Malesch Records                .

LA DE DA'S - How Is The Air Up There? 
(Ascension-AUS) Re-issue of this collection of classic La De Da's 1966-1967 material, this release comprise of the bands first album, some of the second, plus singles and EP's tracks featuring the garage punk classic "How is the air up there?" along with swag more great tunes in the same vein of Pretty Things / Small Faces. (Code E)

LADIES WC - same
(Shadoks/ G) First official version with Photos and linernotes from the band: A stunning album from Venezuela, originally released in 1969 and, prior to its reissue, one of the rarest and most sought-after in the World. The opening cut " People" is with superb fuzz guitar work, which is also most evident on the other stand out cut" And Everywhere I See The shadow Of That Life". Other highlights include " To Walk On Water",a laid back number with some lovely woodwind and, in a similar style, "The Time Of Hope Is Gone" with its ethereal vocals.All lyrics on this album are in English. Recommended! 15,00 €

LAGGER BLUES MACHINE - The complete works 
(Mellow-I) The band released its sole album in 1972, made of excellent art-rock halfway between Soft Machine and Moving Gelantine Plates and 20th Century classical music to a very original and largely instrumental rock ensemble style. This made them pioneers of the archetypal Belgian dark symphonic style that later evolved into groups such as Universe Zero and Present. LBM mainly used a powerful combination of electric/acoustic guitar, organ/electric piano and sax/flute playing very complex themes to a restless rhythmical backing. The bonus tracks on this CD is the live material (Tanit Live) recorded live in Brussels the 31st October 1970 on a Pop Festival along with Warhorse, Pete Brown & Piblokto and Wishbone Ash, released in a limited edition many years later (1988). (Code C)

LAGHONIA - Etctera 
(Background-UK) 1971 / One of the rarest and most haunting psychedelic album from Peru. Psychedelic to the max, spooky vocals, dreamweaving hammond, awesome fuzz interventions. (Code E)

(Lazarus-US) Another great psych album from Peru, with 2 bonus tracks, psychy-rock with fuzz-guitars and driving keyboards. (Code D)

(World in Sound/G) The core of Laghonia is a combination of Peruvian and US members, Saul Cornejo Vocals, Guitar, Manuel Cornejo on Drums, and David Levene on Lead Guitar and Vocals. All eight album tunes were released on 45´s under the group name New Juggler Sound. When the band changed name into Laghonia in 1970 the Glue album came out as a kind of New Juggler Sound 45 rpm compilation. The music is catchy psychedelic Rock´n´Roll stuff, with lyrics in English, intense fuzz, wah-wah Guitars, Hammond B-2 organ and a massive, variative percussion sounds. The songwriting is Beatles/Yardbirds-influenced and the music goes into Santana, Cream, Hendrix and other different directions. 4 bonustracks and a bio round off this masterpiece of the complete New Juggler Sound recordings perfectly. Comes in a high quality digipack cover (same material as the Mystic Siva CD) with an extra 8 page booklet and amazing original artwork by M. Cornejo. Both Laghonia albums, "Glue" and "EtCetera" belong to most legendary and best South American psychedelic collector albums, besides "La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata", "Modulo 1000", "Toncho Pilatos", "Traffic Sound".. - Soon you will see the second World In Sound release of Laghonia, the "EtCetera" album with outstanding original artwork. Both a must for Sixties Garage- and Psychedelic- Rock freaks: 18,00 €

(Iemsa Records/Peru) This release is one of "these" hidden treasures, 100% unreleased material by one of the best 60s & 70 South American Rock bands, Laghonia, known for their two legendary and rare collectible albums, "Glue" & "Etcetera", just re-released by World In Sound (CD & LP). Laghonia is a unique Peruvian band, one of a few in South America that sing English lyrics and used Hammond B2 organ in the studio and live performances, playing only original compositions influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream and many others. Their first album, Glue is one of the top collectibles from South America. Now, you can even listen what was behind that album in this release. Its 54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970, contains two unreleased tracks and amazing alternative versions of Glue album tracks. This release is licensed by the band, comes in a good quality mini-lp foldout package, includes an insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. It is the first release of the Peruvian label Re-Psych-Led - and there are lots of surprising and intense and authentic moments, highly recommended for psychedelic beat /garage fans!: 18,00 €

