later joined Graham Bell in Bell and Arc.Three parts Scottish and one part Australian their band now clearly stands up as a progressive rock outfit, but manages to avoid most of its pitfalls and the results are generally rather impressive. Most importantly they succeed in restraining themselves, without losing any emotional impact. They have the ability to write memorable tunes and arrange them well. The vocals are a strong point, often oddly harmonized and never overstated. Heavier tracks alternate with more poetic ones, although this at times acts to the detriment of the album's coherence. All in all a very pleasant album to listen to, but not essential to own! 23,00 €

ARCADIUM - Breathe Awhile 
(GRT-G) 1969 / plus 2 bonus tracks. UK underground psych. Monster; feed backing, wailing fuzz leads, violent, freaked out vocals, swirling organ.(Code C)

ARCHAIA - same 
(Soleil-01) Digipack/Reissue of what may the ultimate acid-rock album. This deadly mind bomb resides near the summit of 70's French lysergic monster, among that elite coterie of artist that includes Heldon, Lard Free, Spacecraft and Igor Wakhevithc. Tensely suspenseful profoundly sinister and completely unnerving as only the French know to be. (Code C)

(God-066) 1971/Plus 4 bonus tracks; Very little is know about Ardo Dombec, although they were quite untypical of the PILZ label, being a heavy, bluesly and slightly jazzy rock with the accent on songs rather than instrumentals, and barely they sound German. Progressive Rock with a jazz and definite Colosseum touch. (Code C)

ARGUS - same 
(Audio Archives-UK) Ultra-rare, privately recorded material from hard-hitting, downer-blues, underground rock outfit from 1973. Unreleased to this date. Strongly influenced by the bands like FREE, TRAPEZE and especially WISHBONE ASH, whose classic album provided them with the name. This CD also included a rare live-set from post ARGUS band ANACONDA . Comes with full band history documented by the band leader Dave Wagstaffe, plus rare photos. (Code E)

ARKTIS - On the Rocks 
(Garden of Delight- G) 1976 / plus one bonus track; Their very rare third record, but now with keyboards. Straighter than the outers, with a great 20 minute song with Karin Töppic on vocal and Klaus Bachut guitar. (Code C)

ARKTIS - same 
(Penner-G) 1974/plus 3 bonus tracks German hard rock, heavy psychedelic with West Coast sounding guitar with 4 long tracks and spell binding female-vocal.(Code C)

ARKTIS - Tapes 
(Penner-G) 1975 / plus 2 bonus tracks. Their Second one, more improvisation than on the first one. Sessions with guest musicians and two lengthy instrumental jams. (Code C)

(Ohrwaschl-G) 1970 / German finest heavy rock with excellent versions of Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding" and Spooky Tooth's "Better by you, better than me".(Code C)

(Repertoire / G) Classic heavy rock album by ex-Yardbirds singer Keith Relf, who teamed up with bass player Louis Cennamo, ex-Steamhammer guitarist Martin Pugh and American drummer Bobby Caldwell, to record this set of powerful performances in 1973. The full story of Armageddon is told in an interview with Cennemo."The name of the band was quite symbolic. It was quite a battle!" says Louis. Five extended tracks allow the band space to explore a range of dynamic sounds and Caldwell´s driving drums give extra strength. Stand out cut-the four part `Basking In The White Of The Midnight Sun`. There is some fine guitar work from Pugh on acoustic and lead and Cennamo plays bowed bass. Long a collectors´item, this album anticipated the onslaught of heavy metal! 14,00 €

ARS NOVA - same
(Sundazed/US) Exact reproduction of this East Coast experimental, avant-garde band, circa 1968. From the original analog Elektra stereo master tapes. Zig-zagging through a debut album of brass-laced avant-rock originals like 'Fields Of People' and Richard Strauss' 'Zarathustra', ARS NOVA was anything bu three chords and a cloud of dust. The brainy NYC combo scored its first gig of note in 1968, opening for the Doors at the Fillmore East: 15,00 €

(GOD) plus 4 bonus tracks: CD reissue of album by Austria's ART BOY COLLECTION, originally released in 1972. A mix of freackbeat and progressive tracks. As bonus you'll find non-LP single tracks. (Code C)

ARTWOODS - Art Gallery 
(Repertoire-G) including 14 bonus tracks from 1964-1967 / UK great 60's R&B band. (Code C)

ARTWOODS - Singles A's & B's 
(Repertoire-G) 1964-1967 / 18 single tracks from the UK R&B band. New remastered and Digipack-release. (Code C)

