Malesch Records                

H.P. LOVECRAFT - First & Second 
(Collectable-US) 1967 / 69 two LP's on one CD. US classic dark psychedelic masterpiece, with classically-trained singer, gave the band a unique and distinctive sound effectively supplemented by Michaels powerfull keyboard playing, weird sound effects, brain frying guitar, mystical, lush orchestration. Great!!! From the Mastertape. (Code C)

H.P. LOVECRAFT - Live May 11 1968 
(Sundazed-US) Killer Live in perfect stereo by this classic US 60's West coast band, 8 great live tracks. (Code C)

HACKENSACK - Give it some 
(Audio-Archives-UK) 1969/72 Gritty, raw UK wild hard blues rock with razorblade-swalloing vocals and great guitar work, 15 previously unreleased track, with full band history. (Code E)

HACKENSACK - Live the hard way 
(Audio-Archives-UK) Recorded for Swiss radio in 1973 this powerhouse perfomance is taken direct from the master without any interference to the brutality of the recording. (Code E)

HACKENSACK - Up the hardway 
(SPM-G) 1974 / UK bluesy hard-rock classic. (Code C)

HAIKARA - Geafar 
(Elektro-FIN) 1974 / Plus 4 bonus tracks. Finnish second album of superb complex progressive gem. Long tracks with mucho rhythm changes, guitar leads, organ roaring, raw vox. (Code E)

HAIKARA - same
(Fazer/US) Debut album by one of the most legendary Finnish progressive bands. Featuring the superb keyboard wizard Vesa Lattunen. 5 Long tracks featuring keyboards, flutes, wah wah guitars and a dramatic feeling. Another Scandinavian jewel: 17,00 €

HAIRY CHAPTER - Eyes / Can't get through 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 2 albums on 1 CD / Hairy Chapter was a highly talented heavy underground group of the early Kraut year, psychedelic to excellent Bluesrock and highly progressive rock.(Code D)

HAIZEA - same 
(Metavox-Corea-Import) / Reissue of the debut album by Basque psychedelic-folk band HAIZEA. Regarded as one of Europes best progressive folk-psych albums of all time, featuring some melancholic dreamy psychedelic guitars and fantastic oboe. (Code G)

HALLELUJAH - Hallelujah Babe
( Long Hair / G ) Psychedelic rock project of well known musicians from Munich's psychedelic and underground rock scene, Paul Vincent and Keith Forsey (of Amon Düül II, Doldingers Motherhood etc.) with top English session musicians Rick Kemp and Pete Wood, recorded 1971 in London's Trident Studios. Influenced by Sid Barretts Pink Floyd and a touch of the Beatles "A Day In The Life". The tracks show the great talent of songwriter Paul Vincent, an accessible blend of psychedelic and progressive styles. Great and highly recommended album with one bonus track,informative booklet,digitally remastered from the original tapes by Paul Vincent himself! 15,00 €

HANDS - same
( Shroom / US ) Hands were a previously unknown Texas band who existed from 1977-1980. This was their first (and definitely the best) release of their archival recordings, and it features them as a sextet of multi-keyboards, flutes/saxes, guitars, viola, bass, drums, vocals and more. At its best, parts of this are rather Happy The Man like; and even approach the greatness of Happy The Man! With excellent sound and a huge booklet telling the story of the band, and featuring lots of photos! 15,00 €

HANNIBAL - same 
(GRT-G) 1970 / UK; Underrated english progressive crew in the same vein as Raw Material strong vocals, urgent feel.... (Code C)

(Polydor / SW) Swedish Digipack- 14 track compilation 1967-1969 featuring Jan "Loffe" Carlsson & Bo "Keyboard wizard" Hansson. (Code C)

HANUMAN - same 
(Ohrwaschl-G) The Band took the Murphy Blend sound, without the classical style, hinting at Out of Focus, but more lyrical and offbeat. (Code C)

HAPPY THE MAN - 3rd "Better late" 
(Cuneiform-US) This is the final demo tape made by Happy the Man. It was recorded in February, 1979 at the band house in Reston, Virginia, using a Teac 3340 4-track recorder. Basic tracks were recorded live by all members, flute, sax, vocals and some solos were overdubbed. (Code E)

