Malesch Records                .

MACARUS, JORDAN - Balacing act 
(Monster-US) Ex-Winterhawk guitarist Jordan Macarus strikes with his own band of brilliant hard-rock. Magical songs and furious guitar playing. (Code C) 

MACKENZIE THEORY - Out of the blue 
(Festival-AUS) 1974 / Great Australien spaced out progressive with weaving guitar leads, soaring violin, real dreamy. (Code E)

MADDEN AND HARRIS - Fool's Paradise
( M2U / Korea ) CD reissue of very rare album by great Australian Psychedelic FOLKROCK band. The Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist duo. Which was very derivative of the British Progressive folk sound of the era. The album was characterised by fragile harmonies, delicate acoustic guitar, delicate percussion and piano. This album is a highly sought-after collectables for fans of Indie-folk music.Weird psychedelia with lots of Mellotrons. Comes in beautiful high quality Lp-style sleeve! 20,00 €

MAD RIVER - same / Paradise Bar and Grill 
(Collectors Choice-US) Two classic albums on one CD. From the Mastertapes 1968 / 1969. Extremely uncommercial it was particularly noteworthy for Lawrence hammind`s distinctive quavering vocals and some superb interweaving acid guitar work. The second album was greated with more enthusiasm than their debut by the critic, but capitol did nothing to promote it and did not release it Europe. This album was an amalgan of different styles, short country rock, appeared alongside a couple of long acid influenced tracks. (Code E)

MADDERLAKE - Butterfly Farm 
(Festival-AUS) 1973 / First LP of Australien heavy progressive rock, with acoustic / electric guitars, hammond organs. moog synthesizers. (Code E)

MADDERLAKE - Still Point 
(Festival-AUS) 1975 / The 2nd LP / A very good Australien progressive band with excellent guitars and organ work etc... (Code E)

MADDERLAKE - The Best of 
(Festival-AUS) 1973-1978 / Tracks from the first and second album, plus 3 other non album tracks "Live at Sunbury 1973" Down the River. (Code C)

(Long-Hair-G) Originally recorded in 1971 for Metronome , this eponymous album by legendary Berlin group "MADE IN GERMANY" showed two sods of intelligent German rock. Long tracks with great organ and guitar work and shorter tracks with harmony vocals (male / female) and flute. Has several bonus NON-LP single tracks and 3 tracks of planned but never complete 2nd album from 1974 recording sessions. (Code C)

MADE IN SWEDEN - Live at the Golden Circle
(Mellotronen-SW) An incredible find! Recorded live at the legendary Swedish Club "Golden Circle" in February 1970. In a basement we found 6 hours of forgotten and unreleased music from this occasion. To go through the reels was an exciting journey in the time machine. Included is the original LP material but the bulk of the CD consists of Georg Wadenius (Later in 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'). Bo Haggstorm, Tommy Bourgudd and also Rebob Kwaku Baah (later in 'Traffic' and session player with Jim Capaldi, E. Clapton, Joe Cocker and others). Recorded by the legendary sound engineer Berndt Berndtsson. (Code D)

MADE IN SWEDEN - Made in England 
(Sonet) 1970 / Scarce Swedish progressive rock, with great psychy long tracks with blues touches and superb guitar work. (Code C).

MADE IN SWEDEN - Were do we begin
(Love / FIN) 1976 Jazz rock album, feat. Pekka Pohjola as well as now very famous Swedish singer Tommy Körberg: (Code C)

MAGENTA - Canterbury Moon
(Kissing Spell/UK) Founded in 1974 as a 4 piece folk band, but due departure of 2 founding members MAGENTA went on as brother/sister duo to return as 4 piece again in 1977. They were well know among the Folk club circuit, specialising in vocal harmony based around 3 female voices! 18,00 €

MAGIC - Enclosed 
(Gear Fab-US) 1969 / From the original Mastertape. Excellent US psychedelic trip-rock with full of excellent dual guitarwork, songs from unreleased "Armadillo" 45`s as well as both tracks of their 45's release on Monster. Plus 4 previously unreleased tracks from the never heard 1971 sessions. 17 tracks on this CD. (Code C)

MAGIC CARPET - Once more 
(Magic Carpet-UK) 1996 / New release by the original Magic Carpet. Beautiful folk tabla and sitar sounds that will float you into a perfumed dream. The tracks are all great. (Code E)

MAGIC MUSCLE - Laughs & Trills "Live 1972" 
(SPM-G) A great 70's UK festival band who often played with Hawkind and the Pink Fairies. Free flowing open air psych space/freak-rock from 1972. (Code C)

MAGICAL POWER MAKO - Hapmoniym 1972-1975
(Mio/Isrl.) Legendary artist in the vein of Faust/Amon DÜÜL II. 5 CD box set, numbered limited edition of 500 copies. "Often compared to Krautrock pioneers Faust, this collection is an incredible assemblage of sound experiments, collage pieces, tape manipulations and astral folk-psychedelia so epic and so out, one might be so bold to state that Hapmoniym as a whole even surpasses the density and innovation of the mighty Faust Tapes." - Aquarius Records. A must for Japanese avant-garde lovers. Phenomenal. Still stunned by it.": 75,00 €

