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E.A. POE - Generazioni "Storia di Sempre"
(Vinyl Magic / I) "Edgar Allan Poe is an Italian one-shot band from the 70's mostly in the symphonic or romantic progressive vein. The first track with almost spoken vocals and a somewhat mysterious mood, reminds me of another Italian one-shot band, Pholas Dactylus. The guitar playing is in the psych direction or even bluesy at times. On the other tracks of the album I can hear similarities to other Italian bands like PFM, Procession and Formula 3! 15,00 €

(Shroom/US) Ultra rare mid 70s UK acid folk recordings. Featuring sitar, moog, acoustic and electric guitars and assorted percussion instruments to create a Popol Vuh like sounds cape. Imagine the perfect blend of eastern trance/psych and English hippy acid folk. Cool and freaky! 15,00 € 

(Wounded Bird-US) First Time on CD for this long lost classic, originally released by Elektra in 1968. Part of the Boston sound of the late 60's. This 10 track debut features singer/songwriter Peter Rowan and the extraordinary Bluesgrass Mandolin playing of David Grisman. (Code C)

EARTH OPERA - The great American Eagle Tragedy 
(Wounded Bird-US) 2nd album from Earth opera, recorded in 1969 and originally released on Elektra. Features the 11-minute title track and was their last LP, before the band evolved into SEATRAIN: (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) The ultra rare 1970 LP which featured their female lead vocalist SHARON KEEL, who gave this excellent psychedelic band their haunting sound. A remniscent of Jefferson Airplane. Originally pressed in edition of less then 100 copies. (Code C)

ECHOE BAND - 1965-1969
(Gear Fab / US) Like we promised in Psych States. Florida in the 60's Vol. 1, here is the full-length story of this classic South Florida GARAGE/PSYCHEDELIC band. In addition to their six 'official' songs released on the Art, Agree and Rebound labels, we have uncovered two previously unreleased songs as well as alternate version of "Wild Mother" ,"Every second of the Day" and "Shadows that are just superb!!" In addition the band actually recorded a few cover tunes for the popular Miami teen-venue 'The Rick' Shaw Show, that's been uncovered and included here. (Code C)

(Collector's choice-COM-233-2) Reissue on CD for the first time, the one and only classic Psychedelic Folk Rock album by UK band, featuring Trevor Lucas an Gerry Conway later of FAIRPORT CONVENTION. (Code C)

EDEN ROSE - On The Way To Eden
(Musea/F) First-ever reissue of this legendary, quite early (1970) and quite good French progressive rock album. All instrumental, this is by a quartet and features great Hammond organ runs and piano work, excellent guitarwork by Jean-Pierre Alarcen, as well as good accompaniment from the rhythm section. Well played and pretty well recorded too! Includes a bonus track as well! "I doubt you will find better instrumental albums from the period, and certainly not French ones: 15,00 €

EELA CRAIG - same 
(Penner-G) 1971 / This is their very rare first album, completely different than their later cosmic ones. This is a full-blown progressive Masterpiece with majestic leads, swirling organ, very good Australien band. As bonus their 7" single from 1974. With 36 pages booklet. (Code C)

EGO ON THE ROCKS - Acid in wounderland 
(Second Battle-G) 1980 / Eloy-related German spaced psychedelia with nice attacking acidy leads, feat. 20 minutes unreleased bonus tracks. (Code F)

EIK - Hrislan og Straumurinn
(Skifan / ICE) Iceland Import. Reissue on CD of rare progressive rock album by an Icelandic band. Exceptional good and original, a bit similar in style to "Camel" and "Greenslade" but with more tempo changes, occasional female harmony vocals and Gentle Giant like oddities. Complete with funky intermezzos with strange vocals, breaks, Spanish guitar, little folk excursions and lots of other surprises. Originally released in 1976 and a real find for the fans of 70's prog. The booklet contains liner notes in English. (Code C)

EILIFF - Bremen 1972
(Garden of Delights / G) Instrumental jazz rock band, somewhat influenced by the Mothers Of Invention, Soft Machine & their own "krautrockness". Featuring guitar, keyboards (Rainer Brüninghaus!), sax, bass & drums, they released just 2 albums in their lifetime. All the players are really good, but I especially like guitarist Houschäng Nejadépour, who worked with Eiliff, and then for a very short while with Guru Guru and then dissapeared! This superb quality, previously unreleased 1972 radio broadcast licensed from Radio Bremen is extremely good stuff! 15,00 €

