Malesch Records                .

JACKSON HEIGHTS - King's Progress 
(Repertoire-G) After the separation of The NICE, their guitarist Lee Jackson performed an excellent, refined and quiet progressive. Recorded in 1970, includes several melodic and instrumental parts, Michael Giles would then join the group soon after and finally Patrick Moraz. (Code C)

JACULA - Tardo Pede In Magiam
(Mellow / I) 1972 / The most legendary album ever! From Italy, here is a dark, doomy and sinister progressive album w/powerful church organ, haunting female vocals, mystic and medieval feel only 200 times better than Dead Can Dance! Original copies of this nugget goes for around 2000 Dollars. (Code D)

JADE - Fly On Strange Wings
(Light Flash / UK) One of the most popular folk rock bands of the UK in the early 70s. Folk duo Marianne Segal and Dave Waite toured the late 60s folk clubs with the likes of Sandy Denny, Bert Jansch, Dransfield, John Martyn and other luminairies of the folk circuit. In 1970 they recorded their sole album with the help of members of FLEUR DE LYS, SAM GOPAL, PENTANGLE, FOTHERINGAY, IVY LEAGUE etc. When released, it received rave reviews and comparisons to Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny. In 1971 they split up. Ranking among "Swaddling songs" by Mellow Candle and the Trees' "On the shore" as one of the great underground albums of that era! 18,00 €

(ACME-UK) 1973/74; another unreleased album from the excellent psychedelic stuff with great guitar blasts and flutes and percussion, drumming and the oriental flavour that`s so typical for the JADE WARRIOR sound.(Code D)

JADE WARRIOR - Fifth Element 
(Background-UK) 1973 / Previously unreleased album from the orig. mastertapes; and perfectly captures the altered perspectives of psychedelic, progressive and ethnic rock fusion. (Code E)

(Background / UK) Originally in 1971. Reissue from the master tapes. This band started out as an underground hard rock band but their later albums were more progressive in style. Founding members Tony Duhig and Jon Field had both previously played with JULY. Their debut album for Vertigo sought to create a heavy feeling of spirituality. It's very pleasant in places and certainly well worth a spin. (Code E) 

(Background / UK) The second album from 1971. Both this and their follow-up were notable for some powerful bass playing from Glyn Havard. Reissue from the master tape, with the original-mini-poster cover. (Code E)

JADE WARRIOR - Last Autumn's Dream
(Background / UK) 1972 / Their best effort was probably Last Autumn's Dream which spawned their only Vertigo 45, The Demon Trucker. They recorded a fourth album for Vertigo, Eclipse, which was withdrawn shortly prior to release. (Code E)

JAKLIN - same 
(SPM-G) First released in 1970. Highly valueable and one of the rarest electric blues recordings, featuring Tommy Eyre on keyboards, who played later with JOE COCKER, ANSLEY DUNBAR RETALATION and ALEX HARVEY. (Code C)

JAKLIN - same
(Breathless/I) Extremely rare British album available on CD ( Digipak ) for the first time. Electric blues with some psychedelic touches, especially on the track "Song To Katherine". Most of the material is written by lead guitarist Jaklin, aside from three traditionals: "Rosie", "Early In The Morning" - which has some jazzy piano improvisation - and the heavier "Catfish Blues", and their Cream-like rendition of Alexis Korners "The Same For You". An Excellent varied blues rock album featuring Tommy Eyre, later of Mark-Almond and Pezband: 15,00 €

(Wounded Nurse-Korea) Reissue of largely overlooked and underrated psychedelic folk album from UK. Originally on Deram 1969. Songs are beautiful introspective, reflective and mystical. Similar to early Incredible String Band. A mixture of trippy and stoned songs and instrumentals with eastern feel. A unique album.(Code F)

JANUARY TYME - First Time from Memphis 
(Arkama Digipack-I) 1970 / Dominated by the strident in-yer-face vocals of J. Tyme this is late sixties bluesy-folk-rock in the Jefferson Airplane / Big Brother format and somewhere between those two reference points in musical style. (Code C)

JANUS - Gravedigger 
(SPM-G) Picture-CD with five so far unreleased extra tracks. Janus seems to be the only British band whose album, originally released in 1972, was never released in their homeland. You'll hear outstanding progressive rock with one of the finest songs (the 20 minute Gravedigger) ever recorded. (Code E)

JANUS - Innocense 
(SPM-G) Colin Orr & Co. Are going on with their tradition not to release an album in only one musical style; it`s the band`s interpretation of the name Janus, by the way. Excellent hard rock, blues, even folk and progressive rock you can hear on their fourth album - what else did you expect? (Code C)

JARKA - Ortodòxia/Morgue o Berenice
(PDI/SP) Progressive jazz-rock group by this group leaded by pianist Jordi Sabatés, with collaboration of Max Sunyer as well. A nice album of keyboard-driven instrumental jazz-rock, very typical for this era. Both original albums together in one CD, from 1971 and 1972! 15,00 €