MAGMA - Rock Duo Magma
( Garden of Delights / G ) 1975; Magma where a rock duo from Gelsenkirchen. They were playing only on organ and drums like Hardin & York or Hanson & Karlson. They shouldn´t be confounded with the french band of the same name. Their only LP which turned up very late with collectors was released in 1975. On CD you can find five bonus tracks,all of them never released before. The four first ones had been performed live, the last one was recorded at the studio. Magma, having a lot of gigs, were a very prolific band. At their best they performed up to 15 times a month, very often in the Netherlands, too. They are known as well for their constancy. During their existence, from 1973 until 1978 there was no change in line-up. Performing in two they were at their best. The end of Magma came when Detlef Gehrke decided to quit because of his need more time on this own! 15,00 €

(Repertoire/UK) "Seasons" was the third album released by the much loved group founded by singer/songwriter Chris Simpson in 1969. Originally released in 1970 on Vertigo-label, this CD is largerly devoted to a series of songs and poems inspered by the onset of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. However, there are many other attractive songs such as "Going My Way","Elizabeth" and "Airport Song" the latter written after the composer was stranded during his first flight. An intriguing insight into the early work of a band that is still a vital part of the folk rock scene: Release on original Vinyl Artwork - mini sleeve: 15,00 €

MAGMA CARTA - Live at the BBC 
(Pseudonym-NL) The BBC sessions CD contains three tracks from 1969,four from 1987,but concentrates on 1971,showcasing their distinctive brand of folk favourably. (Code C)

MAGMA CARTA - Songs from wastes orchard 
(Repertoire-G) This, the bands third album was originally issued in 1971 by Vertigo-records. A superb electric-folk group. This is a very impressive album of enchanting progressive folk music. The 12 tracks include the European 45 "Time for the leaving", plus guest piano by Rick Wakeman. (Code C)

(Kissing Spell/UK) They started their collaboration in 1975, with Chris on guitar, banjo and saxophone. Julie has a beautiful voice and Chris is a brilliant songwriter and instrumentalist. Excellent material! 18,00 €

MAJIC SHIP - The Complete Authorized Recordings 
(Gear Fab) Including 10 bonus tracks, demos from 1966, non album single tracks 1968/69, story booklet and interview. From New York based guitar psychedelia with a stunning version of N. Young`s "Down by the River". (Code C)

MAN - same
( Repertoire / G ) Hailed as "The Welsh Godfathers of Acid Rock", Man was a highly respected band during Seventies and their early albums are now regarded as classics. With a style influenced by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Man developed its own psychedelic sound, utilizing melodic guitars solos, fluent keyboard work and distinctive vocals. Roger "Deke" Leonard, a fine singer and guitarist is featured on the band's 1970 self-titled album. The CD features all the tracks from the original album, including Alchemist a 20-minute space rock jam, plus two single bonus tracks. Comes a nice Digipak format! 14,00 €

MANAL - Cronologia 
(RCA-ARG) 1970 / 1971 / 1972 Compilation of blasting with Gabis fuzz bluesy licks, Medinas booming bass. Hard psych blues rock. (Code H)

MANAL - same 
(Microfon-ARG) The album from 1970 / Plus 7 bonus tracks from the singles 1968/1969/1970. Heavy progressive rock bad featuring the fantastic Claudio Gabis on guitar. They started out as very CREAM inspired trio in the 60`s and evolved into a superb heavy prog. rock band with furious lead guitar. (Code H)

MANILLA ROAD - Mark of the Beast
(Monster / US) The long lost 2nd album recordings from one of earth's most unique and distinguishable real metal bands has been unearthed after some 20 years. The demo masters of what was to become the bands magnificent 2nd album "Dreams of Eschaton" have been restored and made perfect for release. This album was recorded between their 1st and official 2nd album, but never released. Including the massive 9+ minute epics "Mark of the Beast", "The Avatar" and Triumvirate" among other all-time Manilla Road classics like Time Trap and Venusians Sea", featuring the magnificent artwork by legendary Thin Lizzy artist Jim Fitzpatrick: (Code C)

MAPLE OAK - same 
(Elegy-UK) 1971 / Very rare english rural country-folk-rock. Finely crafted material with a rural feel throughout and includes 2 rare bonus tracks which recorded a year earlier. (Code E)

( Els 4 Vents / SP ) This legendary Spanish album from 1971 is available again on CD format after years. Atonishing progressive album, entirely sung in English, with wild Hammond organ (and I mean wild!) and strong fuzz & wah-wah guitar too. For many, simply the best rock album ever to come out of Spain. The group featured some of the finest musicians of the Barcelona scene of the time and years to come, like Jordi Batiste or Tapi (later on Tapiman)! 15,00 €

MAQUINA! - En Directo
(Els 4 Vents /SP) En Directo ( recorded live in Barcelona 1972 ) revealed Maquina´s sound to have changed drastically, now incorporating jazz, blues and soul influences ( with massive brass ) into their otherwise heavy style, very similar to the group CWT! 15,00 €

(Microfon-ARG) 1976 / One of those really great Argentinan progressive albums. Organ / mellotron centered with some refined guitar playing thrown in, with Charlie Garcia, Moro, Might be up your alley if you go for the italo sound. (Code H)

MARCUS - From the House of Tracks 
(World in Sound-G) First official release by legendary 1978 private recorded SPACE ROCK album from MARCUS. It has the typical 60's acid folk blend, with electrified guitars and various space effects. Contains very informative bio, photos, bonus tracks and an extra CD-R with a 25 minute live performance video of great quality, limited to exact 1200 copies. They will fly in a day!! (Code E)