EILIFF - Close encounter with their third one Live in Cologne 18,19,1972 
(Garden of Delight-G) Great live tracks like Girlrls 18:47 minute and Hallimasch 15:12 minute tracks , progressive jazz-rock with Houschäng Nejadepour on guitar and Rainer Brüninghaus organ. A most unique style of powerful rock fusion and experienced in Krautrock. (Code C)

EILIFF - Girls! 
(SPM-G) Picture CD / Both very rare albums were formely released in 1971 / 1972 on the German PHILLIPS label. Eiliff is a German band with the advantage having a native English singer. Close your eyes and you might have the Image to listen to KING CRIMSON / AUDIENCE, the early DEEP PURPLE, and even the BEATLES in their sitar phase-progressive rock at it's best. (Code C)

EILIFF - same 
(SPM-G) Picture CD / 1971 (Code C)

(Kissing Spell/UK) EISHTLINN (Gaelic for 'listen to us') is a varied bunch of experienced musicians, writers and performers in the field of folk, bluegrass, old-timely styles, Celtic and world music. Not surprisingly the musical palate is varied too, with Irish, British, American, Balkan and Eastern European rhythms interconnecting and creating music of rich value. Featuring ALISON O'DONNELL (MELLOW CANDLE, FLIBBERTIGIBBET), RON VERSTAPPEN, PHILIP MASURE, GUIDO PICCARD, WIM POESEN and JANNEKE DONKERSLOOT! 18,00 €

(Penner-G) Plus 4 bonus tracks 1975/76 and 1980. 16 pages booklet, photo and stoy. Munich underground from the scene around Amon Düül II. Experimental and mostly instrumental, hithout guitar but with filouphone and partly with mellotron, with their blending of trippy psychedelic space-rock, fusion and classical music. (Code C)

EL AMOR - Everybody Help Me
(Condor-J-1084-Z) Two albums on one CD/The first album from 1971 "THE AMO MAS" and the third album "ANGELICA" from 1972. This progressive-psychedelic rock group formed in the late 60's, first under the name Los Pàjaros, founded by Miguel Càrdenas. Originally from Monterray, MEXICO. This high energy Mexican trio plays prog-psychy rock with lots of fuzz guitar work, some softly, some heavy fuzz-rock. Now first time on CD, with great sound-quality, and nice booklet. Recommended. (Code E)

ELEVEN FIFTY NINE - This Our Sacrifice Of Praise
(M2U/Korea) This is the quality of British Christian Folk Music like Water Into Wine Band. And, you can find a flood of mellotron play in first track. It is really brilliant British folk album. Comes in high quality miniature LP-style sleeve! 20,00 €

EL RELOJ - First 
(Record Runner-BRZ) 1975 / A legend from Argentinia. Are known over there as the Argentinia "Deep Purple" may more progressive, with incredible heavy guitar breaks and sudden rhythm changes. Plu 4 bonus tracks-73. (Code E)

EL RELOJ - Second 
(Record Runner-BRZ) The second album from 1976., plus the single bonus track from 1975. The totally obscure album from Argentinia with great guitar leads, top progressive sound. Words in spanish. (Code E)

EL SHALOM - Frost 
(Garden of Delights-G) El Shalom founded in Rheinhausen in 1970, released their LP Frost in 1976, followed by the 7`single Birthday song / Geld in 1978. All tracks, plus two live tracks, are available on the present CD. (Code C)

(Condor-Mexico) 1974 / Now, the new version on Jewelbox and with many unseen photos and nice cover-artwork, plus new remastered. An extremely rare Mexican psychedelic-progressive cross over album. On the opening track Obertura brillo de Luz there's a nice but long keyboard intro, which gradually gives way to effects and pleasant guitar but the keyboards are always around. The vocals in Spanish, sometimes a strong "SOFT MACHINE" first album influence, catchy instrumental songs, melodical numbers with woodwind... Certainly an album worth hearing. (Code E)

ELASTIC BAND - Expansions on life 
(Pseudonym-NL) The album originally from 1969, plus 4 bonus track from 1968. They played a sort of blue-eyed soul, with Andy Scott later became Sweet guitarist. (Code C) 

