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KAIPA - same
(Musea / F) 1975 / Debut album by one of the first UK symphonic influenced bands from Sweden in the vein of GENESIS and YES mixed with some traditional Swedish folk style. On guitars we find Roine Stolt, today with FLOWER KINGS. (Code C)

KAIPA - Inget nytt under solen
(Musea / F) 1976 / Their second. Classic Swedish symphonic from Sweden. Heavy symphonic with Roine Stolt on guitars, today with FLOWER KINGS. Check out track one "Skenet bedrar". Including 6 bonus tracks. (Code C)

KAIPA - Solo
(Musea / F) 1978 / Including 3 live bonus tracks. The symphonic Swedish band. Roine Stolt on guitar. Lots of keyboards and mellotron. Recommended. (Code C)

KALACAKRA - Crawling to Lhasa 
(Garden of Delight-G) German psychedelic-freak-kraut rock; Their mussic combined various folk and eastern influences, slightly hinting at the Third Ear Band and Popol Vuh, blend of mantras , blues, folk and stoned psychedelia, originally released in 1972, plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code C)

(La Ciruela electrica-MEX) Mexican best ever psychedelic band from the 60's. They sound as psychedelic as the early Electric Prunes with fuzz-guitar, organ and sung in english. (Code E)

KALEIDOSCOPE - Tangerine Dream 
(REP-G) 1967 / plus 6 bonus tracks, mono-singles version: UK classic english flower psychedelia, with a fantastic track The Sky Children. (Code C)

KALEIDOSCOPE - The Sidekicks Session
(Alchemy / UK) 1964-1967; Features never before released material showcasing the band in their pre Kaleidoscope / Fairfield Parlour days" a major find for the fans of the genuine article. These recordings have been retrieved from Acetates thought to have been lost. We have made every attempt to produce the best possible quality but poor sound may be present in some places! 15,00 €

KALEIDOSCOPE - Pulsating Dream 
(Acadia/UK) A spectacular 3 CD set that includes all 4 albums (in total 45 tracks) released by this San Franciscan band of the late 1960's, plus singles, B-sides and material previously unavailable in Europe. The band fused a variety of musical genres including Blues, Middle Eastern, Folk, and good ole Acid Rock. Features David Lindley on guitar and various exotic stringed instruments and Chris Darrow who later replaced Jackson Browne in the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: 24,00 €

(Circle/UK) One of the most hotly anticipated British pop psych releases of the year. 22 Tracks for both Kaleidoscope and their later incarnation Fairfield Parlour, and all previously unreleased versions too! Licensed from the BBC, this pulls together a whole host of BBC sessions and TV appearances. A most lavishly package too, as superb attention has been paid to all aspects of the artwork, right down to the labels. The booklet has to be seen to be believed. Numbered CD! 23,00 €

KALEVALA - Live in Europe
(Shroom / US) Legendary Finnish progressive band recorded live in the 70's, with excellent sound: Outstanding material taken from classic albums such as 'People No Names' all the way to the last album from 1977; 7 tracks live in Finland 1973, tracks-like "Tuulikaanel" and " Verkossa" and 4 tracks in Europe 1977-tracks like "Abraham`s Blue Refrain"and " Boogie."Limited numered editions of 300 CD copies! 15,00 €

KALEVALA - Anthology
(Shroom/US) (2CD) Official release of Finland's 70's legends KALEVALA, replacing the 'Live in Europe' CD, which is now deleted. This official issue is a DOUBLE CD with all of 'Live in Europe' on disc 1, recorded between 1970 and 1977. Disc 2 has all of KALEVALA's 3rd album 'Abrahams Blue Refrain' remastered plus 5 unreleased tracks. The CD has a great 20 page booklet packed with photos and liner notes! 22,00 €

KARTHAGO - Live at the Roxy 
(Bacillus-G) Originally a live double album from 1976, summed up most of the best material from this era, with some tracks greatly extended. (Code B)

