Malesch Records               

GÄA - Alraunes Alptraum 
(Garden of Delights-G) Gäa recorded in early 1975 their great second album, which was never finished. Here it is now, filled up with some less important later recordings. (Code C)

(Kissing Spell/UK First time on CD this sister album to ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS from 1970. The original album features 2 sets of music : CJRIS COOMBES and other 'LIGHT YEAR AWAY' featuring young Bill Nelson on guitars on some tracks and ACID PSYCH-ROCK band THUNDERMOTHER, ago highlighting on acid-guitar epic 'Come On Home'! 18,00 € 

(Vicious Sloth -AUS) 1971 / Australien raritie, with leadguitarist Gary Lothian. Awesome prog. with psychy moves and chapmanesque vocals. The songs ranged from Blues-hard -rock to innovative head music, where Lothian`s psychy was notably inspired by the likes of Nektar/Message. (Code E)

GALAXY - Nature's Clear Well 
(Spalax-Digipack-G) 1978 / An inventive, yet heavily lyrical, progressive -inflected fuzz-laden leads breaks held counterpoint to the dramatic nature of the song arrangements: Last copies!!! (Code D)

GALAXY - Visions 
(GOD) German good-art rock with elements of spacerock, recorded original in 1976. Not the band from Oberursel (aka Waniyetula) with the same name, but from Bremen. (Code C)

GALLERY - The Wind that shakes the Barley 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1972 / Rarest album on this great UK-folk-rock. Alternate male/female vocals, dulcimer, violin, bass, and the fine guitar work of Steve Morrison. (Code E)

GAME - It's Shocking What They Call Us 
(Dig the fuzz-UK) Legendary UK-freak / psych beat band from the 60's. 13 cuts in totaly and featuring all the Oak and Lavender Grove cuts from 1967/1968, superb booklet. (Code D)

GANDALF - same
(Sundazed / US) Lush psychedelic gem from 1967, originally on Capitol, reissued with the band's full involvements. With spellbinding, atmospheric songs with spin from soft dream-scopes into blistering fuzz guitar breaks, Gandalf casts a powerful spell. One of the rarest major label psych releases, this album features swirls of Hammond B3 organ, caressing vibraphone nuns and electric sitar. Liner notes by Mike Stax. (Code C)

GANDALF THE GREY - The Grey Wizard Am I
(Gear Fab / US ) Reissue of this classic 1972 album from 'The Wizard' himself. The album is considered a combination of folk and psychedelic music, the real culmination of many other studio efforts by Chris between 1966-1973. Bonus tracks are taken from 4 earlier releases. 15 Tracks! 15,00 €

(Gear Fab/US) Long before his legendary 1972 album "The grey wizard i am", the wizard was at work at the Charles Dickes studios (NY) in 1968 on the "Tin angel sessions". Out of these demo efforts came another string of sessions known as "What's the excuse". More troubadour psych from the Wiz! Never before released. 22 Tracks: 15,00 €

GANTS - Roadrunner! The best of 
(Sundazed-US) 1965 Missisippis GANTS came roaring out of the blocks in 1965 with a hit version of Road Runner and a whirlwind tour with the ANIMALS. The best of the Giants highlights thei Liberty albums on non LP-singles, including classic Lennon-esque melodies by singer /guitarist Sid Herring and Diddley-veritable GANTS cornucopia. 20 exciting tracks. (Code D)

GARRIE, NICK - Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas
(Acid Ray-Korea) Obscure mega-rare album comprises of self-penned orchestrated POP-SYKE, "Sunshine" pop elements of Sagittarius and Billy Nichols blend with a psychedelic Beatles feel. This is a stunning "Summer of Love" psych-pop album with west coast style vocal harmonies, orchestration, phas-Ing, fuzz wah wah guitars, etc... (Code G)

GATOS SALVAJES, LOS - Grandes Exitos 
(BMG-ARG) One of the premier band on the Argentinia 60's garage beat legends featuring 20 of their best tracks . (Code G)

(Melopea Discos-ARG) 1964 1965 / Debut album from Argentinias 60's garage beat legends Los Gatos Salvajes. 18 tracks varying from R&B, beat and blues, with Litto Nebbia. (Code H)

