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  1. The 4 Levels of Existence - same
    ( Lion / US ) Very good (although not as great as hyped) Greek psychedelic album. Despite it being the middle 70's,
    I guess it might as well have been 8 years earlier, because this really captures a late 60's vibe... "The first ever official CD reissue of an album that many people consider to be the best Greek psychedelic album ever recorded, a belief that would mean that the Four Levels of Existence LP would supersede albums by artists like Axis, Aphrodite's Child, Socrates, and George Romanos. We'll let you decide the argument, for of one thing there is no doubt -- that this is tremendous, hard edged psychedelic/progressive material, originally released in a very small quantity by the private Venus label from 1976. As band leader Athanasios Alatas said: 'Through Nick's musical quest, Mario's sensitivity, Christos's madness, and my thoughts, we create many songs, all characterized by a psychedelic music sound, Greek lyrics, and monumental guitar solos.' This carefully documented reissue contains the entire Four Levels of Existence LP (its reissue debut) -- the only recordings they ever made. A twenty-four page booklet includes historical background on the Greek music scene of the early 1970s, details of the band's past written by Alatas, rare photos of the group, as well as lyrics to all the songs in both Greek and English. This CD edition is very strictly limited to 1,000 copies: 17.- €

    FAIRFIELD PARLOUR - From Home To Home
    ( Repertoire / UK ) CD re-issue of this Vertigo album from 1970. This UK band were previously known as Kaleidoscope. It's UK progressive folk pop of the highest order with shimmering harmonies and fragile instrumentation. Not quite as psychedelic as Kaleidoscope but still a goodexample of early 70's.. Includes 8 bonus tracks including rare singles and an alternate version of Bordeaux Rose. Housed in a square mini gatefold card sleeve with a detailed booklet:
    15.- €

     ( Polydor / UK ) 1968; Fantastic sounding, remastered, bonus-track laden, large booklet with rare photos designed
    by the great Phil Smee-studded, remastered version of Fairport's first album. "By far the most rock-oriented of Fairport Convention's early albums, this debut was recorded before Sandy Denny joined the band (Judy Dyble handles the female vocals). Unjustly overlooked by listeners who consider the band's pre-Denny output insignificant, this is a fine folk-rock effort that takes far more inspiration from West Coast '60s sounds than traditional British folk. Fairport's chief strengths at this early juncture were the group's interpretations, particularly in the harmony vocals, of obscure tunes by American songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Emitt Rhodes, and Jim & Jean. Their own songs weren't quite up to that high standard, but were better than many have given them credit for, with "Decameron" and "Sun Shade" in particular hitting wonderfully fetching melancholic moods. It's true that Fairport would devise a more original style after Denny joined, but the bandmembers' first-class abilities as more American pop-folk-rock-styled musicians on this album shouldn't be undersold. The 2003 CD reissue of this record adds four bonus tracks from outtakes, TV performances, and non-LP singles of the era, as well as historical liner notes: 12.- €

    FAIRPORT CONVENTION  - Unhalfbrickin
    ( Island / UK ) Fantastic sounding, remastered, plus 2 bonus-tracks , large booklet with rare photos designed by the great Phil Smee-studded, remastered version of Fairport's third album."Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny shine throughout this record, which is considered by some to be their Fairport peak together. The second album, originally released in 1969,  by a tragically short-lived Fairport Convention lineup. It seems top-heavy with Dylan tunes, three of them included, but they're done with such verve and freshness that they seem perfectly appropriate. As for the rest, Denny's performance on "Autopsy" is outshone only by her work on the apocalyptic nine-minute "A Sailor's Life," which is one of the great English folk-rock showcases ever recorded, a rival to such works as Phil Ochs' "Crucifixion" and Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row," as a song that just makes the listener "white out" inside, mouth open, when its over. Also highlighted by the definitive Denny recording of "Who Knows Where the Time Goes." And take in the powerhouse drumming, and realize what the band lost when Martin Lamble died:
    12.- €

    FAIRPORT CONVENTION - What We Did On Our Holidays
    ( Island / UK ) Fantastic sounding, remastered, bonus-track laden, large booklet with rare photos designed by the great Phil Smee-studded, remastered version of Fairport's second album, and their first with Sandy Denny. "Sandy Denny's haunting, ethereal vocals gave Fairport a big boost on her debut with the group. A more folk-based album than their initial effort, What We Did on Our Holidays was divided between original material and a few well-chosen covers. This contains several of their greatest moments: Denny's "Fotheringay," Richard Thompson's "Meet on the Ledge," the obscure Joni Mitchell composition "Eastern Rain," the traditional "She Moves Through the Fair," and their version of Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine." And more than simply being a collection of good songs (with one or
    two pedestrian ones), it allowed Fairport to achieve its greatest internal balance, and indeed one of the finest balances of any major folk-rock group. The strong original material, covers of little-known songs by major contemporary songwriters such as Dylan and Mitchell, and updates of traditional material were reminiscent of the blend achieved by the Byrds on their early albums, with Fairport Convention giving a British slant to the idiom. The slant would become much more British by the end of the 1960s, though, both gaining and losing something in the process. Confusingly, What We Did on Our Holidays was titled Fairport Convention in its initial U.S. release, with a different cover from the U.K. edition as well, although Fairport's very first album from 1968 had used the title Fairport Convention as well. In the CD age, the title was standardized in all territories to What We Did on Our Holidays. The 2003 CD reissue of this record adds historical liner notes and three bonus tracks from the same era, one from a BBC broadcast, one from a non-LP B-side, and one a studio outtake:12.- €

    ( Island / UK ) Remasterd with the addition of unreleased session recordings, large booklet with rare photos designed by the great Phil Smee-studded, remastered version of Fairport's fourth album."For their fourth album, Fairport Convention released what is regarded by many as not only the best record in their history but also one of the
    seminal English folk-rock albums of all time. This was also the album that marked the transformation of the group from, essentially, a rock band that utilized folk music (in tandem with modern singer/songwriter material) as a source for part of their sound, and an inspiration for their own songwriting, into a group specializing in reinterpreting traditional English songs. There's only one original number here, the soaring "Come All Ye," the rest being adaptations of old English folk songs; at the time, however, very few groups were doing this with any success, or mixing acoustic and electric sounds quite as adeptly , with the result that Liege and Lief was practically a consciousness-raising album for a lot of listeners. "Farewell Farewell," "Matty Groves," "Reynardine," and "Tam-Lin" were highlights of an LP filled with gems in this style, ornamented with gorgeous harmonies and striking instrumental virtuosity. Sadly, this lineup was in the process of splitting up virtually as the record was being made — after Sandy Denny's and Ashley Hutchings' exits, it would be remembered with a tone of nostalgia that was somewhat unfair to the equally impressive lineup that followed. The 2002 CD reissue adds a previously unreleased version of "Sir Patrick Spens" with Sandy Denny on lead vocals (she was out of the band when the version that appears on Full House was recorded) and a previously unreleased cover of Richard Fariña's "Quiet Joys of Brotherhood." (Although take 4 of "Quiet Joys of Brother -hood" was released on the Sandy Denny box Who Knows Where the Time Goes, this version is the previously unavailable take 1.) It also has new liner notes by both Ashley Hutchings and producer Joe Boyd: 12.- €

    FAITHFUL BREATH – Fading Beauty
    ( Garden of Delights / G ) A German symphonic-rock band with progessive elements and reminds of the early Eloy.
    The main focus was at the keys performed by the great talent Manfred von Buttlar, who played organ, mellotron, synthesizer and piano as well as the 12-string and the electric guitar. The first LP was recorded as a concept-album in 1973 in a small edition of 500 copies with a brown cover. Later a second edition with a blue cover was released.  The album contains three long tracks and shows the high talent of the musicians as the LP was really the highlight of the bands complete work, similar to Eela Craig, who´s first LP also was their very best. This official reissue comes with a booklet full of photographs, a long band story, detailed discography, cover and label repros etc. Taken from the master tapes: 15.- €

    FALLEN ANGELS - PHIL MAY & The Fallen Angels
    ( Castle / UK ) Reissue of the 'Great Lost Album' from 1978, much loved by PRETTY THINGS fans. Includes 3 bonus tracks. When the Pretty Things were put on temporary hold during the late 70 `s . Phil May, Wally Allen and John Povey teamed up with Mickey Finn (ex.Humble Pie) in the Fallen Angels. A highly volatile band, personnel changes
    saw Brain Johnston (ex. Streetwalkers), session guitarist Bill Lovelady, Chico Greenwood (ex.Moonrider), Fran Byrne (ex.Ace) and Ed Deane (ex.Frankie Miller Band) pass through their ranks. Originally released in Holland in 1978, their eponymously-titled album has long been a big collectors 'record among Pretty Things' aficianados! 15.- €

