Malesch Records              

B. F. TRIKE - same 
(Rockadelic-US) This late 60's US psychedelic rock band was previously called "Hickory Wind" and as "B. F. Triket" they recorded this great album which was not release until the 90's. Killer fuzz lead, psychedelic rock. (Code E)

BABYLON - same
(Symphonic / US) 1978; This group recorded their self-titled album in 1977,a year after their counterparts in Florida. The avowed objective of BABYLON was to find the perfect balance between the work of Van der Graaf Generator and the early, more theatrical Genesis. As this album is truly remarkable by almost any measure, one might feel that they were more or less successful in achieving this end! 15,00 €

BACAMARTE - Depois do Fim 
(Som-Arte/Brazil) 1983 / The Brazilian seventies progressive history: A rich and symphonic music with wonderful keyboards and a very nice flute which enlightens the compositions full of interest and detours. A few female vocal interventions complete to enrich this great work. The Band surpasses their influences: Locanda Del Fate/PFM/, Quella Vecchia Locanda and Illusion. (Code C)

BACHDENKEL - Lemmings 
(SPM-G) ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE defined the band in the late 60’s as the brightest hope of Birmingham’s underground and as Britain’s greatest unknown band. Recorded in 1970 but finally released in 1973 this three sided album is still a masterpiece of hard and progressive rock. The CD includes the EP which was given free with a limited edition of the original album. (Code C)

BACHDENKEL - Stalingrad 
(SPM-G) This CD includes no less then extra tracks. Besides the original Stalingrad album you'll hear singles, different versions of already known songs and live tracks. Together with the Lemmings CD the whole output of this brilliant progressive rock band. (Code D)

BACHS - Out Of The Bachs
(Gear Fab/US) Less than 200 copies were originally pressed of this 1968 GARAGE/PSYCH classic LP. The album by this Chicago 5 piece is full of both GARAGE balads and FUZZED-OUT rockers/ this reissue comes with great unseen photos of the band + an unreleased LIVE version of 'That's The Way It Goes': 15,00 €

(Wounded Bird/US) 1975 This band was formed by ex-Free member Paul Kossoff after he had been out of the music business for a couple of years fighting drug addiction and associated ill health. He named the band after a solo album he'd recorded back in 1973. Shortly after the release of the first album he suffered a serious heart attack and almost died (he was kept alive on a heart machine). They delayed a planned UK tour to promote the album although he recovered sufficiently to play a limited number of gigs. Ironically after his doctors had given the go-ahead for a UK tour in the April of 1976 he died in his sleep in a plane en route to New York on 19 March 1976 from a further heart attack: 15,00 €

(Wounded Bird/US) 1976; The Second Street album had for the most part been recorded prior to his death but fellow former Free member John Bundrick appeared on some tracks and with the addition of former IF member Geoff Whitehorn the remaining members continued as Crawler: 15,00 €

BADGER - One Live Badger
(Wounded Bird/US) 1972; The easier Badger album to find, and the one worth having anyway. As the album's title indicates, the band also took the unusual step of making their first album a live recording of original songs. It has aged very well -- with all the energy of live performance, there's none of the usual studio excesses or noodling of the era. The Yes connection via Tony Kaye is abundantly evident; the album was co-produced by Yes singer Jon Anderson, uses long instrumental breaks and prominent Hammond organ solos, and features the obligatory Roger Dean cover art. Nonetheless, the brooding lyrics and soulful harmonies make comparisons to Traffic and Blind Faith a much closer musical match. The first half of the album is excellent, kicking off with the pleasingly hoarse vocals of Foster on the full-tilt rocker "Wheel of Fortune" and the pensive "Fountain." There's an especially tight rhythm section underlying the restrained guitar work of "Wind of Change," combining to produce the album's best song..." 15,00 €

BAKERLOO - same 
(Repertoire-Digipack-G) Reissue of one of the best psychedelic "White Blues" band from the UK, featuring legendary Clem Clemson on guitar. Remastered on Digipack with 2 bonus tracks "Once upon a time" and "This worried feeling". (Code C)

(Lemon/UK) Ginger Baker's Airforce was assembled by Baker in 1970 and was probably the most populous "Super Group" ever. Steve Winwood, Denny Laine, Chris Wood, Rick Grech, Remi Kabaka, Graham Bond, Harold McNair, Phil Seamen and Jeanette Jacobs only ever played two gigs together under Ginger`s charge. This long out-of-catalogue live album, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall delivers an astonishingly tight performance, given the size of the group. Amid blazing sax, organ, guitar and bass virtuosity and a series of fiery solos, the extended jams possess a surprising direction and sense of purpose, underpinned by Baker and his two fellow percussionists laying down layer upon layer of complex rhythm as the numbers build to spectacular jazz-tinged r&b cresendos: 15,00 €

(BMG-I / Digipack) The classic Banco line-up came together in 1971. Banco Del Muteo Soccorso was a remarkable debut album displaying expert musicianship, deeply rooted in composition techniques from classical music (18th & 19th century).The Nocenzi's dual keyboards dominated the album, but Marcello Todaro's almost psychedelic guitar parts were important counterparts to this. The bands music had a natural warmth and romantic elegance. Most impressive of all was the 18 minute work "Il Giardino Del Mago". (Code E) 

(Eclipse-US) 1969 / Killer loud, fuzzed Puerto Rican hard psychedelic in the "Moving Sidewalks" realms. Tremendous fuzzy leads, raunchy vocals; great psych group. (Code E)

BARDS - Moses Lake 
(Gear Fab-US) The great Pacific Northwest band released over a dozen 45's on both the Piccadilly, Parot and Capitol labels. They opened for such national act as THE TURTLES and PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS. This is their previously unreleased LP from 1968, produced by CURT BOETCHER and KEITH OLSEN, who teamed up on THE ASSOCIATION`S recording and many others out of LA in the 60's. From the master tapes, this masterpiece is strikingly similar AL KOOPER'S style of music on the first BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARSLP. Both experimental and psychedelic in nature, it features outstanding keyboard, vocals and fuzz-driven guitar work. (Code C)

