Malesch Records               

CAEDMON - same 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1978 UK-folk-rock. Said to be the best electric folk-rock recorded at the 70's, ethereal female/male vocals from haunting atmospherics to fuzz guitar sounding, great!! (Code E)

CAIN - Pound of Flesh
(Monster / US) First ever reissue of HARD ROCK MONSTER and 1975 debut album by Minnesota's CAIN! A hard rock fans wet dream with Lloyd Forsberg's ahead of their time guitar licks and Jiggs Lee's raucous vocals, features a full digital remastering along with liner notes, lyrical and photos. For those who like 70s hard rock like James Gang, Trapeze, Demian and Thin Lizzy. (Code C)

CALIFFI, I - Fiore di Metallo 
(Fonit Cetra-I) This group performs a progressive rock sung in Italian, originally from 1973. Wild and jerky rhythms on which develop angry guitars and a sharp Hammond organ. (Code C)

CAMIZOLE - same 
(Spalax-F) 1977 album by french group that started early in the 70's and was later together with Eltron Fou Leboublan, progressive-jazz-rock. (Code C)

(Si-Wan-Korea) Originally released a double album in 1974. A classical concept rock album, this record shows an adaptation of VIVALLDI's "Four Seasons" with a rock and Hispanic flavour. The music reminds of this era, with a predominant Hammond organ, a blend of rock and classical music in the style of The Nice and other Exception and led by the maestro Eduardo Bautista, with nice booklet and photos. (Code G)

(Shadoks/G) UK 1971; Beside Parameter it's the rarest release on the UK Deroy label. If you're into Tony, Caro & John and Fleetwood Mac, this is your cup of tea. Pure underground with Peter Green-like guitar and a folky edge. All original songs and all beauties. Heavy fuzzguitar, piano and the whole UK underground thing, a killer from beginning to end: 15,00 €

CANNABIS - Joint effort 
(Gear Fab-US) 1972 USA: A much sought after and excellent album with a strong west coast feel to it. (Code C)

CANNON, SEAN - The Roving Journey Man
(Kissing Spell/UK) Very popular balladeer who performed in the Uk folk scene in the end of the 70s. Accompanied by whistle, concertina and fiddle he made this studio recording of traditional and contemporary tunes, including poetry by W.B. Yeats! 18,00 € 

(Sundazed-UK) 1967-1969 / US 60's softly psychedelic-poop rock. By skillfully employing a keyboard arsenal and monstrous fuzz-adelic bass. John and Philip Hollingsworth and a couple of pals created epic tapestries of mind-bending sound that were too large for their hometown of -Fresno, CA. plus one live track The Man. (Code C)

(Revola / UK) If you are looking for ultra-rare Softpop, you've come to the right place! Only 150 copies were pressed (in order to establish copyright) of The Canterbury Music Festival's 1968 album, Rain & Shine, an almost wilfully secret psych-pop masterpiece of sorts....on the obscure and collectable BT Puppy label out of New York City, owned by the legendary Tokens, and the source of many rarities from Canterbury Music Festival to the Brute Force classic "The King Of Fuh" (licensed to Apple Records in the UK, becoming their rarest single when immediately banned by the BBC!) in addition to the many hits associated with the Tokens..... Baroque and breezy Psychpop a lá Left Banke, Association and Blades Of Grass is the order of the day here....with songs by The Tokens and the enigmatic Steven "Brute Force" Friedland, this is a great addition to the Revola roster of scarily collectable artists in this genre This album contains the complete BT Puppy recordings, including the if possible even rarer singles and even a completely unreleased song, "Pamela"! Is one of the rarest albums in all the collectable Softpop genre! Only 150 copies were pressed! It has never before been reissued. Complete with detailed liner notes with the fascinating story of this most mysterious of all artists in the genre....this is a must for all fans of Softpop and will be the first volume in our series of rarities from BT Puppy Records. 15,00 €

C.A. QUINTET - Trip Thru Hell
(Sundazed / US) 1969 / This Minneapolis-based band's debut album are very rare and expensive collectors' items. The album, which was produced by band leader Ken Erwin, commences and concludes with the 12.30 minute long instrumental title track, which at times contains some interesting sound effects. However, the standout track is a piece of classic paranoid acid dementia Cold Spider. The Sundazed reissue, corrects matters, and includes a number of alternate takes and previously unreleased cuts, together with sleeve notes including an interview with Ken Erwin, and studio engineer Steve Longman. (Code C)

CARNEGIE - Rock And Roll Symphony
(Shroom /US) A pair of identical twins playing back to back grand pianos, a third brother playing Moog and synthesizers filled out by drums, electric guitars and bass. A powerhouse progressive rock group that was classically based. It's a story of what could have been. The album was recorded in 1977 but never released. These recordings are working demos and live recordings of all the songs that were meant for release in 1977. A true relic of vintage 70's Americanprog! 15,00 €