    FALSE PROPHET - Moonchild
    ( Shroom / US ) Totally over the top acid rock garage band from Austin, Texas recorded in 1976, with dual wah wah fuzz guitars. Influences from Mahogany Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Bloodrock, Wishbone Ash, Rush and Toad.The collection
    of tracks presented on this CD were culled from the band's personal archives andrepresent the most cohesive period of the band's existence. Limited numered editions of 300 CD: 15.- € ( out of stock )

  2. FAMILY - A Song For Me
    ( Airmail / Japan ) Japan Import. CD reissue housed in very nice gatefold MINIATURE PAPER SLEEVE, coming with 4 bonus tracks. The third album, first released in 1970, from the Leicester based rock band. Limited edition: 25.- €

    FAMILY - Bandstand
    ( Airmail / Japan ) Japanese papersleeve reissue, coming with 4 bonus tracks. Exact repro of original die-cut sleeve. Limited edition: 25.- €

    FAMILY - Anyway
    ( Airmail / Japan ) Japanese papersleeve reissue, coming with 3 bonus tracks. Miniature sleeve is excact repro of original Lp sleeve of that time, inlducing little plastic bag. This was originally released as a half live/half studio album, and gave a glimpse into the band's great live shows (more on that elsewhere!). How to explain Family's 4th album (1970) 30 years later? Take a idiosyncratic vocalist, who, like Peter Hammill or Don Van Vliet you either grow to love or hate (Roger Chapman) combine his talents with a standard guitar-led rock format, but add a multi-instrumentalist who plays vibes/piano/flute, a bassist who plays violin, and have the guitarist add banjo at the right times. Stir this wild and creative mix of hard rock and and folk and shake it all up with a lot of thought and experimentation, while still keeping it a 'song format' based album with almost all of the songs being well under 5 minutes, and you have this great album! Over the last few years I've gotten extremely fond of this band and of Chapman, but it's an acquired taste for sure, so this is conditionally highly recommended: 25.- €

    FAMILY - Fearless
    ( Airmail / Japan ) Japanese papersleeve reissue, coming with 3 bonus tracks. Exact miniature repro of original gimmick sleeve. From 1971 comes the bands' fifth studio album. This masterpiece of UK progressive rock music is a much overdue but doubly welcome addition to Family's CD back catalogue: Limited edition: 25.- €

    FAMILY - It's Only A Movie
    ( Airmail / Japan ) Japanese papersleeve reissue, coming with 3 bonus tracks.
    The final album, first released in 1973, from the UK progressive rock legends. Now including Jim Cregan and Tony Ashton, this was a fine swansong from one of the UK's most important and respected bands:. Limited edition:
    25.- €

    FAMILY - Family Live
    ( Mystic / UK ) Live document of one of the UK's best late 60s/early 70s rock bands captured at their height in 1971. The line up of Chapman, Whitney, Palmer, Wetton and Townsend is regarded as their best and this CD is a fitting testament to a much-loved band. The 10 tracks here show the band in fine form and confidently stretching out old favorites like "Drowned in Wine","In My Own Time" and "Weavers Answer" as well the tracks from the "Fearless"
    album the band were promoting at the time: 13.- €

    FAMILY - Music In A Doll's House / Family Entertainment
    ( See for Miles / UK ) This is the extremely out of print 1999 remastered version of their first two albums (from 1968 and 1969) packged in a hardback book-like slightly oversized gatefold double digi-pack. It includes both of the
    original albums as well as their very first non lp 45 'Scene Through The Eyes Of A Lens' & 'Gypsy Woman', which has never been reissued legitimately on CD before! In addition to all this, this is remastered using 20 bit SBM technology and a 40 page booklet with lots of photos and extensive liner notes! How to explain Family 35 years later? Take a idiosyncratic vocalist, who, like Peter Hammill or Don Van Vliet you either grow to love or hate (Roger Chapman) combine his talents with a rock band who sometimes add in some unusual instrumentation (especially for the times). Stir this wild and creative mix of hard rock and psychedelia and folk and shake it all up with a lot of thought and experimentation, while still keeping it a 'song format' based album with almost all of the songs being well under 5 minutes, and you have these two great albums! Over the last few years I've gotten extremely fond of this band and of Chapman, but it's an acquired taste for sure, so this is conditionally highly recommended! Limited quantity of this set available: 2 x CDs in deluxe packaging. Limited edition: 35.- €

    FANDANGO – Slipstreaming / Future Times
    ( Angel Air / UK ) This intriguing Angel Air release spotlights two albums produced in the wake of punk rock and seemingly destined to be overlooked in the history of heavy rock. Fandango developed out of that other seminal seventies heavy rock outfit, Warhorse. Nick Simper, original bassist for Deep Purple, joined with ex-Warhorse
    guitarist Peter Parks along with drummer Ron Penny and vocalist James Proops. Their first album, "Slipstreaming" was recorded and originally released on a small German label in 1979. The second album, "Future Times", was recorded and released the following year with Mac Poole, former Warhorse drummer, replacing Penny. Now available for the first time on CD, this release includes two singles and bonus tracks never before available on CD. As ever, this package is completed by comprehensive liner notes and band photographs. The album is a must for any fan of British Rock and a real gem for any collector of Deep Purple related items:2-CD-set: 18.- €

    FANTASY - Paint A Picture
    ( Polydor / Japan) A progressive outfit who originally formed in Kent as Chapel farm. This album released originally in 1973. Plenty of sinuous guitars and swirling mellotronal keyboards back up appealing melodic tunes and quality improvisational passages. Similar in feel to Spring or T2. The best tracks on the album were the title cut with it's gentle, melodic vocals and the livelier Circus, with it's good guitar work and swirling keyboards; This is a Polydor-Edison orig. Japan release ( Jewelcase ) Limited edition: 27.- €

    FAPARDOKLY - same
    ( Sundazed / US ) The album was issued in February 1968, but consists of recordings made between 1964-67,
    during which time the band played in Lancaster, California. It includes material released on 45s with Fankhauser's previous band, The Exiles, which by the time of the album's release was patchy and rather dated. The remainder of the album consists of folk-rock and soft psychedelia. Examples of the latter are the mysterious Gone To Pot and No Retreat. The Fapardokly album remains extremely sought-after. Includes three previously unreleased tracks The War, Yes I Love You and Run Baby Run: 15.- €

    FARDON, DON - I'm Alive
    ( RPM / UK ) In between his time as lead singer for cult freakbeat band The Sorrows, and, the mega (but novelty)
    hit "Indian Reservation" in 1970, Don Fardon cut some very exciting pop beat records, which one would have termed at the time, "real hip groovy music"The source material for this collection I'm Alive (RPM 269) are the recordings Fardon made with Miki Dallon in 1968 and 1969. Some were released on an LP called The Love Story Of Don Fardon, others for singles, mostly released in Europe on Vogue and in the US on GNP Crescendo. The music is very much of its time, bold brass, swinging string arrangements, rocking guitar, groovy Hammond, backing Fardon's rich baritone. Happily this finds much favour with today's '60s clubs, and one track in particular "I'm Alive" is requested in the northern soul clubs and on radio. There is also a brilliant cover of the Beatles "Back In The USSR" which Fardon growls through and a Hammond swirls through the middle eight. The Sorrows were neatly packaged by Sanctuary, and "Indian Reservation" is available on many hits compilations. However RPM presents the essential selection of
    Fardon's peak recording period, and with none of the recordings having been released on CD in the UK, this is an essential purchase for any '60s collector!
    18.- €

    FARIA, GLENN -same
    ( Wolrd in Sound / G ) First re-issue of this psychedelic/electric folk monster only issued as a promo in 1974 on the, by collectors well known "TIGER LILY" label and so Labelmate to the legendary "STONEWALL". Only one copy is known in collectors hands. Glenn is one of the best songwriters ever and when he starts to play the electric fuzz guitar together with his mindcreaping voice, then you will know why some call this one of the best five records anytime
    from anywhere in this genre. The song "LOVE IS CALLING" will take you to unexpected psych/folk heaven. The music was recorded in New York during 1970/71 after Glenn's departure from his psychedelic band the "HEADSTONE CIRCUS". There were two other great bands together in the studio with him, during the recording of his 1970 sessions, BOFFALONGO and OMNIBUS! Glenn's bio & bonus tracks will be enclosed on this one of a kind cd re-issue: 15.- €

    FAR OUT - Far Out / Warpigs
    ( Karma / DK ) Two-on-one offering compiling both albums by this Danish power trio. Originally forming in 1971, they didn't release anything until their self-titled debut in 1982! Cream/Hendrix influences are to the fore, as you might expect,and this is not a bad thing. Great playing and powerful (English)vocals combined with fuzz guitar solos and some complex changes make this a real treat:
    15.- €