HAPPY THE MAN - Beginnings 
(Cuneiform-US) This Recordings is a collection of music from Happy the Man's first two years 1974-1975. Featuring material never before released, the album offers an hour of meticulously-crafted compositions. (Code E)

HAPPY THE MAN - Crafty Hands 
(Musea-F) 1978 / Progressive and Canterbury style, with complex and captivating writing, full of permanent surprise which make the eponymous opus and "Crafty Hands" real successes. (Code C)

HAPPY THE MAN - Death's Crown 
(Cuneiform-US) This is a "new" album taken out of the band's archives and was due in 1974 before cancelled by the record company. Available at last, it gives us the opportunity to enjoy the clever and sublet music played by a band capable of developing elaborated themes with loads of breaks and diverse suites in the style of CAMEL or even CARAVAN, with moreover the same incredible harmonies between saxophone keyboards and guitar. The music is complex but always melodious and refined. (Code E)

(Cuneiform-US) Recorded 1978 at the Cellar Door, Washington, DC and at Louie's Rock City, Falls Church, VA. (Code E)

(Musea-F) 1977 / A superb American progressive group, creating a hyper refined and elaborated music with lots of breaks and tempo changes, showing a rare instrumental richness (two keyboards, saxophone, flute, guitar, vocals & percussions) and remarkable talents of composers. (Code C)

HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT -Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids
(Repertoire / G) 1967 / One of the Psychedelic "freak out" scene's most sought after releases and one of the oddest "groups" ever to release a record. Basically the brainchild of producer Guy Stevens. Hapshash also featured graphic designer Michael English and boutique owner Nigel Waymouth and the five LSD influenced tracks on this collector`s CD showed the trio taking the 60s "free spirit" stance to new and uncharted areas. A classic of it's time! 14,00 €

(Repertoire / G) 1969 / The talents of Groundhogs guitarist Tony McPhee and songwriter Mike Batt can be heard on this strange LP, the second and final release from Hapshash. The ultra rare ´Colinda`single is included amongst its 10 featured tracks! 14,00 €

HARDIN, TIM - Essential-Classic 1963-1980 
(Raven-AUS) This CD brings together the entire Tim Hardin saga, from 1963 to 1980. It's rare treat to dfind an extensive collection of this artist. (27 tracks) (Code D)

( Cherry Red / UK ) San Diego's Hardtimes were one of those oddities of the 1960's...the unknown group who had more exposure than most stars! regular stars themselves of Dick Clark's TV show "Where The Action Is!" along with The Robbs and Paul Revere And The Raiders among others, they had the nationwide exposure other acts only dreamt of...their records were produced at various times by legendary jazz producer and World Pacific Records boss Dick Bock, Byrd's manager/producer Jim Dickson, and their close friend Mama Cass Elliot....and darn fine records they were too!.....more than justifying their hefty latter day price tags.… Well loved and much discussed among fans of Softpop, garage punk and folk-rock alike, this first ever CD release includes their complete World Pacific album, all their exciting and garagey non-album singles, and their last recording (as the New Phoenix) produced by Mama Cass Elliot......members went on to T.I.M.E., Steppenwolf, and The Union Gap, but none of these excellent bands were a patch on The Hardtimes! This is the first time ever on CD for this album and included are many unpublished photos of the group plus detailed liner notes with interviews with the band members. A must for fans of Softpop, garage Rock, Psychedelia and Folk Rock! 15,00 €

HARPER, ARTHUR LEE - Dreams & Images/Love is Revolution 
(Papa's Choice-Korea) Both fantastic album by California folkie, now available on 1 CD. The first album recorded in 1967, being a bit more soft-psych-folk while the 2nd private released album was more psychedelic and rockier. Originally the first from 1968 and the second recorded in 1969.

