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D. R. HOOKER - The Truth 
(Subliminal-SW) Finally, a CD reissue of one the rarest US psych LP The Truth , recorded in Connecticut 1972, might very well be the ultimate North American acid rock album ever. No hype here just incredible talented music. Everything is absolute perfection, the wailing fuzz guitar , the psychy arrangements, his awesome voice, layers of instruments and well crafted songs. True psychedelia! This reissue is officially licensed by the artist. This CD edition contains 6 bonus tracks which was not on the LP! (Code E)

(Repertoire/UK) Original vinyl artwork in square CD digi-sleeve format (card wallet-no plastic) plus inserted fold out poster. One of the first American acts to sign to Vetigo Records. ´Oakdown Farm` was the four-piece Daddy Longlegs´second LP. Originally released in 1971, the album featured 12 cuts of no-nonsense Country Rock, whose ´good time` feel brought the band critical acclaim: 15,00 €

DAEMON - The Entrance to Hell 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Very rare post "Atomic Rooster" and pre "Hard Stuff" unreleased Demo LP-1970-1971 from the Masters. Heavy progressive with lengthy jams du Cann. (Code E)

(Arkama-Digipack-I) Originally released in 1973 by Avalanche. Their 4th and last album. 9 tracks of heavy psych rock. (Code C)

DAMON - Song of gypsy 
(Damon-self produced-US) New CD reissue of ltd. of 500, done legit by Damon himself. This is an excellent psychedelic album. It was recorded in Hollywood and just 100 copies were pressed. There`s lots of fuzz guitar and a mystical feel about tracks like "Do you" and the "Night", druggy romany psychedelic guitar work, exotic percussion and excellent songs. (Code D)

DANCER - Tales of the River bank 
(Kissing-Spell-UK) Engineredby TONY MCPHEE of GROUNDHOGS fame, this never before released album finally sees the light of day. Feat. the then unknown ANTONY MINGHELLA on keyboards, the band split when Anthony decided to quit and go to the film school immediately after the album was recorded. Managed under the same roof as YES & GENTLE GIANT this album and the band were headed for the big time, and in the true spirit of ROCK `N ROLL, it never did happen. A fascinating sleeve note recounts this marvelous and so far untold tale of the injustices of this trechorous business, written by Mike Jollife (Shide and Acorne) who plays guitar on this superb progressive album.(Code E)

DANDO SHAFT - Anthology
(RPM / UK) 2-CD / Three original albums, "An evening with" (1970), "The Neon" album from 1971, and "Lantaloon" from 1972, plus 5 bonus tracks "Radio sessions" from the peak period 1970-1972.Highly original, all acoustic, eastern and western folk influenced music, weaving intricate patterns between mandolin, guitar and violin, an essay with quotes from group members Martin Jenkins and Polly Bolton, making this an indispensable Anthology. (Code E)

DANIEL - Phoenix 
(WIS-1008) Killer westcoast psychedelica with cello in the realms of Darius, but more freaked out, plus 2 alt. version tracks. Originally only 50 copies were press. (Code C)

DANTALIONS CHARIOT - Chariot rising 
(Wooden Hill-UK) 1967 / CD issue of the legendary UK psychedelic bands entire output including a track that is not available on the now deleted LP. A Flower-Power psychedelia acid-underground with sitar track "Soma", with Zoot Money and Andy Summers. (Code D)

(World of Sound-G) US-1967 / 1971. Long expected the second unreleased Darius album "The King of Psychedelic" music continues the sound of the Chartmaker album on electric tunes he's backed by the legendary "Goldenrod" who supported also his first album, plus many guest musicians! Contains informative poster insert and exclusive cover artwork. (Code C)

DARIUS - same 
(World of Sound-G) 1968 / Plus 3 unreleased bonus tracks. Original from the Mastertape. US-Westcoast California band with Ben Beney. The music is psych-melodic with upfront vocals and a style veering towards progressive. Incl. Story. (Code C)

DARK - Round the edges 
(Kissing Spell-UK) The Worlds rarest record re-packered with exact production of all the original artwork, including the rare 12 page booklet. With 4 bonus tracks. Dark's album is a masterpiece of melancholic heavy progressive rock. 50 copies were originally made in 1972.( Code D)

DAVID - same 
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue on CD of one and only album by Canadian band "David". A classic psychedelic pop, originally released in 1969, featuring dreamy and spacey vocals of Debroah kelly and some fine electric fuzz-guitars, great orchestrations keyboards. (Code C)