(Seventh/F) An early 80's release by this keyboardist who rightly made a name for himself playing with Magma, Heldon & Weidorje! This crosses the sound of Magma & Heldon. Players include Richard Pinhas, David Rose, Bernard Paganotti, Christian Vander, Didier Batard, Jean-Pierre Fouquey & more!: 15,00 €

GENESIS - same 
(Rec. Runner-BRA) A psych Masterpiece from Uruguay with 8 bonus tracks. The album originally from 1972 and bonus tracks 1970 / 71 / 75 / 76. Genesis played a psychedelic hard-rock, along with many guitars combinations ballads sang in Spanish. Since their first LP, their started to fusion their style with the Uruguayan "Condome", which originated a Latin rock, Santana's fashion, with little touch of folklore. (Code G)

(Sundazed / US) Including 9 bonus cuts, including all non-LP single sides + 4 previously unreleased tracks. This CD holds a very large reward for Ry Cooder fans, because it is an album where in he lays down the signature of his now-famous, husky, melodious, rhythmical, inventive slide guitar licks. Also featuring: VAN DYKE PARKS on harpsichord, LERRY KNECHTEL (organ), TONY COHAN (table) and more. Coming in a sleeve with the original, beautiful artwork, this record was produced by Terry Melcher and came out originally in 1969. (Code C)

GHOST - When Youre Dead - One Second 
(Mellotron-I) 1970 / Reissue from the original Mastertapes. UK psychedelic Folkrock. Great electric-folkrock from a band that rose from the ashes of 60's UK freakrock band Velvett Fogg. (Code C)

GIFT - Blue Apple 
(Telefunken-G) 1974 / The second album of this German band. Killer melodic progressive acid rock. Wasted guitar and keyboard onslaughts that fry your ears. (Code D)

GIFT - same 
(Telefunken-G) 1972 / The first album of the German progressive-heavy band. A straighter hard-rock with 2 guitarist. (Code D)

GIGANTI, I - Terra in Bocca-poesia di un delitto
(Vinyl Magic / I) 1971 / A Italian progressive rock group close to "Banco" for it's lyrical music and the combinations between vocals and keyboards. (Code C)

GILA - Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
(garden of Delight-G) Original from Mastertape: This 1973 band was a ceritable supergroup, as it featured Popol Vuh leader Florian Frick and ex Amon Düül II multi instrumentalist D. Fichelscher and great guitarist Conny Veit. Altough hinted at by the earlier GILA, the new Gila sound was very much in the Popol Vuh style, with medieval and ethnik touches in a complexy textured rock music featuring multi-guitars and female vocals. Plus 1 bonus track. (Code C)

GILA - Night works 
(Garden of Delight-G) Extremely good Live-in Cologne 26.2.1972 (Radio WDR) recording by great German Kraut-Psych monster in the first line-up who recorded the fabulous classic Gila album. (Code C)

GILA - same/Aka Free Electric Sound 
(Second Battle Digip.-G) Including a mini poster; One of the finest Krautrock albums of all time; Mainly instrumental, with two long spacey Floyd inspired trips, blending in ethnic textures with the complex multi-guitars of Conny Veit. (Code C)

(Voiceprint / UK ) This previously unreleased album, by the man best known as the drummer for King Crimson mk 1 and McDonald and Giles, was recorded in 1978 with a huge array of participating musicians. Featured are: Georrfrey Richardson, Peter Giles, Dave MacRae, John G. Perry, Ray Warleigh, Jimmy Hastings, and others! The album was fully completed, mixed and mastered, but the musical climate of the late 1970's was not right for this type of progressive music to be released, and the tapes lay stored away for 25 years until now. The sound quality on this is excellent; this is not a dodgy archival release - this is a true finished album that circumstance just did not allow to come out during its time. "Progress is my impression of a railway journey in summer, departing from the city at dawn on a bright sunny morning and travelling through the English countryside with a variety of experiences, to arriving at dusk at Cornwall.": 17,00 €

GILGAMESH - Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into 
(Spalax-F) Digipack / 1979-Scare second album by UK Canterbury influenced progressive jazz-rock, with Hugh Hopper. (Code C)