HARPER, JESSE - Guitar Absolution 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Reissue of unreleased acetate recording by this seminal guitarists, remastered from the only known copy of original acetate, great effects laden guitar playing from New Zealand who worked with Human Instinct. Originally released 1969. Now in new cover sleeve and liner note. (Code E)

HARPER, ROY - Folkjokeopus
(Science Friction / UK) Original release in 1969. "McGoogan's Blues" is featured on this late 60's release, inspired by the cult TC series "The Prisoner"(Code D)

HARPER, ROY - Flat Baroque and Berserk
(Science Friction / UK) Flat Baroque And Berserk, which was fairly typical folk singer fare. Much of it is rather irritating but I Hate The White Man is a poignant socio-political song; How Does It Feel was similar but better; Tom Tiddler's Ground is typical druggy early seventies folk; and it also included a song called Hell's Angels about their life style. With arrangements by David Bedford and musical accompaniment by Tony Visconti on "Tom Tiddler's Ground ",this is one of his most important albums. It received critical acclaim on it's release in 1970.(Code D) 

HARPER, ROY - Stormcock
(Science Friction / UK) Originally released on EMI 1971,this album contains, the following Harper classic; "Me And My Woman", "Same Old Rock" (featuring Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page) and "One Man Rock 'n' Roll Band". A more mature work given the distinctive string arrangements by David Bedford. The CD booklet contains full lyrics: (Code D)

(Science Friction / UK) 1975 saw the release of HQ, on which Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour gusted (in return he sang lead vocals on Have A Cigar on their Wish You Were Here album). In the Spring, he toured the UK and put together a new support band which included Bill Bruford and Chris Spedding for this purpose. However, the punters were largely disinterested and they disbanded in July 1975. The following year, Harper relocated his operation to the States, where he put together a modified version of Trigger to help promote HQ: (Code D)

HARPER, ROY - Bullinamingvase 
(Science Friction / UK) 1977 / Includes vocal contributions from Paul & Linda McCartney on "One of those days in England part 2-10".Other guest musicians include Ronnie Lane, Alvin Lee, Andy Roberts and the Vault Symphony Orchestra : (Code D) 

HARPER, ROY - Jugula 
(Science Friction / UK) 1985 / This collaboration with Jimmy Page reached the UK top 20 and features the blistering "Nineteen forty-eighish" and one of Harper`s most overtly political songs "Hangman" (Code D)

(Sundazed-US) The final album of these US pop-sike soft rock, plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code C)

HARPERS BIZARRE - Anything goes 
(Sundazed-US) First time CD release of rare 60s pop-sike album, taken from the original master tapes, featuring 2 bonus cuts. With heavenly harmonies and an upbeat. (Code C)

HARPERS BIZARRE - Feelin' Groovy 
(Sundazed-US) First time CD release of rare 60s pop-sike album, taken from the original master tapes, featuring 2 bonus cuts. These California soft-rock gurus launched their career with Paul Simon's 59th street Bridge song (Feelin' Groovy), a 1967 US chart. (Code C)

HARPERS BIZARRE - The secret life of Harpers Bizarre 
(Sundazed-US) The third album from 1968 of rare pop-sike soft-rock, plus 2 bonus cuts. (Code C)

(Angelair-UK) "Funkist" is considered to be the "missing link" in Bobby Harrison's career - coming as it does between the two legendary bands Freedom and Snafu. Previously only available on vinyl in the US this Angel Air release showcases a bunch of top-notch British rock legends: Micky Moody, (later of Whitesnake), Herbie Flowers (one-time Blue Mink, laid down the classic bass-line on Lou Reed's "Take A Walk On The Wild Side", later with Sky), drummers Ian Paice (Deep Purple) and Clem Cattini (ex-The Tornados), guitarists Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) and Henry McCulloch (Wings, The Grease Band) keyboard player Matthew Fisher (ex-Procol Harum) and vocalist Ray Owen (ex-Juicy Lucy). Bobby Harrison was one of the original members of Procol Harum, when the group recorded the famous hit single "A Whiter Shade Of Pale". After this he formed Freedom and in 1972 recorded "Funkist" with Roger Saunders (guitar) and Walter Monagham (bass). (Code D)