DAVID - Another Day, Another Lifetime
( Jamie / US ) Reissue of one and only album by one of most underrated USA PSYCHEDELIC bands from the 60's. Incredible song writing, tracks drenched with PSYCHEDELIA, ACID, sitar-playing etc. Listen to title track 'Another Day, Another Lifetime' and a track called 'Time', and you know what we mean. Includes 2 reviously unreleased BONUS tracks, one of which is a great version of Yardbirds track 'Mister You're A Better Man Than I': 15,00 €

DAY OF PHÖNIX - Wide open N-way & The neighbours son
(Sonet / DK) 2 and only album releases on 1 CD digitally remastered. Debut album has longer tracks and are a mixture of US West Coast, folky rock and jazz rock. 2nd album is more plain rock tunes. 2nd also features ex. members of BURNIN' RED IVANHOE. (Code C)

DEAN, ELTON - Just us 
(Cuneiform-US) First solo album by British sax legend ELTON DEAN, recorded while he was a members of Soft Machine. Five long tracks from the 1971 album, plus one track recorded June, 27th, 1972 at the Gondel Filmkunst theatre, Bremen, a production of Radio Bremen and one track live in London, December 11th, 1972. (Code E)

DEEP SIX -same
( Cherry Red / UK ) The Deep Six, (five men and one woman!) are really kind of the missing link between the "slightly hipper Seekers" style of such California folk-pop groups as The Goldebriars, The We Five and The Back Porch Majority, and the next wave of soft-pop and rock influenced artists like Curt Boettcher's The Ballroom, The Mamas and The Papas, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and even the early Jefferson Airplane This, their only album is quite bizarre, applying the new musics to what was obviously their earlier variety show influenced performance tunes, pop covers and self penned folk-rock tunes all given a superb and subtle fuzz-tinged softpop treatment that showed that the times they really were a' changing....and pretty darn fast. A top collectable for many years, this first-ever CD issue also includes all their scarily rare non-LP singles, a treasure trove of never before seen photographs of the group at the height of the Sunset Strip scene, as folk became rock, and detailed liner notes with contributions from the artists.....a timely release for a key group in the evolution of folk rock and Softpop.... This is the first time ever on CD for these tracks and included is the rare World Pacific album, and all their even rarer singles plus a lavishly illustrated booklet with detailed sleevenotes: 15,00 €

DEERFIELD - Nil Desperandum 
(Gear Fab-US) 1971 / US-Texas outfit whose album, a mixture of country rock and psychedelia, real great guitar playing all over, guitar based rual psych often compared to KAK. (Code C)

DEJA-VU- Between The Leaves
( Research / SW ) 1976 This is a post-Host band from the 70's that played in the same vein except they were a little less heavy and a little more symphonic. Lots of long songs, great arrangements, and mellotron make this an instant classic:15,00 €

DELIRIUM - Dolce Acqua
( Fonit Cetra /I ) 1971, This group mixes classical music & rock with a rare successs; superb long tracks with orchestral sequences & splendid synthesis between classical orchestra & rock group. Refined, delicate themes, with many breaks, wonderful flute & heavy Hammond organ flights & beautiful vocals: 15,00 €

(Captain Trip-JAP) 1969 / Their third brilliant album with the Nun-cover. (Code D)

DEVIANTS - Disposable 
(Captain Trip-JAP) 1968 / second album of UK underground band with Mick Farren, stoned late 60's freak out rock, wicked, dirty guitar and humerous druggy lyrics. (Code D)

DEVIANTS - Ptoof! 
(Drop out-UK) 1967 / First album of the underground classic band. (Code C)

DIABOLUS - same 
(Whitch & Warlock-G) 1971 / Great and pretty UK hard-progressive rock, originally release only in Germany. Really sounds the early 70`s vibe, long tracks, loud leads, flute etc. (Code C)

DIAZ KUBERO - Y la Pesada 
(Disco es cultura-Brazil) An Argentinean album from 1973. Kubero Diaz was a member of La Cofradia de la flor solar and La Pesada. He was assisted on this solo album by Billy Bond (production & vocals), Claudio Gabis, guitar-a: Medina-bass, and Jorge Pin-chevsky-violin. It's an excellent album with excellent guitar work. Heavy psychedelic rock. Recommended. Plus 2 tracks 1971 and 1 bonus from 1972! (Code H)