GILGAMESH - Arriving Twice
(Cuneiform / US ) Jazz/rock band by keyboardist/ composer Alan Gowen, the group eventually disbanded in 1975 when Alan left for National Health. Comprising demo & rehearsal recordings, this amazing archival release features almost 60' of unreleased recordings by 3 different editions of the band from 1973-75, with 25' of previously unheard compositions by Alan, including a re-working of the tune written for the double quartet of Gilgamesh & Hatfield & The North (!), as well as significantly more fiery versions of many of the pieces from their 1st album! Includes a 16 page booklet jammed with rare photos and incredible interviews with band members & friends by noted Canterbury expert Aymeric Leroy. Essential for Canterbury fans! 15,00 €

GINHOUSE - same 
(GRT-G) 1971 / UK - great three man UK prog.-hard-rock, with Geoff Sharkey on lead guitar. (Code C)

(World in Sound-G) US Acidfolk-rock with fuzz guitars, originally released in 1970 on Tiger Lily records as Stone Wall. (Code C)

GNIDROLOG - In Spite of Harry's Toenail 
(Audio-Archives) 1972 UK progressive psychedelic band, including great tracks from 1969-1971 unreleased material-30 minutes-bonus. (Code E)

GNIDROLOG - Lady Lake 
(RCR-JAP) 1972 / UK progressive rarity with flowing yet complex instrumental and vocal sounds, great songs and arrangements; twisted vocals and a Gentle Giant edge to it. (Code F)

GNIDROLOG - Live in 1972 
(Audio Archives-UK) A brilliant and rare live set from 1972, including many previously unreleased songs and live version of great track "I could never be a soldier". Recorded just prior to the 'Lady Lake' sessions. Booklet shows rare photos and memorabilia. (Code E)

GODS - Genesis 
(REP-G) 1968 / including 4 bonus tracks; The Gods were the musical launching pad for Uriah Heep members Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake. (Code C)

GODS - To Samuel A Son 
(REP-G) 1969, plus one bonus track, Acclaimed UK psychedelia classic. (Code C)

GODZ - 2 
(ESP Disk-US) The 2nd album by New York based avant garde noise/funk anarchic rock group. Dissonant incompetent psychedelic noise/junk her with wailing unmelodic vocals, weird solos and different background noise. Originally released in 1967.As extreme as their first and as good. (Code C)

GOLD - same 
(World in Sound-G) "Mission Rock" was recorded live in San Francisco 1971 (excellent studio sound quality) - music ranges in the early Quicksilver/Santana/Big Brother & The Holding Company style - (68 min.) unreleased material! Gold in 1971 was one of the hottest bands in S.F. still without an LP. Bill Graham was booking the band to open shows for Ten Years After, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Mike Bloomfield....., with the hope and the support for an LP release. Now finally after 32 years here is the album Graham would have liked to hear. Country Joe McDonald took a personal interest in the band and worked with them on a number of projects - on this CD he wrote 2 of the 13 songs, which he had never performed with Country Joe & the Fish. The very talented guitarists Ed Scott/Joe Bajza remind often to "John Cipollina" founded Gold in 1967/68. Gold vocalist on "Mission Rock" Robin Sinclair was of the same cut of female singer of the time in the style of a "Janis Joplin" - an experienced professional who had recorded two LPs on Cadet Concept/Chess as part of a group called Saloom Sinclair and the Mother Bear. The music itself is very powerful in rhythm section with congas, two acid jamming guitars and vocals a la Janis that make this CD to an absolute must for all Hippie and S. F. Sound fans. Contains bio, great photos and underground S. F. posters. The CD was produced with friendly support of Country Joe McDonald. (Code C)

GOLD - San Francisco Oregins 1970
( World in Sound / G ) This CD contains 2 parts of S.F. underground history - both parts from the first incarnation with Leadsinger Richard Coco, known from GOLD´s "NO PARKING" 45RPM already released on LP by Rockadelic and on a CD compilation "Nuggets from the Golden State" by Big Beat. Part 1 are the Studio Sessions of Leo Kulka´s Golden State Recorders, 9 heavy guitar cuts (as on Rockadelic LP) with great congas and bizarre Rock´n Roll vocals. Also included their previously unreissued 45RPM flipside a 4:45 minute sensitive but totally unexpected version of Gershwin's "SUMMERTIME" produced by Country Joe McDonald.Part 2 is a live set at the Fillmore-West Audition, a qualification gig for Bill Grahams club circuit, which was successfully passed - gigs at Winterland, Fillmore-West followed. These 42 minutes reach the highest level of power and a unique kind of heavy acidrock sound (containing a 6 min. killer version of "NO PARKING") - Ed Scott´s hypnotic rhythm guitar, a mindblowing bass and drums create an outstanding and surrounding flow, Joe Bajza´s soaring solo guitar played in a kind of aggressive Cipollina / Jeff Beck style is brilliantly intense and brings true Sixties S.F. Hell´s Angels party feeling to your home. Very detailed 12 page booklet, 78 minutes of hot music - reflect the "golden sprit" of the late 60's early 70's in San Francisco.... Highest recommendations! 15,00 €