ELDER KINDRED - Kindred spirits 
(Audio Archives) Magnificent well crafted melodic progressive rock. Brilliant new previously unreleased quility prog-rock from the early 70`s featuring 8 long multiinstrumentational tracks, similar to the early Skin Alley and Spring, clever rhythmic cross-currents, intricate time changes richly textured by evocative harmonies and with flute, sax, organ, guitars and assorted percussion. Taken from the original Mastertapes. (Code E)

ELDERBERRY JAK - Long Overdue 
(Gear Fab-GF-178) This great West Virginia band released this rural rock album in 1970. Featuring great fuzz guitar, heavy organ and tasteful use of acoustic guitars and piano. Their sound is reministeret of Neil Young and Douglas Fir. (Code C)

ELECTRIC BANANA - Blows your mind 
(Carnabeat-UK) A perfect dose of classic UK psychedelia from 1967-1969. Offcourse everybody knows these guys were Pretty Things under contractual disguises, including the obnoxious Mr. Twink in the line up. Top notch acid psych with superb mind melting songs and classic music. Fuzz guitar mellotron mayhem that wipes the floor with wimpy swinging london psychedelia. (Code C)

ELECTRIC CRAYON SET - One man's trash 
(Soundhewk) The Electric Crayon Ser is the psychedelic brainchild of the Finnish music maker, guitarist and singer Timo Pakko. The album itself is actually a Finnish-American collaboration. Kim Hitchcock from Austin, is the work of New Yorker, Mad John Nemec. This demented concept album is a maelstrom of ACID-FOLK, psychedelica, Paisly-POP and progressive. Features power guitar chords in the vein of THE CREATION and THE WHO. Leered with Hammond b-3 and gorgeous melodies. They previously had an excellent 300 only 7" of the Detour label which sold out instantly. (Code C)

ELECTRIC FLAG - The Band Kept Playing
(Wounded Bird-Wou-8112/US) In 1968 Mike Bloomfiel left the Butterfield blues Band to from the Electric Flag with Nick Grabenites, Buddy Miles and Barry Goldberg. The band broke up relatively quickly, but in 1974 the same band members reunited for an Atlantic album, the last album they ever made. (Code C)

ELECTRIC PRUNES - I had too much to dream
(Collectors CH.) 1967 / The classic US psychedelic average punk band with the first album release. From the original Mastertapes, plus 2 bonus single tracks, original artwork and liner notes. (Code C)

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Mass in F minor 
(Collectors choice-US) 1968 / One of the most outrageous records from a completely ourageous time, performed an entire Catholic mass set to psychedelic guitar. (Composer David Axelrod`s idea) Plus 2 bonus tracks. From the Mastertape, with liner notes. (Code C)

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Stockholm 1967 
(Heartbeat-UK) Great holy package. Stunning live material by this sacred US 60`s band. Incredible perfect stereo recording made in Sweden during the bands only European tour at 1967, Dec. 14: A nice digipack with a mini-reproduction of the Gered Mankowitz booklet. Now deleted, a few copies in stock. (Code F)

ELECTRIC PRUNES - Underground 
(Collectors Choice-US) The second album originally released 1967. Their psychedelic experience further with although more consistent, with fine acid guitar work and effective drumming, it failed to maintain their stream of hits. Plus 2 single bonus tracks. (Code C)

(REP-G) 1972 / Plus 2 bonus single tracks. German typical of many Krautrock bands of the era, they drew on a wide range of influences; jazz, blues, psychedelia etc.. and moulded their own fusion with that typical cosmic yet powerful edge. (Code C)

ELOY - Inside 
(EMI-G) 1973 / A German progressive rock band with lenghty tracks combining organ based classical rock elements into a dynamic mixture of heavy and cosmic styles, a union of progressive and psychedelic with strong Pink Floyd influence. (Code B)

ELOY - Power and the passion 
(EMI-G) 1975 / The next album were dedicated to telling a science fantasy story in music and song. Plus one bonus track. (Code B)

ELOY - same 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / This is a multidigipack including a 32 page booklet and bonus CD feat. 2 non LP single tracks and interview with the original members. Wild / loud German hardrock, very British sound with some psychedelic touches and a couple of poerfull rock ballads included for contrast. (Code F)

(Gear Fab-US) Last incarnation of SOUL INC. From 1968-1971, made some psychedelic music and soft rock and some tracks are heavy rock. As the 60's drew to a close, the music got louder, angrier and harder. 21 tracks digitally remastered. (Code C)