LANG' SYNE - same 
(Rebirth-G) 1976 / Plus one bonus track. Digipack / German psychedelic folk-rock. A very obscure Teutonic feel to it, especially due to the wide range of instruments used. (Code C)

LARD FREE - Gilbert Artman's Lard Free 
(Spalax-F) This is the first album, originally released in 1973. Lard Free was a tool for Gilbert Artman's musical experiments, starting with what sounds like King Fripp having his Mahogany Brain squeezed through a Soft Machine. Six tracks of four musicians going through the motions to largely repetitive rhythms. Not entirely successful, but still interesting and certainly worth a hearing for the open minded. (Code C)

LARD FREE - III-Spirale Malax 
(Spalax-F) The third album from 1977, was a masterpiece-and in effect Krautrock made in France. This departure into the deepest corridors of dreams has the same transient magic as Tangerine Dream albums between 1974-1975, with equally surreal production where instruments seem to undulate between the speakers. (Code C)

LARD FREE - I'm around about Midnight 
(Spalax-F) The second album from 1975, switched to electronics with notable contributions from Richard Pinhas. Arguably this is more interesting than the earliest Heldon album, being more varied and less derivative (of Fripp & Eno that is). (Code C )

LASER - Visa sul pianeta 
(Arkama-I) One of the rarest records out of the Italien progressive scene, orig. released in 1973. A quinted of drums, keyboards, bass and two guitarsplaying with incredible technical skill. High quality 70's rock for die hard 70`s progressive rock fans. Card-Digipack. (Code C)

LAST STRAW - Alone on a stone 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1973-1975-1976 / compilation of rare singles, studio tracks and Live tracks; UK progressive rock like YES / Hawkind, space rock later tracks veer into a guitar based Wishbone Ash territory. (Code E)

(Kissing Spell/UK) First in a new series of 11 album reissues on CD from the legendary HOLYGROUND label. Never released since the original 99 copies made by Mike Levon when he recorded it in 1966. It's an album of folk and early folk-rock, roots from which the HOLYGROUND label grew. including several unreleased recordings. Feel the dark ad smell the burning candles! 18,00 € 

LAVA - Tears are goin' home 
(REP-G) 1973 / German band from Berlin; Somewhere between early Hawkind / Quintessence and variety of folky and ethnic Krautrock styles. (Code C)

LAZY SMOKE - Corridor of Faces 
(Arf Arf-US) 1967-1969 / US pepper-esque dreamy psych with awesome composed songs, great psychy guitar work, stoned magical vibe, included on this CD are 12 previously unheard demos and a history booklet. A true artefact of US psychedelia. (Code D)

LEAF HOUND - Growers of Mushroom 
(REP-G) 1971 / Plus 2 bonus tracks / The holy grail of UK hard-rock, with Peter French. (Code C)

LEATHERCOATED MINDS - A Trip Down Sunset Strip 
(Acid-Symposi-US/GRE) This is a strange almost avant-garde fuzz psyche album from 1967, it's also J. J. Cale's first appearence on record, includes covers of "Psychotic Reaction", "8 miles high" & "Sunshine superman". (Code D)

LEAVES - Are Happening! 
(The best of) (Sundazed-US) 1966-1967 / US 60's punk classic included 20 tracks with single versions, plus story and photos. (Code E)

LEBON, DAVID - same 
(Microfon-ARG) 1973 / Tremendous guitar based Argentinia hard progressive. Virtually unknown to most but a must if you care for Color Humano and that like. Guitars literally splatter out of the grooves. (Code H)