HART, TIM & MADDY PRIOR - Heyday - Anthology
( Castle / UK ) 2-CD; This anthology combines all three pre-STEELEYE SPAN albums, which were previously released on the Teepee label. These two are well-known folk artists who were also members of Steeleye Span: In these days of consummate instrumental playing-fast jigs and reels tec-it is quite refreshing to hear traditional songs presented with a minimum of fuss or accompaniment, but which such obvious enjoyment. As a duo, Tim Hart and Maddy Prior made three albums of traditional material and these are collectively presented on this anthology for the first time. ( Folk Songs Of The Olde England - Volume 1 /1968 )( Folk Songs Of The Olde England- Volume 2 / 1969)( Summer Solstice / 1971). Seemingly stranded by time and change, these albums exert an ever-growling appeal to those looking for a certain grace, texture and modesty in their music! 18,00 €

(Dodo Rec.-I) Reissue of 1971 album by this trio although another 4 musicians were involved. A Christian band with a psych rock inspiration and some real life fuzz guitar stunts. (Code C)

(Silence-SW) Reeissue on CD of sole mega rare album by Swedish 70's psychedelic rock band Harvester. The missing link between Parson Sound and Trad, Gras Och Steinar. Previously know as International Harvester, they changed their name into Harvester. A Masterpiece of Acid-soaked free jam psychedelia, plus one bonus track: Originally released in 1970. (Code E)

HAWK - African Day 
(Fresh / SA) South African Import... It's dark and still in the chief's village protected by the mountains of the great southern regions of Africa. So began the greatest Afro rock epic concept album ever made. It's HAWK's debut! Including the 17 minute titles track "Kissed by the Sun", their evocative version of "Here comes the Sun" of the Beatles, and four bonus live tracks from 1971,plus rare photos and in-depth liner notes: ( Code F)

HAWKWIND -The Elf & The Hawk
( Black Widow / I ) It is great to see the Hawkfan fanzine album project that has finally come to light after all of these years. This is basically like the Friends and Relations series that came out in the mid-80's, but this concept has been in the works much longer. Has madness from all of the usual cast of freaks that have been associated with the band for years: 15,00 €

HÄX CEL - Zwai
(Garden of Delights-G) A fusion of classical music and elements of progressive rock from 1972 (English lyrics) The two tracks of their single, also released in 1972, are included as bonus tracks on the current CD. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) A great out psychedelic classic from USA-1968. Haunting femme vox, fuzz blasts, pumping rhythm section. (Code C)

(Audio-Archives-UK) US 1970 progressive rock, with big sludgy guitars, a heaving hammond and broody Doors-like tortured vox make this one not to miss. (Code E)

HAZCHEN - Strange Attractor 
(SPM-G) DRACHEN THEAKER'S favoured project now finally on CD. Members of HIGH TIDE and EAR BAND, supported by very competent musicians. They have created a masterpiece. You`ll hear exceptional space rock, influenced from Jazz and Indian music. The CD was No. 1 on the playlist of Italien Rockerilla magazine. (Code C)

HAZE - Hazecolor Dia 
(Second Battle Digipack-G) 1971 / German excellent progressive rockworks featuring many impressive instrumental passage, but only their lead singers voice sounded sometimes a little bit strange, as if somebody just got him by the balls. (Code D)

(Audio Archives / UK) 1973 / This album is now a rare collectors' item, not least because it appears to have been recorded by The Gods under pseudonym. Musically it veers towards heavy rock with most tracks being pretty heavy with driving guitar work. The title cut and Climax are the pick of the bunch, whilst Make The Feeling Last and The Girl Who Loved, The Girl Who Loved are softer and subtler numbers. Lyrically (if it isn't obvious from the titles) the album basically deals with sex. (Code E)