ASFALTO - same
(Si-Wan-Korea) This first album originally released in 1978. According to some sources, this heavy-progressive band originated in Uruguay. It is documented that Garcia Banegas (keyboard-vocal) had previously played in two legendary bands from the New World, namely Psiglo and Opus Alfa. Asfaldo played guitar-based, melodic heavy rock. (Code G)

ASGARD - Tradition & Renouveau 
(M2U-Records) Korea Import and limited edition: First time on CD, reissue of this masterpiece of French-folk-rock, from 1978. Prog-folk with tasty guitar work, mellotron, fuzz. LP miniature in paper cover. (Code H)

(Peacemaker-Can) 1971 / Collection of tracks from Canadian band "Leigh Ashford" from the late 60`s and 70's. This band later evolved into the well known Hardrock stars "MOXY": Typical US rock with great guitar work, some country rock influences. (Code C)

(Kissing Spell/UK) Vol.4 in the 'Works' series. The holy grail of UK FOLK/PSYCH and progressive sounds. Originally recorded in 1971. Taken from original master tapes. Reissued as "The works, vol. 4" with 6 bonus tracks "Face my foot", "Tale of the blue tortoise", "Stellar amber", "Rock me", "Duce blues" and "Rock me jam"! 18,00 € 

(Gear Fab-US) This 1968 Pop-psychedelic rock album is full of spacey instrumentation and utilises horns, woodwind, string sections very much like those used on Sgt. Pepper's. The theme of this release is based up on the thugs and feelings experienced of one were to leave the physical body. Including some very nice male / female vocals which are backed by great orchestrations.(Code C)

ATLAS - Bla Vardag
(APM-SW) Re-issued on CD, plus 3 bonus tracks, recorded in 1978 and originally released in 1979.Atlas was formed in Malmö in 1974.The group played pleasant instrumental symphonic rock with strong similarities to Genesis, Focus and Camel. Various keyboards predominate with occasional melodic guitar statements. This lacked originality but should please fans of the three above-mentioned groups. (Code C)

ATMOSHERA - Lady of Shalott
( MIO-ISR ) 2 x CDs; This nicely annotated and packaged release contains all of the recordings by this lost Israeli progressive band who recorded an album that was never released until now. This is symphonic rock with a heavy Yes and early Starcastle slant both in terms of the keyboard work and the Jon Anderson-influenced vocals, which are supplied by Zingale's vocalist, who joined Atmosphera when Zingale fell apart! The first disc is their studio album, plus an alternate version of one of the tracks. The second disc included professionally filmed, but never broadcast footage, which is playable on a DVD player or on a PC, as well as live material and more! "...after 25 years, the debut album of one of the best Israeli progressive rock bands is being released "! 18,00 €

ATOLL - L'Araignée-mal
(Musea / F) 1975 / A music which put ATOLL besides YES for its perfection, its musical sophistication and a great personality. A reference in itself, a master of the international progressive. 1 bonus track. Release on LP-Style Mini sleeve and digitally remastered. (Code C)

ATOLL - Musiciens-magiciens
(Musea / F) 1974 / Complex, very elaborated music, with sophisticated arrangements, melodic and instrumental research kept all its powers and actuality. Real masterworks which stamped the history of international progressive rock, plus 4 unreleased bonus tracks. Release on LP-Style Mini sleeve and digitally remastered. (Code C)

ATOLL - Rock puzzle
(Musea / F) Complex and very elaborated music, with sophisticated arrangements with melodic and instrumental researches. (Code C)

ATOLL - Tertio
(Musea / F) French complex progressive. 3rd album "Tertio" includes 3 unreleased songs with John Wetton on vocals. (Code C)

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Death walks behind you
(Repertoire G) The band's second album, a UK no 12 in January 1971, finally gets a CD release complete with the original sleeve and dept liner notes. Include the top track "Tomorrow Night". This line-up played a much heavier brand of rock which proved popular with the punters. Originally released in 1970. (Code C)

ATOMIC ROOSTER - First 10 Explosive Years 
(Angel Air-UK) 16 tracks, in total 77 minutes of music featuring live version hard-to-find B-sides and 2 previously unreleased tracks. Sleeve notes made by John DuCann, orig. member of the band. (Code C)

ATOMIC ROOSTER - In hearing of
(Repertoire-G) 1971 Digipak CD release, designed by Roger Dean. With the addition of vocalist Peter French they recorded this album, which many consider to be their finest. Once again their progress was halted when John Cann and Paul Hammond left to form Bullet and vocalist Pete French departed to form Leafhound. (Code C)