(World in Sound-G) US 1969 / First official reissue of this legendary West-coast acid psych masterpiece. It was recorded 1969 in Hollywood and originally released on Chart maker. Golden Rod is not just the backing band of Darius-it is Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French who were involved into several major projects, playing with Elvis Presley, 5th Dimension, supporting The Doors. Ventures to name a few. On this album they let it free wheeling running-just caring about their own passion with a magical sound in 4 long cuts. DESCENT OF THE CYCLOPEANS/KARAMIC DREAM SEQUENCE THE GATOR SOCIETY/STANDING OVALUA- TION-those satisfy by it intense and emotional sound with ultimate guitar work by Ben Benay. Contains band story & photos. Plus an unreleased mono session of album outtakes, a freaked out 70 minutes. (Code C)

GOLOWIN, SERGIUS - Lord Krishna von Goloka 
(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1972-1973; German supersession cosmic space music like Ash Ra Tempel, with J. Berkers, J. Dollase, K. Schilze, Westrupp / Witthüser etc... (Code C)

GOMA - 14 De Abril 
(Fonomusic/SP) Digipack; Another historic album from 1975 in the Spanish prog scene. GOMA was a super group from Sevilla by members of SMASH, GONG (the Spanish ones), CHICLE and others. Their first album displayed some influences from British bands such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Yes, but added a passionate sax player and characteristically Spanish acoustic guitar and folk tunes. Very progressive but using some jazz elements as well. Relevant sax work goes hand in hand with good guitars and organs! 15,00 €

GOMORRHA - Trauma 
(Second Battle Digipack-G) 1971 / With bonus version has the complete debut album sung in German as bonus , some of which songs also appeared later on the Trauma album, but has more beat-aproach. The other album sung in English by German heavy psychedelic krautrock, long tracks, with acidy guitar. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) From California came this Grateful Dead / Quicksilver sounding band which feat. Tim Cain of Sons of Champlin. They released 1 album back in 1972 of which only 200 were pressed. Fuzz, acid & flower rock. (Code C)

( Elegy / UK ) First time reissue of this vastly underrated rural progressive folk-rock album from UK; Originally released in 1970. Fine melodic songs with good guitar,acidy leads, wild harmonica, stoned vocals and strong arrangements, similar to HelpYourself, Bronco and Northwind, etc.! 17,00 €

(HMP-010-Korea) Reissue on CD the one and only album by UK band GOTHIC HORIZON. The music exposed on this album is highly unique, transparent & fragile. Kinda like LEFT BANKE meets HONEYBUS larded and sauced with UK folg. A real beautiful album. Originally released on ARGO in 1970. (Code G)

GOTIC - Escenes
( Discmedi / SP ) Well-known Catalonian symphonic and progressive group who released their sole album on Movieplay in 1975. Sophisticated all instrumental tracks strongly reminiscent of CAMEL and alikes, with great flute work. Digipak: 15,00 €

GOTIC - Escenes
( MU2 / Korea ) This is a classic Spanish symphonic/progressive title by this band who only released this one album. This was previously available as a Spanish CD release, but it has been out of print for the last 5-7 years. This is a beautiful 20 bit remastered version in a nice cardboard sleeve that replicates the lovely gatefold cover of the original album. An all instrumental album consisting of keyboards, flute, bass and drums, with guest guitar work, this is has many times been compared to Camel's The Snow Goose, except that I think it's actually better than anything that Camel ever did. Ranges from lovely keyboard and flute interludes to more fusion-oriented hot bits. Well composed and well played, this is one of the greats of symphonic rock. Plus 2 bonus poster Recommended: 20,00 €