LEGEND - Anthology 
(Monster-US) 2-CD collection from one of the most highly regard N.W.O.B.M. bands ever! This monumental release features all three of the group's official early 80's vinyl release "Legend/Death in the nursery and Frontline", as well as unreleased demos, all completely digitally remastered. Supreme axe-Wielder Peter Haworth will carve his name into your metallic skull forever with his unique and powerful fretwork. (Code H)

LEMON DROPS - Crystal Pure / The Definitive Collection 
(Collectables-US) 24 tracks / US 60's psychedelic-rock with tracks 1967 to 1969. (Code C)

LEOPOLD, PERRY - Christian Lucife 
(Gear Fab-US) 1973 / The title is not a contradiction in termoni, it rather the title of of recently discovered and priviously unreleased LP by Perry leopold. Much like his psychedelic debut "Experiments in metaphysis" LP. One of the guest musicians on this album commented that this experience had fullfilled the promis of psychedelia in a way nothing had before. (Code C)

LEOPOLD, PERRY - Experiment in Metaphysics 
(Gear Fab-US) The philadelphia troubadour sultra rare 1970 album now on CD from the orig. mastertapes; His trippy, spacey and down-to earth style is very remniscent to Tom Rush / Phil Ochs . It`s acid-folk-rock. (Code C)

LESLIE, JOHN & CHRIS - The Ship Of Time
(Kissing Spell/UK) Reissue of debut album by Oxfordshire duo originally released on the 'Cottage Records' label in 1976. First recordings of Chris Leslie of 'Whippersnapper' and 'Fairport Convention' fame. Original liner notes by Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention. Never before on CD and must for Fairport and folk rock fans! 18,00 € 

LEVEE CAMP MOAN - same plus Peacock Farm Free Concert 
(Audio Archives-UK) Special remastered edition of ultra-rare UK blues-rock private pressing from 1969 with poster sleeve full of rare, never before seen pictures and memorabilia together with band history and 6 extra tracks from the incredible hard to find album "Peacock Farm"! Peacock Farm was the band's farmstead base where groovy concerts and festivals were held and in the summer of 1969 some of these great shows were captured live on the now impossibly rare LP "Peacock Farm Free Concert". There are 2 live tracks by Levee Camp Moan, plus a fierce, heavy-blues rocker by The John Thomas Blues Band and a brilliant progressive-blues workout by the impressive St James Infirmary. Completing the CD are 2 tracks by local artists Frank Gillibrand and Thomas Houliban. Approx 70 minutes of raw, driving blues-a real down to earth set. (Code E)

(Arkama-I) In Demand US heavy progressive rock with mellotrons, organ, flute and really scorching vocals. Card Digipack. (Code C)

LIBERMAN, JEFFERY - Then and now 
(Second Battle) 2 CDs 4 albums on double CD. The complete work 1975 - 1989. Three albums and one unreleased album; Fantastic guitar drenched acid psychedelic with some beautiful soft tracks, mixed with loud fuzz laden acid freakout, wah-wah charged acid guitars, it`s a very great double CD. (Code F)

LIFE - same 
(Mellotron-SW) 1970-1972 / Including 4 bonus cuts. This is a heavy, psychedelic-progressive band, formed in 1970. Swedish underground, with great guitar work, beautiful powerfull vocals, piano classic mini tracks. (Code C)

LIFE - spring 
(LongHair-G) Two guys, half American and half German plus two guys from Munich recorded this album 1971 for CBS, produced by Julius Schittenhelm (famous of OHR-productions). Not unlike Sitting Bull they played an American stylish music with a West Coast feel combined with typical Krautrock influences. Occasional flute and trippy guitar playing and great vocals gave their songs a high standard rather above the average. This more unknown album is a real discovery. From the mastertape with informative booklet. Bonustracks. Tip! Recommended! (Code C)