( Acid Symposium / US ) 1970: Reissue on CD of what was actually the 5th and final album by W.C.P.A.E.B. album but singer/womaniser Bob Markley thought it nesseccary to release it under his own name, as a showcase for his various dementia's. The albums rich harmonies and full, delicate arrangments show the abundant influence of Michael Lloyd, who co- produced the album with Bob Markley. A surprisingly consistent and accomplished album for a band about to collapse under the collective weight of it's own insanity. 15,00 €

(QCCS-US) 1969 Original from the Mastertape and self produced from this great US group. Plus bonus tracks. Raw recorded sound with a laid back bluesy psych west- coast flavour, with a stand-out cool jam with echo guitar, ghostly hammond organs, prog moves with flute and amazing echoey drums. (Code C)

MASTER'S APPRENTICES - Complete recordings 
(ASC-AUS) 1965-1968 / They started out as one of Australia's top R & B bands in the sixties and had moved into psych-pop territory towards the end of the decade. 17 tracks compilation featuring many featuring many tracks for the first time on CD. 2 previously unreleased tracks "Dear Dad" and "Inside looking out". (Total 23 tracks) (Code E)

(Ascension / AUS) 2nd and a good taste of their forthcoming releases. Not as heavy as their 3rd album, but not far away. Hints of heavy progressive music here, although a lot of 60's influences is on this album here.(Code E)

(Ascension / AUS) 1971 / 3rd and perhaps their best album. Full on raving progressive that sometimes get's hard in the best school of LED ZEPPELIN. In my opinion, maybe the best Aussie album ever !! Great looking release on Ascension Records. (Code E)

MASTER'S APPRENTICES - A toast to Panama red
(Ascension / AUS) 1971 / 5th and just as good as the 4th. Really excellent hard rock with a lot of feeling and emotions in it. From dark haunting acoustic guitar parts to full screaming electricity. You won't find a better Down under release than this !! (Code E)

(Ascension / AUS) 1971 / 4th album and a live one. 6 tracks, "Future of our nation", "Evil woman", "Because I love you", "Light a fire within yourself", "When I've got your soul" and "Fresh air by the ton". This live album also marks the beginning of a heavier hard rock influenced style of this great Aussie band..(Code E)

MATCHING MOLE - Smoke Signals 
(Cuneiform-US) Robert Wyatt founded matching Mole after leaving pioneering UK outfit SOFT MACHINE. While they only existed for a year, MM left a legacy of two studio albums and over 50 concerts. `Smoke Signals´ features the second and final line-up featuring Wyatt, Phil Miller, Bill Mac Cormick and Dave Mc Rea. This album contains previously unreleased live material from 1972. (Code E)

( Cuneiform / US )This jazz-rock recorded in 1972. Very progressive while adding some horns. Formed by drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt after he left the pioneering UK jazz/rock Soft Machine in 1971. By early 1972, the band conisted of Robert, guitarist Phil Miller, bassist Bill MacCormick & electric pianist Dave MacRae. The band was exceedingly active for a band that lasted less than one year, recording two albums and playing dozens of shows throughout Europe. In 2001, Cuneiform released Smoke Signals, a collection of unreleased performances. The band was so pleased with that album that when one of the members came across a forgotten live show on tape - identified simply as "March, 1972", they immediately contacted us, and this album is the result. Recorded live in Europe 3/72, shortly after Dave MacRae became the keyboardist, this includes the basic repertoire that the band would perform during their lifetime, with a few surprises thrown in. The sound is surprisingly superb for a live show of this vintage, and once again Tom Recchion has come up with a charming cover. "Great sound, great artwork - so thanks once again."-Robert Wyatt! 15,00 €

MATERIA GRIS - Ohperra vida de beto 
(Rec. Runner BRA) Reissue of impossibly rare album from Argentina 70's. A truly fantastic concept album. Hard progressive rock sound that can match with any Italian 70`s progressive Mastodont. Snearling leads, distorted organs and great vocals. Originally released in 1972. (Code G)

MATTHEWS, IAIN - If You Saw Thro' My Eyes
( Inbetweens / NL ) First time CD reissue of classic 1970 debut solo album by ex Fairport Convention man, later of Matthews Southern Comfort and Plainsong. 11 tracks, remastered. Including covers of Richard Farina and Jake Jacobs. On reflection Iain sees how delicate and uncensored his songwriting was in his infancy stages, but the delicacy and naivety of it, the untutored chord sense and the opaque lyrics also came with a warth and vitality that he has never been able to recapture since. 15,00 €

MAXWELLS - Maxwell Street
( Long Hair / G ) Originally released on MPS in 1969. This is a truly jewel for all progressive music enthusiastics. Ahead of its time the album is an eclectic mixture of beat, psychedelia and little hints of jazzrock. Dag Erik Asbjornsen compares it with the similarly styled debut of BURNIN' RED IVANHOE. 14 Minutes title song 'Maxwells Street' sounds like a continuation of the ROLLING STONES' 'Their Satanic Majesty's Requests'. Lars Bisgaard and Bent Hesselmann later played with RAINBOW BAND. Comes with bonus tracks, digitally remastered from the original tapes and with informative booklet. Highly recommended! 15,00 €