KARTHAGO - Rock 'n' Roll Testament 
(Bacillus-G) Their third album from 1975. The Karthago sound was becoming less progressive and closer to mainstream rock, though it seems they never gained any greater success due to this. (Code B)

KARTHAGO - same 
(Repertoire-G) The Berlin rock band Karthago was formed in 1970 by a number of musicians from all over Germany who had previously played in other bands. They creative centre, main composer, guitar player and singer was Joey Albrecht. They rehearsed together in an old factory in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Of their debut album, released in 1971, contained nine songs, all well composed mixture of funk and rock elements, hints of jazz, rhythm & blues and catchy melodies. (Code C)

KARTHAGO - Second Step 
(Repertoire-G) Spring 1973 saw the release of "Second Step", which had taken Karthago more than two and a half years to finish. "Second Step" was even more versatile than the debut album. It not only contained blues, rock and jazz elements again, but even lively bossanova rhythms! (Code C)

(Silence-SW) 1973 second album, more folky but still with that out-to-lunch feel prominent. (Code E)

(Silence-SW) 1975 / The third album of this great Swedish folky-progressive band. (Code E)

KEBNEKAISE - Resa mot okant mal 
(Silence-SW) 1971 Debut album by Swedish psych bunch. Mixture of psychedelic jamming and folky interludes. Totally stoned feel!! (Code E)

KEDAMA - Live at Sunrise Studios 
(Black Rills-CH) Reissue of Swiss progressive underground album from 1976,plus five bonus tracks recorded at Sunrise Studios in 1977 (unreleased) and 2 bonus tracks "Perspectives" recorded at Reta Studio, Horgen in 1973. Long tracks, sombre vibe, mellotron, guitar, organ-based rock. Includes informative booklet. (Code C)

KEFFORD, ACE - Ace The Face
(Castle / UK) UK import. Previously unreleased session tapes from the secondary member of the first lineup of the MOVE, playing and recording with the band through 1968. This CD includes various sessions, recorded on 4- and 8-track multitracks during May-July 1968 at Olympic and Trident studios, produced by TONY VISCONTI. One session, including a cover of Simon & Garfunkel's 'Save The Life Of My Child' features JIMMY PAGE on guitar. 4 Tracks on this CD were recorded by the ACE KEFFORD STAND, a group Kefford formed after he left the Move. The STAND's most illustrious member was COZY POWELL. After one official single the group disbanded and re-formed with various new members as BIG BERTHA! 18,00 €

KELLY, JO ANN - Key To The Highway
(Mooncrest / UK) Rare & Unissued Recordings 1968-1974; The recordings here are from the years following these early reminiscenses, capturing her, remarkable talent, Jazz tinged vocals with small combo, unaccompanied blues hollers, modern Chicaco Blues from the studio 51 Club, and a wealth of variety with Bob Hall, just illustrating how great those Star Croydon days were. 21 rare tracks, plus 2 Interview tracks! 17,00 €

KELLY, JO ANN - Black Rat Swing
(Castle / UK) 2-CD / "The Collectors" The late Jo Ann Kelly (1944-1990) was in a class all of her own. The possessor of a truly awesome voice, she combined the vocal style Memphis Minnie and the guitar picking of fred McDowell, with thedemure look of a Primary school teacher. This set presents an overview of Jo Ann´s tragically truncated career, from her earliest sides, cut in 1964, to her very last studio recordings, in 1988: In total 45 tracks! 19,00 €

KENNELMUS - Folkstone Prism 
(Sundazed-US) 1971 US / The main attraction being the rarity rather than the music. Some instrumental tracks in primitive hard-rock style, others are very dense and beautiful. The vocal tracks are very quirky and strangely recorded. (Code C)

KESTREL - same
(Eclipse / UK) First time on CD for this Cube release from 1974.Digitally remastered from the original master tapes with sleeve notes by guitarist Dave Black and the only known photo of the band as supplied by singer Tom Knowles. Stunning progressive rock masterpiece. (Code C)

