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IA - BATISTE - Chichonera's cat
(PDI / SP) Ia Clua & Jordi Batiste were two Catalan musicians who started their career in the late 60's. Batiste was member of the leading psychedelic-progressive group MAQUINA, one of the most legendary groups ever to come out from Barcelona. After leaving MAQUINA, Jordi Batiste got together with Ia Clua and released two excellent albums; the first (Un gran dia) was released in 1971 on the DIABOLO label. The second one, "Chichonera's cat", is from 1975 and came out originally on the EDIGSA label. Musically this album is a blend of progressive, rock & folk, entirely sung in Catalan language. Great stuff! 15,00 €

IBIO - Cuevas De Altamira
(Fonomusic/SP) Digipack; Sole album from 1978 by another great group. Their sound is compared at times with the Italian progressive sound, and definitely it has a lot to do with it, basing its sound on the amazing organ work. Ibio (Like most Spanish groups of this era) used elements from Iberian folk music, but in a more general European symphonic rock setting, which recalls the instrumental Genesis and Focus. Here is wealth of electric guitars, mellotrons, electric pianos and monophonic synthesizers: 15,00 €

ID - The Inner Sound Of The ID
(World in Sound/G) "The Id", an incredible 1967 Los Angeles studio musician project. The members of the group were all playing with other groups, but, came together for rehearse, develop and build the album. In July and August of 1966 they recorded the "Inner Sounds of the ID" album, released in January of 1967, just when the new age of rock and roll had begun. The band ID was featured in a full-page advertisement in Billboard Magazine. The single of The Inner Sounds of the Id, "Short Circuit," along with the title cut, "The Id," and "Boil the Kettle Mother," became popular on the undergound radio stations in L.A. - Billboard gave the song "Short Circuit" a Bullet and very favorable reviews. The executive producer of the group wanted to debut the band in Chicago. The musicians felt they should open in San Francisco, which was more open for "modern", experimental sound. But, The ID went to Chicago and played there for three weeks. Things did not work out and the band returned to Los Angeles. The musicians went their separate ways. "The Inner Sounds of the Id" features rock and roll with various sounds, oriental influences, played in various time signatures like 17/8, 20/8, and 7/4 time, as well as straight-ahead blues/rock in 4/4 time. The title track, longer than 10 minutes is build as a collage, meditative lyrics transmit the vibrations from the deep inside through a mystic, floating sound and cosmic sitar - rock and roll from inner space. The Inner Sounds of the ID, is always an intense and creative album on highest level of musicianship and proficiency. Here you hear the rocknroll roots drifting into psychedelic and progressive music - not comparable to others, it was ahead of its time and maybe it inspired the Beatles for their "Sgt. Pepper" album or Rolling Stones for "Their Satanic Majesties Request". For a brief look at the musicians in The Id: Bandleader, Jerry Cole started with, "The Champs", who had the hit "Tequila" in the early 60s and later worked together with Paul Revere and the Raiders, Steely Dan, Ray Charles, Chicago, The Byrds, Greg Allman and others. Drummer Don Dexter recorded and played with numerous name artists such as Glenn Yarbrough, Ricky Nelson, and Del Shannon, and performed on The Johnny Carson Tonight Show, Ed Sullivan Show and various other TV shows. Both Cole and Dexter are members of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Other members of the group are Rich Cliburn who became the lead guitar player in the hit band, Smith who had the hit, "Baby it's You." Glenn Cass played bass and went into country music and eventually had a TV Show. Norm Cass, Glenn's younger brother, played lead guitar and did arranging for more than 15 years with country music star Gene Watson. This CD contains an extended and informative booklet plus 10 bonus tracks: 15,00 €

IDES OF MARCH - Ideology 
(Sundazed-US) 1965-1968 Chicagos Ides of March recorded a stunning set of joyous, harmony-drenched-pop rock singles. 2 previously unisssued gems and ultra raresingle sides that were never bevor on CD. Included interviews with the band members, and priviously unseen photos. Total 18 tracks. (Code D)