( Mellow / I ) "Maxophone is another band from Italy who released one album and dissapeared from the scene. Maxophone played complex progressive rock, and just like Banco or Gentle Giant, their influences ranged further than symphonic/ classical inspired rock only....Overall, they sound like a cross between PFM & Gentle Giant, with echoes of Gabriel-era Genesis...". There was a version released with all singing in English & this is reissued here, plus two bonus tracks! 15,00 €

MAY BLITZ - same
(Repertoire/UK) May Blitz debut album, first issued by Vertigo records in 1970, at long last gets a CD release complete with original artwork and depth liner notes. The seven featured tracks show just why the bands Hard Rock style has seen them achieve the status of úndiscovered genius': Release on Mini LP-Card sleeve. 15,00 €

MAY BLITZ - The 2 nd of May
(Repertoire/UK) This 8 track Hard rock classic originally released by Vertigo Records in 1971, at long last gets a CD release complete with original artwork and in depth liner notes. A superb gatefold Mini LP-Card sleeve: 15,00 €

MAZE - Armageddon
(Sundazed / US) 1969 / With six previously unreleased tracks - a combination of outtakes from the album and earlier folk-rock offerings from 1967. From Fairfield, California, this band were previously known as Stone Henge who in turn had evolved out of The Donnybrookes. Their album was produced by Larry Goldberg and Leo (De Gar) Kulka who operated out of Golden State Recorders in San Francisco. The album starts out with the melodramatic Armageddon which comprises most of Side One, the rest is taken up with the more melodic and laid back I'm So Sad. The second side begins with the rather lightweight goodtime Happiness, but Whispering Shadows opens with some great discordant guitar work which gives away to some good group harmonies and Kissy Face also features some great vocals, Dejected Soul, with its sleepy vocals and fine fuzz guitar work, is among the album's finer moments. The final track, As For Now, seems to return to the more melodic, laid back style of I'm So Sad. An album well worth tracking down. (Code C)

Mc CHURCH - Delusion 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1971 / A classic German band, heavy blues oriented psychedelic underground, which similar featured flute in a variety of rock and fusion styles. Hard-rock, folk-rock tracks with english lyrics.(Code C)

Mc CULLY WORKSHOP - McCully Workshop Inc.
(Merry go Round / Korea) Reissue on CD of extreme rare debut album by South African 60's PSYCH GARAGE/BEAT/R 'n' B punks. Obviously influenced by the many British R 'n' B band of the 60's (Kinks/Yardbirds/Pretty Things, etc..). Including never seen photos and comments by founding member Mike McCullaugh. Nice liner notes and family tree. First 500 comes as nice gatefold papers covers. (Code H)

(Mooncrest / UK) 1971 / The Stargazer album is almost entirely self-composed, and in the two beautiful final songs, Odyssey and the title track, a new level is reached which could not have been guessed at from the 1969 recordings. Musicians include Dave Mattacks, Andy Roberts, Richard Thompson and others of the same standard. With a voice so beautiful as to convey her superb song writing talent, and gifted with such beauty and looks to steal the heart of even the hardened folkie! 17,00 €

Mc DONALD and GILES - same
(Virgin / UK) At the end of King Crimson's 1969 US tour, Ian McDonald and Michael Giles left the band and began to work together on this album, which also includes Peter Giles on bass and Steve Winwood on organ and piano on one track. This is the new 2001 HDCD remaster of this album, which includes a history of the making of the record, which includes new interviews, as well as rare photos! 14,00 €

(Cuneiform / US) South African born and raised pianist/bandleader Chris McGregor formed the racially mixed Blue Notes in the early 1960's, touring and trying to get by in extremely difficult political circumstances as best they could. By 1964, facing continous government harassment, Chris & the Blue Notes fled their South African homeland, finally settling in London in 1966. They made a huge impact on London's jazz scene and befriended many in London's emerging avant-garde jazz community. By 1969, the Blue Notes had drifted apart. Not too long afterwards, Chris formed The Brotherhood Of Breath, which was essentially the Blue Notes, augmented by a large number of the friends that they had made in the British jazz community. The band toured constantly during their peak years of 1971-74, but they only released 3 albums in their lifetime. Travelling Somewhere was recorded at a well known jazz club in Bremen, Germany on January 19th, 1973 for radio broadcast, and is by far the best recorded live document of the Brotherhood. The 12 piece band is a who's who of many of the big names of British free jazz of the early/mid 1970's: Harry Beckett, Mark Charig & Mongezi Feza (trumpets), Nick Evans & Malcolm Griffiths (trombones), Mike Osborne, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana & Gary Windo (saxes), Chris McGregor (piano), Harry Miller (double bass) and Louis Moholo (drums). Called ''One of the truly legendary modern jazz big bands.'' by The Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD, Travelling Somewhere adds to the band's still growing legacy, and will bring their music to a new generation of fans! 15,00 €

Mc KAY - Into you 
(OR-US) 1977 / 1978; Official issue of super rare late 70's west coast beauty with 16 bonus tracks. Tremendous guitar charged psychedelic with a rural feel, great songs, splendid acidy jamming guitar, haunting vocals. With a sound blending elements of Neil Young & Jerry Garcia with Ray Pierle. (Code E)