CARAVAN - same
(Decca / UK) 1968 / From the masters, digitally remastered with bonus tracks "Complete Stereo and Mono album" and the single version "Hello Hello", and restored artwork; Caravan were a vital part of the British underground scene in the late sixties and early seventies, although real commercial success eluded them. They were also deeply rooted in what is now known as the legendary Canterbury music scene. Richard Coughlan, David Sinclair and Pye Hastings had all earlier played in The Wilde Flowers. Caravan formed early in 1968 and soon earned a contract from MGM/Verve, for whom they recorded a self-eponymous debut the same year. The gentle, often hypnotic, album quickly endeared itself to underground audiences. All the tracks were originals except for Where But For Caravan Would I Be, which was written by Pye Hastings' elder brother Jimmy and Brian Hopper (who'd been in The Wilde Flowers). Its finest moment was perhaps the hypnotic Magic Man but it had lots of other good tracks and a sleeve ideally suited to the era, with the band dressed in kaftans standing on monuments in the middle of the desert. Two other cuts, Place Of My Own and Ride, were put out on a 45, but their material was really aimed at the album-buying public and the 45 didn't sell at all well. (Code E) 

CARAVAN - If I could do it all over again, I'd do it all over you
(Decca / UK) 1970 / From the masters, digitally remastered with 4 previously unreleased tracks and restored artwork; When the Verve label folded they moved to Decca for their second album. The title track and Hello Hello were also culled for a second 45, but the most popular track with their fans proved to be For Richard. (Code E) 

CARAVAN - Waterloo Lily
(Decca / UK) 1972 / From the masters, digitally remastered with 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks and restored artwork. Their fourth album, Waterloo Lily, was not one of their strongest and is largely expendable aside from the title track and Love In Your Eye. Shortly after its release Steve Miller left initially to reform Delivery, who he'd worked with previously and then he worked with Lol Coxhill. Richard Sinclair formed Hatfield and the North. They were replaced by relative unknowns Evans and Austin and augmented to a quintet with the addition of electric viola player Geoff Richardson. This line-up wasn't together long enough to record, Evans and Austin both left after an unsuccessful Australian tour. (Code E)

CARAVAN - For Girls who grow plump in the Night
(Decca / UK) 1973 / From the masters, digitally remastered with 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks and restored artwork. This album from 1973, was quite heavily orchestrated and included lots of brass. It was well received and included another of their classic songs, Haedown. The original sleeve, which depicted a naked, pregnant woman was vetoed by Decca, but in the final version the pregnant woman wore flimsy nightwear. (Code E)

(Decca / UK) 1974 / From the masters, digitally remastered with 4 previously bonus tracks and restored artwork; On The Caravan And The New Symphonia the band re-recorded many of their earlier songs live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, on 28 September 1973 with the New Symphonia conducted by Martin Ford. Only two new songs were included, Mirror For The Day and Virgin On The Ridiculous. In July 1974, Mike Wedgwood, who'd previously worked with Kiki Dee and Curved Air replaced Perry in the band. Perry first concentrated on session work, then made a solo album and later joined the pop band Quantum Jump. (Code E) 

(Ohrwaschl-G) 1971 / An obscure heavy Swiss progressive blending British 60's styles with the typically Teutonic 70's hard-rock. (Code C)

(DIG-Music-101) Lynn was the actual voice of wild girl group THE CARRIE NATIONS in director Russ Meyer cult classic 1970 film "Beyond the Vally of the Dolls". After that side made a one and only album with psych rock band C. K. STRONG (Epic 1970) after which event she teamed up with NEIL MERRYWEATHER to record the "Vacuum Cleaner" LP and changing the name of that band into MAMA LION with which band she recorded 2 albums. This CD features 9 unreleased tracks from her MAMA LION period + brand new songs. 21 songs in total, 2 of which are mystery tracks. Comes with very nice artwork showing a near nude Lynn Carey as LION. (Code E)

CARGO - same 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1971 / One of the most obscure Dutch psychedelic rock band from the early 70's. Included here are 8 bonus tracks taken from the singles. Great Dutch underground. (Code C)

CARPE DIEM - Cueille le jour 
(Musea-F) The second album from 1977,continued in the same direction, featuring perhaps their greatest composition "Coleurs", a 22-minute suite of 5 different stages. The other five tracks of the album contained 5 separate tracks of greater variety. (Code C)

CARPE DIEM - En retardant passer le temps 
(Musea-F) First album from 1976.Here they played refined symphonic rock with hints of ECM jazz and chamber rock. Those unfamiliar with the French rock scene may compare them to Camel, Yes and Genesis, but Carpe Diem are more similar to domestic groups such as Ange, Pentacle and Atoll. The most striking features of the Carpe Diem sound were the combinations of soprano sax and keyboards (mostly manipulated organ and synthesisers). Most tracks were very long (10-13 minutes) with just very brief vocal parts. Some may find their intricate instrumental arrangements a bit long-winded, overshadowing the musicians spontaneous carte blanche (or even carpe diem),even if it was always done with great care (Code C)

CARRION, ALFREDO -Los Andares Del Alquimista
(Fonomusic/SP) Amazing symphonic-progressive album from 1976, originally released on the Movieplay label. Very rich instrumentation, a perfect combination of rock, folk, jazz and even classical music (on the last 2 tracks).Carrion didn't play any instruments but wrote the ambitious and serious work " Los Andares Del Alquimista". The title track (16:14) was orchestrated for strings and brass with echoes from Ravels " Bolero" and Richard Strauss's more burlesque work (eg. "Till Eulenspygel"). A sharp contrast occurs when bass and drums join in five minutes into the work. This illustrates how unstable the classical-rock synthesis really is. The four remaining tracks had trembling classically trained voices (solo male or female) full of passion in a somewhat more rock-friendly environment: (Digipack) 15,00 €