HEAD SHOP - same
(World in Sound/G) "DO YOU WANT HEAD? BLOW YOUR MIND WITH THE HEAD SHOP ALBUM!" screams a commercial ad in New York's Screw magazine in l969. Here's the CD reissue from the original mastertape, including bios, photos and 7 bonus tracks. The album was produced and arranged by Milan, aka Rick Rodell, and Max Ellen, both professionals in the music business. The band had garagy roots and evolved from Household Sponge to The Head Shop. Milan´s project that time was Licorice Schtik. Both outfits released a 45 record, which are 4 bonus tracks on this CD. This New York psychedelic underground project has its unique sound: soulful vocals, flying Hammond organ, fuzzy bass, distorted lead guitars, lots of percussive--and weird--rhythm instruments, plus several unexpected stereo effects. Larry Coryell features as "wailing" guest musician on the track, " I Feel Love Comin´ on". "Listen with the Third Ear," and this album with 9 musical chapters leads you into new musical and audiophile dimensions of psychedelic and progressive music. Contains an 8-page booklet and poster. (commercial ad, Screw, August 1969): 15,00 €

HEAVY BALLOON - 32.000 Pound / 16 ton 
(Lyrical-S. D.-CAN) 1969 / Wild US bluesy acid-rock, with fuzzguitar, Highlight: Barnyard Blues. (Code C)

(Rubber-UK) 70's album by UK geordie folk rock band. Much in the vein of TREES or PENTANGLE with some nice distorted electric guitars, plus a ultra rare bonus track. (Code E)

(Garageland / SW) An unreleased gem from 1974. This is typical Nordic prog in that era. Guitar based progressive rock with Swedish folk tone in the vein of Trettioåriga Kriget & Kebnekajse. A piece of Swedish music history !!! Very good ! (Code C)

HELP YOURSELF - Strange Affair / Happy Days 
(BGO-UK) The return of Ken Whaley / 3rd album on double CD (1972-73) UK rual psych with fluid guitar leads, rustic vibe. (Code E)

HENDERSON, BUGS - Heartbroke again 
(Blues Flame-I) beautiful Digipack and 4 pages booklet / Live in St. Louis 19th july 1986, in superb sound quality with the great gitarist Henderson by ex Mouse & Traps / musically a psych blues classic. (Code C)

HENSLEY, KEN - Eager to please 
(Repertoire-G) Basically a collaboration with Colosseum bassist Mark Clark "Eager to please" was keyboard wizard Hensley's second solo outing and was originally released in 1975, during a break in Uriah Heep's activities. The superb musicianship on this 10 track album only served to further enhance Hensley's role as Rock's No.1 keyboardist. (Code C)

HENSLEY, KEN - Proud words on a dusty shelf 
(Repertoire-G) Hensley was a founder member of and organist in the GODS who later became TOE FAT shortly after his departure in November 1969 to URIAH HEEP. His debut solo album, featured Uriah Heep members Lee Kerslake and Gary Thain and was recorded whilst he was still with the band. It was nowhere near as heavy as the music he was playing with them at the time, though. Hensley wrote and arranged all of the album's 10 tracks and played nearly all of the instruments. (Code C)

(Distortion-US) Tony McPhee is noted as being the bluesiest UK blues guitarists alive as leader of the mighty GROUNDHOGS for ever 30 years. The CD contains rare Groundhogs material from 1965 as all the available tracks by British Mod/psych outfit from 1966 `Herbal Mixture´ which featured Tony McPhee. (Code C)

HERON - same 
(Si-Wan-KOREA) 1970 / Well crafted, subdued, rual rock with a similar, spacious open-air vibe as Parlour Band / Northwind. (Code G)

HEYOKA - The Lost Heyoka Recordings
( Shroom / US ) Previously unreleased recordings of a supremely talented American progressive rock band circa 1970-1984.Little is known this San Antomio based band. With a small handful of 45´s and a cassette as a discographie, one has to delve pretty deep to find information on this band. It can be said that Heyoka´s music features two distinct styles, a progressive hard rock sound that reminds one of Jethro Tull and Kansas and also a more straight ahead style that recalls Grand Funk Railraod. With twin electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and flute. A classic! Limited numered edition of 300 CD! 15,00 €

( Merry Go Round / Korea ) Reissue on CD of ULTRA RARE album by legendary pre-B.F. TRIKE band' HICKORY WIND' from Texas. Sounding a lot in style of acid rock period Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. This CD also features 4 UNRELEASED 'BF TRIKE' tracks as bonus. Housed in nice high quality paper-sleeve! 20,00 €