    FASHION PINK - " Brainstorm" SWF-Session Vol. 3 
    ( Long Hair / G ) Fashion Pink were formed in 1968 by Roland Schaeffer. During their sessions in 1970/71: The
    origins of the band Fashion Pink can be traced back to experiences of three schoolmates from Baden-Baden (South-west Germany), who decided to form a contemporary Underground progressive rock band, having already played in various beatgroups. These young and enthusiastic guys, all well educated on their instruments from early age on, developed a complex and refined music. Influenced by such acts like "JETHRO TULL CARAVAN SOFT MACHINE and FRANK ZAPPA" but also "JIMMY HENDRIX, BEATLES and ROLLING STONES", the boys created a varied and exciting music, which diverged from the well travelled tracks of Kraut and progressive rock: 15.- €

    FATE - SGT. Death 
    ( Shadoks / G ) Another vintage previously unreleased PSYCHEDELIC wonder from 1967-1968. From the remains of legendary band "Euphoria`s". Influenced by DOORS and other West coast psychedelic bands. Eerie keyboards led psychedelia with great slashing guitar leads and biting vocals to YARDBIRDS like rave ups: 17.- €

    FAT MATTRESS - The Black Sheep Of The Family - The Anthology
    ( Castle / UK ) Both albums, all the singles plus loads of unreleased tracks (more than on the single CD issues!)
    make up this packed double CD set. Fat Mattress were big news upon their formation in 1968 by dint of the fact that they featured former Jimi Hendrix Experience bass player Noel Redding in their lin-up. Their vocalist Neil Landon had been a member of the Flowerpot Men, and his impressive vocal range was one of Fat Mattress' defining features. This quartet played classy hippy music with a dreamy early '70s feel. The sound ranges from hard melodic acid rock to whimsical stoned progressive pop. Well worth investigating The band cut two albums, named, in the fashion of the time, Fat Mattress 1 and Fat Mattress II. This is the first time both albums have been released in one 2-CD set, having been remastered from original tapes: 18.- €

    FAUST - same / So Far 
    (Collecters choice-US) 1971-1972 Two albums on one CD. German underground band, with its excessive invention breaking beyond the normal realms of rock, with much use of electronics, unusual rhythmic structures and songs
    that werent really true songs, exessive invention upon suprise after suprise. The second album 1972, acted more on parody, with shorter tracks and a wider range of styles, metronomic rock anthems "with nonsensical lyrics" guitars fuzzed with intense electronic effects, pseudo psychedelia onto trippy folk: 15.- €

    FAY, BILL - From The Bottom Of Old Grandfather
    ( Wooden Hill / UK ) Recently described by Mojo as "Britain's pop Salinger", the reclusive Bill Fay cut the classic "Screams in the ears"/"Some good advice" single in 1967, before making 2 dark singer songwriter albums for Decca. This CD features 25 stunning demos and works-in-progress that were cut between 1967 and 1970. Apart from 3 tracks that were released on the vinyl only "Peter Eden" compilation, everything is previously unreleased. Among the highlights there are a few tracks on which he's backed by the HONEYBUS. Baroque 60s pop at it's finest coming
    with previously unpublished photos and extensive liner notes: 19,00 €

    FAY, BILL - same
    ( Eclectic / UK ) Bill Fay is an enigmatic UK based singer, songwriter and pianist whose work is impossible to categorise. His late 60’s early and 70’s work has a strong cult following, and is highly regarded by many music journalists, and is dark and haunting with songs rarely going over 3 minutes. Bill was originally signed to Decca, and between 1967 and 1971 the label released a beautifully odd single from 1967 add a bonus “Some Good Advice”/”Screams In The Ears”Excellent reissue on Eclectic, overseen by Mark Powell, by singer/songwriter Bill Fay, who released two albums for Deram/Nova in 1970/71 and promptly dissapeared after they came out to total bafflement of the public at large. Why do these belong here? Well, this really is a very fine album in its vein; as the little sticker sez on the box "The missing link between Nick Drake, Ray Davies and Bob Dylan"-Uncut. But more to the point, this has arrangements for a 27 piece orchestra by the great jazz composer/arranger Mike Gibbs, and
    featuring a front-line band of piano & vocals-Bill Fay, electric guitar-Ray Russell, acoustic guitar-Richard Mills, bass-George Bird and drums-John Marshall and Trevor Taylor: 17.- €

    FAY, BILL - Time Of The Last Persecution
    ( Eclectic / UK ) Excellent reissue on Eclectic, overseen by Mark Powell, by singer/songwriter Bill Fay, who released two albums for Deram/Nova in 1970/71 and promptly dissapeared after they came out to total bafflement of the public at large. Why do these belong here? Well, this really is a very fine album in its vein; as the little sticker sez
    on the box "The missing link between Nick Drake, Ray Davies and Bob Dylan"-Uncut. This, the second, is much more stripped down, with Bill Fay on piano and vocals, with Ray Russell as musical arranger and director and with the Ray Russell band's players as the band: Daryl Runswick-acoustic and electric bass, Alan Rushton-drums, Tony Roberts-tenor sax, alto flute, Nick Evans-trombone, Bud Parkes-trumpet: 17.- €

    FAVOURITE SONS – That Driving Beat 
    ( Angel Air / UK ) In 1965 Mike Hurst had quickly established a reputation for himself as an independent producer
    and he took The Favourite Sons to Pye Studios in the centre of London. In little more than an afternoon, they had recorded both the band's R & B/soul covers and a couple of Mike's own compositions, making a total 12 tracks in all. Mike was euphoric and felt that the band had something distinctly Mod and British in their recorded output and he quickly placed a single with Mercury 'That Drivin' Beat' b/w 'Walkin' Walkin'' which now changes hands at £60 per copy! Sadly, within weeks Mike became focused on his new discovery Cat Stevens and there was little time for his earlier protégées, they quickly drifted into obscurity. This album is released for the first time on CD and is a glowing testament to this energetic young band. Informative liner notes by Jon 'Mojo' Mills: 17.- €

    FENNER, LELAND & O´BRIEN – Someday, Somehow
    ( Wild Place / US  ) Fragile US late ´60s loner hippy psych-folk-rock album that has a strangely bewitching quality. Recorded in 1969 only 250 were originally made. Featuring acoustic instruments, great fuzz guitar work, percussion, keyboards and introverted countercultural lyrics, this is a real period piec that will appeal to any US ´60s collector:
    15.- €

    FERRIS – same
    ( Love / Fin. ) Heavy underground 70's Finnish progressive-rock band. Their sound is typical of the Scandinavian
    stuff of the time being somewhat influenced by that Nordic folk sound, but also they had a heavy blues base to their music. The main instrument used is the Hammond organ, as there is lot's of manic playing. There is also some nice guitar. Originally released in 1971: 15.- €

    FERRIS WHEEL - Supernatural Girl 
    ( Audio Archives / UK ) The rarest UK stoner-folk album from the early 70's. Dark, broody electric-folk with downer edge. Only recently discovered-just one know existing copy of original privet-pressing survived. A true lost period artefact and the ultimate folk rarity. Fully re-remastered, band details and original artwork included. Makes Leonard Cohen's albums sound joyous by comparison:
    17.- €

    FEVER TREE - San Francisco Girls
    (Gear Fab / US) The great Houston, Texas band that had a slew of 45's, EP's and LPs out between 1967-1970. This collection contains ALL the original 10 tracks from their first self-titled LP on UNI + 5 previously UNRELEASED tracks. All material presented here was recorded between 1965-1968 and all are taken from the original mastertapes!
    15.- €

    FEVER TREE - Live At Lake Charles 1978
    (Shroom / US) In 1978 FEVER TREE reunited for one helluva concert in Louisiana. Here is the complete LIVE concert with some amazing GUITAR WORK. A great document for the true collectors on this planet!
    15.- €

    FIGUEROA, JESUS - Con Todos / Magica Fuente
    ( Record Runner / Brazil ) “Opus Alfa/Dias de Blues "Con Todos” + “Magica Fuente": both brilliant blues influenced psych albums (1973/1974) from singer and leader of Opus Alfa; “Con Todos” has great atmospheric acoustic slide-guitar blues alternating with thudding heavy rocking blues tracks; “Con Todos” is good, but “Magica Fuente” is
    much more compelling and shows real imagination, with sinuous guitar slow burn blues combined with guitarpropelled rave-ups. Important load of rock and blues rock from the Uruguayan rock scene, with story and unseen photos: 18.- €