I DRIVE - same
(Second Battle / G) 1972 / UK hardrock crew only released originally in Germany. Finally 'I DRIVE' is available on CD again - this time, however, in the original design as a 2-CD-premium-digipak - complete with an extensive booklet, detailed band bio, many unreleased photos.....and for the first time on CD: The first 'I DRIVE'-single published in 1969, and many rare recordings in addition. And of course all songs come in technically revised and done up quality. Musically, the whole thing can be classified as a mixture of early 70s hard rock and English organ rock. Hard, fast, furious leads, vocals, rhythm section. Speedfreak progressive rock. Just listen to the samples, please! 23,00 €

IF - Europe '72
(Repertoire / G) Dynamic performances are unveiled on this superb´Live´CD by one of Europe´s finest jazz-rock bands. Formed back in 1969. IF started Britain´s most progressive young jazz musicians, including the tenor sax and flute star Dick Morrisey and poll winning guitarist Terry Smith. Together with composer and fellow sax men Dave Quncy, the band recorded a series of excellent albums featuring bluesy lead singer J.W. Hodkinson. The band toured Germany and America and were hailed as successors to Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears. Morissey, Smith and Quincy romp through seven recently discovered `In Concert´performances. This album captures all the excitement of an IF gig when the band were at the peak of their powers! 14,00 €

IF- Waterfall
(Repertoire / G) This present album was released as Waterfall in the US in 1972 and was known as IF-4 in Europe. The idea was to record the album`Live´ in front of an invited audience to capture the spontaneity and excitement of concerts, where the musicians were usually at their best. Rooted in the traditions of jazz, they loved to improvise. The results were epics like "Sector 17", an extended performance that features some dazzling guitar. However, the adherence to the IF concept of performing well-structured song was also to the fore on " Cast No Shadows" and " Throw Myself To The Wind", which emphasise the importance If placed on lyrics. Waterfall stands out as the most commercial song on the album, with both single and radio station versions included here among the bonus tracks. Comes with photos, lines notes and beautiful Digipak release! 14,00 €

(Angel Air-UK) 1969 English weird, jazzy progressive rock with fast fingered leads by Alan Holdworth. (Code C)

IKARUS - same 
(Second Battle-G) Digipack 1971 / German stablemates of WIND, but surpassing that album in rarity. Typical German heavy progressive rock with lenghty tracks, splashing guitar, wild roaring organ, long tracks. A killer album!! (Code C)

(prv.-US) 1969 / Moody, scary 60's psych with twisted melodies and equal lyrics, heavy bass, some great fuzz-guitar lines, really spooky artwork. (Code E)

IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED - Catch A Singing Bird On The Road 
(Long Hair-G) The second album from 1973 by this great German band. A very cool sound, what the Americans refer to as "laid back". The style of the compositions is lean towards Country-west coast rock, with a home recorded version "THE DARK LORD" as BONUS track, recited by famous Austrian poet wordsmith H.C. ARTMANN, sophisticated compositions with intelligent lyrics, great mellotron on "HUMPHREY BOGART", and fine guitar work (acoustic and electric) (Code C)

(Long Hair-G) 3rd album (1976) of brilliant German band in the tradition of Beatles, Birds and Eagles. 12 catchy songs with remarkable hook lines produced by David Hitchcock (early Genesis, Caravan etc.) and recorded in London CBS-Studio. "Suicide Road" in a vocal version of the main theme from Wim Wenders film "Kings of the Road", of which Soundtrack was composed by ISL. "If I Could Read Her Mind" is definitely one of the best ballads we ever heard. Highly recommended! (Code C)

(Long Hair-G) Soundtracks of Wim Wender's movie "Kings of the Roads" and Erwin Keusch's "Das Brot des Bäckers" and "Soweit das Auge reicht". All in all 21 tracks including 2 bonus tracks, never before released titles of German Band IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED. Mainly instrumental, the songs show great emotions and perfect performance. Musically in the vein of former albums "Catch A Singing Bird On The Road" and "Rathbone Hotel". Digitally remastered from the mastertapes and with extensive and comprehensive booklet. Highly recommended! (Code C)