HIGH TIDE - A fierce Nature 
(SPM-G) These new recordings from the 1990's show TONY HILL as a pphenomental guitarist and singer, perfect supported by drummer DRACHEN THEAKER. Now the band is very close to the first two albums which they have done 28 years ago, but that only documents how much they were in the 1970's ahead of their time.(Code C)

HIGH TIDE - Ancient Gates 
(SPM-G) On this CD you will hear new recordings (and very long songs) which show the band on a new creative peak. The influence of indian music comes from drummer DRACHEN THEAKER and the Phenomental Indian singer SUSHI KRISHNAMURTHI. But all these musical adventures are no problem for guitarist TONY HILL. (Code C)

HIGH TIDE - Open seasons 
(Black Widow-I) All unreleased material by one of UK's heaviest underground bands, of the early 70's led by ex-Misunderstood axe man Tony Hill material span's the period 1971-1990 and includes 2 new track by Tony Hill and Pete Pavli. (Code C)

HIGH TIDE - same 
(Repertoire-G) Their second album from 1970, was of a similar mould and comprised just three tracks; 14 minute Saneonymous, the 8 minute Blankman Gries Again and The Joke, which lasts for over 9 minutes. All three are extended instrumental compositions with occasional vocal interludes. (Code C)

HIGH TIDE - Sea Shanties 
(Repertoire-G) Their first album from 1969, which were for the most part completely infomercial, were characterised elaborate, sometimes over-sophisticated guitar work. (Code C)

HIGH TIDE - The Flood 
(SPM-G) This CD is a sensation because you will hear unreleased tracks (some from the original line up) from 1970 to 1979. They are a result of collaborations between members of RUSTIC HINGE, THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN and HIGH TIDE. (Code C)

HIGH TIDE - The Reason of success 
(SPM-G) It's the fourth CD from HIGH TIDE, released by SPM within one year! TONY HILL surrounded by the nucleus of the old band (Simon House, Peter Pavli) plus current drummer DRACHEN THEAKER, DAVE TOMLIN and even Mr. ANDROID FUNNEL delivers his masterpiece. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) This selftitled album from 1970 was recorded on Philadelphia and actually featured some back up musicians that played with Perry Leopold! Featuring the beautiful and haunting female vovals of Marcie Rauer and musically very spacey, bluesy and psychedelic very similar to that of "Jefferson Airplane", "It's A Beautiful Day" and other Bay-area bands. (Code C)

HIGHWAY - same
( Highway / US ) This limited CD reissue of the only album by HIGHWAY was made by the band in 1990. The original album privately released 1975 in Minnesota was an edition of 500 copies and became a very sought record for heavy, psych & blues collectors. The music by this guitar orientated trio is blues influenced heavy rock with outstanding and variative guitarwork that touches the "extended stoned westcoast-jam feeling". The mostly long compositions with melodic vocals - sometimes remind to a mix of 70´s Westcoast Rock as Copperhead and straight hardrock as the 70´s Ufo stuff, Truth & Janey….! From the Mastertape, 67 mins, incl. 4 bonustracks and cool pictures! (limited stock)! 18,00 €

HILL, TONY - Playing for Time 
(SPM-G) Thefirst solo project from the HIGH TIDE leader. You`ll be abled to listen to the result of several sessions from 1975 to 1989, consisting of acoustic and electric guitar parts. For sometimes you may think you hear the early BOB DYLAN. (Code C)

(DODO) originally released in 1969 on House of Fox label, produced by Lelan Rogers. This Oklahoma based combo recorded a good album of hard rock with lots of acid guitars. (Code C)

(Pan-N) 1972 megarare Norwegian folk-rock with slight prog moves, outdoors-hippy feel, sorta like Parlour Band , more folk though. (Code C)

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE #9 - The collected works 
(Hallucinations-US) Two albums on one CD. From "Songs for Liturgical Workship" 1968 and from "The Torchbears" 1969 / US ultra rare albums containing some amazing Acidic garage/psych larded with mystic messages from the Lord. Original from the Masters. (Code C)