BAROQUES - Purple Day 
(Distortion-US) Great CD with 22 tracks from the period 1967 -1968 taken from the Master tapes. Perfect USA 60`s psychedelia a bit like "Electric Prunes". Includes 8 page booklet of informations. (Code C)

(Repertoire-G) Originally formed by Cream lyricist Pete Brown in 1969, by the time this album was released guitarist Chris Spedding was leading the band (they supported The Rolling Stones at the legendary Hyde Park concert).The highly collectable singles The week looked good on paper and Living life backward have been added to the album's already impressive track listing to give 11 cuts of this seminal progressive outfit. (Code C)

(Collectors choice / US) Reissue of their 1967 album. A perfect example of the mix of country and west coast psychedelia, featuring orchestrations by Van Dyke Parks, and great song writing by Ron Elliot. (Code C) 

BEAU BRUMMELS - Bradley's Barn
(Collectors choice / US) Reissue of classic 1968 album recorded in Nashville's produce Owen's Bradleys Studio. The more country side of the Beau Brummels. (Code C)

(DIG-Music-102) One of USA's premier 60's acts LIVE. It's the complete set taken from a four night appearance at a small Northern club, while working up songs for a planned reunion album in the mid. 70's. The hits were included along with 10 songs that have never appeared anywhere. 19 songs in total. Top quality sound and packaging with exclusive photos and quoted from singer Sal Valentino and songwriter Ron Elliott. The source tapes were mono recordings taken directly from the sound board. (Code E)

BEDLAM - Live in London 1973
(Majestic / UK) Bedlam could have been as huge as Led Zeppelin, and that's a fact! In an issue of Kerrang! Magazine dated July 1982, journalist Sammy Gee said: '..the closest any band has ever come to being a second Zeppelin' Featuring the awesome explosion of adrenalin and power that was superstar drummer Cozy Powell, the Ball brothers Denny and Dave on bass and guitar respectively and the almighty lungs of Frank Aiello on vocals, this was absolutely killer Hard Rock / Blues. Recorded in front of a small but enthusiastic audience at London's Command Studios just prior to their 1973 U.S. support tour to Black Sabbath, this previously unreleased recording captures the maelstrom that was Bedlam at their barnstorming best! 17,00 €

BEEFEATHERS - same/Meet you there
(Sonet-DK) Two albums one on CD (1967-1969). Danish blues boom heroes with Blues-giant ALEXIS KORNER appearing two of the albums tracks, great blues guitar, organ to be classified along "Killing Floor" and "Tramp", including track "Stormy Monday" with A. Korner on guitar and lead vocal. (Code C)

(Acadia / UK) 2 CD; One of the pub rocker bands fromt he 70's, along with bands like DR. FEELGOOD. Formed in the Summer of 1972 by Barry Richardson this band were an important part of the pub-rock scene of the early seventies. Rounds up studio sessions from 1972-1975 and a live disc from 1976: 22,00 €

BEGGARS FARM - The depth of A Dream
(SPM-G) First release on vinyl in 1984 as a very limited edition now available for the first time on CD. The isle of Wight cult trio at the peak of their psychedelic phase. Because of legal reasons the CD is limited to 500 copies. (Code C)

(Repertoire / G) Their debut album "Act One" ( 1970 ) created such a good impression, that they were encouraged to release two more albums.Act One introduced the Scottish band to the world and fans were quickly impressed by the attractive vocal style of lead singer Martin Griffiths. The band attained a high musical standart and featured specially fine keyboard work by Alan Park: 14,00 €

BEGGARS OPERA - Waters of Change
(Repertoire / G) 1971 / A rare change to hear a pioneering progressive rock band from Scotland. Here is their second album, rescued from the Seventies´archieves, which displays their highly imaginative, strongly musical approach. Lead singer Martin Griffiths excels on such cuts as "Time Machine", "Silver Peacock" and "The Fox". These eight fascinating tracks give a fine example of the great days of Progressive Rock. Long forgotten, Beggars Opera deserve to be remembered: 14,00 €

BEGGARS OPERA - Pathfinder
(Repertoire / G) 1972 / The third Beggars Opera album now re-issued on CD, contains all seven original tracks by this excellent progressive group from Scotland. They include a unique cover version of the Richard Harris hit "Mac Arthur Park" and there is plenty of solo space for lead guitarist Ricky Gardiner who contributes such cuts as "Pathfinder" and "Stretcher". Martin Griffiths vocals are well represented Watch out for "Hobo", "The Witch" and "Madame Doubtfire"! 14,00 €

BEGGARS OPERA - Get Your Dog Off Me!
(Repertoire / G) They remained busy in the studios and released their fourth album, the curiously titled 'Get Your Dog Off Me!' on Vertigo in 1973. This saw the return of Virginia Scott, with her trusty Mellotron and a more sophisticated Moog synthesizer. She contributed the second track, 'Freestyle Ladies' and also wrote 'Morning Day'. The new line-up also included Linnie Paterson on lead vocals. Bonus tracks items on this CD are the A and B-sides 'Two Timing Woman' and 'Lady Of Hell Fire', originally released as a single in 1973! 14,00 €

(Repertoire/UK) Their debut album "Act One" ( 1970 ) created such a good impression, that they were encouraged to release two more albums. Act One introduced the Scottish band to the world and fans were quickly impressed by the attractive vocal style of lead singer Martin Griffiths. The band attained a high musical standart and featured specially fine keyboard work by Alan Park. Release on Digi-sleeve (Original Vinyl Artwork), added two bonus tracks to the CD, including the single "Saraband": 15,00 €