(Second Battle Digipack-G) New digitally remastered CD / 1971 / Fantastic gritty hardrock with a drugged vibe, howling vocals. Was a bunch of Scots who got their stuff released in Germany only. (Code C)

(Penner-G) 1976 / Lightshine sounded very psychedelic for a band in 1976, their personalised brand of progressive rock was heavily inspered by British bandslike Family, along with touches of early Jane and Teutonic eccentricity, their twist on Gabriel type theatrics is highly original and with complex arrangements and clever songs. (Code C)

LILAC ANGELS - I'm not afraid to say yes 
(SPM-G) Picture CD / The German rockers from Düsseldorf released their first album in 1973 as a private pressing on the Dingerland label. The 12 minutes smash hit Automobile was a must on the playlist of all hardrock discotheques in Europe at that time. The vinyl is now changing hand for around $ 30. (Code C)

LILY - V.C.U. 
(GOD) The original LP was released in 1973 on the famous Bacillus Label. Progressive rock and more offbeat in a bizarre Krautrocky sort of way, with oddly composed songs, strangely worded lyrics and such like. (Code C)

LIMBUS 4 - Mandalas 
(Spalax Digipack-F) 1970 / German group, musically with swirling organ, studio effects and a most bizarre use of kazoos. (Code C)

LINK CROMWELL AND THE ZOO - Crazy like a fox 
(Norton) 15 tracks collection of live recordings from 1966 featuring Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith Group & Nugget Fame! Includes the single "Crazy like a fox" / "Shock me". Killer garage from the man who compiled the first collection. (Code D)

LISKER - same 
(Elkar-SP) The only one album originally from 1979. Lisker played rudimentary heavy progressive rock (reminiscent of Jethro Tull at the time of Stand up), fronted by powerful guitars and flute. Lisker's album had five long tracks, some of them building up from a quiet, acoustic opening. (Code C)

(Arkama-Digipack-I) 1968 / A psych band from Boston and rated highly by some, this album includes some fine guitar and organ work. (Code C)

LITTER - 100 $ fine 
(Arf Arf-US) The album from 1968. Plus 18 previously unreleased bonus tracks 1965-1968 Larry Loofbourow Demos, with Zippy Caplan and crew backing him up, 20 page booklet and historical. The 100 $ fine album is probably the finer album, features fine fuzztone guitar work and culminates in a psychedelic haze. A great CD!! (Code D)

LITTER - Distortions 
(Arf Arf-US) Legendary 60's great garage rock from Minneapolis. Plus previously unreleased seven bonus tracks Live at the Electric Theatre 18.08.1968/Distortions contained high energy psychedelic rock versions of many classic songs. 20 page booklet included unseen photos and extensive historical. (Code D)

LITTLE BOY BLUES - In the Woodland of Weir 
(Acid Symposi-US/GRE) featuring every single from this fuzz / psych / punk band from 1965 / 66, plus included all the b-side, an ultra rare comp. Tracks with horns & this usung album which gives ist title to this CD. Includes versions of "Season of the witch" (Code D)

LITTLE FREE ROCK - Time is of no consequence 
(SPM-G) After their debut album 1969 for the Transatlantic label they changed their direction to become a phenomental afro-jungle-rock-band. The music lived from the outstanding guitar work of PETER ILLINGWORTH, and on stage were no less than 25 percussion players sometimes. Serveral songs in this new style were recorded and fortunately these tapes were neither lost noe destroyed-but-unreleased to date:Also to hear are some tracks from an acetate from 1969. (Code C) 

LITTO NEBBIA - Huinca / Despertempos en America 
(melopea-Discos-ARG) 2 albums on 1 CD. Huinca album: 1972, obscure Argentine hard progressive, roaring hammond, a Van der Graaf Generator influence, got flaming guitar assault to Despertempos the second release of multi-talent Litto Nebbia. (This CD is not from the Mastertape, but very rare and in Argentinia sold out.) (Code I)