    FILLE QUI MOUSSE - Se Faire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle "aka Trixie Stapelton 291"
    (Fractal / F) Femme Trop Belle (aka Trixie Stapelton 291) One of the rarest albums known to exist (or NOT exist, as the case may be), this was due for release on the French Futura label in the early 1970's, but the label folded before it could come out, & only a handful of testpressing were in existence until this recent CD issue. The album goes back & forth between a sorta French spacerock sound, and much more experimental moments & ideas, ala Faust. Despite the hype this record has had for decades, it's actually a pretty great album of weirdo experimentalism & deserves the acclaim of thousands who never actually had heard it. This is the first legitimate issue of this album, & it comes with a 16 page booklet that includes the complete line up, the right names of the tracks, dates, composers, and original documents never publishedbefore, including the original liner notes and original cover: 15,00 € ( out of stock )

    FINE, PETE - On A Day Of A Crystalline Thought 
    ( Shadoks / G ) This great early 70's concept album with a little progressive touch. 100 copies were released at the time and so it became a very sought after collectors piece. Beautiful vocals, great guitar strings, horns, sound
    effects and an amazing studio production. Stoned acid folk rock: 15.- €

    FINN, SIMON - Pass The Distance
    ( Durtro / CND ) The official legit reissue of this incredibly rare dark acid folk masterpiece, originally released in England on the legendary Mushroom label inch single of which only a solitary acetate remains, are also included. Packaged with a 20-page booklet with a reproduction of the original artwork, lyrics, photographs, and liner notes by SIMON FINN, DAVID TOOP (who plays on the album), VIC KEARY (Mushroom Records), and DAVID TIBET (who cites Pass The Distance as one of his top ten albums of all time) 17.- €

    FIRE - Underground and Overhead...The alternativ Fire 
    (Wooden Hill-UK) The CD equivalent of Tenth Planet`s 1996 vinyl anthology that adds half-a-dozen previously unreleased bonus tracks, including both sides of a 1967 Oak acetate cut under the groups first name of "Friday Chyld" to come up with the complete story of this legendary freakbeat / psych bands activities during the 60`s. containing 20 tracks and with a total running time of 75 minute, this extensively revised package includes lenghty liner notes and photos: 19.- €

    FIRE - The Magic Shoemaker
    ( Castle / UK ) A concept album that revolved around a cobbler and a pair of magic shoes. In January 1970 they started work on the album with the aid of Strawbs front man Dave Cousins and Velvet Opera guitarist Paul Brett.
    It was composed and narrated by David Lambert who was very much the brains behind the group. The album's finer moments include the opening cut, Children Of Imagination; the R 'n' B tinted I Can See The Sky, the experimental passage between Reason For Everything and Only A Dream. However, buy one of the reissues as it's not good enough to justify the ridiculous price originals now command: 14.- €

    ( Angelair / UK ) When "Record Collector" magazine prices the original 1967 vinyl at £ 75 and calls it "an
    indispensable album in a beautiful period piece sleeve", a CD release with bonus tracks is almost as intriguing. Released in the heady "swinging sixties" and featuring John Du Cann, who subsequently went on to play in Andromeda, and more noticeably, Atomic Rooster this album takes you right back to the days when London was the centre of the universe and kipper ties were king. This release also features the pre-FDWSP band ‚ "The Attack" including the planned fifth Decca single called "Feel Like Flying". This band signed to the Ellis-Wright agency (which later morphed into Chrysalis Records) and shared the bill with names such as Ten Years After and Jethro Tull. It was between "The Attack" and Andromeda that John Du Cann was asked to come upwith a psychedelic album for a small independent label (Saga). He was ushered to a "studio" in North London with band-mates Mick Hawksworth, bass and Jack Collins on drums. The studio turned out to be child's nursery and had none of the subtleties of a normal studio including a lack of studio equipment! The band persevered and under the supervision of Roy Thomas Baker's tape operator recorded a ten-track album in four hours: 17.- €

    FIVE EMPREES - Little Miss Sad
     ( Arf Arf / US ) In 1965, the FIVE EMPREES from the state of Michigan scored the regional smash hit 'Little Miss Sad'. This authorised, 25-track CD retrospective compiles their complete studio recordings circa 1965-68, including their album, their 9 singles, 3 previousy unreleased solid garage tracks recorded in a radio station, plus their previously unheard should have-been hit 'Lurkin', ca 1968. Included 24-Page booklet: 15.- €

    FIVE STEPS BEYOND - Not so young today 
    (ACME-UK) 1965-1967 / Legendary unreleased late 60`s UK harmony pop band. The Musical influences of the group started to show as they featured many songs by the Beach Boys . This gave them the opportunity to show off their developing use of vocal harmony and American influenced original songs: 15.- €

    FLAMEN DIALIS - Symptome Dei
    ( MIO / Israel ) Originally released in 1979. The complete recorded output (the album + a single) by this French underground band consisting of lots of keyboards, plus guitar, percussion/drums, a little bit of vocals and a touch of other instruments. Their music is often built upon layers of mellotrons, synthesizers and keyboards, and then overlaid with acoustic guitars and various other effects and instruments. I hear a cross between Heldon, circa Allez Teia
    (but not as spacey) and Brain-era Tangerine Dream, with elements from other French and even some Germany/Krautrock underground type bands as well. This is a record that I had never heard before and was very happy to make the acquaintance of! If you dig the kinda primitive/exploratory vibe here, this will blow your socks off and fire up the bong all by itself..."The combination of child-like melodies composed around sequences of unearthly themes and solemn chanting, whispers, and injections of flute, bombarde (an ancient twin-reed instrument, precursor of the oboe) and vibraphone weave a sound that is both disquieting and dreamy. Yet with the next breath, the atmosphere can turn both heavy and strangely familiar. Layers of Mellotron and airy keyboard sonorities further underscore the music?s dramatic tensions." : 15.- €

    FLAMIN' GROVIES - Supernazzz 
    ( Sundazed / US ) 1969's Epic records debut from San Francisco R &B legends, including 4 bonus tracks (single mixes of 4 different tracks) Interviews with Roy Loney, Cyril Jordan and Danny Mihm. Previously unseen photos: 15.- €

    FLAMIN' GROVIES - Supersneakers 
    (Sundazed-US) The orig. Sneakers studio recordings-1968. Plus bonus tracks, recorded live at the Matrix, San Francisco 1968 / A San Francisco rock and roll group, Sneakers is more of psychedelic-pop / blues effort. 17 tracks: 15.- €

    FLASHMEN – Cercando La Vita
    ( Vinyl Magic / I ) Rare 1 st album by Italian pop psych bunch. Originally released in 1970. Their first album Cercando la vita contains the typical italian melodic pop of that era, with the voice in evidence and the organ as the main instrument, a short (around 30 minutes long) LP that includes eight tracks all around three minutes with the sole exception of the long title track. Their music comprised melodic rock with some classical and psychedelic influences. Lots of swirling organ and guitar jamming: 15.- €

    FLÄSKET BRINNER - Fläsket 
    (Mellotronen-SW) The reissue that everybody in to the Swedish re-released due to contractual difficulties but here
    it is now… One of the most legendary and sought after of all Swedish 1970s LP's. Long track with extended jams and superb acid guitar voyages. Comes with the original sleeve. This CD contains the complete 2 x LP "Flasket", a landmark in Swedish 70's underground: 15.- €

    FLÄSKET BRINNER - Swedish Radio Recordings 1970-1975
    (Mellotronen/SW) Deluxe 4-CD box set by the most explosive band from the Swedish psychedelic/progressive
    scene of the 70s. All the previously unreleased material was recorded by the Swedish National Radio. The line-up includes world renowned pianist BOBO STENSON and underground legend BO HANSSON. During this period the band performed "The Lord of the rings" and "The magicians hat" live and so, should be of international interest. Coming with a 32-page booklet featuring the history of the band, discography and 98 previously unpublished photos packed in a holographic sleeve! 59,00 €

    ( Arf Arf / US ) 1968 / US, plus bonus tracks Space Kids and The Lost -1967 ; The eleven cuts on this album go from one end of the rock spectrum to the other. Hard rock, good time, folk, psychedelic, even raga. Absolutely essential US '60s West Coast styled psychedelic masterpiece with dreamy harmony vocals, soaring acid guitar and sitar laden psychedelic effects! Magical! CD also includes a whole unreleased album by The Lost called "Space Kids"..15.- €

    FLAX - One
    ( Pan / N ) Reissue of 1976 killer heavy progressive rock album from Norway that was originally on Vertigo. Loaded with mellotrons and superb guitar work this releaseis similar in places to bands like Weed, Gracious and Czar, the overall effect being epic and heavy yet retaining a melodic edge. A great album:
    17.- €

    FLEA ON THE HONEY - same
    ( BMG / I ) This is the first release made from master tapes of this rarity. "These four musicians recorded three very different albums together under three different names. Flea On The Honey was the first of these, recording an
    album for the RCA subsidiary label Delta Records in April, 1971. All lyrics were sung in English and the group members even adopted English names on the sleeve! Most of it is strongly influenced by late 60's British rock, highlighting guitar and organ (Spooky Tooth, Traffic, Raw Material, Deep Purple and many, many more). It's quite a good album, although not indispensable. Release on mini-Lp-card sleeve : 18.- €