CARSON - Travelling Highway Blues "Best of" 
(Raven-AUS) Alongside early 1970 Oz rock contemporaries like Chain, Billy Thorpe & The Azetecs and Buffalo, Melbourne blues band CARSON helped create a uniquely Australian music identity. This 16 track CD culls the best tracks of the bands now unavailable albums and even a handful of non album tracks. (Code D)

CASTRUS, PETRUS - Ascencao e Queda
(M2U / Korea) Obscured symphonic-progressive gems from Portugal. Mixtures Jazz and classical essence. Original vinyl is one of the rarities in Portuguese rock. Plus 2 Rare tracks. Originally released in 1974.Reissue in LP-Style Mini sleeve and remastered. (Code H)

CATHARSIS - 32 Mars 
(Spalax-F) Quite a lot more material was recorded in 1971, but not released until 1975.32 Mars contained the title tracks in a long (11:30) and short (3:06) format, in addition to the "Masq" (a hit single in France) and "Les Chevrons" in alternate versions. Clocking in at just 23 minutes it was short even for French albums of the time. (Code C)

CATHARSIS - Et s'aimer et mourir 
(Spalax-F) The last album was remote from their early albums, even if it reunited many old members. Their approach was now more jazzy, perhaps comparable to late seventies Camel. (Code C)

CATHARSIS - Illuminations 
(Spalax-F) This album contained recordings from June and November 1971 featuring Charlotte's distinctive chanting on many tracks. Her academic vocal training shines through (the members were former music academy students), sometimes close to Donella Del Monaco in Opus Avantra. The musical variety was greater than before, ranging from the transcendental "Aube" via uncommon treatments of music from the 17th and 18th Century, to the childish "Mignonne allons voir". Among these short pieces are some of Catharsis finest recordings. (Code C)

CATHARSIS - Le Boléro du veau des dames 
(Spalax-F) The album from 1976, was a more down-to-earth effort containing rather ordinary instrumental music similar to the better movie soundtracks. This was nice background music but lacking a bit in intensity. (Code C)

CATHARSIS - Les Chevrons 
(Spalax-F) Three members quit the group before "Le Chevrons (recorded December 1971) but their sound didn't change much. There were more tracks and they were more compressed (giving way to more melodies), but this didn't spoil the characteristic spontaneous feel of their charming music. (Code C)

(Spalax-F) Their first album from 1971 was a mixture of easily accessible tunes, strange wordless chanting, high hippie spirits, Arabian elements, strong percussion and a few avant-garde excursions. Their music had a very spontaneous feelings, as if the group was assembled for some kind of occult ritual using music to reach a higher consciousness. Arguably they had some common ground with the early Pink Floyd and Amon Düül philosophically, but it lead to other conclusions musically. (Code C)

CELESTE, MARIE - and then perhaps 
(Audio Archives -UK) 1971 / Reissue of ultra rare album by legendary psych/folk band. Mystic dark and beautiful. (Code E)

CENTIPEDE - Septober Energy 
(BGO-UK) 1971/1974 (2 CD's) Reissue of British progressive jazz-rock with Keith and Julie Tippett and many other musicians like Zoot Money, Robert Wyatt etc. (Code E)

(Si-Wan-Korea) Brilliant Italian progressive outfit comparable to King Crimson. Cervello wanted to be the crown prince of Osanna, to such an extent that guitarist Corrado Rustici used his presence in this band to get to the latter. Release in LP miniature in paper cover. (Code G)

CHAIN - The History of Chain 
(Festival-AUS) 1969 / 2-CD-Box / Included the first singles. Previously unreleased tracks. Live at the Odyssey Pop Festival 1971 rare studio tracks from 1972 / 16 songs. (Code G)

CHAIN - Toward the Blues 
(Festival-AUS) 1971 / Aussie heavy blues rock with good guitar-work and rhythm sound, with Phil Manning on guitar and Matt Taylor on the vocals. (Code E)

(Gear Fab-US) Reissue on CD taken from original master tapes. From 1969 an undiscovered gem from Puerto Rico, featuring 6 original tracks, all sung in English. These PSYCHED-OUT "Vanilla Fudge/Santana" styled songs are full of fuzz guitar and screaming farfisa organs. (Code C)

(Arkama-I) 1968 / A flower-pop band with heavenly vocals and typical Boston sound. Featuring future Ultimate Spinach Ted Myers and Tony Scheuren. Release on Mini-Card-Digipack. (Code C)

CHARLATANS - San Francisco 1969
(Acadia/UK) Acknowledged as the founders of the San Francisco psychedelic scene both as musicians and poster designers. This album was originally released in 1969 but has been unavailable for many years. Features Dan Hicks, Richard Olsen and Mike Wilhelm! 18,00 €

(Vinyl Magic / I) "This mysterious session group wasin fact the nucleus of Goblin, collaborating with the duo of Tony Tartani (vocals) & Carlo Bordini (drums). The original lp is extremely rare! The album is excellent, with equal shares of guitar-ridden heavy progressive and keyboard-based classical rock. Some of the vocal arrangements (occasionally multi-voiced) are close to contemporary Yes (listen to "The Picture of Dorian Gray"). All songs are sung in English, making this a great album for those who enjoy 1972-75 English symphonic rock (or even the rediscovered American groups Yezda Urfa, Mirthrandir or Pentwater). 15,00 €

CHICKEN BONES - Hardrock in Concert
(Second Battle-G) CD-Digipack / 1972. Megarare German hard blaster with violent guitar work, never letting up Rhythm section, singer going berserk. (Code C)