HOME - Live BBC Sessions 1972-1973
(Major League/UK) Much underrated rural psychrock band from UK who made 3 studio album during the early 70's and had guitarist Laurie Wisefield in the line up who later went on to play for Wishbone Ash. Here is a CD full of john Peel sessions, Bobbie Harris shows and BBC live concert series. Including is the complete 'Alchemist' concept album played live. Great document! 18,00 €

HONEYBUS - She flies like A Bird "The Anthology" 
(Castle / UK) 2-CD / Perhaps the most underrated group of their era. HONEYBUS first dented the public's consciousness in 1968 with the exquisite "I can't let Maggie go", just one of an impressive sequence of immaculately-crafted singles. This, the definitive Honeybus compilation, comprises all their Deram, Bell and Warners As & B-sides, the complete Story album; live tracks from the various highly-regarded RADIO 1 sessions; a rare Italian language single; cuts from their aborted 1973 reunion LP,RECITAL and a dozen further studio outtakes and rarities. 51 Total-tracks: (Code E)

HONEYELK - Stoyz vi Dozévéloy 
(Musea-F) Their album from 1979, was a gem, with two highly original tracks. In the tradition of Magma, Honeyelk used their own kind of language, adapting their own words and syllables to fit in with the music. The music was quite different to Magma though, softer and with nice melodic developments faintly resembling Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator playing jazz. The combination of Clarinet, electric piano, synthesisers and electric guitar was unusual and cannot easily be compared to others. (Code C)

HOOKFOOT - Live in Memphis 1972 
(SPM-G) This CD is a sensation because these are the first available live recordings from the band, prepared maybe from the only tapes which have survived the time. One of the most underrated bands from the early 1970's delivers great guitar rock, played in the legendary Ardent Studios for a Radio Show. (Code C)

HOPNEY - Cosmic Rockout 
(DODO) 1974 / Great psychedelic rock from Florida. Awesome hard fuzzy / bluesy guitar leads, strong wasted vocals with a deep feel. (Code C)

HORSES - same
( Gear Fab / US ) Finally, their 1969 release, originally pressed on the White Whale label, home of the TURTLES. This rare gem features the songwriting talents of Carter-Gilbert who wrote great songs like "Incense & peppermints" for the Strawberry Alarm Clock and "That Acapulco road" for the Rainy Daze. Mixing a blend of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jethro Tull, J. Geils and Poco, their vocal harmonies and excellent use of the hammond organ and harmonica make up for a splendid release. 9 Tracks! 15,00 €

HØST - Hardt mot hardt 
(Pan-N) 1976 / The second album; Hard burning prog. rock, great composed tracks, over-the-top leads asaults, strong vocals. etc. (Code C)

HØST - Live & Unreleased 
(Reserch-SW) Fantastic live tracks from 1975, Karlsbad, SW; Reunion gig; Live from Norwegian TV 1978, including story booklet. (Code C)

HØST - Pa starke vinger 
(Pan-N) 1974 / Their first heavy prog. album. Totally brainblasting Norwegian heavy prog. with loud, cooking guitar leads, rhytm changes. (Code C)

HOT THUMBS O'RILEY - Wicked ivory 
(Love / FIN) A Wigwam project from 1972 in a more jazz/blues direction. Featuring PEKKA POHJOLA, JUKKA GUSTAVSON etc. (Code C)

HOYLE, LINDA - Pieces of me
(Angelair-UK) One and only solo album from 1971 of former lead singer of Affinity. Remastered with unseen photos from Linda's personal album and notes by Linda and Mo Foster, on vinyl this album changes hands at a cool £150 a copy! (Code D)

(Cuneiform-US) In 1972 nearing the end of the time with Soft Machine, released Hugh with Pye Hastings (Wilde Flower/Caravan) this album. For the first time, as a bonus track, one of the other "normal" sections of the music is included on this release, a loose jazzy version of the tune "Miniluv". (Code E)