    FLEA - Topi O Uomini
    ( Vinyl Magic / I ) Beautiful mini-lp sleeve reissue of this 1972 album, plus informative booklet. The 2nd album by the same four musicians who also released albums under the names Flea On The Honey and Etna. " Topi o uomini is a more mature and much better work than the previous one... The band's sound is much more original here, with good italian-sung vocals and long instrumental parts, mainly dominated by guitar.a classic album for guitar lovers, which showcased some really excellent musicianship. The pinnacle of this was the 20 minute title track that went through different phases, starting with jazzy percussion and a memorable guitar riff, then introducing chords for the great vocal passage that follows. Flea is back to a familiar hard-rock sound, with a short blues interlude with harmonica playing too. Finally this record rates amon the very best albums by the few italian groups that chose the progressive hard-rock path in the seventies:
    18.- €

    FLIES - Complete recordings 1966-1968 
    (ACME-UK) The complete recordings of legendary 60's "Chocolate Soup" styled UK outfit on full-lenght vinyl. Containing all their hard-to-find singles with b-sides, plus demos, plus a stunning alernate take of I`m not your steppin stone", blowing away the original version, plus other unreleased recordings from that period. Comes with the band's history and unseen pictures: 17.- € ( Out of Stock )

    ( Repertoire / G ) This Seattle outfit included Dangel from The Wailers, who´d also played in The Time Machine and The The Rooks with Joe Johnson. Their album is guitar oriennted and largely bluesy-based. It lacks consistency, but their medley of Eight Miles High/Paint It Black shows them at their most inventive. Originally released in 1969: 15.- €

    FLOW, THE – The Flow´s Greatest Hits

    (Shadoks / G) From New York, this trio was responsible for one (and a half) of the most sought-after private pressings of the early seventies. The music of The Flow is intensely heavy but still indebted to melody. The songs
    are full of ideas and largely avoid the pitfalls of the usual blues-based/trio format. It Swallowed The Sun is about the heaviest blast of rock, ever to open a record, but ten minutes later the band is gently breathing through Meditations and then into Bach`s Toccata in D Minor. The Flow were only three, but there are no weak points to be found in their musical integrity. The original album over is pretty mindblowing as well. The Flow with Pete Fine on guitars/vocals, Monte Farber on bass/vocals, Steve Starer on drums, compositions by Pete Fine and Monte Farber. Originally release in 1972. Finally it came out on CD with 3 bonus tracks and-poster-book! 15.- €

    FLOWERPOT MEN - Peace Album / Past Imperfect
    (Repertoire / G) Two previously unreleased albums are now available for the first time on one CD from the 60s band that shot to fame with `Let´s Go To San Fancisco´. The music reflects the moods and styles of the psychedelic late 60s and the early 70s ´concept album` years. This is essential listening for collectors and lovers of the 60s as the music draws you back to that distant golden era of Love & Peace! 14,00 €

    FLOWERZ - Flyte 
    (Arf Arf / US) 1967-1968 / 22 tracks collection, a very cool combo from Reading, Pa. Included are originals as Flyte and Talkin' about love, as well as high octane covers of the Stones, Byrds, Kinks and Animals. A great garage rock CD: 15.- €


    ( Philips / Japan ) Their first album proper was ‘Anywhere’ , originally release on Philips, 1970, which had surely one
    of the coolest rock album covers ever – a gatefold photo of the band speeding down the road, naked, on motorcycles! Musically, it was good but only of passing interest, as it contains nearly all cover versions [such as ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’, ‘Black Sabbath’ and ‘House of the Rising Sun’], the only ‘original’ compositions being a heavy progressive blues track and a very short harmonica piece. Perhaps for hardcore fans and completists only, although some people might want to own a copy just for the cover!Limited edition: 27.- €

    ( WEA - COCA / Japan ) Their second album, ‘Satori’ orginally released on Atlantic, in 1971, was a huge leap forward in strength and originality, and is arguably their masterpiece. It contains lengthy, and usually very loud, hypnotic psychedelic heavy progressive rock, with pummeling riffs and a great stoned, mystical feel and is a conceptual hard rockpsych album driven by Hideki Ishima's furious guitar licks which erupt and explode over the harmonic heart beat
    of the drums and bass and Yamanaka's banshee-like vocal style which was turning him into an occidental Iggy Pop or Ozzy Osbourne while the band itself was rapidly becoming Japan's answer to Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. Satori is a huge album in every way. From power chords to Easterntinged North African six string freak-outs and crashing tom-toms, the band flexes its collective muscle from start to finish. Limited edition: 25.- €

    Their last album, ‘Make Up’ [Atlantic, 1973] was a double LP, and had Yuya Uchida guesting on vocals. The album featured studio and live material, including a 20-minute version of ‘Hiroshima’ from the previous album [with bass solo] and a live-in-studio version of ‘Satori Part 2’. Of the studio material, some is in a heavy progressive vein [though leaning more towards an oriental King Crimson in parts than their older style], some is in a more commercial softer style. Some of the live material is rather throwaway, including a bluesy rock’n’roll number and a soppy ballad. Overall it’s patchy but with plenty of good to great stuff – it could have been edited down to a single great LP in my opinion. All of these have been reissued on CD by Coca but they are generally expensive to import [the main reason I haven’t heard the pricey double-CD reissue of ‘Make Up’]. There was also a single-CD version of ‘Make Up’ which left out some of the most desirable live material. Supposedly there are 2 more obscure albums, ‘The Times’ [1975; a compilation?] and ‘Futarino Don’ [1989]. Limited edition: 32.- €

    FLUTE & VOICE - same 
    ( Wiebers / G ) 1971 / An unusual Berlin duo, flute & voice were in fact much more multi-instrumental music, folky rock with weird jazzy and raga touches, hinting at Kalacakra or the Third Ear Band , though totaly devoid of any emotion:
    18.- €

    FLYING KARPETS - same 
    (Hecho-MEX) 1968 /Mellow psychedelic from the 60`s recorded by a bunch of US draft dodgers in Mexico. All english vocals and dreamy trippy psych pop with cover versions White Rabbit , San Francisco Night ; 20 century Fox etc... 15.- €

    FOLKDOVE - same
    (Amber Soundroom / G) Reissue on CD of ultra-rare acid psychedelic-folk album by obscure French folk band from Bretany. Musically in the line of German folkpsych legends like 'Lang'syne',or the english folkband Stoneangel. Female vocal, electric backing, tablas, English vocals and violin. Originally released as private pressing in 1975. Can't recommend this highly enough!
    15.- €

    FOLKLORDS - Release The Sunshine
    ( Pacemakers / CND ) The first time on compact disc for this terrific album—twelve perfect examples of dreamy pop/psych released by independent Canadian label Allied Records in 1968, from a band that were so obscure, they did not rate a single mention in any Canadian magazine of the era. No matter. The fact remains that the Folklords “Release the Sunshine” is a captivating album, a notion shared by the many collectors world-wide who fight for original copies, which are few and far between. Glorious sound, as the reissue taken directly from the master-tapes. Booklet features band photos and the few scraps of information on the band that we could find: 17.- €

    FOLQUE - same
    ( Pan / N ) The excellent 1975 debut album by this great Norwegian band. Very much in the same vein as Steeleye Span's debut album (classic 70's folk rock) and Fairports Leige and Leaf, this is pure class from start to finish. Featuring top quality male and female vocals and the perfect blend of electric and acoustic folk rock styles it doesn't get much better than this, even if you can't understand the language!: 17.- €

    FOLQUE - Kjempene Pa Dovrefjell 
    ( Pan / N ) Second album from 1975, by this Norwegian folk rock band who did for traditional Scandinavian music what Fairport, Trees etc did for English folk. Fabulous electric folk music with guitar, fiddle, male/female harmony vocals and stunning production. The vocals are in Norse but the music is as good as you could possibly hope for from this genre: 17.- €

    FOLQUE - Vardoger 
    ( Pan / N ) The Influential Norwegian folk rockers third and probably finest album from 1977 that sounds like classic Fairport or Steeleye Span. A stunning album with male/female vocal harmonies, violin, electric rock guitar and flute etc. creating the archetypal '70's folk rock sound. The lyrics are all in Norwegian but the music is so strong that language is not a barrier to enjoying the album! Highly recommended for anyone who is seriously into '70's folk rock: 17.- €