CHIJUAS, LOS - First & Second Album
(Ciruela/Mexico)Their first (1968) and second (1969) album on 1 CD. Great garage/psychedelic/beat from Chihuahua, Mexico. Taken from the original master tapes. A Guatemalean/Mexican four piece whose albums of soft beat/pop are now very rare and sought-after. The first album was originally released in Guatemala, but a US promo-only release came a year later. It includes Spanish version of pop-psych tunes like " Color of Life" and " The Sun is going back":15,00 € 

CHILDREN - Rebirth
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue on CD taken from the original master tapes! Children were a great psychedelic band from San Antonia, Texas, who released only one classic album on CINEMA in 1968 (later that year picked up by Atco). Starting out as STOICS back in 1966, they later evolved into MIND'S EXE, then their final incarnation with the beautiful female vocals of Cassell Webb. Ex Monkee DAVY JONES thought enough of them in 1968 to promote them on the LA SUNSET STRIP CLUB SCENE!! Includes all their 45's as STOICS, THE MIN'S EXE and CHILDREN plus more unreleased material as CHILDREN from 1969-1970. 64 min. in total. A great psychedelic outfit album. (Code C)

CHILLUM - same 
(SFM-UK) 1971 / Plus previously unreleased and extended version tracks. Completely off-the-wal lthird Second Hand album. Strange progressive rock, stoned long spacey jamming all over. (CodeC)

CHIMERA - same
(Wooden Hill/UK) A legendary lost masterpiece of late 60s UK acid folk/baroque psychedelia, the unreleased 1969 album by Chimera - featuring future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston - was partly produced by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who, along with Rick Wright, makes a cameo appearance. First issued a couple of years ago by the vinyl-only Tenth Planet label, this first-ever CD release adds an extra eight previously unheard pre-album demos (including titles like 'Elegy To A Dead King' and 'Mr Binns Takes A Trip') to the album to come up with the definitive Chimera anthology. Twelve page booklet with plenty of photos and the full story behind the band's astonishing adventures in Swinging London! 19,00 € 

CHIRCO - The Visitation 
(Gear Fab-US) 1972 / This prog. rock outfit hailed from Colorado. There's a lot of fuzz and vibes on their fine album., which Barry Tashian of "The Remains" was somehow involved in. Every track`s a winner in what is for the most part a stuning blend of guitar and keyboard, spacey vocals. The finest moment is probably the final track "Child of Peace". (Code C)

(Pacemaker / CND) Reissue on CD of ultra rare debut album by Canadian on CD of ultra rare progressive/psychedelic rock band CHRISTMAS: Led by Bob Bryden who came from 60´s outfit REIGN GHOST. This album contains 5 tracks,1 of which is one-side long epos called "Jungle Fabulous". Originally released in 1970 on Paragon Label. A must for psychedelic/progressive fans. From the master tape. (Code C) 

(Woronzow / UK) Keith Christmas recorded his 1st album "Stimulus" back in 1969 and he attained legendary status by playing the acoustic guitar on David Bowie's "Space Oddity". His latest album "Acoustica" is a purely instrumental guitar album, a selection of beautiful pastoral acoustic guitar pieces, expertly played with a clear production, in the 60's English folk tradition of John Fahey, John Rebourn, Leo Kottke and Nick Drake. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) 1970 / Houston based psych band that released their landmark album, heavy psychedelic progressive rock.Digitally remastered. (Code C)

CHURCHILL'S / JERICHO JONES - same / Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys
(Herazi / ISR) Reissued again this time as DOUBLE-CD!! The classic album by what must have been the best PSYCHEDELIC ROCK band from Israel, later to become the legendary "Jericho / Jericho Jones band. This new DOUBLE-CD version includes many bonus material + the first album by post CHURCHILLS band 'JERICHO JONES'. All remastered and taken from the original masters. 19,00 €

CIRCUS - same 
(Gear Fab-US) Another of the great Wisconsin band that played along with SOUP/TAYLES/TONGUE etc... Their classic self-titled 1973 LP shows off their great hard-rock and blues talents TONGUE/DEERFIELD. Included here are their Panda '45 tracks supposed to be on their never released 2nd album. (Code C)

CIRCUS - same
(Castle / UK) 1969 / This band were first called The Stormeville Shakers. Their rare progressive album is now of minor interest to collectors. Mel Collins was later in King Crimson and Kokomo: Philip Goodhand-Tait had earlier recorded three 45s for Parlophone and after his spell with Circus he went on to record several solo albums. Chris Burrows had earlier played with Ray Anton and the Proform and later had some involvement with Spirit of John Morgan and Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come. (Code C) 

CIRCUS 2000 - An escape from a Box 
(Vinyl Magic-I) 1972 / More progressive second album that`s still full of superb psych music with haunting female vocals, west coast like guitar, jamming sound and driving rhythm section. A perfekt album from the Italien era. (Code C)

CIRCUS 2000 - same 
(Vinyl Magic-I) 1970 / The first one is more psychedelic than their second album. Haunting female vocals, psychedelic effects, cooking acidy leads, some eastern influenced trippers. Great!! (Code C)

CIRCUS MAXIMUS - same / Neverland Revisited 
(Vanguard-I) Two albums on one CD. Originally released 1967/1968. Texas combo leaded by Jerry Jeff Walker, who played a mixture of hard rock, folk rock and West Coast with flower power lyrics. An East Coast version of Country Joe & The Fish with folky electric guitars, Farfisa organ and interesting lyrics. (Code C)