GRACIOUS - same 
(REP-G) 1970 / The debut LP from fivepiece classical influenced rock outfit Graceious; Contains five lenghty tracks that fully emphasise the supreme musical talents of this underground band. (Code C)

GRAFFITY - same 
(Lyrical Sound-Can) 1968-69 / Plus one bonus track; US acid guitar psychedelic rock with lots of effects-tripped-out vocals, heavy fuzz guitar with the flip-psycho track Love in spite is pretty good heavy stuff too. A great album. (Code C)

GRAIL - same 
(Second Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / Awesome hard driving Scottish hardrock with lenghty tracks, fine guitar work, the cover is an amazing arty, tripped-out psychedelic drawing. (Code D)

GRANADA - Discografia Basica
( Warner / SP ) Limited edition 3-CD boxset featuring the complete recordings by this Spanish group. This group was the brainchild of Carlos Carcamo, a highly talented keyboard-player with a fondness for electric piano and synthesizers. All three Granada albums are solid examples of the Spanish instrumental fusion style, revealing its origin by the characteristic acoustic versus electric guitar work and the tunes lifted from Spanish folk music. There are also a lot of symphonic ingredients, and, on "Espana Ano 1975, even some psychedelic lead guitars. Progressive rock fans must rate these truly remarkable albums highly! "Hablo Du Una Tierra"(1975) had vocals (in Spanish and English) on a few tracks while " Valle De Pas"(1978) had some tasteful orchestrations behind the highly rhythmical and irresistible tunes: 22,00 €

(Fonomusic/SP) Digipack; Excellent second album (from 1976) by well-known Spanish progsters. Fantastic progressive-symphonic album with some folk elements as well and some psychedelic leads guitars! 15,00 €

GRAND THEFT - Hiking into eternity 
(Epilogue-US) 1972 / 73; From the Northwest comes the best power rock trio. Grand Theft was by the guitar and vocals genius of Crowbar Mahoon, who also did most of the writings. The mellow rock-solid bass was played by Riley Sedgemont, with demos tracks and the second unreleased album Ben the Rat meets Led Zeppelin. (Code E)

(Cherry Red/UK) Caught between the cusp of two eras, home spun earthiness melting with Blues orientated rock that would flourish in the 70`s, "Honest Injun" is closer to Sherwood Forest than the Mississippi Delta. Both a period piece and a collector`s item, the release of "Honest Injun" by Granny`s Intention will no doubt be of immeuse interest to Gary Moore / Thin Lizzy fans. For such a well-chronicled musician, little in …. Is available on Granny`s Intention, with whom Gary made his recording debut at the age of 17. Featuring the fantastic talent of Gary Moore on guitar, this classic album also boats Neil Bridgeman of Skid Row on drums, and the legendary Johnny Duhan on vocals. Originally released on Decca records in 1970: 15,00 €

GRAPEFRUIT - Around Grapefruit
(Repertoire / G) The group's first LP contains the UK hit singles "Dear Deliah"and "C`mon Marianne"plus the German smash "Elevator". Now avalaible on CD for the first time with the addition of the rare B-side "Dead Boot"` the whole release is complemented by a full discography! 14,00 €

( Repertoire / G ) It was John Lennon who nurtured the early career of Grapefruit, securing them a deal with RCA Records and raving about them in the press. "Deep Water" was their second LP, originally issued in 1969. The 12 tracks include the rare singles ´Lady Goodiva' and 'Deep Water' plus 'Universal Party', recorded with ex-Easybeats members Vanda and Young! 14,00 €

(Gear Fab-US) From Arizona comes this psychedelic group, released in 1966 one single of psychy-punk, but they recorded another unreleased 12 tracks during 1967-71, showing how the band eveoled from early British influenced band though the psychedelia of 67-68 into the political influenced of 69-71 / 14 tracks from this CD from the Mastertape. (Code C)

GRAPHITE - Chestnut loke 
(Audio Archives-UK) 1970-74 / Previously unreleased early 70's underground-psychedelic/hippy/progressive rock, pleasantsoft dreamy mellow prog. with mellotron, acid guitar, touch with spacey effects, from the orig. masters. (Code E)