(Angelair-UK) Live in Paris Theatre, London 1970 and 1971. The unashamed rawness of these recordings is more than compensated by rarity value. Here we have the only existing "live" recordings of the classic 1970 Atomic Rooster line-up featuring Vincent Crane, legendary drummer Carl Palmer (later with ELP) and the similarly legendary guitar player and lead singer John Du Cann who has not only supplied the recordings but overseen the whole project. (Code D)

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Made in England
(Repertoire-G) By the time this album was originally released in 1972 on Dawn records the band had been joined by legendary vocalist Chris Farlowe and moved to a more soulful orientated style. Plus two bonus tracks. (Code C)

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Nice 'n' Greasy
(Repertoire-G) Dating from 1973 and originally released on Dawn label, the band's 5th LP. (Code C)

(Angelair-UK) Following Angel Air's two previous Atomic Rooster releases, original band member John Du Cann has now delved deep into his archive to produce this fascinating document of one of the true progressive bands of the early 70's. Featuring tracks taken from early demos and unreleased material from 1970 to 1981. The powerhouse trio of Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond appear on all tracks, with the exception of two tracks featuring Carl Palmer. This album also showcases the remarkable guitar talent of John Du Cann who lent his very individual style to the band, and co-wrote most of the material. (Code D)

(Repertoire-G) A UK Top 50 hit in 1970. This was Atomic Rooster's first album from the bands original line up that included future ELP drummer Carl Palmer. The ultra rare "Friday the 13th" single is featured as is the bonus cut "Play the game" to give 9 tracks of superb early 70's. Hard-rock! (Code C)

ATTACK - Final Daze
(Angelair-UK) 1967, John Du Cann joined Attack, a very much "Carnaby Street" band. They managed to secure a four-single deal with Decca but as none of the singles charted they weren't allowed to make an album. They were in demand for gigs up and down the country, supporting the likes of Ten Years After and Jethro Tull but with Du Cann getting into other projects the band's days were numbered. Eight of the tracks on this remastered CD have never been released before, and have been drawn from John Du Cann's personal collection of acetates. Among these are three superb jams from 1968 which show that Du Cann pioneered heavy rock styling coupled with melodic song writing. This CD is an essential part of Atomic Rooster, and indeed heavy metal, pre-history. As ever, this exciting Air Angel release is packaged with informative sleeve notes and photos. (Code D)

(Elegy-UK) First time on CD for this much overlooked progressive folk-rock album from 1971; Mellow and heavier material combined to great effects. The bonus track "The Loser" was originally a single track. (Code E)

AUDIENCE - Friends, Friends, Friends
(Virgin / UK) 1970 / A London-based band who were popular on the club and college circuit. After an album for Polydor, which is now rare and sought-after because it was withdrawn soon after its release, they were signed to Charisma after they were spotted by the label's boss Tony Stratton-Smith supporting Led Zeppelin at the Lyceum in London. Friend's Friend's Friend and The House On The Hill were both creative and worthwhile rock albums. Both, especially the former, are dominated by the outstanding sax and flute playing of Keith Gemmell and Werths strong and rather unusual vocals. Shel Talmy was lined up to produce the Friend's Friend's Friend album but declined at the last moment because he didn't like some of the material. (Code C) 

(Virgin / UK) 1972 / The band toured America with The Faces and built up a good underground following there. The line-up was augmented for the Lunch album by Nick Judd and American session men Bobby Keys and Jim Price. This was probably their magnum opus but after its release personality rifts, particularly between Keith Gemmell and the rest of the band, ripped them apart. (Code C)

(Discoforme-ESP) Originally released in 1969, plus one demo track and 1 unreleased track. Brain Auger is a superb technician on his instrument Organ / Electric Piano (Code C)

AUGER, BRAIN & THE TRINITY - definitely what!!... 
(Discoforme-ESP) Originally released in 1969, complete session plus alternate mix and bonus tracks. (Code C)

(Discoforme-ESP) 1971 (Code C)

AUNT MARY - Janus 
(Polygram-N) 1973 / The third release of great Norwegian hard-progressive classic with multidoses of lethal leads, power to the max! (Code D)

AUNT MARY - Loaded 
(Polygram-N) 1972 / Norway best known heavy psych.-rock legends. Thumping crashing hard rock. (Code D)

AUNT MARY - same
(Pan/Nor) Reissue of the first (1970) album by this Norwegian band. Packed with take", "Whiskey in the jar", "Bill Bailey", "Prickety bush", "Bold princess royal" and "Ropegate rag"! 17,00 €