CIRKUS - one plus 
(Audio Archives-UK) Reissue of highly acclaimend very. rare private pressing from 1973. Famed for its mellotron, crimsoneque splendour. Produced with band collaboration. Includes 5 bonus cuts. (Code E)

(Spalax-F) A french blues album from 1970. Plus one bonus live track from 1985. Blues with a hint of rock close to the music of the best blues-rock groups of the time. With a fantastic Claude Olmos on guitar. (Code C)

(Repertoire / G) "A two man, all British electric symphony orchestra:" That was the colourful description of Andy Clark and Mick Hutchinson, when their debut was released in 1969. The end result of their combined musical activities certainly didn´t sound anything like predictable 1960s´rock. The two multi-instrumentalists were let loose in the studio to create a barrage of ideas, moods, grooves and rhythms. Spanish classical and Indian ragas were woven into brilliant sound patterns, way ahead of their time. Mick and Andy jammed for two 12 hour sessions at Deram´s London studio where they created the bulk of ´A=MH2`, Hutchinson was featured on lead guitar, bass and piano, while Clark played percussion, sax and piano. The results still sound remarkable today! 14,00 €

CLASSICAL M - Bad Guys: The Complete Collection
(Lion/CND) Classical M could have made a great album if given the chance. As it is, the songs contained on this disc make for a stunning collection, with the band's psychedelic flourishes, outrageous melodies, and fantastic attention to production detail evident throughout. This profoundly original music was made in three short years (1967-1970): twenty-four delirious and provocative songs that establish Classical M as perhaps the best, and certainly the most intriguing French band of all time. Their offbeat sense of rhythm and harmony, the complex intertwining of voices, and perhaps more than anything, their unusual practice of trying to play all sorts of instruments-be they electronic or traditional-these elements make the music of this odd French trio unique and very special. We are proud to make this music available to the world: 15,00 €

CLEAR LIGHT - Forever Blowing Bubbles 
(Spalax-F) This album from 1975, followed the heady success of symphony by charting into new territory. "Forever Blowing Bubbles", is also based on composer/Keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux's piano and synthesizer but incorporates a more cohesive group sound featuring bassist/vocalist/composer Joel Dugrenot (ex Zao), violinist David Cross (King Crimson) & guitarist/flutist Jean-Claude D'Agostini (Magic Circus). Shorter songs with more variety are-featured with pronounced synthesizer textures and a strong symphonic/psychedelic ambiance. In addition to the original tracks, this CD also boast the presence of three bonus tracks. (Code C)

(Collectors-choice-US) Here is a real missing piece of psychedelic 60's puzzle, the one and only album from CLEAR LIGHT. A psychedelic masterpiece featuring the excellent vocals of Cliff De Young, and 2 drummers among which Dallas Taylor, later of CSN&Y. Included their non-LP bonus tracks "She's ready to be free". From the original mastes and including an interview with the band leader BOB SEAL. (Code C)

CLEAR LIGHT - Symphony
(Spalax / F) 1973 / The brainchild of Cyrille Verdeaux and features guests as Christian Boule, Gilbert Artman, Tim Blake and Steve Hillage. A huge feast for those into melltoron as this is 2 long tracks basically made with mellotron and synthesisers with drums, and bass. (Code C)

CLEAR LIGHT - Les Contes Du Singe Fou
(Spalax / F) 1976 / This grand thematic and initiate piece features the Piano and synthesizers of Cyrille Verdeaux, the virtuosity of violinist Didier Lockwood and British vocalist Ian Bellamy's soulful voice. The result produced an ambitious and eternal tale about humanity's spiritual quest for higher perfection in the universe and the struggle to achieve this illumination in a world that crushes such noble ambition. Detailing the challenges, questions and dangers of such a quest provided a work that spans over forty minutes in the same tradition as Yes' "Close to the Edge", Genesis' " Suppers Ready" and Nektar's "Remember the Future", all contemporaries of Clear light. Now available for the first time in CD format, this eternally young music will satisfy old fans and impress new converts to the Clear light musical illumination. Recorded by a crew of French progressive musicians including Clear light members as the soundtrack to the 1974 Pierre Clementi film Visa de Censure n* X, this album demonstrates the inspired genius that can occur when you combine talented musicians with a 'psychedelized' mind and the freedom of six crazy days in a recording studio off the clock. This is music that demands to be listened to with an open mind and a strong visual imagination, as the listener is transported to the next dimension. Featuring Cyrille Verdeaux, Joel Durgenot, Gilbert Artman, Francois Jeanneau, Joe Padovani, Yvan Coaquette, Ariel Kalma, Valerie Lagrange, Tim Blake and other space travellers, the music is alternately hallucinatory, soothing and 'nightmare' provoking. Featuring a cover with a chameleon eating pot leaves the overall concept can only be described as subversive surrealism. Great effort was taken during mastering this first CD version to produce the highest sound quality for tripping the light fantastic. A MUST HAVE!!! (Code C)

CLEVES - same 
(Vicious-AUS) 1970 / Plus bonus track fom single+bonus EP track-1971, over 16 min. / Masterfully executed Australien pastoral progressive in the same realms as Parlour Band. Magnificent long tracks with intricate arrangements. (Code E)