    FOOL - The Fool...Plus
    ( Revola / UK ) This was originally released on Mercury in 1968. "The Fool - Anarchic eccentrics in 1960's Amsterdam and London; designers of many a psychedelic wonder; mainly known for being slagged off in every Beatles book ever written by those who weren't there! But was there more? Oh yes indeed...The Fool began as a faction of the Amsterdam Provos, the Provocateurs whose Proto-Situationist pranks had Holland in an uproar throughout the 1960's; from White Bicycles to trepanation to nonstop major windups of the Police and government - the Provos achieved a species of portable Anarchist Republic which stunned Europe. The Fool came to London as designers, though commissioned by NEMS management to style their clients in the new Psychedelic fashions, everything from the painted guitars and flamboyant clothes sported by Cream on their first US tour to Psychedelic cars for the stars and the mural on The Apple Boutique - which also showcased their fashions. Their album sleeves for Jimi Hendrix, The Move and The Incredible String Band among others, remain classics. And, yes, they made an album! Produced by Graham Nash on the cusp of leaving The Hollies (who The Fool also did sleeves for!) and founding CSN, engineered by Hendrix soundmaster Eddie Kramer, the album is a shock! Pictured and airily dismissed in every Beatles book, this is a tour de force of Wyrd Folk ala Incredible String Band and strange twisted visions of pop? ala God knows who! A delight long buried under Beatles baggage. The Fool can take it's place alongside the likes of David Hemmings - "David Hemmings Happens" and Vashti's "Another Diamond Day" as rediscovered artifacts of a time when an injection of Wicker Man-ism somehow found it's way into the already twisted body of British pop. This glorious package includes the original album produced by Graham Nash and Eddie Kramer PLUS the ultra rare 45 mixes! All beautifully remastered in Rev-Ola style; it's never sounded so good! Also features a lavishly illustrated booklet conjuring the flavour of The Fool's contributions to Psychedelic London, alongside in-depth notes by Stefan Granados, author of "Those Were The Days", the definitive book on Apple Records! On top of all that is a contextual essay on the amazing story of the Provos by Dutch cultural historian Boudwijn de Kadt! Essential! : 15.- €

    FORMULA 3 - Dies Irae
    ( Si-Wan / Korea ) One of the most popular bands in Italy at the beginning of the 70's, not only among rock fans because of their long collaboration with singer Lucio Battisti who took them to the newly formed Numero Uno label producing their first album. Dies irae, housed in a nice psych-inspired sleeve, introduced the typical Formula 3 sound, based on the guitar/organ interplay (the band used no bass, the bass parts being played by keyboard player Lorenzi), with the nice lead voice of drummer Cicco. Their sound was a blend of pop, prog and hard rock influences, that brought them to be the most important rock band before the Banco/PFM years. Plenty of fine guitar work also dominates this impressive debut, with great guitar work by Alberto Radius On the album are noteworthy the nice title track with a dark atmosphere (Dies Irae had originally been released on single in 1967 by Samurai, a group that included keyboardist Gabriele Lorenzi along with Area's Paolo Tofani), a cover of the Left Banke's Walk away Renee and one of their most important tracks and an italian rock classic, Questo folle sentimento: 18.- €

    FORMULA 3 - Sognando E Risognando
    ( Si-Wan / Korea ) In the third album, Sognando e risognando from 1972, the band included some original compositions, along with the usual Mogol-Battisti tracks, and the result is probably their best work ever. The best track here was a 10:30 minutes long version of the title track (a song already recorded by Lucio Battisti), but even the Aeternum suite is noteworthy:
    18.- €

    FORMULA 3 - La Granda Casa
    ( Si-Wan / Korea ) Final of four albums (1973) by this early Italian band who started as a psych/beat/progressive outfit and ended up as a somewhat 'progressive rock with pop tendencies'. "(Guitarist) Alberto Radius was a leading light on the seventies progressive scene in Italy, and he was the guitarist for this band, whose last two releases were very much in the early PFM vein, with mellow guitar/keyboard melodies. La Grande Casa is possibly their best release, and should appeal to those who enjoy PFM, Le Orme, and Il Volo, which Radius formed after the demise of Formula: 18.- €

    FOREST – same
    ( EMI / JAPAN ) Reissue on Masaitoh series, taken from the original mastertapes, the debut album from UK folk/psych band FOREST. Originally from 1969. What at first may seem a run-of-the-mill folk band, soon turns out to be something quite special indeed. No traditional material is being used, and much of the magic lies in the uncommon compositions, many of which rely on strangely sculptured melodies and partly improvised accompaniment. Neither as malicious as Comus, nor as ironical as Dr. Strangely Strange, Forest manage to capture one of the essentials of
    British folk: closeness to the spirits of nature. Some tracks could easily please the Pan of the British Isles himself. Their sound is simultaneously intimate, and very wide and transparent. This wizardry comes out more on their first album than on the second. The playing is more inspired and less sloppy; the melodies are better (check out the wriggling, shifting harmonies on Don't Want To Go) and the arrangements are inventive and sympathetic to the material. Naturally, it made no commercial impact whatsoever. Very limited edition and rar: 29.- €

    FOREST – Full Circle
    (EMI / JAPAN ) Reissue on Masaitoh series, taken from the original mastertapes. Their second album from 1970 is nearly as strong but their steel guitar unfortunately soups up the sound and partly destroys its magic. A few
    excellent tracks are still to be found, though, notably Hawk The Hawker, Graveyard and Famine Song, but it lacks the consistency of its predecessor. Nevertheless, both albums are unconditionally recommended. A great album. Very limited edition and rar: 29.- €

     FORUM -The River Is Wide
    (Cherry Red / UK) The Forum... A long-lost piece of the soft pop/psych pop puzzle on eccentric LA label Mira records, home of the Leaves, satirical gay duo Teddy and Darrell, some of LA's best ever soul records, and Bobby Jameson
    aka Chris Lucey! Put together and produced by musicologist, film composer and exoticameister (he discovered and produced both Yma Sumac and Martin Denny) Les Baxter, the Forum were inspired by the crossover success of Brazil '66, and Bob Crewe's "Now Sound". The idea being to bring the innovations of west coast soft pop into the showbiz mainstream, as Crewe and Herb Alpert had those of instrumental rock. The result lay somewhere between The 5th Dimension and the eccentric vocal groups put together for live work by the legendary Esquivel! A unique sound which scored them a big hit first time out with "The River Is Wide" in 1966 backed by the cream of 1960's LA's Wrecking Crew sessionmen, Baxter produced an unknown masterpiece of soft pop, grooving at the Playboy Mansion, Flower Power in a Ratpack friendly way. Bonus tracks include all their non-LP singles, radically different alternate takes of their hit, "The River Is Wide" (with completely different arrangements) and three UNRELEASED and unheard until now instrumental tracks of the great LES BAXTER conducting the cream of LA's "Wrecking Crew" session men.......a collision between Exotica and Spector that has to be heard to be believed! This is the first ever reissue of The River Is Wide anywhere and never before has it been released on CD It contains the complete 1967 "River Is Wide" album, all their hit singles, plus bonus tracks and extensive liner notes tell the complete story of the Forum. This is a must for collectors of both soft pop and Exotica rarities: 15.- €

    FOSTER, MO - Bel Assis
    (Angel Air / UK) "Bel Assis" was the name of the 'Messuage and fifty seven acres of land in Hamstede' which Sir
    Roger de Brabazon gave to Westminster Abbey in 1317. Today the village, named from the French for "Beautifully Situated", is known as Belsize, a quiet backwater in the London suburb of Hampstead and home to Mo Foster, one of the finest bassists in Britain. The road which led to "Bel Assis" was a long and winding one taking Mo through jazz with Gil Evans, rock with Jeff Beck and Phil Collins, and blues/jazz/folk with Affinity, Joan Armatrading and Van Morrison. Dozens of albums carry a credit for Mo including a few as producer. Bel Assis was borne out of Mo's desire to work during 1987 on something less emotionally shallow than the then current crop of contemporary pop. He wanted to fuse the flexibility and precision of computer music with the warmth and emotion of 'real' performance on 'real' instruments by the best musicians available. Finding the musicians was not a problem . But the real pleasure lay in the enthusiasm which his friends showed through their playing. What friends - Gary Moore and Rod Argent are amongst the cream of musicians who recorded this album during 1987 and 1988. This instrumental album is a collection of souvenirs, bringing together musicians, memories and many musical styles which Mo has been involved with and enjoyed on the way to "Bel Assis". Remastered-enjoy! 15.- €

    FOWLEY, KIM - Born to be wild 
    (Ascension-AUS) 1968 US / A psychedelic legend and multi-talented singer, composer with the second album release. Instrumental tracks with orchestra and poppy tracks. Plus 2 bonus tracks: 18.- €

    FOWLEY, KIM - Outrageous 
    (Ascension-AUS) 1968 US / Killer stuff with the awesome Bubble Gum covered, with more psychedelic great songs and raunchy vocals,. Plus 2 bonus tracks from the Mastertape: 18.- €

    FOWLEY, KIM - The Day the Earth stood still 
    ( Spalax / F ) 1970 / Originally release only in Sweden and ultra rare. Real good acidy psychedelic: 15.- €