(Long Hair-G) Release first time on CD: This German psychedelic Pop-rock band released originally in 1971 a double album on Liberty / U.A./ 17 tracks, over 70 minutes. A direction like BEATLES-"White Album", but more psychedelic songs. Every track is pure emotional music, plenty more of lyrical sound with superb flute and great harmony vocals, included a 17 min track "A soldiers songbook" from the Beatnik-Film "Wer im Glashaus liebt oder der Graben" by Michael Verhoeven. A real gigantic musical trip! (Code C)

(Long Hair / G) The 5th CD of Nuremberg's finest (and one of Germany's greatest) contents their early singles, soundtracks to films and TV productions including a lot of previously unreleased tracks to satisfy their numerous fans. Wonderful songs influenced by the beat era and the psychedelic music of the late 60's. Funny and competent lyrics combined with fresh and well played music show the great talent of the band playing on a very high standard. Excellent sound quality, informative booklet. Highly recommended! 15,00 €

IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED - The Ultimative Collection
(Long Hair/G, LHC 32-37) 6-CD collection in gatefold sleeve LP-cover size. Contains all previously released Improved Sound Limited 5 CD's (eponymous double album, Catch A Singing Bird On The Road, Rathbone Hotel, Road Trax, The Final Foreword, and one bonus CD "Bell Cantos, Ezra Pound Revisited") with music the band recorded in 1969 for Bavarian Radio with heavy fuzz guitar, moog synthesizer, music of that time, a little bit experimental but constantly melodic (no white noise). This is the ultimate collection for all lovers of good music. Improved Sound Limited's music is influenced by Beatles, Byrds and (early) Eagles, always trying to create the perfect song with occasionally psychedelic and progressive influences. Improved Sound Limited is also well known for their soundtrack contribution for Wim Wenders film "Kings Of The Road" (deutscher Titel "Im Lauf der Zeit") and other soundtracks. This 6 CD-LP-Coverbook comes with 64 pages full of coloured booklet (12 cm x 27 cm) with additional artwork, texts, pictures and so on. Highly recommended, a highlight for each collection and the perfect gift for all occasions. Limited Edition! 89,95 €

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - 5000 Spirits / Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
(Collectors Choice/US) 2 CDs / Quite possibly the ISB's best two albums and neither of them have been available on a twofer before! 1967's 5000 Spirits saw the increasing influence of Middle Eastern music, the result of the pair's travels to Morocco and Afghanistan, while Hangman, their 1968 release, is generally considered their masterpiece, with the winding A Very Cellular Song and the sublime album-closer Nightfall particular highlights. A Collectors' Choice Music exclusive! Includes from 5000 Spirits-the wonderful "First Girl I Loved", "Chinese White", "No Sleep Blues", "Painting Box", "The Mad Hatter's Song," "Little Cloud", "The Eyes of Fate", "Blues for the Muse", "The Hedgehog's Song", "You Know What You Could Be", "My Name Is Death", "Gently Tender" and "Way Back in the 1960s." From Hangman - "Koeeoaddi There", "The Minotaur's Song", "Witches Ht", "A Very Cellular Song", "Mercy I Cry City", "Waltz of the New Moon", "The Water Song", "Three Is a Green Crown", "Swift As the Wind" and "Nightfall". (Code E)

(Collectors choice / US) 2 CDs / Two more beautiful records, these 1968 and 1969 releases feature such ISB faves as You Get Brighter; The Yellow Snake, and Lordly Nightshade. Recommended! Includes from Wee Tam "Job's Tears", "Puppies", "Beyond the Sea", "Yellow Snake", "Log Cabin Home in the Sky", "You Get Brighter", "The Half-Remarkable Question", "Air" and "Ducks on a Pond". From The Big Huge- "Maya", "Greatest Friend", "Son of Noah's Brother", "Lordly Nightshade", "Mountain of God", "Cousin Caterpillar", "Iron Stone", "Douglas Traherne Harding" and "The Circle Is Unbroken". An incredible Collectors' Choice Music release! (Code E) 

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - Changing Horse / I looked up
(Collectors choice / US) 2 CDs / Another exclusive pairing from Collectors' Choice Music! With two tracks clocking in at around 15 minutes, Changing Horses is Mike Heron and Robin Williamson at their most adventurous and off-the-cuff, while I Looked Up goes for a slightly more rock-ish feel, with Fairport Conventioneer Dave Mattacks on drums. 1969 and 1970 releases. Includes from Changing Horses- "Big Ted", "White Bird", "Dust Be Diamonds", "Sleepers Awake", "Mr. And Mrs." and "Creation". From I Looked Up - "Black Jack Davey", "Letter", "Pictures in a Mirror", "This Moment", "When You Find Out Who You Are" and "Fair As You". (Code E)