AURORA - same
(Shroom / US) Fantastic prog-fusion-acid in the classic style of Electromagnets /Mahavishnu / Jean-Luc Ponty with the emphasis on MAHAVISHNU. Top notch musicianship, recorded between 1977 and 1978 but never before released. Soon to be a classic of the genre! 15,00 €

(ACADIA-UK) 1968 / US-The group were obviously competent musicians, but this attempt to merge rock lyrics with avant-garde music was largely a failure. Some tracks had interesting intros, notably "Land of their Dreams" and the final number "The great Train Robbery" were musically interesting. (Code E)

AVE ROCK - Espacios 
(BRW-Brazil) 1977 / The second album of wild Argentine progressive gem. Long tracks, very wild keyboards/guitar based with constant rhythm changes not unlike the best Ital. bands. (Code E)

AVE ROCK - same 
(PRW-Brazil) 1974 / A heavy progressive Argentinean band whose 1974 album is notable for some Killer guitar leads and roaring keyboards. (Code E)

AXCRAFT - Dancing Madly Backwards 
(Arkama Digipack-I) A American band with a very progressive sound that will remind you of the early 70's UK progressive rock bands. Originally only released in acetate form, plus 2 unreleased bonus tracks recorded live in the early 70's. (Code C)

AXE - Live & Studio 
(Kissing Spell-UK) A whole album of unreleased material by this unknown UK early 70's band who sound like a cross between JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and the HENDRIX EXPERIENCE. Genially excellent freaked out acid jams with female vocals. (Code E)

AYERS, KEVIN - Shooting at the Moon
( EMI / UK ) 1970; Another in the very long and very excellent archival remasterings and repackagings supervised by Mark Powell, who also did the catalog of Camel, Caravan and others. Includes good essays, lots of rare and unseen photos and bonus tracks. This was his second album and the only one to feature his legendary band The Whole World. Another stunner. The Whole World consisted of Ayers on guitar / bass & vocals, the extremely young Mike Oldfield on bass/guitar, avant composer David Bedford on keyboards, avant garde saxist Lol Coxhill and drummer Mick Fincher. The combination of pop, free jazz, the avant-garde and what-have-you would not ever be mixed in this way again! 14,00 €

AYERS, KEVIN - Whatevershebringswesing
( EMI/UK ) 1972 Another in the very long and very excellent archival remasterings and repackagings supervised by Mark Powell, who also did the catalog of Camel, Caravan and others. Includes good essays, lots of rare and unseen photos and bonus tracks. This January 1973 release was Kevin's third solo album and there are great players here: Ayers (vocals, guitar), Mike Oldfield (bass), David Bedford (keyboards), Didier Malherbe (saxophone, flute), Dave Dufort (drums), Robert Wyatt (backing vocals)! 14,00 €

AYERS, KEVIN - Bananamour
( EMI / UK ) 1973; Another in the very long and very excellent archival remasterings and repackagings supervised by Mark Powell, who also did the catalog of Camel, Caravan and others. Includes good essays, lots of rare and unseen photos and bonus tracks. The original release of this album contained a 16-page colour book featuring photographs and transcribed comments on each of the songs taken from an interview conducted with Kevin by music journalist Al Clark. Original copies of Bananamour containing this book are now highly! 14,00 € 

AYERS, KEVIN - Still Life With Guitar 
(Market Square/UK)A legend and cult figure within the UK's rock scene of the 1970's, former SOFT MACHINE bassist KEVIN AYERS forged a colourful and individualistic career as a solo artist over ensuing decades with a string of well received releases. "Still Life With Guitar" is a fine example of AYERS as a writer and performer and gets sterling support from MIKE OLDFIELD, OLLIE HALSALL, ANTHONY MOORE and FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION's MARK NEVIN amongst others. An 8-page booklet features pictures from the time! 17,00 €

AZAHAR - Elixir
(Fonomusic/SP) Digipack; Debut album by this great Andalusia band from 1977. A fantastic album with loads of synthesizers, mellotron and great guitars. Flamenco rock with strong Arabic flavour that pushed hard on top lists at that time: (Digipack)! 15,00 €

AZAHAR - same ( Warner / SP )
Very popular group from Andalucia ( South of Spain ) in the late 70's. Back then, many groups in this area were performing a blend of progressive rock with some Arabian influences, and AZAHAR was one of them. This same titled album is their second, and was originally released in 1979! 15,00 €

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