CLIVE, JOHN - You Always Know Where You Stand ...with a Buzzard'
(Eclectic/UK) The CD debut for this wonderful eccentric slice of acid rock recorded in 1975 by the MAN band member, featuring MARTIN ACE and PHIL RYAN. Includes 1 bonus track! 17,00 €

CLUSTER - same 
(Spalax-F) The second album from 1972. A primordial recording for the musical history. One of the first Moebius & Roedelius recordings without Conrad Schnitzler. Here is the first step of industrial & experimental music, led by Machines. This is a very strong & spacey masterpiece: Release on Digipak: (Code C)

CLUSTER - Zuckerzeit 
(Spalax-F) Moebius & Roedelius working with another legend of Krautrock aka Michael Rother from NEU! After their experience in 1974 under the name Harmonia, the three performers returned to the studio for a Cluster album. Zuckerzeit (1975) sounds like second Harmonia album would be released the same year. A mixture of various synths, keyboards, electric guitar, drum machines and effects: Release on Digipak. (Code C)

COCHISE - same 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Cochise started out in 1969 as one of earliest British band to pioneer Country-rock in the UK in the style of USA counterparts Flying Burrito Brothers and the Byrds, adding definite English folk influences putting them online with Fairport Convention. The band feat. members of Procol Harum, Humble Pie. (Code E)

(Kissing Spell-UK) Reissue of 3rd and final album, from 1972, with Mick Grabham on guitar and BJ Cole on guitar-flute etc. (Code E)

COCHISE - Swallow Tails 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Reissue of 2nd album on CD for the first time, were the band pushes the music more into wild realms of psychedelia and heavy fusion. (Code E)

COEUR MAGIQUE - Wakan Tanka 
(Spalax-F) 1971 / French heavy progressive rock with Claude Olmos on guitar.(Code C)

(Microfon-ARG) 1971 / Argentinia wild, fuzz drenched heavy psych dominated by the omnipresent axework of Kubero Diaz. A magic trip with lots of distorted acid guitar leads, with 2 bonus tracks. A great CD. (Code G)

COHEN - SOLAL, JEAN - Flutes Libres/Captain Tarthopom 
(MIO/IRL) This very fine CD reissues for the very first time, two exceedingly rare albums from 1971 & 1973, in surprisingly fine sound (we all know how dodgy the sound can sometimes be on those early French masterpieces!) from the mastertapes. These are very early and charming French weirdness combined with early progressive rock that heavily feature flute. "Cohen-Solal made two solo albums: 'Flutes Libres' (1971) and 'Captain Tarthopom' (1973). Those two albums are considered masterpieces and are eagerly hunted by progressive rock collectors all around the world. The albums are largely experimental, containing influences ranging from Bach to Indian raga music, jazz and avant-garde. Cohen-Solal is in constant search of original sounds, often multi-tracking his various flutes and adding effects such as wah-wah and distortion to create new timbres. Both albums are well-produced, with great care for even the smallest details, and show a great sense of humour and joy, wrapped with serious composition and tight structures. In addition to all of this, you can find Cohen-Solal as one of the names in the famous 'Nurse with Wound' list, where it fits perfectly."! 15,00 €

COLD BLOOD - Vintage Blood Live 1973
(DIG-Music-104) One of their finest sets was captured in 1973 live on tape in an intimate studio setting in front of a small group of enthusiastic fans. COLD BLOOD, led by Lydia Pense are know for their hard driving ROCK & SOUL sound that shocked the Bay area out of their psychedelic 60's. On countless nights Cold Blood has left it's audience exhausted with pinpoint performance drenched in FUNK. (Code E)

(Microfon-ARG) 1972 / Reissue on CD of the debut album by Argentinian poer trio, strongly influenced by Jimi Hendrix type of sound. With excellent guitar work, featured ex Almendra members. (Code H)

(Microfon-ARG) 1973 / This power rock trio recorded material for a double album but the record company decided to release it on two seperate albums. Great psychrock stuff with Hendrix type of sound. Also some long tracks with long guitar journeys. (Code J)

COLOURS - same
(World Psych / US) Reissue of an excellent pop psych album from 1968, then released on DOT. There's the orchestrated psych sound, the sitar drone "Rather be me", the commune song "Brother Lou's love" and the eerie "Cataleptic". They have the crystalline sharpness of the Beatles before they turned acid! 17,00 €

COLUMBUS, RAY & THE INVADERS - Greatest Numbers 
(Asc.-AUS) 1964-1965 Brilliant best of album featuring massive 30 fantastic beat tracks. Excellent vocals, dual guitar-work, superb musicianship make a brilliant mix of songs and intros, tracks include versions of "Poison ivy / James Bond theme and Shakin' all over"!! (Code E)

(Collector's Choice/US) Official reissue of this amazing 1968 debut by the Canadian psych band who later became Chilliwack. A very psycedelic album, produced by Rolling Stones/Electric Prunes producer Dave Hassinger - the first 5 tracks are cool enough melodic psych 60's styled numbers (the highlight being Lydia Purple) whilst the 6th is a 19 minute trip of sax, flute, gregorian chant and psychedelic guitar that under the right circumstances fries your mind! Unmissable! 15,00 €

COLLECTORS - Grass And Wild Strawberries
(Collector's Choice/US) Official CD reissue of the 1968 album by this great Canadian band who later became Chilliwack. Very much in the vein of the Doors, and Electric Prunes (the band shared the same producer as the latter - David Hassinger - and took the Prunes place on much of the recording of Mass in F Minor). This is a score to a play by George Ryga with some driving, off kilter songs with some progressive touches. Including "The long Rain", "Don't turn Away (fom me)" and "Dream of Desolation" etc! 15,00 €