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - The 1967 Chelsea Sessions
(Mooncrest / UK) This CD brings together what survives of those "demo" recordings. Of the thirteen songs here, six were retained on the album: Robin´s First Girl I Loved, The Eyes Of Fate, The Mad Hatter´s Song and Blues for the Muse, and Mike´s Gently Tender and Little Cloud. Compared to the album versions, the arrangements sometimes sound a little tentative; the songs` potential is perhaps less fully realised. But there in a freshness and a coltish zest to the performances that more than compensates for the rough edges. And, of course these versions will provide endless fascination for those of a trainspotterly disposition: check out, for instance, the slight differences in the lyrics to "Mad Hatter" and "Blues For The Muse"; or bliss out to those buzzing gimbri lines on "Gently Tender", decreed superfluous to requirements for the album version! 17,00 €

INDESCRIBABLY DELICIOUS - Good enough to eat! 
(Arkama) Digipack /1969/ Originally released on All American label. It`s a mixed bag, from soft melodic hippie-pop through o some pretty heavy psych rock. In between there`s a some-what drippy version of the Who`s Kids are alright, a funky work song. (Code C)

(REP-G) 1971 / UK band contains 8 superb slices of early 70`s blues influenced prog. rock; A great classic CD. (Code C)

(1969-1970) (Kissing Spell-UK) Formed in 1969 from the ashes of legendary underground UK bands THE FLIES and CYMBALINE. The band introduce a psychedelic progressive pop sound, previously not heard, with a driving Hammond organ plus the band's unique harmonies. Much more heavily progressive than FLIES or CYMBALINE. (Code E)

(Ascension-AUS) Their first album which originally released in 1968-outta New York mastered from original tapes. Highly sought after album. Think new York esp free jazz meets San Francisco psychedelia via folk-semlances to Fairfield Convention / Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.(Code E)

(Silence-SW) 1968 / Total classic from the Swedish underground. Pioneering acid psych that sounds like a jam between Amon Düül II, Grateful Dead. (Code E)

(Sundazed/US) Just before Gram Parsons cut a wide swath through American music with Sweetheart Of The Rodeo-era Byrds and the Flying Burrito Bros., he forged a new musical genre with the seminal 1967 country-rock sides he cut with his legendary International Submarine Band. Sundazed Music, in conjunction with Shiloh Records, is proud to present a compact disc release of the ISBs highly collectible Safe At Home album, taken for the first time from the pristine, two-track stereo LHI-label masters, now sporting accurate original artwork, rare photos and a revealing new essay by noted author Sid Griffin. They have added the last piece to the jigsaw puzzle by remarrying the originally unissued track Knee Deep In The Blues (recorded during the Safe At Home sessions) to this resoundingly important musical statement. Its a young, confident Gram Parsons here, showing the world hes ready for business and firing the first volley in an amazing<if too brief<career that would soon stand the rock & roll world on its ear: 15,00 €

INVISIBLE - El Jardin de los presentas 
(Columbia-ARG) 3rd and final album where Spinetta fuses tango-influences with rock, which was quit trendy in those days. Also some King Crimson/Genesis influences can be heard. (Code H)

(EMI-Odeon-ARG) The first album from 1974 / Plus 6 bonus tracks. 1st stunning album by Argentinian complex progressive rock like Campo di Marte / Gentle Giants. This Cd reissue is now very rare. (Code I)

IOTA - same
(Shadoks / G) From the archives of the legendary El Paso, Texas "Suemi" label comes this previously unreleased psych masterpiece by IOTA. This 4 piece tore up Texas before re-locating to Memphis to record for HI Records in the late 60's. They released 2 great 45's, including the amazing "Within These Precints" in 1971. Too dark and disturbing for commercial radio. On this album are completed the best tracks recorded both in Memphis and El Paso. Wailing guitar, swirling organs and strong vocals. (Code C)