LITTO NEBBIA - Muerto en la Catedral 
(Melopea Discos-ARG) The third album from 1973 (Remastered Digital version) Plus one bonus track. With wah-wah-pedal guitars, hammond guitar-accoustic, flute etc. (Code H)

(Acadia-UK) This S.F.-based band release this album in 1968. Really an R & B outfit, originally modelled around Linda Tilery's harsh vocals. Jazz-blues-rock influence. (Code E)

LOBBY LOYDE - Play with George guitar 
(Vicious Sloth) Australian Import /Issued in Sept. 1971 on Festival records, this remains a progressive rock milestone. Over the years it becomes a collectable album, very few seem to be aware of it inherent ability to fry braincells with a commanding blend of exploratory textures and Lobby's astonishing acid rock guitar firework. (Code E)

LORD FLIMNAD - Point of view 
(SPM-G) It's unbelieveable, but that true that this three piece band was performing such progressive rock in the best tradition of SPRING or RAW MATERIAL. The band and the circumstances of the production are mystrerious. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) Gear fab's first venture into the vastly untapped bands from South America, recorded in mexico-City 1967, the band were actually comprised of musicians from USA, Canada, Mexico and holland. These cover tunes are done better than even some of the originals and all sung in English. With a distinct Garage edge, this largely unknown and ultra rare LP is not even listed in any record collector encyclopedia. (Code C)

LOS MAC'S - Kaleidoscope Men 
(Warner Music-CHILE) 1967 / Remastered CD, plus 3 bonus tracks: One of the most important Chilean bands of the era. Although almost half of the tracks are inconsistent ordinary pop numbers, other tracks like british pop/psych tunes of the time, complete with sound effects, with some good fuzz guitar leads. (Code H)

LOS SHAKERS - Documento Historico 
(EMI-ARG) Great 60's Uruguay beat group sung in english, sometimes like the Beatles and english 60`s beat scene. (Code G)

(Warner-CHILE) Top level 1967 Chilean garagey folk-psychedelic with chining Byrds-like guitas, beautiful vocals, harmonie and acidy feel, in sound ranging from Yardbirds to Byrds and Love. (Code H)

LOST - EARLY RECORDINGS: 1965-1966 Demos, acoustic and live 
(Arf Arf-US) Boston's legendary 60's garage band. 19 demos, 4 accoustic, 3 live tracks with Willie Alexander. It has a rather catchy beat sound. With some good finger-pickin guitar. Included History booklet. (Code D)

LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE - Space Hymn/Complete Capitol Recordings
(Acadia/UK) 2- CD ; A great little group - with music as wonderful as their name! Lothar & The Hand People sprung out of the post-folk years of the mid 60s - bringing together styles that had an earthier touch, with others that shared more in the proto-psyche of the time, and which also had a bit of a cosmic influence. And while at their core, the group had a sound that was shared by a number of groups at the time - somewhere in between Byrds-esque down-homeyness and sunshine psyche - they also had a knack for pulling in unusual instrumentation, creating some great "curve ball" moments that really kept their albums interesting. Charming at the outset, with even more surprises underneath, and the kind of a group who seem to sound even better here in an expanded "albums plus singles" package than they did on their original records! Titles include "Yes I Love You", "Sex & Violence", "Midnight Ranger", "Say I Do", "What Grows On Your Head", "Space Hymn", "Sdrawkcab", "Every Single Word", "Let The Boy Pretend", and "It Comes On Anyhow" ! 20,00 €

(Kissing Spell-UK) The second album from the band consist of some of the singles from the mid seventies. This album was released in the early eighties. More rocked out, west coast sounding than their first, got a killer version of "She moved through the Fair". (Code E)