COMPLEX - same 
(Wooden Hill-UK) Legendary UK psychedelic pop private pressing initally issued by the band in 1970 in total quanty of 99 LP copies. Great songs, burst of fuzz guitar and dominant "Doors / Strawberry Alarm Clock"- style organ. The entire album has so many classic-pop moments and tracks fully fledged acid rock blow outs, like "Self Decleration", with a harmonies feel. Plus 4 bonus tracks. (Code E)

COMPLEX - The way we feel 
(Wooden Hill-UK) Previously unreleased 2nd album from 1971, also initally released in edition of 99 copies and promo only. On this album they maintain their pop-psych-feel adding a heavier underground edge. Plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code E)

(Record Runner-BRA) 1973 / A Chilian progressive / psychedelic combo whose album is now very rare. After the military coup in 1973, their lead singer and writer, Antonio Smith, went to Argentinia. A beautiful South-America rarity. (Code H)

CONTRALUZ - Mericanos 
(Re-Runner-BRAZ) Re-reissue of a 1973 album, this band performs a progressive close to that the Mexicans of NUEVO MEXICO, with a predominance of the flute and references to JETHRO TULL. Heavier, very energetic parts remind of the spanish of NU. (Code G)

(Repertoire / G) This short-lived formation consisted of seven musicians and released their only album,"Full Horn", in February 1973. The technically ell-versed instrumentalists offered a mixture of rock and fusion that in good moments could stand up to the likes of Frank Zappa "Day Of A Daydream Believer" was reviewed by Sounds as´winding through the rock jungle orientating themselves with the help of road signs set by Genesis, Van der Graaf Generator or Vanilla Fudge: 14,00 €

(REP-G) 1969 / Third final and best album by US psychedelic bunch, got killer 19 min. version of Coltrane`s "INDIA". (Code C)

COS - VivaBoma! 
(Musea / F) 1976 / Viva Bomma is more overtly influenced by Canterbury bands such as Caravan, Hatfield and the North, and Gilgamesh. Pascale Son's sweet vocals are again prominent and, at times, give the music an almost pop sort of sensibility. Aside from that, the keyboards sound like Dave Stewart minus the fuzz organ (I wish that dreadful 'string synthesizer' sound could somehow be eliminated!), the drummer sounds very much like Pip Pyle, and there's even a Hugh Hopper-styled fuzz bass feature on one cut. Very good, but also very derivative. (Code C)

COSA NOSTRA - Squeeze it Tight
(Vampi Soul) This reissue offers both 'Cosa Nostra' and 'Adopta Un Arbol' LPs, ultra-rare monster and spicy Latin funk albums recorded in Mexico City in 1971 and 1972. The groove here is much more soulful funky rather than Latin funky. heavy grooves right from the start, with hard guitar, bass, drums and organ kicking it and not letting up, sounding a little like BLACK SUGAR, BANDA BLACK RIO or UNAIO BLACK albums if you can imagine U-ROY singing along with the rhythm tracks and some strangely dissonant background singers chiming in the boot! 15,00 €

COUNT FIVE - Psychotic Reaction 
(Repertoire-G) Hailing from San Jose, California, The Count Five scored a on off U.S. Top 5 hit with "Psychotic Reaction" in 1966. That and 10 other tracks, including a version of the WHO's "My Generation", featured on their debut album, named after the hit, and to that we've added 7 bonus including the rare singles. Their album was full of driving rock songs, of which "Double Decker Bus" was the next best. (Code C)

COUPLA PROG - "Edmundo Lopez" / SWF-Sessions Vol. 4 
(Long Hair-G) Over 60minute long psychedelic/progressive Masterpiece from German underground band. Tells the story of a young guy under the revolutionary disorders in South America during the late 60`s and early 70's. This superb psychedelic underground music recorded 1970 at the SWF studio Baden-Baden (Germany). Fantastic organ work all over, guitar, fuzz-bass, great vocals and emotional drums. An art-treasure of music, excellent sound-quality, digitally remastered from the original tape. (Code C)

COUPLA PROG - "Death Is A Great Gambler..." / SWF session 1970/1972
(Long Hair-G) 3rd CD of Long Hair favourites. 4 songs-structured titles, a special 13 minute version of Donovan's " Season of the Witch", a psychedelic "Daughters in Delirium" and 18 minutes masterpiece "Death is a great gambler…" show the band's further great moments playing extensive, powerful and hypnotic psychedelic underground rock. Unbelievable the band never released an album during their lifetime. Big thanks to SWF Radio Station having the tapes of self-produced titles more than 30 years in its archives. Mind-blowing music. Informative booklet with lots of photos, story, over 55 minutes. Excellent sound quality. A highlight! (Code C)

COUPLA PROG - "Sprite" / SWF-Sessions Vol. 2 
(Long Hair-G) Coupla Prog from South-West-Germany actually played very individual underground or progressive music. Heavy blues rock, electronic music, free style, occassional classical music references and echoes of post SYD BARRET era PINK FLOYD; VANILLA FUDGE but also PROCOL HARUM distinguished the sound of the band. Coupla Prog productions were extremly varied, never commercially oriented but always homogenous and exiting music, which occasionally diverged from the well travelled tracks of Kraut and progressive rock. Talented craftsmen, they captured the Zeitgeist of the era. All tracks recorded from the original Master`s studio tape on 26.02.1970 and 16.04.1971, remastered in Super-bit mapping sound quality. (Code C)