BELL, MAGGIE - Live at the Rainbow 1974
(Angelair-UK) Maggie Bell was born in Glasgow in 1945 and started her professional career at the city's Locarno Ballroom at the age of 17. In 1969 she teamed up with guitarist Leslie Harvey and eventually formed the band named (by Peter Grant) Stone The Crows. After Les was tragically electrocuted when soundchecking at Swansea's Top Rank ballroom, Maggie and her friends were so devastated that they never really recovered, and the band split in 1973. Maggie then enlisted the help of veteran producer Jerry Wexler with whom she recorded two solo albums. This fascinating Angel Air release documents Maggie's promotional tour of 1974 when she debuted songs which would feature on the 1975 album 'Suicide Sal'. At the time Maggie was riding on the crest of a wave professionally having been voted 'UK female vocalist of the year for the fifth year running. The Rainbow gig comes from bassist Mo Foster's personal archive. Other musicians in Maggie's band are ace secessionist Pete Wingfield (keyboards), guitarist Brian Breeze and drummer Paul Francis. It is the first-ever 'live' album release from the 'Queen Of The Night' and the accompanying booklet features never-before-seen photos and informative sleeve notes from Mo Foster. (Code D) 

BELL, MAGGIE - Queen of the Night
(Repertoire-G) This album, originally released in 1974.Maggie Bell has one of the finest voices in rock 'n' roll, drenched in blues and soul. Here are some eleven excellent songs, penned by such composers as John Prince, JJ Cale and David Clayton Thomas, that perfectly suit Bell's go for it vocal style. From the raunchy rock of Caddo Queen to the sensitive country treatment of A Woman left lonely, Maggie displays all the qualities that wowed press and fans and helped the album into the Top Ten. Don't miss this change to hear what a real woman can do with real songs! (Code C)

BELL, MAGGIE - Suicide Sal
(Repertoire-G) The second album, originally released in 1975. Maggie was in great voice when she made "Suicide Sal" and these session confirm she one of rock's most versatile artists. She pours her heart and soul into an array of ballads, standards and originals. Among the highlights are a funky version of Free's Wishing well and the Beatles saw him standing there Maggie's sessions included an appearance by guest guitarist Jimmy Page, who solos effectively on If you don't know. (Code C)

BENT WIND - Sussex 
(Green Tree-G) Digipack / 1969 / Plus 3 unreleased tracks and 2 single tracks, remastered in stereo-sound. 1969 Canadian psychedelic rock from the Toronto. Laded with lots of fuzz guitar throughout, every tracks a winner. Taken directly from the original master tapes. (Code C)

(Acid Symposium) Reissue of the classic album by John Berberian that everybody is after. Middle Eastern inspired electric ACID rock. Featuring incredible Fuzz guitar outbursts from Joe Beck. An incredible ethnic psych album that was first issued on Verve in the US in 1969; includes "Oud and the Fuzz". From the master tapes and first time on CD!! (Code C)

BERBERIAN, John-Ensemble - Music from the Middle East
(Arkama-Digipack-I) Rare 60's Middle east ethnicity from NYC a long time before the hyped World Music movement. The accomplished out player gathered a troop of skilled musicians to play the music of his forefathers. With a foundation in the traditional music of Turkey, Greece, Armenia and Arabia they created a captivating blend of exotic rhythms, melodies and improvisation. (Code C)

(MIO/Isrl.) A chemist by training, he was engaged in the French avant garde scene from the early 70s, pioneering with new electronics in different musical contexts. Conceived as a soundtrack, the music on this 1973 album ranges from electronic pop mixed with Musique Concrete to psychedelic exercises, progressive rock and fusion. Featuring a mix of rock musicians and electronic treatments, a revolutionary way of working for those days. Coming with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same time! 15,00 € 

BIG BOY PETE - Homage to Catatonia 
(Bacchus-US) The psychedelic adventures of Pete Miller: Legendary "Chocalate Soup" artists with awesome album of unreleased 60's psychedelic gems, the English freak beat king. Grateful sleeve and full liner notes. (Code C)

BIG BOY PETE - Psycho-Relics 
(Bacchus Archives UK) Collection of relics from the psychodaisy 60's. Lots of rare tracks, demos and recordings with the Jaywalkers. Essential for anyone interested in the psychedelic Pop era. (Code C)

BIG BOY PETE - Return to Catatonia 
(Gear Fab-US) This release on CD from 1967-1969 vaults to present another 14 tracks of previously unavailable home-grown PSYCHEDELIA; UK freak beat with psychy element and great guitar-sitar sound by Pete Miller: (Code C)

BIG BOY PETE - World War 4 
(Gear Fab-US) Unlike the 2 other release by English King of Freakbeat, this material has never before been released either on CD or LP. Written and recorded between 1968 and 1969, this LP was first presented for release to Apple Records and John Lennon himself, but Peter and his naiveté dropped the ball and he concentrated all his energies on his relocation to San Francisco that same year. This release is a symphonic statement depicting the final hour of destruction for planet Earth, taken from Masters. (Code C)

BIG BOY PETE - The Margeston Demos
(Gear Fab/US) Darling Boy Pete is at it again! 23 Previously unreleased psychedelic and trippy jams from the 1967-1968 period. 68 Minutes of music, including "Cell soliloquy", "Funny world", "L.S.D.", "Silhouette", "Love is proud", "Character actors" etc ! 15,00 €

BIG BROTHER & ERNIE JOSEPH - Southeast Tour 1971 
(Arkama-digipack-I) An unreleased album from Ernie & the Brother, contains 5 never before released songs. A mix of blistering fuzzed rave-ups and bluesy melodic tracks. Erin's lead guitar and soaring vocals are exemplary through out. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) 1973 / plus one bonus track. US ultra rare album. Musically the album certainly isn't psychedelic and garage, most tracks are pleasant acoustic folk with lots of guitar and flutes and spacey breaks. (Code C)