    FOX - For Fox Sake
    ( RPM / UK) Fox are nothing to do with dear Noosha but a psych-pop band who had their one and only long player released through Phillips Fontana in 1970. A single was taken from the album Second Hand Love c/w Butterfly, and the latter track was included on legendary Rubble series by Bam Caruso in the 1980's - Rubble Four, the 49 Minute Technicolour Dream. Two bonus recordings are also included on the package which further benefits from extensive input from guitarist Steve Brayne.
    18.- €

    FOX – Noosha
    ( Revola / UK ) This was the first album by Fox, released in 1975, featuring the unique vocal talents of Noosha Fox.. Originally formed by American songwriter/ performer Kenny Young and guitarist, Herbie Armstrong. The band enjoyed top 10 success in both the singles and album charts. The Fox album achieved Gold Disc status and peaked at number 7 in the album charts. The CD features the 11 original tracks from the gold album "Fox" with the hit singles "Only You Can" and "Imagine Me-Imagine You". Also included are 4 bonus tracks with Noosha Fox's solo hit single "Georgina Bailey" that charted in 1977. The CD booklet includes all the original artwork and sleeve notes written by Fox guitarist, writer and producer Kenny Young. Fox were a unique band that were part of the famous GTO label (The Dooleys, Gary Glitter, Heatwave, Billy Ocean and Donna Summer). The band's leader Kenny Young was the co-writer of "Under The Boardwalk" that was a massive hit for the Drifters. The band produced 3 albums in total but the creative and commercial highlight is undoubtedly the "Fox" album: 15.- €

    FRAMEWORK - Skeleton 
    ( Shadoks / G ) Great San Diego guitar monster, recorded 1968-1972 / 2 CDs with big coloured booklet, 20 minutes
    of extra songs not on the double LP (Rockadelic) The west coast band contains various studio cuts and amazing rehearsals and contains Live material where the band really pulls out all the stops and jam like crazy. Sounding like the US band Christopher with a Moby Grape vibe: 18.- €

    FRANTIC - Conception 

    ( SPM / G ) Picture CD / This band from LA released their only album in 1970. But don't expect West coast rock or Flower Power. You'll hear areal hard blues rock with influences of psychedelia. The singer has the sort of "dirty voice" that many of his contemporaries don't have but want to have. Apart from original songs the band present
    outstanding version of Hey Joe, Morning Dew and Midnight to six Men. This CD is simply a must for all music lover-listen to Shady Sam, one of the alkl time greatest rock songs: 15.- €

    FRANZ K.- Sensemann
    ( Repertoire / G ) Formed in Witten / Germany in 1969 as Franz Kafka. In their early days they were one of those
    very Teutonic underground rock rock bands, akin to Ton Steine Scherben or Lokomotive Kreuzberg, with a hard-edged agit-rock style. By the time of their debut (becoming just Franz K.) they had matured their sound from the early days of Fugs and Mothers style theatre in German.Senseman,orinally released in 1972 on Philips-Label featured just two side-long tracks offering a great deal of freedom for invention, with agressive German lyrics and similarly angular freaky guitars characterising their sound. Limited edition and rar: 20.- €

    FRASER, ANDY BAND – same

    ( Repertoire / UK ) The material was recorded at Ronnie Lane´s Studio and featured Andy (vocals and bass guitar), Kim Turner (drums) and former Shark Nick Judd (electric piano and bass pedals). Andy had developed an expressive singing style and was also keen to experiment instrumentally. This resulted in The Andy Fraser Band eschewing conventional lead guitar. Andy placed his bass in the lead role and together with Nick Judd´s soulful piano; poduced an unusual funky sound. The concept of bass, drums and keyboard line seemed quite a daring line-up in 1975. Although overlooked at the time, this long lost album has since been hailed as a´superb masterpiece´by discerring fans and collectors of seventies´rock. Release on Digipack:
    15.- €

    FRATERNITY - Complete Sessions 1971-1972
    ( Raven / AUS ) 2 CD-set / With Bon Scott, featuring their album Livestock ( 1971) / Sweet Peach ( 1972, plus unreleased tracks; Australien heavy progressive classic with organ-guitar based hard-rock, with history, photos booklet from the band.Forming in Sydney in 1970, this outfit evolved out of Levi Smith´s Clefs. In the early days
    they played covers but they evolved into a harder-edged boogier rock outfit whose music spanned jazz and blus as well as rock. With the arrival of ex-Valentines singer Bon Scott in late 1970 Fraternity moved to Adelaide. The recorded their solid debut album “Livestock”, whose highlights included the title track, prior to their move. Their second album was much rockier. Songs like Welfare Boogie, If You Got It, Hemming´s farm and Getting Off typified their bluesy ard rock.Limited edition and rar: 27.- €

    FREAK OUT - Life 
    (Garden of Delights / G ) 1971 / plus 2 bonus tracks. The band from Austria plays live cover versions of songs by
    bands like Blodwyn Pig, East of Eden, Spirit and Mothers of Invention, but the performance was really good, with the saxophone adding a lot of originally: 15.- €

    FRED - same 
    (World in Sound-G) Fred is a musician's commune of 6 gifted and creative students and friends. Coming from Pennsilvania. In 1971 they published one 45 single. Their musical creativity and their individual style make these unreleased studiosessions to a new amazing in listenning progressive / psychedelic rock music. Their influences are according to own characterisation, to find in Bands like "King Crimson", "Procol Harum" and "Frank Zappa". Coming with detailed band story and great photos. The music was recorded in the Years 1971/73 and never released before. A very important CD: 15.- €

    FRED - Notes On A Picnic
    ( World in Sound / G ) US 1973/ 1974 : After the successful World in Sound debut of Fred's first album of progressive/psychedelic rock, Fred returns with a second album featuring the continued growth of their original and innovative sound. Lots of heavy electric guitar, progressive electric violin with fusion/ classical overtones, massive rock drums and bass, swirling garage rock organ, funky/jazzy electric piano and heavenly vocal harmonies all mix together to create music that is uniquely Fred. Influenced by Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Mahavishnu, with echoes of 70's rock bands like Traffic, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and The Allman Brothers, these performances sound like something else entirely. The master tapes were originally recorded 1973/74 at Blue Rock, the studio "Rolling Stone" called "The Apotheosis of the Laid Back". Blues Rock even had walls made of denim and Turkish rugs on the floor - sort of like an opium den with a 16-track recording console. The eight instrumental and three vocal tracks (2 with lyrics) are at the highest level of musical proficiency and creativity in the progressive rock genre. Included as a bonus track is the trippy, late-night studio jam on War's "Slippin' Into Darkness" that will blow your mind. 24-bit digitally remastered from the original session tapes, "Notes on a Picnic" is a full-tilt, sonic feast for fans of progressive rock. Violinist David Rose later went on to record as a successful solo artist in France in collaboration with Serge Perathoner. The CD booklet contains informative liner notes, original Fred cartoons, and plenty of photos. 64 minutes of honest, dangerous, and awesome music that will own you. Own it today !: 15.- €

    FRED - Live At The Bitter End, 1974
    ( World in Sound / G ) Early 70's US band with their music on this album evolving into the nether realms of instrumental fusion featuring intricately scored parts, tight ensemble playing, sophisticated multi-tracking, and lots of room for inspired rock improvisation. This is an in-your-face live performance that blows you away: pulse pounding beat, wailing gutsy guitar and wild violin pyrotechnics. The music ranges from tender to tortured, demented to delirious always energetic, edgy and full of surprises. Influenced by Bela Bartok, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Yes, Spirit etc. Exquisitely packaged with stunning original graphics that themselves are music for your mind's eye! 15.- €

    FREDRIC - Phases and Faces 
    (Arf Arf / US ) 1967-1969 / Plus 5 bonus tracks, history etc. . Holy US 60`s psychedelia Pleasant minor league soft
    rock with some psychy moments, beautiful songs and a totally unique style: 15.- €

    FREEDOM - Is More Than A Word

    ( Airmail / Japan ) Japan Import. CD reissue of album by Vertigo act from the early 70's housed in very nice gatefold MINIATURE PAPER SLEEVE including die-cut window. British hard rock band with psych and blues leanings, formed around ex-PROCOL HARUM drummer Bobby Harison. They opened up before Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull. This one hails from the band's most mature period.Originally released in 1971: Limited Edidition:
    25.- €

    FREEDOM CHILDREN - Galactic Vibes
    ( Fresh Air / South Africa ) Third album from this legendary South African band features a killer 16 minute live version of "The Homecoming", one of the signature pieces from Astra. Definite comparisons can be made to Pink Floyd although not as blissed out and spacey - more of a psychedelic jam feel. Guitarist Julian Laxton simply shreds through out. Move this guy to England and he would have been a superstar. You would have to mortgage your house to buy an original copy of this album. In the meantime you can settle for this officially licensed album with one unreleased bonus track and detailed liner notes and photos. Great stuff: 18.- €