Mc NAMARA, TREVOR - Yeah Captain 
(WIS-G) 1969 Completely obscure but highly recommended Australian psychy folk with shots from all angels. Mixture of "Madden & Harris" and "John St. Field". Introspective psychy feel with sudden fuzz outburst, flute, keys, cello, all interwoven in brilliant songs. All songs were written and performed by Trevor Mc Namara. Trevor sung and played all instruments, multi-traking when necessary, and squeezing everything possible onto a 4-track recording deck. (Code C)

Mc OIL - All our hopes 
(Penner-G) 1979 / Plus one bonus track. Progressive / Symphonic rock with good keyboards and drums. Great title song, but a bad singer, who fit better with hardrock. (Code C)

Mc PHEE - same 
(Vicious Sloth-AUS) 1971 / Australian early progressive rockdom, Mc Phee must rank as one of most obscure outfits, it's brimming with acidy , wah wah fuelled lead breaks and some of the most awesomely heavy and stunning hammond organ playing to appear anywhere on an Australian album. With great tracks like "I am the walrus" / "The wrong time" or "Out to lunch". GREAT!!! (Code E)

MECKI MARK MEN - Running In The Summer Night
(Mellotronen/SW) Mindbending Heavy Acid Space Rock from Sweden 1969! Mecki Mark Men was (together with Hansson and Karlsson) Jimi Hendrix favourite Swedish band. When Jimi came back from his Swedish tours he probably told tales about the wild Swedish Organ tormentor Mecki Bodemark who did the same things with his grinding Organ as Jimi did with his guitar. For those of you who have not heard MMM I can tell that they sounds like a mix of Teargas, High Tide and Jimi Hendrix but with a wild organ player in glittering space costume. The mighty guitar wizard Kenny Hakansson has never been more psychedelic than this!!! While I was searching for the master tape to Mecki Mark Men´s 2nd album titled "Running in the Summer Night" I discovered the original master which was originally meant to be released as the Swedish version of the album. Mecki Mark Men was contracted by Philips in Sweden but it was Limelight records in the USA who released the album in 1969. I compared the Limelight tapes and the newly discovered Philips tapes. Basically it was the same album but sound wise it was two totally different ones. Musically it is still brain melting Heavy Acid Space Rock driven by the fury of demons, but now with a fantastic pure and dynamic sound! The CD includes the album plus bonus material from the US version as well as short conversations from the studio. Detailed biography by Reine Fiske and Tommy Dahlén!!! 15,00 €

(Angelair-UK) Two Man Band, from 1976, captures the essence of Medicine Head's minimalist rock 'n' roll but mixes it with flourishes from the best of British musicians, including Ashton, Gardner & Dyke and Family piano man Tony Ashton, Mott The Hoople keyboard whiz Morgan Fisher (later to team up with John Fiddler in British Lions) and pedal steel virtuoso BJ Cole, who has played with everyone from John Cale to The Verve. The result is Medicine Head at their most innocent with John Fiddler's rootsy, poppy songs reinvented. This was to be the band's final album but they went out in a dignified, happy fashion with the music hand-crafted to perfection. This is released on CD for the first time with the addition of three bonus tracks, the single 'Me And Suzie" (Hit The Floor), and the B sides "Moon Child" and "Midnight". The informative 12 page CD booklet is written by the Daily Express' Nick Dalton and includes rare unseen photos from John Fiddler's own personal archive. (Code D)

MEDICINE HEAD - Live at the Marquee
(Angelair-UK) Forever etched on the record-buying public's mind as the two-man band with several hit singles, Medicine Head were actually a real powerhouse. This concert from The Marquee, London during June 1975 is classic rock/pop and blues delivered from the heart. Featuring John Fiddler, who has the instinctive knack for writing lyrics that go straight to the heart, with melodies that stick like glue. John can also be heard on several other Angel Air releases, click on the Connections button for further information. The original demo of "Pictures In The Sky" with the late great Keith Relf (Yardbirds) on guitar is included as a bonus track. (Code D)

MEDINA AZAHARA - Sus Tres Albumes En CBS
Spanish import. 2CD set including the first three albums by this Andalusian progressive band. Along with Triana this is one of the best known bands of that era. Originally released between 1979 and 1982, featuring strong arabic and flamenco influences.One of the most famous band of Flamenco-rock: in their warm & colourful music, guitars acoustic & are particularly brilliant. Vocals, with typical flamenco accent are very important too, all musicians as well as lead vocalist are singing in choir. This music mixes Progressive and Spanish music and sometimes reaches fusion music! 18,00 €

MEGATON - same 
(Flying Scud-UK) First time on CD for this ultra-rare hard rock gem from 1971. This inspired outfit combined rasping vocals and searing guitars with a pulverising rhythm section that would have done Black Sabbath proud! This strictly Limited Edition, 500 only. CD comes complete with the original stunning artwork.(Code E)

MELISSA - Midnight Trampoline
(Vicious Sloth / Aus) Australian reissue on CD of Australian rarity. Jethro Tull-influenced psychedelic/progressive rock originally released in 1971. Original master tapes were used. Great stuff! 18,00 €

MELTZER, TINA & DAVID - Green Morning 
(RD-Records-CD-001) This album was supposed to be released on Capitol records in 1970 but was shelved due to management changing. Their previous album under the name SERPENT POWER were recognised as simply staggering testimonies for the 60's SAN FRANCISCO Sub-cult-bohemian electric folk sense. This one was recorded after their 2nd album "Poet Song" and so far UNRELEASED. Here is now for the first time on CD. (Code C)