BIG SLEEP - Bluebell Wood 
(Hugo Montes-Korea) 1971 UK / This rather unusual progressive effort is interesting mainly because of its above average arrangements which include some very fine strings and through it's through full atmosphere, with John Weathers later of GENTLE GIANT Ray Williams later of MAN, Phil Ryan Hopkins and Weathers had all been in EYES OF BLUE and were later in ANCIENT GREASE. (Code G)

BINTANGS - 40 all Times Favourites 
(Hunter-NL) 2-CD "I'm on my own again" / 40 tracks, inclusive 23 preieres-tracks (1969-1972). Dutch 60's Beat/R & B/psych-blues band, who played such raw R & B that they were chosen to open for the Stones, during their 2nd gig in Holland. Incl. tracks like "Lousiana Blues", "Still A Fool" or "My Babe". With tracks from A. Kraayefeld. (Code F)

BIRDS - The Collectors Guide to rae British Birds 
(Decca-UK) The complete works of this legendary UK 60's band, featuring RONNIE WOOD, contents all their singles, the first demos, unreleased recordings, alternate versions and backing tracks. Brilliant Freakbeat/R & B psych with the classic "No good without you baby", plus unseen photos and stories. (Code C)

BISSET, BILL & THE MANDA - Awake in the red desert 
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue on CD of this ultra rare private pressing from 1967. If you took CRAZY PEOPLE, ACID SYMPHONY, MOTHER OF INVENTION & DREAMIES and rolled them all into one, this would be very close. Wild drums, punky acoustic guitar, ranting vocals, weird noises and god knows what else those other sound are! It's every bit a time capsule as ACID SYMPHONY was. Comes complete with the original hand-drawn insert art. (Code B)

(Ohrwaschl-G) 1978 / Italian hard-rock monster only released in Germany. Simple blues rock boogie, like "Elias Hulk". (Code C)

(Repertoire-G) The band's last and some say finest album "III", was first issued in 1971 admits rave reviews from the European Rock press. Once again the six featured tracks show that this much under rated group had a profound influence in shaping the future sound of Black Metal and only years later did people fully realise how important they really were. (Code C)

BLACK WIDOW - Sacrifice
(Repertoire Digipak-G) The first album from 1970, plus one bonus (single version of "Come to the Sabbath"). Formed in Leicester in 1970, with the intention of reaching their audience through wild orgiastic, black mass, oriented rock, much in the footsteps of their colleagues Black Sabbath. (Code C)

(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1971 / German heavy rock classic in the vein of "Leafhound" and "Elias Hulk". You need this if go to the sledgehammer riffing type of thing. (Code C)

BLADES OF GRASS - Are Not For Smoking
(Revola / UK) From Rochester, NY, one of the later signings to legendary New York Doo-Wop label Jubilee Records. The Blades Of Grass were one of the prime east coast exponents (along with The Free Design and The Left Banke) of that usually west coast genre of Sunshine Pop... it's complex, baroque harmonies and optimistic atmosphere having a much overlooked but firm second front in the city that never sleeps. Indeed the group's first hit single "Happy" went head to head in a chart battle with LA's Sunshine Company, as did their version of the Peter Sellers film title-track "I Love You Alice B. Toklas" with Harpers Bizarre shortly afterwards... though The Blades' version with it's vocal phasing and psychy effect-laden intro and outro, somewhat had the edge stylistically! This release includes their only LP from 1967, together with all of their non-LP singles in the original Mono. Making the first ever complete collection by these masters of Soft Pop. Some of whose members bizarrely went on to the perhaps more traditional New York arty pursuit of making extraordinary records on the avant garde ESP label! See the detailed notes, featuring interviews with group members, for more details on the extraordinary story of the Blades of Grass! 15,00 €

(Long Hair-G) Blast Furnace, originally recorded in 1971, plus one bonus track: This is one of the best Danish albums, now for the first time released on CD. From the original master tape, remastered in super-bit-mapping sound quality. Brilliant song writing in the tradition of "The Beatles", "Jehtro Tull" and "Pretty Things" (during their fertile period from 1968-1970), but none of them met with much commercial success. Blast Furnace never became a victim of excessive, long instrumental doling like some of their contemporaries. Superb hard-progressive rock with real strong guitar flashes, wild-tough vocals and razor-sharp instrumental breaks balanced between electric guitar, Hammond organ and flute. With Arne Würgler (pre PAN) bass, cello and Niels Vangkilde guitar, Thor Backhausen organ, flute and Tom Mc Evan lead vocals drums, all later joined CULPEPPER'S ORCHARD. (Code D)

BLESSED END - Movin' on 
(Gear Fab-US) 1971 / Included other previously unreleased songs: The band came from Philadelphia. The CD is excellent "DOORS" influenced psychedelia with similar keyboards and a vocalist who sounds like "Jim Morrison", has superb sound. (Code C)

(Vinyl Magic I) One of the rarest progressive titles from the early 70's. Gorgeous conceptual work which blends instrumental passages with vocals tracks for one continues work. Melodic and refined music but very progressive. (Code C)

(Angelair-UK) Mick Abrahams as described in Dale Griffin's effusive and entertaining sleeve notes is a man for whom "the guitar doesn't merely hang about his person. It is part of the man himself." Mick Abrahams began his long career in the early sixties and around 1964-65 he joined The Crusaders. Not the jazz-funk ensemble but a backing group for the never-quite-made-it singer Neil Christian. Mick took over from Jimmy Page. Some years later, with drummer Clive Bunker and bassist Andy Pyle he formed "McGregor's Engine". It was during this period that he came into contact with John Evan's Smash, the band that included vocalist Ian Anderson and bassist Glenn Cornick. Mick jumped ship and joined Anderson and Cornick to form Jethro Tull. Mick Abrahams featured on Tull's first two albums before he split to form the first incarnation of Blodwyn Pig in 1969. This band featured Andy Pyle and Jack Lancaster on saxes. After cutting two acclaimed albums for Chrysalis, Abrahams formed the Mick Abrahams Band with Bob Sergeant on keyboards and Walt Monaghan (bass) - both of whom are also featured on the Angel Air album by Bobby Harrison "Funkiest". In the late seventies and eighties Mick Abrahams laid down his guitar for a "city" job but was enticed back to a 1988 "Pig" reunion gig. Since this time, he has continued to record and perform live, either "solo" or with various players. More recently he formed "The This Was Band" which features material from the early Tull albums. (Code D)