(Pacemaker-CAN) Official CD reissue of rare psychedelic classic from Canada. Remastered from the original tapes & supplemented by eight bonus tracks. First release by Columbia Records in 1970 / Completely dried up Canadian heavy psych monster, with fantastic acid guitars throughout: The album is predominantly heavy rock with psychedelic overtones. There`s a definite influence of HENDRIX in the music and green politics anti-buisness influence in the lyrics. (Code E)

JASON CREST - Collected works 
(Wooden Hill-UK) Complete anthology of this brilliant UK POP/PSYCH band from the 60`s. This CD only issue comprise the A and B sides of their 5 singles together with 6 highly regarded outtakes. Superb 16 page booklet with many previously unpublished photos. (Code E)

JASPER WRATH - Anthology 1969/1976 
(Oxford C.-US) 2 CD's / This psychedelic progressive band who made a rare album, plus lots of unreleased material and 3 new tracks. This was a short lived hippie rock outfit, for the most part the album comprise soft with lots of electric acoustic six and twelve string guitars, organ, harpsichord, celeste, percussion, theramin and variable frequency oscillators. Limited edition. (Code H)

(Vicious-AUS) 1970 / Throughout the 60's and the 70's J. St. John was considered one of the finest Australien vocalists. Orginally "Joint effort" was released on "Festival's Spinlabel", an imaginative release of varied textures, skilled musianship and strong tunes, all crapped off by St. Johns intense emotional delivery. This album remains a pioneer release in the annals of Australien progressive rock. With guitar, flute, organs. (Code E)

(Arkama-I) 6 tracks from a rare demo tape recorded in 1969 by this underground band of British blues (featuring Pete Wingfield, Paul Butler, John Best and Chris Water). (Code C)

JERICHO - same 
(REP-G) 1972, second and final album; The five lenghty tracks all perfectly show the band's supreme musicianship and their undoubted grasp of the early 70's progressive sound to the full. (Code C)

JERICHO, JONES - Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys 
(REP-G) 1971/72 Wild pre-Chuchills, israeli hard progressive classic. Plus five ultra rare bonus tracks. (Code C)

J.E.T. - Fede, Speranza, Carita 
(Si-Wan/Korea) Superb Italian super band who released this sole album. A progressive monster full of virtuality, musical competence and excellent arrangement. Features a ton of organ/keyboard work and guitars. This is honestly top 3 in my opinion of the Italian progressive early 70's scene. Korean edition with 2 bonus tracks, "Gloria Gloria" and "Guarda col tuoi occhi". Very recommended !!! 20,00 €

JODY GRIND - Far Canal 
(GRT-G) 1970 / The second album of great UK progressive rock band, plus 2 bonus tracks, Paint it Black single version, with powerful and driving sound. The band was the brainchild of Keyboard player Tim Hinkley. (Code C)

JODY GRIND - One step on 
(GRT-G) 1969 / The first LP by underrated UK hard psychedelic bunch. (Code C)

JOIN INN - Kentalope Island
(Garden of Delights / G) An extremely rare 1974 jazz/rock album featuring saxes, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums that I had never even heard of before. In addition to the original album, almost 40' of unreleased live stuff has been added in. The live stuff is only of pretty good sound quality, but some of it is very good! 15,00 €

JOINT EFFORT - Two sided Country blues 
(World Sound) Reissue of this unplugged psychedelic album, recorded in 1971 and originally pressed in 200 copies. Joint Effort are from Detroit, but sounding like from the West coast. They recorded all songs at home, most cuts being first takes like jam sessions of "Beatles" on acid. A real nastural influenced masterpiece with homemade effects and amazing songwriting, plus 2 bonus tracks and 4 original remixed tunes. (Code C)

JOKERS, LOS - La leyenda de Los Jokers 
(Arci-Chile) A Chilean band whose albums explored both garage and psychedelic rock, in 1966/67/68. Included a version of "Satisfaction" and "Nueva Sociedad" (New Society). From the original master tapes. (Code H)

(Kissing Spell/UK) Reissue of SOUGHT AFTER debut album by this UK progressive folk rock seminal underground singer songwriter and band. Nigel Mazlyn Jones has often been compared to John Martyn and Nick Drake for his melodrama and poetic songs and toured extensively with Camel, Barclay James Harvest and the likes in the early 70's. The CD contains 2 unreleased songs that didn't make it to the vinyl and bonus instrumental tracks all recorded between 1972 and 1975! 18,00 € 

JONESY - Growing 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1973 (Code G)

JONESY - Keeping up 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1973 / The 2nd album progressive rock not unlike Spring. (Code G)

JONESY - No Alternative 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1972 / The first album of UK delicate melodic progressive band influenced by King Crimson and with lots of mellotrons. (Code G)

JONESY - Sudden Prayers Make God Jump
(Nightwings / I) The fourth unreleased album by UK band JONESY. This LP was recorded in 1974,after the departure of Alan Bown, so it sounds different from the two previous albums on Dawn label. But in some way it can be regarded as their best work, and only an unlucky series of events held this LP in limbo till today.The CD has been mastered from the only survived cassette tape owned b y JOHN EVAN-JONES, and any effort has been made to restore the original sound.CD release comes with a poster booklet rich of info, lyrics and photos! TIP! 15,00 €