DIES IRAE - First 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1971 / German band, with a heavy brand of Krautrock, blending in jazz, blues and psychedelic touches. (Code C)

DOGFEET - same
(Kissing Spell/UK) AVAILABLE AGAIN WITH NEW ARTWORK. The CD reissue of this classic psychedelic blues rock album. It has all of the album, 4 demo cuts of LP tracks (from master) & 2 later UNRELEASED TRACKS. limited 500! 18,00 €

DOM - Edge of Time 
(Second Battle-Digipack-G) Plus 5 unreleased bonus tracks: Finally it will be available-as an official CD of this outstanding early 70's psychedelic underground trip; Think of Pink Floydin their early experimental phase but also of the electronic adventures of Ash Ra Tempel and Tangerine Dream. Remastered quality and booklet with many unseen photos. (Code D)

(Void-US) Reissue of extremely rare private Canadian press from 1967! Excellent psychedelic folk, typical underground vibe. Featuring Lynda Squires (Reign Ghost), with the wonderful vocals and Chris Cuddy (Mr.Dormouse). Nice informative booklet, great sound and cover. (Code C)

DOUGLAS FIR - Heartsingin 
(Gear Fab- US) 1970 US / An obscure band. The tittle track is pretty powerfull, with strong soul based vocals., effective organ backing and occasionally some good guitar work too. Great heavy and haunting organ, driving guitars and outstanding vocal make this reissue a good CD. (Code C)

(Karma/DK) Reissue on CD of debut album by Danish 70's band. DR. DOPOJAM, who originally formed in 1968 and who played weird jazzy-experimental/progressive rock influenced by ZAPPA and contemporary Danish band THORS HAMMER, ENGINE and a hint of BLUE SUN! 15,00 €

(Sundazed-US) 1966-67 / This fine psychedelic act was fronted by a young buck name of Norman Greenbaum. This is the entire `eggplant that ate Chicago album along with 8 unissued tracks and a slew of rare sides totalling 25 tracks, plus an exclusive recent interview. (Code C)

DRAGON - Snake eyes on the Paradise 
(Raven-AUS) Greatest Hits 1976-1989 / Australien exclusive release, 21 tracks including all their hits, commercial singles and best album tracks, comes with 16 pages booklet full of infos and rare photographs. A New Zealand band with their music would prove extremly diverse ranging from Pop-rock through to Rock with traces of reggae, callypso and excellent melodic progressive rock. (Code E)

(Gear Fab/US) Their self-titled hard psychedelic rock LP from 1970 is superb, full of driving rhythms and excellent psychedelic guitar. If you are a fan of early Led Zepplin and you enjoyed our Stack and Wizard releases, this stuff is for you!! Searing guitar, driving drums, and loud vocals make this one a keeper!! 15,00 €

(Gear Fab/US) Their self-titled hard psychedelic rock LP from 1970 is superb, full of driving rhythms and excellent psychedelic guitar.If you are a fan of early Led Zepplin and you enjoyed our Stack and Wizard releases, this stuff is for you!! Searing guitar, driving drums, and loud vocals make this one a keeper!: 15,00 €

(Kissing Spell/UK) After the demonise of post-FLIES band INFINITY in 1971. Ian Baldwin & Clive Richards teamed up with a new progressive, Hammond & Drumm duo already named DRAGON MILK. Four strong, the band's distinctive English PROGRESSIVE edge quickly made them popular on the London Pub scene in 1973. The legendary album 'Lion & The Unicorn' was recorded around this time! 18,00 €

DRAGONMILK - Wolfman Macabre 
(Audio Archives-UK) 1972 Mega rare priviously unreleased wild UK underground, heavy organ, driven psych-prog like Atomic Rooster / Bram Stocker. (Code E)

(World in Sound/G) This CD-release is the first of a WIS - Dragonwyck trilogy. The group from Cleveland (OH) was one of the most promising bands in that area, opened shows for bands as Foghat, Golden Earring, Edgar Winter Group etc. The mood of the music is dark, mystic and strong influenced of the times´ spirit, the hippie age……"anything goes"! - Shortly after highschool in 1970, the 5 guys recorded 7 tracks, released a test pressing on Pama Records in an edition of only 85 copies. It was reissued in the 1990´s by Rockadelic Records as limited edition on LP and CD, since then this band is a milestone for all heavy/psychedelic music collectors. Jim Morrison and The Doors brought main inspiration to Dragonwyck´s music, with the small difference; the songs are heavier and more progressive; the sound is not just dominated by great vocals, there are lots of freaked out heavy guitar solos and swirling Hammond B3 organ, which brings the individual note to the music. The core of musicians started as Sunrise in 1968 and released one 45 record. This CD is from the mastertape which seemed to be lost, contains 5 bonus tracks (3 unreleased), a bio, cool original artwork and photos. Comes in a high quality digipack cover (same material as the Mystic Siva CD) with an extra 8 page booklet. A true masterpiece!: 18,00 €