GRAPHITE - Live in Cornwall 1971 
(Audio Archives-UK) A rare live recording from the Tregye Music Festival. This set successfully captures that unique carefree atmosphere of the times with a lazy, head-weaving perfomance, incl. 2 bonus studio cuts. (Code E)

GRAVE - same 
(Penner-G) plus 7 bonus tracks / A hardrock band from the north of Germany from 1970, an amateurish recording where only two microphones were used. No hifi, some bonus material on the CD reissue is recorded by a later incarnation of the band in the 80's . From the Mastertapes. (Code C)

GRAVESTONE - Doomsday 
(LB-CAN) Limited edition of 500 CD copies. A ultra rare album from Germany 1979, obscure heavy progressive rock with great guitar leads. Last copies... (Code D)

(Repertoire / G) Four piece Gravy Train`s debut LP, originally issued on Vertigo's swirl imprint in a Hipgnosis designed gatefold sleeve. The six featured tracks include the epic Earl Of Pocket Nook. One of the most obscure release ever to be issued by Vertigo! 14,00 €

GRAVY TRAIN - ( A Ballad Of ) A Peaceful Man
(Repertoire / G) The hard rock quartet´s second Vertigo album, originally released in 1971. Once again the unique gatefold artwork has been fully reproduced and the 8 featured tracks are deemed by experts of the label to be amongst the finest the company ever released: 14,00 €

GRAVY TRAIN - Staircase To The Day
(Repertoire / G) The band´s fourth and final LP, first issued by Dawn Records in 1974. The eight tracks include the rare 45 `Starbright Starlight´and the whole package comes complete with the lyrics to the band`s thought provoking songs: 14,00 €

GREAT SOCIETY - Born to be burned 
(Sundazed-US) 1965 / At last the legendary unreleased Great Society studio album, this brilliant pre-Jefferson Airplane band with Grace Slick recorded the original version of Someone to love and that´s on here along with classic such as Free Advise , with full history booklet. (Code C)

(REP-G) 1970 / UK progressive rock mixture of R&B soul, jazz and prog. with guitar, flute, bongos etc.... A Masters of UK. (Code C)

GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH - The going's easy 
(REP-G) The second album of 1970, plus one bonus track. (Code C)

GREEN MAN - What Ails Thee
(Kissing Spell/UK) Reissue of hopelessly obscure ACID FOLK album. Originally released as private pressing. Great female vocals, strange, haunting harmonies, some fine ACID guitars. The included spooky 'live' version of 'Nottamun Town' is one of the most haunting songs ever from any psych-folk band. Their folk-psych sound is larded with underground vibe. For fans of TREES, MELLOW CANDLE, SPRIGUNS, etc! 18,00 €

GRIME - same 
(Musea-F) 1979 / GRIME plays a music close to ANGE or MONA LISA, which is based, first on the vocal presence and theatrical accents of the singer and second on the melodies, mostly built around the organ chords, the saxophone or the flute. Included six unreleased and live bonus tracks (accounting for 30 minutes of music) and 16 page biographic. (Code C)

GRINGO - same 
(Audio Archives-UK) 1971 / UK progressive rock. This UK band was fronted by Irish born vocalist Casey whoseb dramatic style highlighted the impact of the quartets complex and evocative songs strutures. In similar vein to SANDROSE / FUSION ORCHESTRA plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code E)

GROOTNA - same
(Acadia / UK) Originally released in 1971 and first time released on CD Produced by Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin after he left Jefferson Airplane. Marty later joined the band which evolved into Bodacious DF. Features "Psychedelic Legend" Greg Dewey (aka "Dewey Da Grease") ex Mad River and Country Joe and the Fish. (Code E)

GROSVENOR, LUTHER - Floodgates Anthology
(Angelair-UK) Luther Grosvenor (aka Ariel Bender) is one of the most inventive guitarists of his generation. "Floodgates" confirms his place right up there with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Brian May and Mick Ronson. A who's who of rock appears on this CD with Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Jess Roden and Mike Kellie. The original album is featured together with bonus tracks from Luther's time with Spooky Tooth and Deep Feeling. There is also a never-before-released version of "Here Comes The Queen" from a Mott The Hoople gig at the Civic Centre, Santa Monica, California on 13 April 1974. 16 pages of informative CD booklet with text by Keith Smith, editor of "Two Miles From Heaven" the Mott The Hoople Appreciation Society fanzine. (Code D)