EMBERMEN FIVE - Fire in their hearts
(Break-A Way-G) Complete studio recordings + 3 previously unreleased live tracks by North Dakota 60's GARAGE/BEAT band, appreciated by 60's aficionados for their outstanding 45's "Fire in my heart", "That's why I need you" or "Baby I'm forgetting you!" Although it didn't pan out, they could have made it nationally and record for Chess Records. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Bad heads and bad cats 
(Disonforme-SP) 1975 In true Embryo tradition, what we were to be treated to, was a real trek through world music, not traditional ethnic music, but a real fusion of music's from all sorts of different culture. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Embryo's Reise 
(Schneeball-G) 1978-1979 / The album documenting their tour of the Middle East though Afghanistan and India, sound with many different types of ethnic and traditional music. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Father, Son & Holy Ghosts 
(Disconforme-SP) This album from 1972, with it's more condensed and accessible style, in the ethnic cum space-rock fusion. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Ibn Battuta 
(Schneeball-Digipack-G) 1990-1993 / With Roman Bunka on guitar and many other musicians. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Opal 
(Materiali Sonori-I) Early pioneering sessions can now be witnessed on the CD reissue of their debut album from 1970, which take a jazzy twist on the improvised Ash Ra tempel or Amon Düül II type sound, freaky and inventive in the extreme. Plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Rocksession 
(REP-G) 1973 / German great progressive jazz-rock by the legends of the Krautrock underground, mostly instrumental fusion. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Surfin' 
(Disonforme-SP) This album from 1974 with the arrangements and rhythmic structure owe a lot more to the ethnic music's of Turkey and the Middle-East than rock here. (Code C) 

EMBRYO - We keep on 
(Disconforme-SP) The album from 1972, a change of focus, featuring Charlie Mariano, took a step back again to free-riffling fusion realms, offering some of the heaviest Embryo on record. (Code C)

EMBRYO - Bremen 1971
(Garden of Delights / G) The well-know jazz-rock band EMBRYO from Munich doesn´t need to be presented anymore. On CD you can find their gig in Bremen from September the 23rd of 1971. It was recorded by Radio Bremen and broadcast in the series " Jazz live". The gig was shortly done after the release of their second LP "Embryo`s Rache" (Embryo`s revenge) What might be missing are all those elements of world music which are used by the band today. Whoever loves the old sound of Embryo more than the new one has with this CD all what the wants: 15,00 €

EMBRYO - Steig Aus
(Repertoire / G) 1972 / Modelled on the legendary jam sessions by international acts, Embryo went into the studio in December 1971 in order to increase their spontaneity and enthusiasm and record as fresh an album as possible in the process. The result met with unanimously positive reactions from the press and public! 14,00 €

EMBRYO - Apo - Calypso
(Disconforme / SP) This is considered one of their best from the late 70's line up." After further cocerts in Europe, Embyo prepare for a trip to India. In December 1976 they play a few concerts there, and make friends like the " Karnataka College of Percussion" and Trilok Gurtu. Apo-Calypso partly recorded in India, display the first real steps to fuse the Embryo sound with traditional India musics. Consistently great band, even through all of their line-up changes. Plus 2 bonus tracks included; Digipak! 15,00 €

EMBRYO - Invisible Documents
(Disconforme / SP) This is a double CD taken from a concert given between the "We Keep On" and "Surfin" period. Live at the " Fabrik" Hamburg 1974. While still very much in the progressive rock vein, their jazz leanings are strongest here. Features intense sax playing by Edgar Hoffman. Unreleased until now! Limited Collectors edition; Complete Sessions, plus bonus tracks, meticulous Audio restration,24 bit digital-remastering and extensive booklet, Digipak release! 18,00 €

EMTIDI - Saat 
(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1972 / The album Saat was a truly progressive folk masterpiece, with the beautiful English vocals, feat. multi-guitars, keyboards and electronic , elevated cosmic progressive of a refined and most magical kind, beyond the realms of the early Bröselmaschine. (Code C)

ENBOR - Katebegiak 
(Elkar-SP) The second album from 1980,was an improvement with generally longer tracks, not least the 17 minute title track, which was closer to progressive rock. (Code C)