DRAKE, NICK - Bryter layter 
(Island-UK) 1970 / His second album, was largely comprised of songs written in his Spartan bed sitter in Hampstead. It took over a year to complete because he was very fussy about the musicians who he wanted to work with him on the album. Richard Thompson and others connected with Fairport Convention were heavily involved and John Cale played on two tracks FLY and the shimmering love song NORTHERN SKY. (Code B)

DRAKE, NICK - Five leaves left 
(Island-UK) 1969 / His debut was in many respects stunning, full of haunting, dream-like melodies and unusual guitar work. The best know track is "Time has told me". Now, new re-mastering in 24 bit-super mapped sound, with lyrics. (Code B)

DRAKE, NICK - Pink Moon 
(Island-UK) 1972 / The third album recorded just two sessions the album was short and very stark compared to his earlier efforts, it just consists of his vocals, guitar and a piano overdub on one cut. Far less accessible than his earlier two albums it inevitably sold in small quantities and is consequently the hardest of his tree albums to find. The songs are full of impending doom and depression, but full of creativity and some of his finest guitar playing. Get to hear "From the Morning" and "Place to be". Another stunning track was the unnervingly delightful "Things behind the Sun". Re-mastered in 24 bit super mapped sound. (Code B)

DRAMA - same 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1971-72 / plus 5 bonus tracks. Awesome heavy blues rock with ripping and tearing guitarwork through-out. (Code C)

(Spinney / UK) Reissue on CD of ultra rare solo album from 1972, originally on Polydor. One of the most sought after major label UK folk album from the 70's full of beautiful and enchanting folk. (Code C)

DRANSFIELD - The Fiddlers Dream
( Castle / UK ) British folk-rock, led by brothers Barry (vocals, electric and acoustic fiddles, electric dulcimer, cello, guitar, zither) and Robin (vocals, guitar) Dransfield, with Brian Harrison (vocals, bass, organ, piano) and Charlie White (drums). They recorded two albums in 1970/71 and then split up for other things, such as Morris On. In 1976, the brothers joined up again to make this, their final album. High quality folk rock, "one of the great 'lost' albums from the Transatlantic catalog" reissued on CD for the first time in excellent sound, and with new liner notes by Robin 15,00 €

DREAMIES - Auralgraphic entertainment 
(Gear Fab-US) 1973 / A very cool local Delaware private press of psychedelic folk and sound collages weaving in and out, is superb stoned dreamy acid psychedelia with lots of effects-spaced-out vocals. From Mastertape. (Code C)

DRIVING STUPID - Horror Asparagus Stories
(Sundazed / US) First ever full-length release of classic lost 60's album by notorious cult heroes from New Jersey.19 Insane, pounding garage/novelty tracks, 17 tracks-previously unissued. (Code D)

( Long Hair / G ) Originally released in 1970 on Polydor. This is an example of early German heavy psychedelic rock, akin to early TOMORROW'S GIFT and THE DOORS as a rock critic mentioned in a review in Sounds (Germany 4/71). Clever German lyrics and music which touches your brain but also your skin. 13 Excellent tracks (including 2 bonus tracks), digitally remastered from the original tape and with informative booklet. Great stuff! 15,00 €

DRUM CIRCUS - Magic Theatre
( Garden of Delights / G ) Reissue on CD this rare album by Swiss band DRUM CIRCUS, featuring 2 members of BRAINTICKET like Joel VanDroogenbroeck Psychedelic with LSD dreched lyrics by Timothy Leary. Originally from 1971! 15,00 €

DSCHINN - same 
(Second Battle Digipack-G) 1972 / Including 12 bonus tracks. Tremendous German heavy underground with tons of guitar pyrotechnics. Ths band from South Germany scene began as a rather successful psychedelic band and existed under different names, with Dschinn outtakes bonus tracks. (Code D)