GROUNDHOGS - Boogie with us
(Mooncrest / UK) Classic live recordings from the 70's. 4 tracks live in Leeds in 1971 and three tracks live in London 1971, plus six tracks live in Stockholm 1976, with Rick Adams on guitar. (Code C) 

GROUNDHOGS - BBC "Live" in Concert
(Strange Fruit / UK) Two tracks, recorded 24.02.1972 for John Peel's Sunday Concert; Five tracks, recorded 07.12.1972 at Paris Theatre, London and two tracks, recorded 23.05.1974 at Playhouse Theatre, London. (Code C)

GROUNDHOGS - Thank Christ For The Bomb
( EMI / UK ) 1970; Remastered reissue with 3 " BBC Session"-1970/71/74 bonus tracks. Thank Christ For The Bomb was one of their more successful attempts and took them into the UK Album Charts for the first time: 14,00 €

( EMI / UK ) 1971; Remastered reissue with bonus tracks; This is considered to be one of the finest albums of the progressive era. Contains some of McPhee´s most dramatic guitar work with anthemic titles such as "Cherry Red" standing out. It also includes a reading of J.L.Hooker`s "Ground Hog" on the last track, which was another tribute to their mentor. This album reached the nummer 5 spot in the UK, and came out just after their tour with the Rolling Stones: 14,00 €

GROUNDHOGS - Who Will Save The World
( EMI / UK ) Remastered reissue,with the original poster cover.Groundhogs finest progressive-blues rock album,originally released in 1972! 14,00 €

GROUNDHOGS - Live UK Tour '76
(Major League/UK) They added an extra lead guitarist in 1976 allowing Tony McPhee more time to concentrate on his distinctive solos. The band plays a unique set list containing tracks from the "Crosscut saw" album along with some great crowd favourites. "Cherry red" clocks in at over 14 minutes. Coming with a 12 page booklet filled with sleeve/track notes by TONY MCPHEE! 18,00 €

GROUP 1850 - Agemo's trip to mother earth 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1967-1969, limited edition release with 3D cover / 3D glasses and full booklet discographie + 13 bonus tracks, Greatest dutch psychedelic album, mystical, spaced out, cosmic dutch band filled with many diverse psychedelic effects and fantastic songs with an early Pink Floyd Feel. (Code C)

GROUP 1850 - Paradise now 
(Free-NL) 1968 / Total classic Dutch floydian psychedelia brainboggler. Their amazing first album. Indredibly spaced-out psych rock with long tracks, stoned vocals, fantastic acid leads. (Code C)

GRUPO CIRUELA - Regreso al origen 
(Condor-MEX) 1973 Mexican progressive rock quartet, the vocals are in English. Incredibly loud Mexican hard psych with acid/fuzz attacks all over, howling, manacing vocals. (Code E)

GUADALQUIVIR - same/Comino del Concierto
(Rama Lama/SP) This double set gives you both of Guadalquivir's EMI albums (from 1978 and 1980 respectively) complete in one set, all remastered from the original master tapes. "Their first album is one of the best Spanish fusion albums of the 70's - merging jazz, flamenco and other folk influences perfectly and always with a strong rhythmic accent in their music. The music is instrumental with alternating solos on electric guitar and soprano sax, augmented by a busy rhythm section, handclapping and acoustic guitar (plus guests) Most importantly though - the seven compositions are full of memorable and distinctive tunes. The second album followed a similar path, but had less flamenco influences"! 17,00 €

GUALBERTO - Edición limitada
( Warner / SP ) 3-CD set; GUALBERTO was the leader and guitar player of the legendary group SMASH. Here are the four albums he released between 1975/1979. The first and second LPs, "A la vida, al dolor" and "Vericuetos", are absolute progressive masterpieces (entirely sung in English), with exquisite use of sitar, violins and also a flamenco flavour. Not to be missed by anyone minimally interested in psychedelia and progressive. The third album is a classical music experiment, and the fourth (recorded together with Agujetas), is flamenco music. As the title says, this complete set is a limited edition! 22,00 €