KHAN - Space Shanty
(Eclectic/UK) Remastered and expanded reissue for the band that is perhaps best known for the talents of guitarist Steve Hillage. Their sole album (1972) is a splendid example of Canterbury flavoured rock combined with jazz and space rock influences. Coming with 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks and extensive liner notes: 17,00 €

KHAVAS JUTE - Wide open 
(Festival-AUS) 1970 / Australien progressive rock; psychy-heavy-rock monster, feat. long tracks with dualling guitars and Cream like riffing bass, all the way combined with refined melodies. Last copies!! (Code D)

KIMLA TAZ - same 
(Birdman-Japan) A psychedelic blues rock band from Cardiff. Kimla Taz was noticed as on of the best local band , tipped by their home town heroes LOVE SCULPTURE. This 6 track Mini CD contains all their even recorded. 2 tracks recorded at the Cecca studios in 1968, which were previously unreleased and taken from the one and only exciting acetate. Highly recommended to 60's PSYCH/POP/FREAKBEAT fans. Added here 4 furious blues rock covers (Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, Them and Cream) they recorded live in 1976. All tracks digitally remastered. The CD comes with a cross-styled fold out inlay featuring vintage photos, newspaper cuttings, lyrics, discography and a very detailed fold out large seize family tree, helping you to learn more about the welsh rock scene at the time. Classy to the bone! (Code C)

KINGDOM - same 
(Arkama Digipack-I) 1970 / A west coast heavy pychedelic rock outfit with two leadguitars and pretty incisive they are too at times. (Code C)

(Repertoire / G) Includes five bonus tracks from singles, this was originally released in 1971 by Brain in Germany. Hard rock/early progressive rock lots of guitar and organ work. There are a few longer tracks, but most are in the 5-6 minute range, and a few are shorter. If early progressive hard rock stuff floats your boat, this is pretty fine! 14,00 €

(Repertoire / G) Includes two bonus tracks from their final single! This was their 2nd and final album, originally released in 1972. They added personnel making the band a triple guitar lineup that still included keyboards. There are a couple of longer tracks, including a cool, underground jam version of The Beatles' 'Come Together', but most are shorter. Also included are a couple of acoustic based numbers, which was surprising at the time. The first album is better, but if early progressive hard rock stuff floats your boat, this is pretty fine! 14,00 €

KIN PING MEH - Chapter 1 - take 5 dreams until kissing time
(Second Battle / G) This first part goes back to Spring of 1970 when a pre-KIN PING MEH group called TAKE FIVE had just recorded five excellent covers of temporary musical highlights as its first promotion material. They are followed by a couple of very early KIN PING MEH tracks, which have never been released before in this high quality. The next highlight is a rehearsal session including a completely different version of "My Dove" and Fairy Tailes." All in all you will listen to over 60 minutes of music! 17,00 €

KIN PING MEH - Chapter 2 - live sessions at Bier`s dancing school
(Second Battle / G) Already a few weeks after its foundation, KIN PING MEH started gigging at places around Mannheim. Through the help of the professional SWP management the band had continious performances at UDO BIER´s Danciing School in Wiesbaden, where they played almost every weekend until December 1970. This is a great soundboard recording of KPM's 4th concert which makes clear under what kind of circumstances the band had to give its best. 17,00 €

KIN PING MEH - Chapter 3 - sometimes besides Drugson`s trip
(Second Battle / G) The fourth CD is only available as part of the limited box-set (1500 copies). It presents some more titbits from late 1970, which would not have fitted on the other CDs. On the one hand there are live takes from UDO BIER's dancing school, on the other hand we compiled some early stuff, which was recorded during several other performances. The last one is a German version of "Alexandra" which was used for an anti-drug musical called "Rausch"! 17,00 €