LOUDEST WHISPER - Maiden of Sorrow 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Hailing from Fermoy, Co Cork, Loudest Whisper proved their originality with their first folk rock musical, "The Children of Lir". That was back in 1973.Today after two more successful musicals, "Perseus" and "Maiden of sorrow" and some of the hit singles on this album, Loudest Whisper have established their own recording studio in Fermoy, Studio Fiona. Brain O'Reilly, founder of the group and his brother Paul write all their own material, drawing on influences from both American and European sources. Loudest Whisper successfully combine the best of contemporise folk and soft rock to produce a highly original sound. (Code E)

(Sundazed-US) West coast (Frisco/LA) five piece featuring Bonnie Blunt on vocals who sounded alarmingly like "Jefferson Airplane". This sole 1968 album is like a perfect soundtrack to a Graffith Park Love-In and features 6 previously unreleased tracks with lots of rare photos and the full history of the band. (Code C)

(Shadoks / G) What an amazing record this is. On same label as Ladies WC. This masterpiece is full of fuzzguitar, acid leads and pumping sounds. Covers only this time but played so wild that you will like it better than the original composition. This album is as good as Ladies WC. Realy amazing Psychedelic artwork too.AlvaroFalcón: Guitar,Piano,Organ, Harmonica,Background vocals (he was 17 at the time)Jesus "Torito" Toro: Drums and Lead vocals / Richard Aumaitre: Bass and Background vocals.Recorded in Estudios Continente, Caracas,Venezuela April 1968! 15,00 €

LOVIN' SPOONFUL - Do You Believe in Magic
(BMG / US) 1965 / Digitally remastered, plus superior artwork, and rare photos: In the larger picture the Lovin´Spoonful saga is the story of a band that almost became that most elusive of 60s chimeras, an American Beatles. But heard on its own terms, the Spoonful´s debut album was an aural snapshot of its place and time. Featuring the enduring hits "Do you believe in Magic" and "Did you ever have to make up your mind", the Lovin´Spoonful´s debut makes its long-awaited reappearance on CD, bolstered by five previously unreleases bonus tracks! 14,00 €

(BMG / US) 1966 / Digitally remastered, plus superior artwork and rare photos. The Lovin´Spoonful´s sophomore Lp Daydream was released on the MGM distributed Kama Sutra label in the spring of 1966. By early April, the single "Daydream" smashed at number Two. Also featuring the earlier Top Ten hit "You didn`t have to be so nice" and signature songs "Jug Band Music" and "Didn`t want to have to do it", Daydream was the Spoonful`s highest charting original album, This classic makes its long-awaited CD reappearance, bolstered wit five previously unreleased bonus tracks! 14,00 €

LOVIN' SPOONFUL - Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful
(BMG / US) 1966 / Digitally remastered, plus superior artwork and rare photos. This re-issue of "Hums Of The Lovin´Spoonful" is criminally overdue. The best, most consistent record by America´s most underrated band, this album should stand proudly next to classic recordings by the Beatles, Byrds, Dylan, at al. in Zal Yanovsky, they also had my favorite lead guitarist of the 60s. I learned a lot from him, and I think his guitar style pre-dated and influenced many of the rock and roots players of the 70s,80s,90s, right up until now. Rest is peace, Zal, we´ll miss you". Peter Buck. R.E.M. Jan.2003: This classic makes its long-awaited CD reappearance, bolstered with six previously unreleased bonus tracks! 14,00 €

LOVIN' SPOONFUL - Everything Playing
(BMG / US) The Lovin' Spoonful is fourth studio album, recorded in 1967, turned out to be John Sebastian´s last recording with the group. Included here are remastered versions of three Top 20 hits "Six O`Clock","She Is Still A Mystery" and "Money"-plus"Younger Generation", a Sabastian classic made famous at Woodstock. Everything Playing features the Spoonful´s trademark good time music, some amazing orchestral arrangements from newest members Jerry Yester, and a few psychedelic surprises. This package also contains previously unreleased alternate takes of "Mystery" and two other tracks! 14,00 €