(Shadoks / G) 2 CDs / Real west coast rock from 1969, with extra heavy psych guitar played by Chris Michie who later joined Van Morrison. Part one of this double CD contests of 21 tracks all original, wellcrafted songs and which was a demo of WB. The 2nd part of the album is a live album recorded at the Fillmore Westby Billy Graham. Real cooking San Francisco sound: (Code E)

MERKIN - Music from Merkin Manor 
(Gear-Fab-US) 1972 / Reissue of CD by this fabulos and ultra rare US west coast 60`s psychedelia band. Taken from the Mastertapes with unreleased material, guitar centered psychedelia with melodical leads and vocals. (Code C)

(Shadoks-G) 1973 / Raw psych with bluesy touch from these NAM veteran, actually the first post-vietnam record. Amazing songs, one of which was stolen by Country Joe Mc Donald. Great vocals by Bill Homans. The album was recorded for private use only to attract attention of big companies but strangely enough failed to do so. Some songs sound like early BEEFHEART, other are fragile and beautiful. (Code C)

(M2U / Korea) A short lived Italian band only releasing two albums, the average ...E Fu Il Sesto Giorno and the classic Inferno. The latter featuring great use of the Moog as well as other amazing keyboard work, the band puts together an album length suite that is one of the classics in the history of symphonic progressive music. A must. This heavy progressive album is a dark and intense moog workout. The keyboardist has his Emerson chops down, from the Hammond stylings to the barrelhouse/ classical piano style. The Emersonian touches appear here and there throughout but this is not an ELP keyboard trio or anything near it. They explore dark corridors filled with cobwebs of intensity that ELP were too wimpy to explore. There is some wonderfully penetrating moog work on this (political?) concept album. Except for a couple of breaks, the many tracks flow together into a continuous piece. Comes in beautiful miniature LP sleeve! 20,00 €.

MIA - Transparencias 
(Aadi-Capif-ARG) 1976 / Plus 4 bonus tracks from 1978 with Lito Vitale. Awesome Argentinia progressive. Lenghty tracks, keyes galore, flute, highly influenced by the sound of the UK ELP and Gentle Giant. (Code G)

MICK FARREN AND THE DEVIANTS - Fragments of broken probes 
(Captain Trip-JAP) These tracks are alternative recordings, outtakes remixes and live recording than span a period from 1968-1996. (Code E)

MIDWINTER - Waters Of Sweet Sorrow
(Kissing Spell/UK) Available again! Repressed!! Reissue of the so far UNRELEASED pre-STONE ANGEL album who's debut of 1975 is a true classic FOLK-ROCK rarity. Touches of Jethro Tull and Mellow Candle are feasible. Shivering female vocals in Trees and Pentangle tradition! 18,00 € 

(Audio Archives-UK) One of the rarest UK folk private-pressings now available on CD for the first time. Recorded in early 1971, this ultra rare-album was originally issued in a minute quantity on the privately commissioned Amber label and is now next it impossible to locate in LP format. This lovingly re-mastered CD edition enhances the trio's haunting sound of a mix of original and traditional tunes that encompass a multitude of instruments together with timeless and beautiful flowing male/female vocals. Strongly recommended. (Code E) 

(Gear-Fab-GF 179) Their classic self-titled 1969 LP is a journey into searing acid guitar with touches of soft folky ballads from "The Incredible String Band" to "Arthur Lee's LOVE" to Jethro Tull to Sgt. PEPPER' S.A great album!! (Code C)

MILLER, DAVE / CORBETT, LEITH - Reflection of a Pioneer 
(Vicious Sloth-AUS) 1970 / A Great Australien killer guitar based psych-progressive rock. Real blistering guitar work which mixed country-tinged psych pop with L. Zeppelin style. Blues-rock. A very good album. (Code E)

MILLER, PETE - Summerland 
(Gear Fab-US) 1965 / 67 UK When not masquarading as blissed-out psychodaisy Big Boy Pete producer / performer Pete Miller wrote and recorded a number of weird garage-pop tracks in similar vein to his highly rated 1965 single "Baby I got news for you". 14 tracks previously unreleased 1966-1967 recordings to confirm that he was one the most neglected talents. (Code C)

MIND DOCTORS - On the Threshold of Reality 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Threshold was recorded in the mid-seventies as a drug fuelled "Wicked Lady" spin-off. It's totally instrumental, doom-laden and filled with furiously fuzzing guitars. (Code E)

(Garden of Delights-G) An obscure late-70's self-produced progressive. The six musicians from Oberhausen/Germany released their only LP in 1978. Symphonic rock, plus 1 bonus track, from the master tapes. (Code C)

MIRAGE - You can't be serious 
(Distortion-US) Collection of 24 tracks from UK FREAK/PSYCH/POP band from the 60's 'THE MIRAGE'. The CD has all the singles released between 1965 and 1968 BBC sessions from that period and some unreleased tracks. (Code C)

MIRTHRANDIR - For You The Old Woman
(Syn-Phonic / US) 1975 / reissue of an album from the end of the Seventies. This band plays a complex and elaborated music based on breaks, contrasts and refinement. The group subtly mixes influences of Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes and E.L.P.! 15,00 €