KISSING SPELL - Los Pajaros 
(Essex-UK) 1970 / Chile world class sacred psych monster with dreamy organ, sudden fuzz interventions, psychedelic effects, echo guitar soloing. Vocals redefine the word haunting . A great South America Psychedlia. (Code D)

KLUBS - Midnight Love Cycle 
(Wooden Hill-UK) Collection of 1967-1969 recordings from the band recently describes by record collector as the great lost British psychedelic group of the era. Heavely indebted to Tomorrow and S.F. Sorrow period Pretty Things. 'Midnight Love Cycle' features material recorded for Decca and EMI, as well as various demos recorded in Liverpool. This CD version includes highlights from a recent Klubs reformation at the cavern club, plus a handfull of early 70's recordingds by 'Klub' spin-offs.(Code E)

KOKOMO - Live In Concert 1975
(Major League/UK) They played a great mix of funky soul, rock with great vocals. This was recorded in 1975 for radio broadcast at Leicester Polytechnic in December 1975, promoting their "Rise and shine album". Featuring tracks from their first two albums plus previously unreleased material! 18,00 €

KOLLEKTIV - SWF-Sessions Vol. 5 
(Long Hair-G) Kollektiv is well known because of their LP in 1973 on Brain Label, produced by Conny Plank. They produced an incomparable, unmistakeable sound with echoes of Organisation and early Kraftwerk: spacey but melodic, elevated yet rocking, innovative: progressive in the best sense, consequent in the realisation of intent, forging new musical territory without denying its roots. (Code C)

KONG LAVRING - Den 2ndre
(Pan/Nor) Mid 70s Norwegian band. They played Norwegian folk rock, digging deep into the treasure of ancient Norwegian folk songs. Although electrified, the national tonality of the folksongs was kept, as well as the pure and local language. Only few bands like Folque and Convivium travelled along a more or less same road. The band released two heavily overlooked albums in the midst of the late 70s punk/new wave explosion! 18,00 €

KOPPERFIELD - Tales Untold 
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue of ultra rare 1974 LP by Michigan band Kopperfield. Taken from the original mastertapes. Fantastic fast-paced Heavy psychrock with progressive overtones. Biting and at times spine-chilling guitar riffing. Their sound a mix of early "Yes" and "Deep Purple". Included bonus tracks fromm 1972/74/75 (Code C)

(GOD-065) 1971/The overtop keyboarder Roland Kovac plays this psychedelic, jazzy instrumental master-work together with Siegfried Schwab (guitar) and Charly Antolini (drums). Great cosmic keyboards drenched psychedelica. (Code C)

(Garden of Delights-G) The second album from 1972. Mega rare library. PSYCHEDELIC exploitation album, famous because their inclusion on some UK compilation. Long tracks, organ, guitars to the front. A masterpiece of psychedelia. (Code C)

KRAAN - Andy Nogger 
(EMI-G) The third album from 1974 is a fusion of the styles, leads to the more developed sound of "Andy Nogger". (Code B)

KRAAN - Let it out 
(EMI-G) This album originally release in 1975, make the Kraan sound more commercial, resulting in a patchy album, one that was still uniquely Kraan, but not of the calibre of earlier releases. Subsequent Kraan albums mellowed somewhat, becoming smoother and jazzier and the stable nucleus of the band fragment. (Code B)

KRAAN - Live! 
(EMI-G) Originally comes in double album. Recorded live in Berlin, Quatier Latin, October 1974. Digitally remastered. With photos and liner notes. (Code B)

KRAAN - same 
(EMI-G) 1972 / Their first debut is a remarkably original album that whilst not being overtly weird or experimental, had a groundbreaking original character especially so for a type of progressive jazz-fusion, plus 4 previously unreleased tracks from 1971. (Code B)

KRAAN - Wintrup 
(EMI-G) Their second album "Wintrup" from 1972, named after their new home, was a much calmer high-hearted album, more song-based yet still eclectically Kraan, plus one previously unreleased track-Demo 1971, previous title: Jack Steam. (Code B)