COVEN - Witchcraft
(HRY-Korea) A heavy rock outfit from Indiana, notable for the screaming vocals of Jinx Dawson. Produced by Bill Trout (Aorta/Shadow of Knight),their first record attempted to mix psychedelic rock with Black Mass "liturgy" for generally enjoyable results. Featuring tracks like ‚Black Sabbath' - "Dignitaries of Hell", "Pact with Lucifer", "For unlawful carnal knowledge" (Code G)

CRACK - SI todo hiciera 
(Si-Wan-KOREA) 1979 / Spanish progressive with eleborate tracks, fluent playing, rhytm changes... in short.. the thing a fan of 70`s progressive rock gets off on. (Code G)

(REP-G) 1970 / Plus 2 rare bonus tracks, German band, as their sound was often closer to nordic bands of the era like "Cullpepper`s Orchards", blending in country and folk music into Anglo-American type rock. (Code C)

(GearFab-US) The 1969 Canadian psychedelic album which featured quite a bit of wild and weird sounds, a kind of Dreamies. No musicians are credited, but it's widely believed to have been performed by the infamous and mysterious Johnny Kitchen, who released quite a bit of bizarre LP's in late 60's. It features an abudance of sound montages edited together in the "Revolution" #9 vein. And at the same time it has quite a lot of extended fuzz guitar and wild organs sounds. (Code C)

CRUSIS - Kronologia 
(Record Runner-BRZ) Reissue of two albums from 1975/1976 (same / Los Delirios del Mariscal) This top-notch Argentinia prog legends. First album hard progressive with Italo vibe, long tracks, furious guitar, exquisite musicianship, the second album-masters of complex prog. rock, Great!! (Code G)

CRYAN SHAMES - A Scratch in the Sky 
(Sundazed-US) The second album from 1967. This album commercially it was more successful than their first. Direct from the masters, including 7 bonus tracks (45 rpm single versions), plus liner notes. (Code C)

CRYAN SHAMES - Sugar & Spice 
(Sundazed-US) First time CD release of rare album by Midwestern 60's hit-makers of Sugar & Spice fame. Direct from original masters, including 6 bonus tracks, 3 of them never before issued! Originally released on 1966. Detailed liner notes by group historian Clark Besch. (Code C)

CRYAN SHAMES - Synthesis 
(Sundazed-US) The third album from 1968 "Synthesis" had strong material and lavish instrumentation, including 8 bonus tracks (45 rpm single versions) plus liner notes. (Code C)

CRYSTAL CIRCUS - In relation to our times 
(Arkama-Digipack-I) A late 60's previously unreleased album by this combo from Los Angeles leaded by Greg Munford of "THEE SIXPENCE" and "STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK". An interesting sound between garage-rock and psychedelia: 12 tracks. (Code C)

CRYSTAL IMAGE - Rock and Roll 
(Red Lounge-G) This is an official release of the sought after second album by Crystal Image called "Rock and Roll", also known as "The Rainbow Album". All of Crystal Images 3 albums were released privately through Dream Records. Sought after and demanding megabucks, they contain fantastic fuzz driven West Coast Psychedelia, but also very groovy, almost funky sections, while not sleeping into funk. The Rainbow album dates back from 1975 and is considered their finest amongst collectors. They were quite a wild band, having a 40 foot screen on which they showed artmovies during their shows which by the way also contained a fire spitting 6 foot monster head! Awesome. The CD contains all of the Rainbow Album as well as 5 bonus tracks taken from the first album, while the soon to be release second CD "Sure Feeling Loose", which showed their development to longer jamming tracks, (the opener is an almost instrumental West Coast killer!!) will contain the rest of the first album, making your Crystal Image collection complete with those 2 CD's. Pressing of 500. (Code C)

(Dodo Rec.-I) Reissue of recently discovered album, released in 1974 by BMI SINGAPORE of a one-off album done as highschool project by 4 Americans in Singapore, that only has been sold to classmates, family and friends. A weird mix of Kaleidoscope / Velvet. Underground and eastern vibes with fuzz-guitar all over! Sorta prog-folk-garagy vibe, hypnotising and repetitive. A great psych rock fuzz album. (Code C)

CURLY CURVE - Forgotten Tapes 
(Garden of Delights-G) The second album from 1974, plus 2 bonus tracks. Somewhat harder, straightforward rock with many blues elements and only very few progressive touches. (Code C)

(REP-G) 1973 / German underground psychedelic rock band from Berlin, their style had mellowed somewhat as a heavy blues rock, obviously inspired by the late 60's British scene. (Code C)

CWT - The Hundredweight 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1972, English musicians do heavy Krautrock with brass elements. Produced by Stones Manager A. Oldham. (Code C)

CYKLE - same 
(Gear Fab-US) Psychedelic legends. Plus 4 tracks by the "Young Ones" pre Cykle and 3 solo tracks by Jim Sossman the leader of this group, great psychedelia 60's sound. (Code C)

CYRKLE - Minx Soundtrack
(Sundazed / US) First-ever official reissue of ultra rare CYRCLE album.20 tracks, including 8 bonus cuts with 7 previously unissued, taken from the original masters. Classic 60s soundtrack pop with soaring harmonies and intricate arrangements. (Code C)

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Code H    € 25,00
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Code L    € 39,00