(Voodoo-B) 1971 / plus 7 bonus cuts. This band from Belgium, is killer hardrock with seering leads and really strong vocals, well composed songs icl. Singles tracks. Limited edition and rar!! (Code E)

IRMIN'S WAY - Opus/Destroy 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1975 unreleased album from the Anglo-German band, with english vox, long symphonic progressive tracks, heavy guitars, complex keyboards, long weaving tracks. (Code E)

IRON CLAW - Dismorphophobia 
(Audio Archives-UK) 1970-73; Probably the meanest prev. unreleased hard-rock to emerge from nord the border. Heavy riffing outfit in BUDGIE / BLACK SABBATH mould yed varied also with good use of mellotron in places. (Code E)

IRON MAIDEN - Maiden voyage 
(Audio Archives-UK) previously unreleased album of heavy duty downer-rock from 1969-1970. Full band history & contribution from bassit Barry Skeels (ex ZIOR), feat. guitarists Trevor Thoms who later joined INNER CITY UNIT. (Code E)

ISLAND - Pictures 
(Laser's Edge-US) This album from 1977 is particularly original: Behind a superb cover from HR Giger (Alien) stands a music in the vein of Hatfield and the North, Egg and Happy the Man. Classical and jazzy influences in very sophisticated compositions full of strange rhythms, breaks, mood changes and other writing effects which are the fans of this type of music's delight. Plus 1 bonus track. (Code E)

(Love / FIN) 1974 / Opens with hard blues rocker and then goes into more direction of hard rock with progressive elements. Fronted by lead guitarist Isokynä Lindholm. Plus 4 bonus tracks, from 1974-1975. (Code C)

ISOKYNÄ & ORFEUS - Musiikkia
(Love/Fin) New 24 bit remastered, plus 4 bonus tracks; Opens with hard blues rocker, and then goes into more direction of hard rock with progressive elements. Fronted by lead guitarist Isokynä Lindholm! 15,00 € 

(Love/Fin) New 24 bit remastered, plus 5 bonus tracks; Should be 2nd effort, and this is more progressive than their first one. Especially, this have massive organ work as well as good lead guitars. Somehow, this sounds more German than Finnish. A good progressive effort, recorded live! 15,00 € 

ISRAEL, DANNY BEN - Bullshit 3 ¼
(MIO-Records-Isrl.) First ever reissue of one of the rarest psychedelic records from Israel. Extremely stoned with many effects and one of best eastern electric guitars playing games with your mind. Recorded between 1968 and 1969 by Danny Ben Israel & The Electric Stage. Sorta like oriental Captain Beefheart & Magic Band. Taken from the original master tapes. Quite a left wing underground experience with songs like "The War of Uzik Pachnuzik", "Dawn with Hash" and Israel 70". (Code G)

ISRAEL, DANNY BEN - Bullshit 3 ¼
(MIO-ISR) First ever reissue of one of the rarest psychedelic records from Israel. Extremely stoned with many effects and one of best eastern electric guitars playing games with your mind. Recorded between 1968 and 1969 by Danny Ben Israel & The Electric Stage. Sorta like oriental Captain Beefheart & Magic Band. Taken from the original master tapes. Quite a left wing underground experience with songs like "The War of Uzik Pachnuzik", "Dawn with Hash" and Israel 70". Limited edition! 17,00 €

ISRAEL; DANNY BEN - The Kathandu Sessions
(Merry/Isrl.) These recording (sung in English) were supposed to be released in the early seventies in an American label, but at the time of the supposed release the label went bankrupt. A request, made by Merry Records to Ben-Israel about a year ago, led to the tracking and release of these recordings. A year after the famous Woodstock Festival, the Europeans, across the Atlantic, had their own event - the Isle of Wight Festival. The time was August, 1970, and in front of Jethro Tull, The Who, Leonard Cohen, The Doors and Miles Davis, sat thousands of Flower Children. Among those young people was one, who sitting with a flock of brown curls and a joint, didn't look very different from any of the others. It's just that he was different. Very much so. Aside from the fact that he was one of the only Israelis in the festival, for Danny Ben-Israel this was the end of a process that began with a successful career in an IDF band (Israeli Defense Force), blossomed into a position in Israeli culture as a local pop idol and ended with a shut door from the Israeli establishment. In 1968, Ben-Israel returned to Israel from an eye-opening European trip where he discovered the world of communes, hippies and sex and decided to apply what he picked up in Europe to his music. Ben-Israel recorded "Bullshit 3 ¼", the first Psychedelic protest album in Hebrew. At the same sessions he recorded six English tracks now known as "The Lost Kathmandu Sessions" ! 17,00 €