KRAUS, SHMULIK - A Criminal Record
(MIO/Isrl.) Reissue of monster rare Israelian psych album from 1970. Good rock, psych, garage and improvisational jams. The album was recorded during a 48 hour break from imprisonment, along with several guest musicians (CHURCHILLS guitarist Aharom Kaminsky etc.). It's no wonder the music is all about despair, bad justice, suicide etc. Originally released in 1977 in an edition of 300 copies, since then it has become one of the most haunted albums ever made in Israel. Including a Hebrew sung cover of "Mother nature's son"! 17,00 € 

(Second Battle / G) During the early 70's this Swiss KROKODIL was one of the most exciting imports in the German rock scene. Its debut album which was released in 1969, contained blues-inspired rock with many progressive touches. No wonder that KROKODIL was often seen as a Swiss version of the GROUNDHOGS. This album is mega-rare now and hasn't been re-released before. This digipak-CD designed by ex-member Düde Dürst features three bonus-tracks as well. Vinyl-freaks should note that an LP version will follow next spring! 17,00 €

(Second Battle / G) Compared to the band's debut album, "Swamp" presents a less blues orientated sound. This time the Swiss KROKODILes put much more emphasis on virtuosity. Thus Hardy Hepp's violin and far-eastern sitar sounds gained more importance. The timeless melodic writing also brought a different kind of appeal. A great artistic development for the band without ever drifting into the mellow waters of pop clichés! All recordings are digitally re-mastered, and in addition there a two unreleased tracks and a rare soundtrack title as a bonus. Digipak! 17,00 €

KROKODIL - An Invisible World Revealed
(Second Battle / G) KROKODIL goes progressive rock: This album isn't called a 70ies milestone for nothing! You can hardly describe in detail what the band, working closely with sound wizard Dieter Dierks, accomplished here. To put it short: "Invisible World" simply contains each and every trademark of the genre - great song writing, absolutely far out arrangements, highly imaginative solos and psychedelic mellotron and sitar sounds. Digitally re-mastered and with two long sessions as bonus tracks - all in high quality sound. Digipak! 17,00 €

KRYSTYL - same 
(Titanic-G) 1975 / This album is home made guitar psychedelia from Kentucky. A ultimate psychedelic mixture of gentle dreamy passages, heavier acid guitar and wah-wah fuzz along with charmingly teenage vocals. (Code E)

KYRIE ELEISON - Complete Recordings 1974 - 1978
(MIO / IRL) 3 CDs: "Kyrie Eleison was an Austrian band that existed between 1974 to 1979 and then turned into the band Indigo. The music of Kyrie Eleison is greatly inspired by Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot-era Genesis. This 3 CD boxed set includes the band's album 'The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise' from 1977, including a studiodemo recording track from 1978, another album that was released only on CD in 1994 called The Blind Windows Suite, which includes the band's initial demo sessions (1974-1975)recordings, and a third CD containing a live show in Vienna from 1975 which includes even moreunreleased material. Also, the box set includes a informative 36-page booklet. The music of Kyrie Eleison is categorised as symphonic prog where classical influences are strong. The bandopened for bands like Van Der Graaf, Amon Düül II, Eela Craig, Collosseum etc. They toured several times through Austria with their concept of a 'Symphonic Rock Theater'." The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise is famous for having been recorded with lots of distortion - it's on the master tape, it was on the original, rare album release, and it was on the reissue of this on CD about a decade ago. (What was the engineer smoking? And why did the band think that this was 'ok'?) While the distortion is still there, the label has done an admirable job of cleaning up the sound to really quite decently acceptable levels - at least if you understand what they started with. The other archival stuff has also been cleaned up. This has always been a really good Genesis styled release, and while the sonics are not fantastic, given what there was to start with, I can't imagine that it's possible that this will ever sound better! 28,00 €

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