MISSING LINKS - Driving You Insane 
(Half a Cow-AUS) Generally considered to be Australians wildest group. The Missing Links played a raw R & B sound influenced by the Pretty Things. 1965-1966. Everything they ever recorded is on this release. Nice Digipack with 27 tracks including 5 previously unreleased cuts, photos, liner notes, 20 page booklet. (Code E)

(GOD) Legendary German underground group recorded originally in 1969 the first album on CPM-Label. Like a darker more experimental "Out of Focus", with the accent on psychedelic blues and jazz, their 1969 debut was amazing for its variety and invention. With colour booklet and story! (Code C)

MISUNDERSTOOD - Lost Acetates 1965-1966
(UT/UK) 14 Newly discovered, unreleased tracks by legendary 60s garage/psych band. Featuring 4 DEMO versions of early (pre-Pink Floyd, pre-Hendrix) psychedelia recorded in London, September 1966 (including 'Children Of The Sun' featured on Rhino's worldwide 'Nuggets' box). High quality sound restoration and mastering. CD packaging includes 12 full-colour pages with detailed liner notes by MIKE STAX! 15,00 € 

MITHRAS - For We Trade In Fun
(Kissing Spell/UK) Trio from Scotland (one woman, two men) on vocals, guitar, flute and concertina who recorded this album in 1976. A pure recording with just a few re-takes, which took place in one weekend in a very relaxed atmosphere! 18,00 €

MOBY DICK - same 
(Arkama-I) mega rare and previously unreleased album by Italien rock band (later CITTA FRONTALE) All tracks were recorded at Olympic studios in London during 1973 by Led Zeppelin's engineer, (expect 3 cuts recorded at RCA studios in Rome during 1970) contains 3 bonus tracks. Hard rock in English at it's best. (For fans of Led Zeppelin /Black Sabbath) (Code C)

(DIG-Music/US) A lost MOBY GRAPE reunion album, featuring all original members JERRY MILLER, BOB MOSLEY, DON STEVENSON, PETER LEWIS and SKIP SPENCE.. Reissue of the original NEAR MYTHICAL album plus 8 never before released songs. Initially there were 10 songs on a plain white cassette released by Herman records and credited to the MELVILLES. References to the author of Moby Dick were necessary subterfuge, the band members could not legally use their name in the late 60s. The sweet dynamite melodies, the golden tangle of guitars and the wide screen sunshine of the vocals were a dead giveaway, there was no mistaking the sound, soul and spirit of the unbroken MOBY GRAPE. Now in 2003, by working directly with living members of the band, DIG Music has unearthed 8 never before released tracks and added tremendous musical value to an already collectable album. (Code C)

MODULO 1000 - Nao Fale com Paredes
(World in Sound/G) Modulo 1000 is one of Brasils famous progressive rock bands of the early 1970s, their only album became legendary in the collectors scene, as one of the best South American records of all times, besides Laghonia, Emiliano Zapata, Psiglo, Opus Alfa.. As Luiz Simas (organ) remembers: "The music of Modulo 1000 had its own appeal to an audience that wanted a heavy, raw, experimental, psychedelic sound. Our kind of music did not make it to the radio stations. It was too wild. The distribution of the record was done in a very limited way. The record label directors, which probably didn't understand or even didn't like our music, did zero promotion for the LP." This CD-issue contains 8 bonus tracks and comes with the original cover artwork, an outstanding psychedelic painting, presented in a triple fold hardcover (as Mystic Siva) plus a 16 page booklet with, bio and lots of photos. Highly recommended because of its individual and intense sound!: 18,00 €

MOGOL, LES - Danses Et Rythmes De La Turquie
(World Psych/US) A sparkling reissue of a turkish classic. A strange collection of melodic crypto folk instrumentals with a weird Zombies/Animals touch. Initially released in Paris on Guilde Internationale Du Disque in 1971! 17,00 €

MOJO MEN - there goes my mind
(Sundazed / US) Bursting at the seams with confidence after their 1967 chart smash, "Sit Down I Think I Love You," San Francisco's Mojo Men cut an amazingly fertile batch of songs that showcased the band's ace in the hole: the soaring, angelic vocal tandem of Jim Alaimo and Jan Errico. For some unknown reason this material-draped with subtle nuances learned at the feet of previous collaborators like Van Dyke Parks-has been sitting in the can ever since. SUNDAZED has liberated this mini-masterpiece so it can take its rightful place as one of the last great paisley pop LPs from the 1960! 15,00 €

MOJO MEN - Sit's the Mojo men 
(Sundazed-US) 2nd part of the complete works with 18 tracks. (Code C)

MOJO MEN - Why ain't supposed to be 
(Sundazed-UK) 1965/66 The famous Autumn sessions, with autumn single tracks, West coast pop-rock, incl. 21 tracks on this CD. (Code C)

MONTAGE - same 
(Sundazed-US) First CD release from the original 1968 masters, plus 4 bonus tracks. Masterminded by Michael Brown soon after his departure from the LEFT BANKE, Montage features the graceful baroque-tinged melodies, choral-density vocal harmonies, and creative orchestration that are hallmarks of BROWN's work. (Code C)

MONTES - Cuando Brille el Tiempo 
(Runner-Braz.) Reissue of ultra rare psychedelic / progressive artifact from Argentinia 1974. Very guitar-drenched in a Fraction kinda way, with westcoast overtones. Long tracks, guitar-odyssey effects, phased vocals, everything the mind boggles is here. Has nice surrealistic cover-art. Montes made one album, originals of which have been fed to the condors long time ago to keep them high and were not found. (Code H)