(Repertoire-G) The first album from 1969 is a progressive rock outfit; "Contrast", the album's name, was programme. It was a real contrast to what had been known until then. Self-penned rock songs with what in those days was called "progressive" elements, a touch of psychedelia and a somewhat exotic instrumentation did not bring wealth to the band, but at least aroused enough interest to get the band an invitation to appear at the legendary festival on the Isle of Wight in August 1969. Last CDs copies on Repertoire, and rare now!!!! (Code D)

BLOPS - Locomotora 
(BMG-Chile) 1973 / A Chilean progressive-psychedelic combo, with great flute, guitar and organs. Their third and final album was recorded in Argentina, as they'd left Chile in 1973 following the military coup. (Code H)

BLOWN FREE - Maximum Rock and Roll
(Shroom / US) The newest Shroom Limited Edition CD-R is available now and it's pure, unadulterated Texas brand rock and roll. Heavy, riff laden songs with dual guitars all over the place. This band was always very underground, even in their heyday back in 1978. A killer! As above, this is professionally made. Please support underground 70's rock and buy this, I mean, if you like bands like Bang, Grand Funk Railroad, Hairy Chapter than you'll like this! 15,00 €

BLUE CHER - Vincebus Eruptum
(Repertoire / G) The founding-fathers of Heavy Metal, Blue Cher paved the way for the likes of Motörhead and Metallica. " Vincebus Eruptum", their first LP, was an American Top 20 hit in 1968 and features amongst the six lengthy tracks their U.S. hit single " Summertime Blues"! 14,00 €

BLUE CHER - Outside Inside
(Repertoire / G) The band's second album, originally issued by Philips Records in 1968, at last gets a CD release complete with informative sleeve notes and original artwork. Nine tracks of pure and raw heavy metal that include the rare singles 'Just A Little Bit' and 'Feathers From Your Tree'! 14,00 €

BLUE CHER - New! Improved!
(Repertoire / G) The third studio album from the acknowledged founding fathers of modern day heavy metal. Originally released in 1969 by Philips Records,'New! Improved!' includes amongst its 11 featured tracks the single 'West Coast Child Of Sunshine' plus the ultra rare bonus cuts 'All Night Long, Fortunes'! 14,00 €

BLUE, DAVID - same 
(Collectors Choice-US) 60's Folk and Rock fans remember David Blue as perhaps the most authentic Dylan imitator in an era full of them. Greenwich Village folkie and long friend of Bob Dylan who he even helped finding the chords for Blowing in the Wind CD issue of his 1966 album. (Code C)

(Kissing Spell/UK) Reissue of acoustic, psychedelic whimsy album from 1974, subtitled "The works, vol. 7". Coming with bonus tracks, the best of the 1974 album "Junction 32": "Third take", "Whiskey in the jar", "Bill Bailey", "Prickety bush", "Bold princess royal" and "Ropegate rag"! 18,00 €

BLUE MAX - Limited Edition
(Gear Fab / US) One of the best Martime acts ever to come out of Nova Scotia. Truly one of Canada's best unknown power trios with musical influences of Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull abound on this album. Hard driving fuzz guitar, booming bass and hard drumming on each track. Originally recorded in 1974! 15,00 €

BLUE SANDELWOOD SOAP - Loring Park, love in 
(Get Hip-US) 1967-68 / The first acid rock from Minneapolis; melodic-psycho rock from the local town. This is their previously unreleased album similar to the new Tweedy. (Code C)

BLUE SUN - Live 1970
(Karma / DK) Reissue on CD from the original master of live album by Danish PROGRESSIVE hippy outfit similar to BURNING RED IVANHOE, RAINBOW BAND and MIDNIGHT SUN. Recorded in 1970! Long tracks with extensive solo improvisation interplay between GUITAR/SAX/FLUTE. (Code C) 

BLUES ADDICTS - Blues addicts
(Karma / DK) Reissue of one and only album by legendary Danish PSYCHEDELIC BLUES/ACID ROCK band. Originally released in 1970. Taken from the original masters. This CD reissue has 6 previously UNRELEASED bonus tracks. (Code C)

BLUES CREATION - Demon & Eleven Children 
(Coca-JAP) Fantastic Japanese heavy blues psychedelic rock from 1971. Typical hard psych/prog behemoth, fuzz assaults really floor you straight away. (Code G)

(Sundazed/US) First ever US CD issue of the group's second album, featuring 'Ride Captain Ride'. When BLUES IMAGE launched into their 1970 chart smash, 'Ride Captain Ride', the smoking lamp was always lit. But, with their subtle use of Latin rhythms - featuring tantalizing fretboard work by Mike Pinera and the addictive conga drums of Joe Lala - this Tampa, Flordia combo proved themselves anything but a one hit wonder on their out of nowhere classic, 'Open'! 15,00 €

BLUES MAGOOS - Electric Comic Book
(Repertoire/UK) 1967; In America, no band embraced the wild, clashing, flashing sounds and colours of the psychedelic experience more brazenly-or blazingly-than the BLUES MAGOOS. With their dazzling, madcap music, giant onstage ´Psyche-De-Life` lava lamps and pulsating electric suits, the Blues Magoos were like a psychedelic cartoon show come to life. The Magoos´second album, Èlectric Comic Book`, was released in March 1967, only four months after their debut. Release on Digipak with lyrics and nice booklet, plus 11 bonus tracks: 15,00 €