IT FLEW AWAY - Pull out all the stops 
(Vicious Sloth-AUS) A Australien band formed in 1971 and played their guts out to very little critically acclaim. Highly recomended album with unreleased recordings by Australian pastoral progressive crew. Long tracks, West coast vibe in parts the UK Northwind like in others. (Code E)

ITHACA - A Game For All Who Know 
(Background-UK) 1972/73 Release of the highly sought-after, revered and private pressingclassic. Dreamy, pastoral folk-psych with male / female vocals. (Code E)

ITHACA - A Game For All Who Know
(ACME-Lion/UK) 1972 UK private pressing mega rarity, the same band that surfaced like AGINCOURT, 2 years earlier. Release of the highly sought-after, revered and private pressing classic. Dreamy, pastoral folk-psych with male/female vocals. A very rare privately-pressed demo-only album which is heavily influenced by the early seventies Moody Blues sound. In other words, we're talking progressive pop/rock with quasi-mystical lyrics. Some will love it, others will feel it typifies all that's bad in the genre. Among the better moments are Dreams and Times. The individuals responsible for this had earlier been involved in Agincourt, Alice Through The Looking Glass and Tomorrow Come Some Day. This classic Pink Floyd influenced psych folk gem is available for the first time from the original master tapes. This edition sounds amazing! Coming complete with previously unseen photos and never before released bonus tracks! 15,00 €

ITOIZ - Alkolea 
(Elkar-SP) This album from 1980 followed more less the same path as "Ezekiel", some tracks were closer to conventional soft rock but still satisfying. (Code C)

ITOIZ - Ezekiel 
(Elkar-SP) This album from 1980, was more up-beat affair, moving more towards folk and jazz than symphonic rock. Synthesizer were omitted and sax and violin added. The compositions were not quite up to the standard of the previous albums, but are still fairly good. (Code C)

ITOIZ - same 
(Elkar-SP) This album originally released in 1979. ITOIZ is a soft, graceful album with poetical qualities, not least the 10- minute track "Goizeko Deiadar". Itoiz sing in their own tongue, which makes the lyrics incomprehensible for everyone else! Piano and artificial strings are frequently used, augmented by organ, flute and sudden bursts of lead guitars. The pompous arrangements remind one of Genesis and Camel, although Itoiz also draw for their own folklore, as on the beautiful and emotional "Errotaberri". (Code C)

IT'S ALL MEAT - same 
(Hallucinations-US) One of Canadas rarest psychedelic rock from 1970. Taken from the original Masters, plus 4 unreleased Demo tracks and 2 bonus single tracks. Is a excellent keyboard-dominated psychedelia with a haunting keyboard-intro. (Code C)

IVORY - same 
(Gear Fab-US) The great 1968 recording by this virtually unknown band that modelled their music after the sounds of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, In fact, it was produced by the Airplane's great genius himself, AL SCHMITT. Featuring the beautiful female vocals of CHRIS CHRISTMAS, this fuzzed-out psychedelic gem tells the story of this band by the band members themselves. (Code C)

IZUKAITZ - same 
(Elkar-SP) First album originally from 1978. This outfit played folk music with traditional instruments but wrote all their own songs. The album are quite delightful with female vocals, flute, fiddle and acoustic guitars to the fore. Unlike many Spanish folk groups, this Basque group make little use of percussion instruments. (Code C)

IZUKAITZ - Otsoa Dantzan 
(Elkar-SP) This is the second album from 1979, like the first album. Spanish folk rock, with female vocals, flute, fiddle and acoustic guitars. The result is fluid folk music comparable to some Irish folk music, but reflecting the local music culture. A good example is the tub era. An exotic wind instrument sounding like a cross between a bagpipe and various mediaeval wind instrument. (Code C) 

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