ENBOR - same 
(Elkar-SP) This Basque group played electric folk rock with a slight jazz influence. It features solid rock rhythms, ringing electric guitars and tasteful woodwinds (including much clarinet, which of course is uncommon).It alternated between solo and four-part vocals (both male and female)Originally released in 1978. (Code C)

ENGLAND - Garden Shed 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1977 / On this second album, England played a refined and complex progressive with harmonies sophiscated music with elaborated developments could be situated in the same category as "YES and GENESIS". (Code G)

ENGLAND - same 
(Audio Archives-UK) 1976 / Nothing to do with the symphonic band of the same name. This is early 70`s hardrocking progressive rock. A heavy northern rock trio. (Code E) 

ENGLE, BUTCH & THE STYX - No matter what you say 
(Sundazed-US) Fresno's Butch Engle possessed the perfect sound for 1966-1967. Featuring Engle’s angst-ridden vocals and tunes from Beau Brummel Ron Eliott, The Styx copped first place at Band Bash 1966 in San Francisco’s Cow palace. Including rare singles and garage-load of unreleased material. (Code C)

EPIDAURUS - Earthly paradise 
(Penner-G) 1977 / Beautiful German progressive masterpiece with elaborate tracks overwhelming with nice leads, beautiful waving keys, spellbinding vocals, with mellotron, all time classic. (Code C)

EPIDAURUS - Endangered 
(Penner-G) 1994 / Recently recorded by the original line-up. The first three songs are great, the rest almost drifts away to pop regions. With 28 page booklet. (Code C)

EPITAPH - Outside the law 
(Repertoire-G) The even more ordinary and commercial "Outside the law" was recorded during a USA tour in 1974. (Code C)

EPSILON - Move on 
(Bacillus-G) 1971. Subsequent release moved onto hard-rock and blues realms, though "Move on" was surprisingly good for a more mainstream song-based rock album, with some nice folky touches breaking the mood occasionally. (Code B)

EPSILON - same 
(Bacillus-G) Their first album from Marburg/Germany, originally from 1971 ,Epsilon drew heavily on classical music in an complex progressive rock, in a very different way to their British or Italian counterparts, which blends in these classical influences in a very unusual and original manner, not least so a classical styled rendition of the Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" It all amounts to an odd album that covers a lot of ground. (Code B)

ERLKÖNIG - same 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1973, plus 4 bonus tracks; Reputedly, these were a largely instrumental prog. with some lyrics in German featuring guitar and organ. (Code C)

ERNA SCHMIDT - same "Live 1969/71" 
(Garden of Delight-G) German band, they had signed a contract to the OHR label but didn't do anything with it. Totally stoned, endless improvisations in the mood of guitar based, flute realm. Perfect Krautrock and long tracks. A must for all German-Kraut fans. With many photes, liner-notes. (Code C)

ERROBI - Bizi-Bizian 
(Elkar-SP) The first album originally from 1978.Slow and refined progressive rock with twin electric guitars was the trademark of this Basque group. They were a kind of bridge between Gilmour's Pink Floyd sound and electric folk-rock with harmony vocals. (Code C)

ERROBI - Gure lekukotasuna
(Elkar / SP) The reissue of the second album by this Basque prog-folk heroes. Released originally in 1977 (the same year of their debut "Errobi", previously reissued by Guerssen too), this album follows exactly the same direction than the first, so we get another dose of progressive folk rock, of course sung in Basque! 15,00 €

ESKATON - Ardeur
(Soleil Zeuhl / F) Emerging in the very late 1970's, Eskaton were one of the very first Zeuhl bands. This was their first album, and is reissued for the very first time. Dual female vocals chant and soar above the churning bass and drums which ably support the busy dual Rhodes piano/synth and guitar work! If you like Magma, Weidorje, Potemkine, you will enjoy this tremendously. Remastered from the master tapes, this sounds great. Included is their fantastic first (non lp) single, which adds 10' to the playing time. Another fantastic release of archival Zeuhl music from Soleil Zeuhl. "One of the greatest of French progressive music's successes! 15,00 €