HULL, ALLAN - Pipedreams
( Virgin / UK ) 1973 Hull's first solo album, Pipedream, is well worth investigation. Much of the material dwelt with his earlier career working in a mental hospital. His 1973 45 Numbers later got a further airing on the One More Chance compilation. The follow-up, Squire, was relatively disappointing and he recorded infrequently thereafter until his death a few years back! 15,00 €

HUMAN BEAST - Volume one 
(Deram-JAP) 1970 / Great UK group of tremendous english hard psychedelic killer with lethal fuzz leads, ominous vocals: (limited edition / First press) (Code G)

HUMAN BEINZ - Evolutions 
(Ascension-AUS) Originally released in 1968. Everybody knows their tune "Nobody but me" from 60's garage collectorsto the northern soul scene. But this their third and final album is their overlooked psych/garage masterpiece. (Code E)

HUMAN EXPRESSION - Love at psychedelic velocity 
(Collectable-US) This Los Angeles based psychedelic punk band, with two ultra rare single and demo, previously unreleased songs, pure acid-punk. (Code C)

HUMAN INSTINCT - Burning up years 
(Ascension-AUS) 1970 From New Zealand the great and best hard-fuzz psychedelic rock, furious blasts of full-tilt fuzz rippers, terrific rhytm section, very wild, stoned vocals,from multitalent Jesse Harper.(Code E)

HUMAN INSTINCT - Pins in it 
(Ascension-AUS) 1971 / The third album of psych New Zealand group, including one Pink Floyd track: The Nile song. (Code E)

HUMAN INSTINCT - Singles 1966-1971 
(Ascension-AUS) Exclusive album compiling all the singles released in the UK. New Zealand material originally released on the Mercury / Deram / Pey label. Most of the material appears for the first time on CD, many tracks were never before available on album. (Code E)

HUMAN INSTINCT - Stoned guitar 
(Ascension-AUS) 1970 / The second album with Billy T.K on leads and full tilt-wah-wah guitars. (Code E)

HUMBLE PIE - As Safe As Yesterday
( Castle / UK ) New Re-mastered from original Tapes in Miniatures LP sleeve: After forming in 1969 they soon hibernated to Marriots country cottage to work on their debut album. They were signed by Immediate but frankly the album, As Safe As Yesterday, was patchy, although it made No 32 in the Album Charts. One of its high points was Natural Born Boogie, which gave them their only Top Ten hit when released as a 45. Also of note were the experimental A Nifty Little Number Like You and their cover of Steppenwolf's Desparation! 15,00 €

HUMBLE PIE - Town And Country
( Castle / UK)1969 New Re-mastered from original Tapes in Miniatures LP sleeve: Anyone who thinks of Humble Pie solely in terms of their boogie rock will be greatly surprised with this one. The band`s second release, released in 1969 by Immediate, it is almost entirely acoustic. There is a gently rocking cover of Buddy Holly`s "Heartbeat" and a couple of electrified Steve Marriott numbers, but the overall feel is definitely more of the country than the town or city! 15,00 €

(Hugo Montes-Korea) 1970 / This is the work of sessions musicians including future members of RUMPLESTITKIN and UGLY CUSTARD, swirling freaking organs and various wood instruments accompany guitarist Alan Parker. (Code G)

HUNKA MUNKA - Dedicato A Viaggio 
(BMG-I / Digipack) They recorded a rather ordinary album for Ricordi in 1972 containing 11 short songs. The organ is dominant, with some J. S. Bach influence, but quite light-weight. Carlotto's high-pitched, quivering singing is impish and best compared to Demis Roussos: (Code E) 

(Karma / DK) 3 Bonus tracks-REMIXED REISSUE taken from the original masters from ultra rare album of Danish HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC ROCK band! Excellent heavy psychedelic rock with massive guitars. Originally released in 1971 on CBS. This CD has 3 UNRELEASED tracks that were found on the original master tapes. (Code C)

(Disconforme/SP) Debut album of this Andorra based group is definitely one of the best progressive rock albums to come out in the past years. It is entirely instrumental, with influences from King Crimson, Gong, Magma and the like, and giving their music a feel of free jazz and funky rhythms! 15,00 €

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