BLUES MAGOOS - Basic Blues Magoos
(Repertoire/UK) Released in May of 1968, most of the third Blues Magoos album was recorded on side at the house where most of the band had lived since early 1967. The resultant album represented something of a creative peak for the band. While the approach on their first two albums had been, in Peppy´s words´reckless abandonment´, Basic Blues Magoos, displayed a real maturity with sharper, more focused songwriting, smoother harmonies and more sophiscated arrangements. In fact, the overall effect was closer in sound and spirit to English Mod bands like The Move or the Immendiate-era Small Faces than anything that was going on in the US at the time."I thought ´Basic Blues Magoos´was a great record,"reflects Peppy. Includes 6 "singles" bonus (1967-68-69),with informative lines notes and photos.Released on Digipak: 15,00 €

BLUES SECTION - Blues section
(Love / FIN) The debut album by Finnish blues rockers featured Jim Pembroke. Good interplay by the musicians and quite traditional, but nevertheless not bad. (Code C)

BLUES SECTION - Blues section 2
(Love / FIN) The 2nd release. Pretty much like the first, but with some more progressive influences on some of the tracks. Good traditional blues rock. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) Ultra rare and hardly ever heard before Canadian blues band that took the hard driving Chicago blues sound, spicing it up with driving fuzz and wah-wah guitars. Pounding Hammond’s, blowing leslies, screaming harmonica and great vocals on top of it. (Code C)

BOA - Wrong road 
(Gear Fab-US) 1971 / With additional out-takes from both wrong road sessions. Michigan band plays a mix of garage-punk., psychedelic and blues. With fuzz guitar, hard edge organ, teenage angst vocals. A ultra rare landmark-album from Detroit. (Code C)

(Acadia / UK) Bodacious originally released in 1973 and is now available for the first time on CD. Marty Balin was the co-founder and along with Grace Slick, the lead singer of the legendary Jefferson Airplane. Marty left the band in 1971 to produce and later join a hot, new San Francisco group, Grootna. (Code E)

BODY - The Body album plus 
(Recession UK) Late 70's early 80's progressive space-rock treasure lost and found. Much in style of early Pink Floyd. Including extra tracks not to be found on the previous early 90's CD version. Plus 3 bonus tracks. (Code C)

BOETTCHER, CURT - There's an Innocent Face 
(Sundazed-US) 1973 / Solo debut from the acclaimed CB, mastermind behind THE MILLENNIUM and producer of the ASSOCIATION, worldwide CD debut of hard-to-find LP, which stands as one of the most gloriously anachronistic albums of the time, seamlessly incorporating doo-wop, folk and country with intense, concisely-crafted chunks of ear candy. Including previously unseen outtakes from the original album photo sessions. (Code C)

(Distortion-US) Taken from the original master tapes. Includes all material ever recorded by this USA 60's psychedelic punky outfit, obviously including their fantastic Mainstream album from 1968. (Code C)

BOKAJ RETSIEM - Psychedelic Underground 
(Gear Fab-US) One of Germany's rarest explosion album from 1967 featuring fantastic FUZZED-OUT guitars, vibrato-guitar wailing organs and strong vocals (in English) very much inspired by "HENDRIX / VANILLA FUDGE" and other great 60's bands. A trip into psychedelia. (Code C)

BOLD - Lullaby Opus Four
()This garage band will be remembered for the ultimate garage classic "Gotta get some" and a wild version of "Train kept a rollin'". The band lasted a few more years, releasing an album unknown to most 60s fans today. Mixing several influences they captured the essence of their days: late 60s, early 70s folk rock and the West Coast psychedelic sound and even a slight and innocent form of pre-progressive rock. Their unique treat of covers like "All I really want to do" and "For what is worth" along with their own compositions makes up for a kaleidoscopic and intimated! 15,00 €

BOND; GRAHAM - Holy Magick / We Put Our Magick On You
(BGO/UK) Originally released in '70 and '71 respectively, these were the first two albums of an attempted triology thwarted by Bond's untimely death in 1974. Beautiful jazz rock, inspired greatly by Bond's involvement in white magic and Celtic mysticism (for the first album) and Eastern, particularly Hindu and Aquarian, mysticism (for the second). Originally released on the esteemed Vertigo label both these albums brim over with mantras, rituals, and improvisational pieces that should interest any seeker of progressive musical enlightenment: 17,00 €

(Fonomusic/SP) Digipack; One of the most impressive Spanish rock albums from the 70's. Astonishing blend of psychedelia, progressive, symphonic, folk, rock and jazz. The in-your-face guitars of Eduardo will knock you out. Originally from 1975:(Digipack)15,00 €

(Sundazed / US) This is one of those interesting albums that linked the psychedelic and progressive eras. An album of imagination, variety and different moods. It's not all good -some cuts are plain bad- but others are superb. The opening track, Electric Star, is an exquisite slice of floating, melodic psychedelia, which occasionally lapses into dementia. Watch veers towards acid rock with some fine guitar licks. Another Face has a haunting keyboard introduction but then picks up tempo with lots of fuzz guitar. Those three tracks are the highlight. A few songs are bluesy but often contain unpredictable mood changes and the final track, Steve's Jam, contains lots of good fuzz guitar. This album is horrendously rare, so pick up the Sundazed reissue if you can. (Code C)

(Sundazed-US) Long lost 3rd album by garage folk legends from the vaults of MUSIC MACHINE leader Sean Bonniwell, feat. rare tracks, 12 previously unheard-ranging from their pre "Talk Talk" demos from 1965 as the Ragamuffins to their final 1969 experimental recording. (Code D)

BOWN, ALAN SET - Emergency 999 
(Sequel-UK) British Modbeat band fronted by the mighty larynx of Jess Roden. The Alan Bown Set dominated the club soul scene of 1965-1967. This is their first ever compilation, all their singles joined by a French soundtrack 45 previously unreleased tracks and their side-long contribution to the legendary live London Swings LP. (Code C)