JOSE CID - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Venus e Marte 
(Arte-Sublime-US) Reissue of a 1977/78 album in which this keyboardist uses mellotron, moog, string ensemble, piano and synthesisers in order to produce a solitary symphonic rock sung by him in Portuguese and sometimes enlightened by guitar parts. Space oddity & concept-album, this CD is to be situated among symphonic works dominated by keyboards, with a lot of analogical and synthetic sounds, plus one bonus track from 1976, comes in very beautiful collector package with all original picture. Limited edition. (Code G)

JOSEFUS - Dead Man Alive
(Josefu-Privat-Release) US Import. CD including 1 hour of never before released material from a period spanning 1967 till 1979, starting of with 2 tracks of pre-JOSEFUS band "RIP WEST" one very early studio recording by JOSEFUS while still performing under the name of "UNITED GAS", a missing track from sessions that produced two '45 on Hookah, a home studio demo produced in 1977, a unidentified live recording by the 78 line up, 3 early JOSEFUS love tracks from a 1969 appearance at Love street light circus in Houston and last but not least a furious 26 minutes live performance of the title track from their debut album "Dead Man". (Code F)

JPT SCARE BAND - Acid acetate excursion 
(prv-US) Recorded in 1974 - 1976 mindblowing US hard psychedelic. Out of their brains-top-notch-fuzz / wah wah driven psych that threads on Freedom Children / Human Instinct paths. Limited edition. (Code D)

JPT SCARE BAND - Sleeping Sickness 
(Monster-US) Mid. 70's loud fuzz wah wah blasting feedback drenched guitar overkill! Featuring cuts from both vinyl releases in original united form. Digitally remastered for maximum knockout power! (Code C)

JUAN DE LA CRUZ - Up in Arms 
(Shadoks-G) Reissue of the very first Juan de la Cruz album from Philipinian guitar-hero on leads. A great heavy psych rock jammer, plus bonus tracks. (Code C)

JUICY LUCY - Who do you love
(Castle / UK) The Antholy: Formed in 1969 from the ashes of cult psychedelic heavies The Misunderstood, Juicy Lucy featured a talented pedal steel guitarist, American Glenn Campbell. This anthology comprises the choicest cuts from their three early 70s albums, Juicy Lucy, Lie back And Enjoy It and Get A Whiff Of This, including their wild, hit revival of Bo Diddley's Who Do You Love. In total 19 tracks with informative booklet! 15,00 €

JUD'S GALLERY - SWF-Sessions Vol. 1 
(Long Hair-G) Pulled from the archives from the legendary SWF-Radio sessions and remastered to their original glory comes a session-broadcast from a Offenburg/germany band. Jud's Gallary who recorded 9 long tracks over 2 SWF sessions in 1972/74. Excellent intelligent progressive-Krautrock, with self composed long tracks drenched in occasional classic and heavy blues rock. A truly amazing discovery and a must for all KRAUT-ROCK fans. Over 64 minutes superb rock, with superb guitar, bass, violin, organ and piano. A very great CD. (Code C)

JULIUS VICTOR - From the Nest 
(dodo Rec.-I) Reissue of a now very rare 1970 album by this hard progressive rockplaying band. Great keyboards and the sound of bands like "Iron Butterfly". (Code C)

JULY - same 
(Aftermath-UK) 1968. Plus 2 rare bonus tracks. Brilliant classic UK psychedelia. (Code E)

JULY - Second of July 
(ACME-UK) 1967 / Acclaimed late 60`s UK psychedelia freak-beats outfit!! This is all previously unreleased recordings. (Code D)

(Background-UK) A genuine curiosity. One of the rarest release from Holy Ground recorded in 1970 but never before officially released. Intriguing and multifacted mixture of Rock, Jazz, Folk and progressive. The fine voice of Linda King. (Code E)

JUNIOR'S EYES - Battersea Power Station 
(SPM-G) CD version of one of the most collectable British albums first released in 1969. You`ll hear a great mixture of psychedelia and progressive rock. Nobody knew it before: Rick Wakeman was playing keyboards, fortunately a long time before he became a bombast rocker. Mastermind MICK WAYNE was later involved with the work of David Bowie. (Code C)

JUNIPHER GREEN - Friendship 
(Sonet-N) 197 / Great Hard progressive rock, was original release on double album. Long tracks, rhythm changes, firing leads, precise rhythm section, strong vocals. Rare now!! (Code C)

JUSTINE - same 
(Elegy-UK) First time on CD for this very rare and obscure folk album from 1970. A most unusual approach combining pop/psych elements with folk and rockier feel notably on the outstanding and freaky track Unknown Journey . Beautiful harmonies and a timeless feel throughout with twin female vocals and fine guitar. This intiguing album has touches of WESTWIND / WOODEN HORSE and a harder FRESH MAGGOTS edge! Includes 2 rare bonus tracks. (Code E)

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Code H    € 25,00
Code I    € 29,00
Code J    € 33,00
Code K    € 35,00
Code L    € 39,00