ESKATON - Fiction
(Soleil Zeuhl/F) "Fiction" shows Eskaton dropping many of their overt Magma references and showing more experimentation with keyboards and especially synthesizer. The music is very cathartic and anthemic, with the vocalists taking each other to new heights. By this point it seemed that the band were moving more and more away from their roots into a distinct and original direction. Unfortunately, Fiction would be their last. After Gilles Rozenberg departed in 1984 the band would go on to record their fourth effort "Icare" in 1985 which was never released, and eventually disbanded in the late 80's. Eskaton were one of the greatest of all of the French rock groups, the Magma references seem incidental in the light of the very powerful music they created for themselves and their audience. All of their music comes highly recommended. (Originally published in Expos #8) The CD reissue features the original "Fiction" album + 5 bonus tracks : 1 unreleased track from the same year (1982) + 4 tracks from the never released album "Icare" from 1985: 15,00 €

ESPERANTO - Danse Macabre 
(Si-Wan-Korea) The second Esperanto record "Danse Macabre" was released in 1974. If on the first album, the band was obviously in search of its style, with pop, rock, classical and progressive influences, this new opus was much more homogenous, progressive, with a quite brooding atmosphere... The Welsh climate and the haunted castle had a great influence on the musicians and permeated Esperanto's music. With Keith Christmas' lead vocal and much of this direction has comes from Peter Sinfield, who has produced this album following work with King Crimson, ELP and PFM. Plus 3 bonus tracks and informative booklet. Limited release in LP miniature in paper cover. (Code G)

ESPERANTO - Last Tango 
(Si-Wan Korea) The line-up of Esperanto changed considerably for the third album. The recording of this album took place partly in London and partly at the famous chateau of Herouville near Paris in 1975. Included the great version of "Eleanor Rigby", plus 2 bonus tracks. Limited release in LP miniature in paper cover. (Code G)

ESPERANTO - Rock Orchestra 
(Si-Wan) Fantastic 12 musician rock-group. Bruno Libert, play Keyboards and Raymond Vincent, play violin, (Belgian) formed this group "Esperanto" recorded in England in 1973. Within ESPERANTO each member makes an individual contribution and each is an experienced musician, with backgrounds ranging from pop session work to symphony orchestras. When listening to this powerful group you will be sharing a wealth of harmonic creativity unique in music today. Plus 3 bonus tracks and informative booklet. Limited release in LP miniature in paper cover. (Code G)

ESTES BROTHER - Transitions 
(World of Sound-G) First CD reissue of US heavy psychedelic masterpiece recorded in Ohio 1971, an original LP is near impossible to find (only 100 pressed). The music is outstanding gutsy bluesy hard rock, mixed with that lysergic blend of those late sixties S. F. bands like Quicksilver Messeger Service and Mad River, contains 8 bonus tracks (home and live recordings). Informative booklet, original front cover and a couple of unseen photos! In collaboration with "Richard Haupt of Rockadelic Records". (Code C)

(Locust/US) JEAN-PAUL PICKENS was one of San Francisco's legendary 'Diggers', and a knockout banjoist with poet DAVID MELTZER's folk rock outfit SERPENT POWER. GENE ESTRIBOU famously recorded the GRATEFUL DEAD's second studio sessions and released their first single in 1965. Cut in the mid-60s, 'Intensifications' is an obscure and illuminating slice of Marin County raga folk, a taste of latter day delta-delics that's a must for fans of the acid folk sound old and new. Originally released on Harry Jacobs' MEA label! 17,00 €

(Gear Fab/US) Finally, an album of unreleased and alternate versions of material from 1966-1970 by this great Mississippi band. They had two great albums on the Tower label and were actually CHARLIE RICH's backing band during their stint in New Orleans. Their Tower albums were produced by CURT BOETTCHER and KEITH OLSEN. This newly discovered material shows the bright, airy and flower pop style influences continued to influence the band. Featuring the beautiful vocals of LINDA LAWLEY. 15 Tracks! 15,00 €

E-TYPES - Introducing 
(Sundazed-US) 1966-1967 US, San Jose garagey psychedelia from the 60's similar to the Chocolate Watchband . (Code C)

(Garden of Delight-G) 1971 / An obscure band from Munich (Germany) region. A very teutonic sounding band in the early days, with brash "political" songs and strongly accented German lyrics, blending in german folk culture into a complex progressive cum acid psychedelic rock. (Code C)

(Garden of Delight-G) 1972,1974 / 7 bonus tracks. ARD-German TV 1972, Plus demo tracks. This classical rock and uniquely Krautrock fusion, and wide range of solo instruments, including dual guitars, flute, violin and keyboards. (Code C)