DUFFY POWER - Leapers And Sleepers
( RPM / UK ) Duffy began his music career as one of the famous Larry Parnes rock'n'roll stable of artists during the 1950's. Upon discovering the Blues at the turn of the decade Duffy left Larry Parnes, got a new deal with Parlophone and hooked up with R&B organist Graham Bond. The following years saw Duffy move in the same club circles as many R&B and Folk Blues artists such as Alexis Korner, Georgie Fame, Davey Graham, Bert Jansch. Today Duffy is still held in high regard as a pioneer folk blues performer, as a singer, harmonica player, songwriter. An article all about his BBC radio recordings was published two months ago in Record Collector, a collection of them has just been issued by HUX, and Duffy is mentioned all the way through the recent Bert Jansch biography. Duffys R&B archive is presented across 2 CDs ; Disc One is Duffy from 1962-1964, his first session for Parlophone, singles and unreleased session recordings backed by Graham Bond, then backed by R&B group the Paramounts, followed by the Fentones with drummer Ginger Baker. It has all his sought after Parlophone singles, unreleased sessions and the first version of I Saw Here Standing There which was rejected by the Beatles because it was "too jazzy". Disc two are the recordings made during 1965-1967, sessions on which Duffy is largely backed by John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and consists of two singles and the rest being the then unreleased sessions: 19,00 €

DUG DUG'S - Gambia, Gambia 
(BMG-MEX) 1975 / The later compilation CD compiles their best tracks including two from their debut album. (Code E)

DUG DUG'S - same 
(BMG-Mexico)1971 / This is highly-praised Mexican heavy rock/psych outfit. Lost in my World blows any brain to bits. Simply an all-time classic with fuzz guitar leads on every track. (Code E)

DUG DUG'S - Smog 
(BMG-MEX) 1972 / This is a highly-praised Mexican heavy progressive rock and psychedelic outfit. With guitar fuzz leads. Original from the Mastertape. Plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code E)

DULCIMER - And I Turned As I Had Turned As A… Boy
(M2U / Korea) 1972; Reissue on CD of great one and only album by UK psych/folk rock band from the early 70's. This folk-rock album is now quite sought-after by collectors. It was produced by Larry Page (the man behind The Troggs), but is simply pleasant but unexceptional folk music, somewhat marred by Richard Todd reciting poetry over the opening track on each side. The band were from Gloucestershire and two of the album's stronger tracks are Gloucester City and Fruit Of The Musical Tree, an effective English folk Indian raga fusion. Coming in a mini LP sleeve, with member poster and 3 bonus tracks. 1. Village / Days of Lord Kichener ; 2.Take Me home Uncle Terry; 3.Country Life* Peter Hodge recommend the Country Life of the Bonus Tracks: 20,00 €

DULL KNIFE - Electric Indian 
(Second Battle Digipack-G) 1971 Getting scare German hardrock blaster with the same vibes as Hairy Chapter . Completely great sounding. (Code D)

DUN - Eros 
(Soleil-F) Dün's music recalls the Canadian band manage, in their Ni-vent ni nouvelle and libre-service era, mostly, because of the prominence of Flute and Xylophone, to that frame they add the cold touch of Art Zoyd and Universe Zero's "Camber rock!. They also add a strong tendency towards the atonality and the complex rhythm section of Henry Cow. (Code C)

DUNCAN BROWNE - Give me take you 
(HMP) Korean Import. Originally released on Immediate in 1968. Psychedelic flower / folk rock with warm vocals, digitally remastered. Plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code D)

(Repertoire/UK) Drummer John Dummer formed this entertaining British blues outfit back in 1965. After several changes, Dummer reformed the group and signed to Vertigo, who released "Blue" in 1972. It features outstanding violinist / vocalist / guitarist Nick Pickett. Enthusiastically reviewed by NME, the album includes stand-out tracks "Medicine Weasel" and "Time Will Tell". Release on original vinyl artwork CD digi-sleeve format: 15,00 €

DZYAN - Electric Silence 
(Bacillus-G) 1974; The third album waves more out on a limb, bringing weird avant-garde elements together with jazz, rock and various ethnic musical together in an extreme melting pot of styles, ideas and fertile imagination. Running from free-jazz through medieval cum raga-rock and intense rock improvisation it is indeed one of the landmarks in experimental rock. (Code B)

DZYAN - same 
(Rock Fever-G) 1972 / From south Germany the original quintet on their debut album DZYAN played a jazzy form of rock, with hints of Wolfgang Dauner, flashes of Zappa's HOT RATS and some VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORS styled sax-fronted diversion. (Code C)

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