LUCIFER - same
(Void / US) This is the one and only Legitimate Reissue taken from Original masters : One and only album by legendary NY wasted garage rockers. Originals of this album go for 4 digits buks, so we very much welcome this reissue. Sounds like an early garagy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD mixed with IRON BUTTERFLY magic. This CD version has 1 extra track, not on the Arkama and a nice group picture aswell! 15,00 €

(Shadoks/G) Beside Spectrum and Sound Factory the rarest LP from Brazil. Originally releases in 1975. This concept masterpiece takes you to an acid trip into the Brazilian rain forrest. Full of sounds, accoustic instruments and heavy fuzz guitar. If you like Ceremony from Japan you´ll love this one. Tom Hayes wrote: Even for those insane collectors (including yours truly) who must hear every progressive rock obscurity, Lula Cortes y Ze Ramalho is an unknown name. Original copies disappeared in a great fire, producing an album that has to be considered one of the rarest of them all. While there are many bands who released albums in very small quantities and are now much sought after, many were only intended to be demos or for fans of the group. I bring this up because the Cortes album was very clearly made for a larger audience and serves as a metaphoric victim. This is not just another low budget obscurity, but a highly produced and brilliant effort. Perhaps someone will dare a CD issue, because once this music is heard by the masses, Lula Cortes will find its rightful place amongst the all time greats. I had always imagined that Brazil in the early 1970's would produce a kind of uninhibited tribal psychedelic rock band that would rival the experimental wonders in Germany like Guru Guru or Amon Duul II. So after hearing plenty of rock and psych music from Brazil, I had given up on my dream until a tape of the double LP Lula Cortes Y Ze Ramalho literally showed up on my doorstep. Now I wonder how many others existed in Brazil but without a proper recording perhaps? And the music? Are you ready for this? Imagine a direct cross of Swedish cosmic psychedelic pioneers Algarnas Tradgard and the progressive folk of Los Jaivas from Chile. Take the traditional instruments of the Mayans, Incans, and early Spanish settlers, and combine with unearthly chanting and singing, then mesh with jazzy elements like flute and sax. Now add a dash of classical with piano and zither. Shake three times and add a huge scoop of completely freaked out, free-from-boundaries electric fuzz guitar, organ, and psychedelic jamming. The result is the musical realization of a mescaline dance party. One has absolutely no idea what the music will do next, but rest assured it will be well-played, intense, imaginative, and emotional. How exciting it must've been to do music like this; each composition could be improvised in a number of ways every night. The combinations are endless. Music of this nature, like the album itself, is completely extinct: 15,00 €

LUMBEE - Overdose 
(Gear Fab-US) Like the title suggests, this period piece typifies the habits, moods and practice of youth during the late 60's. This 1969 album came with a board "Dope Dealer" game, complete with play money and detailed instruction that started with the perquisite "No one who intends to stay straight may play" The music on this album is a HARD-EDGED FUZZED FREAK-OUT experience. (Code C)

LUV'D ONES - Truth gotta stand 
(Sundazed-US) 1966-1968 / Plus many bonus tracks. An all girl, fuzzed out garage update of the Shangri-Las-were light years ahead of their time. Here's everything these butt-kicking Michigan trailblazing cuties cut in the 60's for legendary Dunwich label, rare single sides, unissued tracks, demos... (Code C)

(SPM-G) Picture CD / The original LP of this four-piece band from NEW ZEALAND was released in 1971 and is so far one of the most expensive records on the collectors market. Most of the real collectors have never seen an original copy! By the way the band was banned from radio stations in Australia an New Zealand because the albums front cover was judged pornographic. Their music are really great-compact rock songs and if you need a band to compare with take KILLING FLOOR. (Code C) 

Code A    € 11,00
Code B    € 13,00
Code C    € 15,00
Code D    € 17,00
Code E    € 18,00
Code F    € 20,00
Code G    € 22,00
Code H    € 25,00
Code I    € 29,00
Code J    € 33,00
Code K    € 35,00
Code L    € 39,00