GUESS WHO - Shakin'all over! 
(Sundazed-US) Though they found worldwide fame in 1969 the Guess who had been scoring hard rockin' hits in Canada since 1965's ferocious 'Shakin all over'. Now, spurred by the unearthing of vintage masters and with the help on Randy BACHMAN, Sundazed music have gathered 24 of their most intensely rockin' records from 1963-1967. With many track in true in stereo and a handful of cuts that have not seen the daylight for more than 30 years, this album is the ultimate distillation of the seismic sounds of the early GUESS WHO! (Code E)

GURNEMANZ - No rays of noise 
(Penner-G) 1977 / Plus 11 bonus tracks live in the Cologne aera 1978-1979. Awesome German progressive folk with elaborate arrangements, fluid playing, alternate male / female vox, should fit easily next to Opo, Spriguns etc.... (Code C)

GURU GURU - Hinten 
(Spalax-F) With the same line-up, the subsequent album from 1971, saw a refinement of style, with composition replacing free-form jamming and great guitar solos. (Code C) 

GURU GURU - Live & Unreleased 
(Spalax-G) This CD-Digipak release contains two live tracks from 1972, and six tracks in "Conny Plank's sessions from Uli Trepte, recorded in 1974. (all of which were previously unavailable) (Code C)

GURU GURU - Live in Essen 1970
(GOD-075) The bands on the 3rd Essen POP & BLUES FESTIVAL in the Gruga Hall included GURU GURU. This is the live recording of their gig, taken direct from the soundboard by the organiser. Included 36 page colour booklet. (Code C)

GURU GURU - same 
(Repertoire-G) In February 1973, the group's fourth album, "Guru Guru", was released. Here the band presented it's best known song "Der Electrolurch", a focal point in concert and an inspiration to Mani Neumeier's stage antics. Guru Guru became a very important release, not only for the band, but for the entire German Rock scene in General. ( Code C )

GURU GURU - Tango Fango 
(Repertoire-G) "Tango Fango" appeared three years later (in April 1976) and this time Guru Guru was no longer a trio, but a six-piece featuring (among other) Karthago members Ingo Bischoff and Tommy Goldschmid. The style was even more open to improvisation: Neumeier & Co experimented with Tango and Bossanova rhythms, yodeling and pure rock music, and earned the respect and praise of critics and fans alike. (Code C)

(Spalax-F) Guru Guru were one of the hottest bands on the scene and were promptly signed by OHR records and the first album recorded in 1970, making the extraordinary free-form rock album Ufo. This proved to be amongst the ultimate musical acid-trips, with greatly condensed versions of music trashed out in concert jams. Titles like "Stone In" and "Der LSD-Marsch" instantly tell us where they were at! With rattling drums, scuttling, shuddering bass, and swamp full of guitars, with vocals used mainly for effect, incredible through and through, right down to the ultimate space-trip, "UfO". (Code C)

GURUS - The Gurus Are Hear!
( Sundazed / US ) The stuff of longplaying-legends and vinyl-myths, the Gurus waxed two stunning singles for United Artists Records in 1966, both 45's in sky high-demand within the haunted worlds of garage and psych collectors worldwide. And here's where it gets really interesting...a full-length Gurus' album was also recorded, designed, and advertised for release in early 1967, but was ultimately shelved before its issue for reasons unknown...At the top of psych-lovers' wish lists everywhere, we're proud to announce that Sundazed has researched, excavated, and resurrected the entire unissued Gurus' project from the vaults of EMI/United Artists, in all of it's psychedelic, raga-infused glory...another Sundazed first!:15,00 €

GYGAFO - Legend of the Kingfisher 
(Background-UK) An excellent album with similarities to Cressida / Spring . A Masterpiece from the Holyground stable circa 1973 which manages to push progressive music into another dimension two astonishing extra non-albumtracks. (Code E)

GYPSY - Brenda and the Rattlesnake 
(SPM-G) Reissue on CD, the second album from 1972.Hard-rock,with melodic-folky touch, with two guitars. Don't change by mistake this British GYPSY with an American band with the same name! (Code C)

GYPSY - same 
(SPM-G) Formerly released in the UK in 1971 on the United Artist label. It's great hard-rock, with sometimes very melodic music, sometimes with a nice folky touch. (Code C)

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