(Shadocks-G) US 1968, plus 10 bonus tracks from 1965/66/69: From San Diego's scene the most popular sixties group. The Brain Police created a remarkable document of American Rock's transitionally period between flower-power and the guitar-led-heavy rock that dominated the scene in 1968-1969, though a unique combination of Pop songs and heavy rock. THE PSYCHEDELIC COPS. (Code C)

BRAINBOX - same 
(Pseudonym-NL) Before making himself famous in Focus, Jan Akkermann was one of the founders of Brainbox in 1969. One can hear some premonitions of the later group; very melodic rock, sometimes featuring a flute or the organ sound typical of that period, including the excellent 17 minute "Sea of Delight" with its superb chorus. Five bonus tracks have been added to the original album. (Code C)

BRAINSTORM - Bremen 1973
(Garden of Delights-G) For Fans of Brainstorm's progressive jazz-rock, here is one of their best live gigs, professionally recorded on 6/23/1973 and broadcast by Radio Bremen. This CD recordings was taken from Radio Bremen master tape. (Code C) 

BRAINSTORM - Last smile 
(Garden of Delights-G) Live recording from 6, 4, 1974 (on the Radio WDR Germany) by krautrock legends, excellent sound quality, with informative booklet. (Code C)

BRAINSTORM - Second Smile 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1973, plus1 bonus track. From the original master tape and with Bandstory Brainstorm with the second album played progressive jazzrock very popular in Germany at that time, with touch of Canterbury and Zappa. Highlighted by quality musicianship, notably a dizzying array of winds, guitar and keyboards with complexly arranged instrumentals, a penchant for eccentric tongue-in-check humour. (Code C)

BRAINSTORM - Smile a while 
(Musea-F) 1972 / plus 3 bonus tracks from SWF radio in 1971. German progressive underground with that typical sound from that era. Long tracks rhythm changes, keys / guitar dominated sound. (Code C)

(RCA/SP) Rare Basque progressive rock from 1977, this is their only album. Their songs were quite ordinary but included some rather tasty guitar work, reminding one of Zal Cleminson in Alex Harvey Band! 15,00 €

(Kissing Spell/UK)Reissue of Folk rarity from Uk 70's folk scene. The 2nd album by trio formed by brother and sister Hague. Many instruments they carried with them like guitars, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, concertina, treble recorder, bodhran, spoons, psaltery, etc. Originally on Cottage Records! 18,00 € 

(Kissing Spell/UK) Mid 70s UK folk played on treble recorder, mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, whistle, concertina, handdrum, bodhran etc.! 18,00 € 

(Void-US) 1972 / Reissue on CD of one and only ultra rare album by Canadian psychedelic folky band. Basically a pleasant, but unexceptional soft pop/rock. All the songs on the album were written and arranged by the Brazda Brother and stand out tracks are CALM RIVER, which catches the ear with fuzz guitar and sound effects. Keyboard-driven finale YOUR KINGDOM. (Code C)

(Deram-JAPAN) 1971 / UK super-rare early 70's mystical psychedelia progressive folk with an "Incredible String Band" and "Magma Carta" feel and beautiful voice. (Code H)

(HMP-Korea) First album of the UK folk-rock trio, released originally in 1969. Nice folk-rock with Fairport Convention feel shinning through, with female / male vocals. (Code G)

BRIGADE - Last laugh 
(Shadoks-G) CD issue of long-gone Del Val LP from 60`s US garage-psych combo THE BRIGADE, originally recorded for the bands vocal label in 1970. The band split before it’s release so the album went unnoticed at time. Classic keyboard-Led psych-rock, with the track Self made-god The highlight. Oregon psychedelic classic. Organ / guitar driven garage psych of the upper echelon. (Code C)

(Acid Ray / Korea) Another Montreal, Quebec-based band and Allen and Armstrong had both been born there in 1946. Bator was Hungarian, and McCall and Elger were both born in the U.K. - hence the name. Some of the album is rather lightweight but there's some pleasant harmony pop (Only A Dream and Corduroy Coat) and a few tracks (The World Would Understand and Don't Run Away) have a more psychedelic edge. (Code E)

(Arkama-Digipack-I) plus 2 unreleased tracks. The 2nd album by heavy psychedelic band. Acid drenched style. Includes a 19 minute long Life Jam with improvising acid guitars, a psychedelic haze.(Code C)

BROOKS, TERRY AND STRANGE - Translucent World 
(Arkama Digipack-I) 1973 / This heavy Florida based 70's psychedelic rock outfit is well worthy of investigation. It's the usual heavy guitar psychedelia. (Code C)

(Spalax-Digipack-F) German 70's FolkPsych band who sing in English. Beautiful folk sounds argument with Sitar, Meletron, electric guitar mandolin, flute, percussion, male and female vocals harmonies. (Code C)

BROWN, ARTHUR - Fire:The Story Of Arthur Brown
(Castle / UK) 2-CD- 36 tracks / He didn't call his band. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown for nothing. This madcap dare devil stunned the pop scene in 1968 with his hit single "Fire". But he was no novelty act, as this superb retropective proves. It includes are rare college flexidisc, unissued film soundtrack material, his track singles from the late 60´s and the best of his remarkable albums: 20,00 €

BROWN, PETE & BATTERED ORNAMENTS - A meal you can shake hands with in the Dark 
(Repertoire-G) The first album from 1969. The Battered Ornaments who included Chris Spedding. The band recorded this album which was a mixture of jazz-rock and blues. With the addition of two previously unreleased tracks. (Code C)

BROWN, PETE & PIBLOKTO - Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever 
(Repertoire-G) Piblokto's first album, originally issued in 1970 presents a progressive rock very influenced by jazz and blues. This CD release complete with original artwork and in dept liner notes. Both sides of the ultra rare "Flying Hero Sandwich" 45 have been added as bonus cuts to give 11 tracks of Brown's lyrical mastery and Piblokto's musical efficiency at it's very best. (Code C)