    ( World in Sound / G ) Another group that represents the late 60s, early 70s heavy psychedelic era scene in northeast Ohio, USA (the same region that Dragonwyck is from). Having won the Starshine Productions' "Battle of the Bands" in 1970, the five-member FREEMAN SOUND was established as the most popular of several bands (including Morly Grey), that had records released on the Starshine label. This special collection of original songs and sounds is an exciting bit of rock history that documents some of the charm, wit and depth of talent that made FREEMAN SOUND the special local phenomenon they were. This release includes 12 great, quality tracks , with bio and photo inserts. You'll get stoned on some mind-bending vocals backed by instrumentation that includes some very intense, heavy fuzz and wah pedal guitar sounds, solid drums and a screaming organ (with flashes of famous British groups such as Free, Spooky Tooth or Arcadium). Prepare to get off on cuts like the 18 minute "Heavy Trip #70", the Hendrix-like "Tomorrow Is Plastic" and what we would venture to say is the heaviest version of Merle Travis' "16 Tons" ever recorded! This band broke up before they were able to make the most of their popularity. With this previously unreleased album, they may be taking up where they left off. For fans of intelligently executed psychedelic hard rock and pop with a message. Highly recommended!: 15.- €

    ( Shadoks / G) This band was from Pittsburgs, Pennsylvania. They formed in 1968 and by 1970 they were performing primarily orginal material which necessitated the recording of the demo album. Only 54 copies were pressed, and
    they were used for`s now rather difficult to locate! It range from post-Hendrix/Blue Cheer brain-numbingly heavy acid-rock (watch out for the operner, Hassles), through bluesy moods, lighter jazzy touches, to jangley almost-folk-rock restraint. The lyrics occasionally head in a religious direction but are not preachy; the overall feel is more one of “Old Crow” than “Old Testament”. All in collaboration with the band including many photos and details: 15- €

    FRIENDS – Fragile
    ( ACME / UK ) An album so incredibly rare (only a single acetate exists), that many collectors have doubted the album’s existence… until now! The rarest, and I would dare to say best, folk/psych album from Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, musical brainchildren behind Ithaca, Agincourt, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Tomorrow Come Someday. This fifth Howell/Ferdinando album had just been completed in or around 1974 when the partnership came to an end. Howell had been working at the BBC as a studio manager since 1970 (he'd provided a stiff upper lip voiceover for John Peels Top Gear shows), but he was now offered a position with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which he accepted, and still holds. Taken from the master tapes, so no annoying scratchy acetate sound: 17.- €

    FROB – same
    ( Garden of Delights / G ) 1976; Frob came from Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the east of Westphalia and played instrumental jazz-rock including progressive elements, with a definite Canterbury edge. Frenetic soloing guitars, Sinclair-like keys, pulverizing rhythm section.   Their great ability is demonstrated on their one and only LP which is quite relaxing and unpretentious. With Philippe Caillat who then worked as a music teacher (and by now has released quite some jazz records) they had a guitarist of top quality at hand but the other three musicians were his equals in every way. "Frob" (Musikladen ML 002) was released in 1976 in a number of 1000 copies: 15.- €

    FROGGY BEAVER - From The Pond 
    ( Gear Fab / US ) 1972/73 The band originated from Ohama, Nebraska USA. Inspired by the flowing-melodic progressive sound of Moody Blues and E.L.P. : Also including here are 2 non-LP tracks taken from their rare and elusive 45 and 3 unreleased studio tracks. Lots of great flowing guitars and spacey vocals: 15.- €

    FROGMORTON - At Last 
    ( Elegy / UK ) 1976 / A strikingly accomplished mid-seventies folk-rock album in SteeleyeSpan tradition with beautiful female vocals and wonderfully arranged songs. Certainly one of the the most fascinating release of ist kind that features a wide range of instruments including mandolin, guitar, kazoo, psaltery, accordion, whistle, spoons, tambourin keyboards etc.... Includes band history and special bonus track. Highly recommended: 18.- €

    FRUMPY - All Will Be Changed 
    ( Repertoire / G ) The German four piece rock outfit's debut album, originally released in 1970 with the idea of creating a fusion of rock, blues, classical, folk and psychedelic. With Inga Rumpf (female vocal) and Jean-Jacques Kravetz (Organ-mellotron-sax). Plus two rare bonus tracks: 15.- €

    FRUMPY - By the way 
    ( Repertoire / G ) The band's third and final studio album was originally released by Vertigo in 1972. The lengthy "Release" is featured among the album's six tracks along with song lyrics: 15.- €

    ( Arci /Chile ) Chilean psych from 1972 with a very strong mid -60's Procol Harum feel. Trippy dreamy keyboards and beautiful soft psychedelic effects with harpsichord etc. giving the whole album a very English feel even though some of the lyrics are in Portuguese. These are rare Chilean pressings and we have only managed to obtain 3 copies. 20.- €

    FUCHSIA - same
    ( Nightwings / I ) Digipack with 8 pages booklet, 24 bit digitally remastered from the original tapes by Tony Durant: Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Tony Durant was the creative force behind their obscure progressive folk album. The lyrics were influenced by English novelist and poet Mervyn Peake and supplemented by a lush violin and cello backing. Worth investigation: 15.- €

    FUCHSIA - Mahagany & Other Gems
    ( Nightwings / I ) From one of the greatest 60's/70's progressive/psyche folk outfits comes this fantastic CD. A long awaited release it includes 3 Fuchsia demos (all 3 unreleased songs!), 5 tracks recorded in 1975 and based around Brecht-Weill works, 2 tracks from Bob Chudley (ex-Louise with Tony Durant and Chris Cutler) and 1 track, a beautiful Albion Band-like ballad composed by Durant, but actually sung and played by the real Albion Band. 24 bit digitally re-mastered by Tony Durant the CD comes in a jewel case with a huge 16 page booklet: 15.- €

    FULL MOON - State of the Artist 
    ( Monster / US ) Now also reissued on CD this very rare album by Texan heavy-psych-rock band "Full Moon". Originally released on very regional scale back in 1980. Massive dualling guitars, great vocals and 5 non-LP bonus tracks. Rock-Metal ala Ufo and Thin Lizzy!: 15.- €

    FUSE - same
    (Rewind-US) First recordings by Nick Nielsen and Tom Petterson, future members of CHEAP TRICK. Complete 8 songs, keyboard driven psych-prog album from 1969, plus both sides of the rare single by the GRIM REAPERS, all directly from the original master-tape: 15.- €

    FUSIOON - same
    ( Divusca / SP ) Reissue of the debut 1972 album from the excellent Spanish progressive rockers. Superb  instrumental tunes that are filled with neo classical themes but with a distinctly Spanish feel. The results evoke the countryside and feel of Spain with electric and acoustic instrumentation as well as strong orchestration. Keyboard player Manuel Camp's work is often to the foreas is Marti Brunet's guitar fuzz work. In many ways Fusioon were the Spanish equivalent of Italy's PFM or the UK's Nice or even Soft Machine: 15.- €

    FUSIOON - 2 (Crocodile cover)
    ( Divusca / SP ) Very very good, instrumentally-leaning Spanish progressive/fusion band, who feature multi-keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. At times they get into an almost Egg-like complexity, although that's not their overall sound. Their name is pronounced Fu-shoon, by the way. "Fusioon are, quite rightly, celebrated as one of the leading exponents of Spanish progressive rock. Fusioon 2 (1974), also known as their crocodile album cover proved
    a major step forward, providing very satisfying progressive rock...with its combination of classical...and jazz/rock styles. The arrangements are well-balanced between complexity and directness on the four extended tracks.... Suffice to say that Fusioon were aptly named and among the most important Spanish groups: 15.- €

    FUSIOON - Minorisa
    ( Divucsa / SP ) The third and last album, in 1975. Another great work by the Catalan group, blending progressive, fusion and jazz with some folk elements. Minorisa was yet more complex, almost approaching Zappa and Gentle Giant, with lots of impatient flickerings between different ideas in three large-scale rock suites. This is refreshing and quite demanding-right at the core of the diffuse entity know as progressive rock: 15.- €

    FUZZY DUCK – same
    ( Repertoire / G ) 1971 / Plus 4 bonus tracks. UK This outfit included Mick Hawksworth who'd previously played with Andromeda and Five Day Week Straw People. Their organist Roy Sharland had previously been with Spice and Arthur Brown. Original copies of the album are expensive. Only 500 copies were originally pressed. The cover depicted an Afro-wearing duck. Musically it's in the heavy progressive genre. It does contain some pretty good organ-dominated instrumental passages and is worth investigation: 15.- €