EULENSPYGEL - Staub Auf Deinem Haar
(Garden of Delights/G) In this short-living, guitar-dominated formation of five they had a gig at the Radio Station "Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)" at the Grosser Sendesaal on the thirteenth of January 1973. The gig had been transmitted live in the series " Kleine Nachtmusik" (short serenade) and is now available on this CD: 15,00 €

(Collectors-Choice-US) CD reissue of bluegrass/blues album by folk supergroup formed by Peter Siegel and Stefan Grossman, also featuring John Benson (aka John Sebastian) and Maria D`Amato (aka Maria Muldaur) as well Steve Katz (Blues Project) and John Rifkin. Originally released on Elektra in 1964. (Code C)

EVENSONG - same 
(Hugo Montes-HMP-008) Korean Import. One of the long forgotten British folky albums, originally released in 1973 is finally available on CD. This duo's first and only release has been much sought after among the folk/folkrock collectors of years. A perfect mix of smooth folk and typical British folk-rock. (Code G)

EVERPRESENT FULLNESS - Fine and Dandy The Complete Recordings
(Revola/UK) The Everpresent Fullness featured Belairs ("Mr.Moto") surf legend Paul Johnson, original Turtles/Crossfires drummer Terry Hand, ex-Davie Allan/PJ & Galaxies bassist Steve Pugh, and Northern California folksters Jack Ryan and Tom Carvey. Taking their cue from both folk-rock and surf influences, the quintet was omnipresent on the Sunset Strip in late ´65 and ´66, and performed legendary gigs with Love, the Sir Douglas Quintet, and the Turtles at the Avalon Ballroom and the Fillmore in San Francisco. Including liner notes by Steve Stanley and one bonus track! 15,00 €

(Wah Wah / SP) This Spain-established band (they came from Germany playing beat 6 R 'n' B under the name of THE VAMPIRES in the mid-60's) was one of the most interesting groups of this era. They blended soul music with progressive and jazz sounds, offering the listener loads of Hammond grooves and psychedelic fuzz guitar. Their rare LP from 1970 is another one of the most sought-after record from Spain's rock heritage. This edition comes in Digipack, which features extensive infos of the band, plus cool photos + 4 bonus cuts from a couple of 1971/72 singles not on the original album. (Code C)

(Hidden Vision / US) A Christian rock band who formed in Chicago in 1968. The album recorded in 1971, is predominantly in a heavy bluesy style with many "Hendrix" inspired moments and some fleeting jazz influences, occasionally enhanced by good use of fuzz. For all its overtly religious themes and lyrics however, it doesn't come across as spiritually uplifting or inspiring and could have done with some lighter 'n' brighter shades. If interested check out the Holy Fuzz compilation first. It contains two of the better album tracks - Dry Ground and the heavily-fuzzed It's Been Set Down. (Code F)

(Mellow / I) One of the earliest Progressive bands from Italy (The original record is from 1972). The band plays two different kinds of music in the same record, the first part is a 20' suite close to the best trip, in the second we find very melodic songs, in a typical Italian style. Another mega rarity: 15,00 €

(Vicious Sloth/Aus) CD issue of one and only album by the most fragile psych folk rock album (beside Vashti Bunyan) ever done. The rarest album from the Australian 70's. It was released before on Sweat Peach and it will tear you apart. Female and some male vocals, all electric instruments, effects, little weird things and songs (with some Canterbury sounds) that are just amazing. This CD version comes with 6 bonus LIVE tracks, recorded during the band's first public appearance at the Sydney folk festival in 1970! 18,00 €

EXTREEM - From out of the Sky 
(Birdman-Japan) Issued for the very first time the shelved album by this PSYCHEDELIC/PROGRESSIVE band from West Midland, England who existed from 1966 to 1970. The 8 tracks of the album were recorded at the Decca studios in London and Zella studios in Birmingham and only 12 acetates of this album were pressed. The guitar sounds like ARCADIUM and one of the most impressive tracks on this album is the Hendrix influenced and wah-wah fuelled guitar monster "From out of the Sky". Included on the CD are also the 2 single tracks officially released in the 60`s on the Strike label. The band included member later to perform in BUDGIE (In for the Kill) and Steve Gibbson Band and has connections to the Al Atkins are Judas Priest. CD comes with very informative and documented glossy inlay. A superb package! (Code F)

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Code I    € 29,00
Code J    € 33,00
Code K    € 35,00
Code L    € 39,00