BROWN, PETE & PIBLOKTO - Thousand on a raft 
(Repertoire-G) The band's 1970 Harvest album and finally gets a CD release with the addition of the bonus cuts "Can't get off the plane " and "Broken Magic". The whole release comes complete with the lyrics to what many consider Brown's finest solo work. (Code C)

BRUNNING SUNFLOWER BLUES BAND - Bullen St. Blues / Trackside Blues 
(Indigo-G) 2 original classic British Blues LPs on 1 CD, plus an unreleased bonus track. Including former members of FLEETWOOD MAC, SAVOY BROWN and guest appearance of PETER GREEN. (Code C)

BRUTHERS - Bad Way To Go!
(Sundazed / US) New York's own Bruthers released but one ultra-rare single for RCA Victor in 1966, comprised of the pulverizing garage-stompers, "Bad Way To Go" and its flipside, "Bad Love." After a chance meeting, we've Sherlock'ed the entire Bruther-hood (real siblings!), camped out in their cellars, and have spent the better part of a year blowing the dust 'n must off of their massively-cool tape boxes. As you might well suspect, we've mined pure garage-gold and have come away Sundazed-style with a bevy of snarling fuzz-filled pounders from '65 and '66. Natch, we've included the legendary RCA Victor single here; all other tracks are previously unissued masterpieces of vintage garage snarl! 15,00 €

BUBBLE PUPPY - A Gathering Of Promises
(Sunspots / I) Combining hard rock with fresh vocal harmonies, Bubble Puppy´s first single reached no.14 on the US charts in 1969, making them International Artist´s most successful act after the 13th Floor Elevators..the band later joined Steppenwolf´s label ABC/Dunhill and, in 1979, released another album as Demian: Released in miniatures LP sleeve and digitally remastered! 15,00 €

BUBU - Anabelas 
(S*C Arg.) Argentine full blown -complex progressive rock classic, holding the middle between mid-period "Zappa & Gong". Fantastic musicianship, with many instruments, like the early 70's Italia progressive scene. Originally released in 1978 (Code G)

BUCHANAN, ROY - You're Not Alone
(Second Battle / G) Perhaps not a collectable monster for early seventies progmaniacs, but highly recommended by us to all devotees of electric guitar fireworks. This is a psychy bluesrock attack in the best tradition of NEIL YOUNG's early solo projects with a mindblowing cover of "Down By The River". Digipak! 17,00 €

BUCKINGHAMS - in one ear and gone tomorrow 
(Sundazed-US) Plus 9 Bonus Tracks. In 1967 and 1968 the damn burst for Chicago's The Buckingham’s, and the airwave were awash with that wonderful sound: heartfelt vocals riding over lush horn arrangement, with photos, interviews and more. (Code C)

BUCKINGHAMS - Kind of a drag
(Sundazed -US) the Chigago Group that dominated the Billboard Charts in 1967 with the Hit Single "Kind of a drag" showcase their garage/R&B roots on this 1966 album, along with bonus tracks including their fuzz-feast version of "I'm a Man". (Code C)

BUCKINGHAMS - Time & Charges/Portraits 
(Sundazed-US) 2 albums on one CD. From 1967-1968. (Code C)

BUMP - same 
(Gear Fab-US) 1970 / US-Michigan garage-psych. With ghostly swirly organs, burning rough guitar, some occasional fuzz/wah-wah guitar and trippy lysergic vocals, plus 2 bonus tracks, from the single. (Code C)

(Sonet) 1969, originally double. The most difficult and most sought after BURNIN RED IVANHOE album (the one with the gimmick pop-up sleeve) here reissued as double CD with tons of bonus tracks: Wild progressive rock with slight psych touches, jazzy moves and great songs. (Code H)

BURNIN RED IVANHOE & DISSING - 6Elefantskovcikadeviser 
(Sonet-DK) 1971 The most important and influential Danish group from the period. Their innovative and powerful mixture of jazz and rock even gained some recognition in Europe and the USA; Include the great track "Tingel-Tangelmanden". (Code C)

BUTCH ENGLE & THE STYX - No matter what you say 
(Sundazed-US) Fresno's Butch Engle possessed the perfect sound for 1966-1967. Featuring Engle's angst-ridden vocals and tunes from Beau Brummel Ron Eliott, The Styx copped first place at Band Bash 1966 in San Francisco's Cow palace. Including rare singles and garage-load of unreleased material. (Code C)

(Wounded Bird-US) 1968 / With Al Kooper and Elvin Bishop. The album was musically diverse ranging from bar-room blues, to folk blues and electric music and was criticised as being too fragmented. (Code C)

(Wounded Bird-US) 1969 / Elvin Bishop left in 1968 to form his own band and was replaced by -Buzzy Feiten for "Keep on moving", a heavy album with lots of brass, which could only reach No. 102 in the US album charts. The band appeared at the Woodstock festival in 1969 and one of their songs "Love March". (Code C)

BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND - Sometimes I just feel like Smilin'
(Wounded Bird-US) 1971-studio-album with other musicians, Ralph Wash (vocals-guitar) and many others, mixed by Todd Rundgren. (Code C)

(Shadoks-G) With booklet, 1970 / US mysterious heavy folk (psych) rock with fuzz leads, organ in "Electric Flag" or "Big Brother" vein. The album is now deleted. (Code C)

BWANA - same 
(Acid Symposium-US) Reissue of fantastic almost instrumental album from Columbia 1970, featuring some terrific blazing guitars and hard-core psychedelic-funk playing. Very psychedelic artwork as banner. (Code D)

BYRDS - Pre-Flyte 
(Poptones-UK) Pre-Flyte is the legendary session which the band recorded with Gary Usher prior to signing to Columbia, recorded in 1964. Now new remastered in Digipack release. (Code C)

BYZANTIUM - Live & Studio 
(BYZ-001) Early 70's UK mellow progressive outfit's ultra rare privately release album, with some very strong guitar playing and great harmony style vocals. CD has original artwork and some 4 additional studio long tracks. Limited Edition. (Code E)

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