MOON - Without Earth and the Moon
(Cherry Red / UK) The mysterious Moon....a bit of a Los Angeles pop supergroup.....for all those Beach Boys fans who wonder in the group, here is a part of the story....The Moon were David Marks, garage punk legend Matthew Moore, David Jackson, late of Hearts & Flowers, and Larry Brown, who had drummed with Davie Allen, King of Fuzz, and played on every exploitation soundtrack out of the Mike Curb closet . Signing to Hollywood's Imperial Records label, they were given Carte Blanche to do what the hell they wanted in the studio, and two excellent albums "Without Earth" and "The Moon" Psych fuelled soft pop with a weird edge.....Imperial's slow collapse into the United Artists empire doomed them as it did many artists to a lack of promotion....indeed, their one and only photoshoot was found in a skip by David Marks' mother (who worked at UA) along with promos of everyone from Eddie Cochran to Jackie De Shannon to Kim Fowley.....when they cleared an office, they cleared an office!! All of which has made their albums and singles top-dollar collectables...Here for the first time ever anywhere we re-present The all their glory! 15,00 €

MOPS - Psychedelic Sound in Japan 
(Shagadelic) Korean Import. Top notch Japanese psychedelic garage classic including 6 rare single tracks and full discography in booklet. Taken from the original Master tapes. (Code F)

MOR - Stations 
(Spalax-F) Originally from 1973.This folk-rock trio from Brittany played their own rural songs, clearly influenced by Crosby, Stills & Nash and the like. The material is as cosy and warm as camp fire music with some beautiful moments. The tracks have either English or French lyrics. (Code C)

MORGAN - Nova Solis
(Angelair-UK) It's 1972 and Love Affair are no more. They had achieved great success in 1968 with the single "Everlasting Love". The nucleus of musicians in that band formed Morgan, named after their keyboard player Morgan Fisher. They retired "to the country" in time-honoured prog-rock band tradition and came up with material for their debut album. The deal with RCA, Italy took them to sunnier climes and they entered the fabulously high-tech RCA studios outside Rome. The studio was so modern they had actually floated the entire building on oil, apparently to insulate it from the vibrations of the Fiat trucks on the neighbouring Via Tiburtina. "Nova Solis" is now released on CD for the first time and is an excellent companion to the 1973 album "The Sleeper Wakes". The twelve page full colour booklet includes introductory sleeve notes from Morgan Fisher and updated artwork by Tim Staffell. (Code D)

MORGAN - The sleeper wakes
(Angelair-UK) Keyboard player Morgan Fisher achieved international fame with Mott The Hoople during their heyday in the early 70's. Prior to this, he had featured in the chart-topping Love Affair with Mo Bacon and Bob Sapsed who also play on this album. Joining them, Tim Staffell who supplies the cover artwork for this release was previously the singer-songwriter in a band called Smile (which featured Roger Taylor and Brian May later of Queen). "The Sleeper Wakes" was recorded in Rome in 1973 and features pioneering use of the then recently manufactured VCS3 synthesizer. It will appeal to all lovers of progressive rock and the classical overtones recall The Nice, Gentle Giant, King Crimson and Egg amongst others. This album was released in 1977 in the US by Passport Records under the title "Brown Out". The tapes have now been remastered by Angel Air and together with an informative inlay written by Morgan Fisher (and an introduction by Brian May) this is the definitive release for a seminal album. (Code D)

MORMOS - Great Wall of China 
(Spalax Digipack-F) 1971 / First album by this weird acid folk bunch. US refugees recording in France with a typical contintal psych feel shimmering through out. Plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code C)

MORMOS - The Magic Spell of Mother's Wrath 
(Spalax Digipack-F) 1972 / plus 2 bonus tracks, psychedelic folk haunting, mystical psych/folk, with Jim Cuomo. (Code C)

MORPHEUS - Rabenteuer 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1976 / Plus one twenty minute bonus track. An inventive progressive fusion band, it has a very live sound to it and the music is full of warmth, strong melodies and some great riffing, jazz-rock with saxophone and without singing. From the Mastertape. (Code C)

MORPHEUS - For A Second 
(Garden of Delight-G) After 26 years, the musicians came together again (first album is from 1976 "Rabenteuer"). The music is characterised by the same relaxed but vivid jazz-rock as in "Rabenteuer", a bit in the mood of Gong/Kraan. (Code C)

MOSAIC - Ultimatum
(MIO/IRL) Ears are funny things. I owned this French fusion album in the late 70's and never really thought much about it, but when I read that this was coming out, I listened to it again, and it really grabbed me. Why now and not 25 years ago? Dunno. Mostly instrumental fusion/progressive with a definite French air performed on acoustic and electric guitars, synths, cello, double bass, electric bass, keyboards, drums and percussion. This excellent reissue includes all of their only album from 1978, of which only 500 were made, all of their 1977 demo tape and two additional bonus tracks. This will appeal to those who like their fusion music on the 'out' side of things, and especially to avant/proggers who enjoy fusion as well. Excellent stuff; don't you wait 25 years to discover this!! 15,00 €

(Audio Archives-UK) 1975 / Dazzling all female progressive jazz-rock crossover album. Complex arrangements, haunting vox and highly accomplished musicianship. Original release only in skandinavia, with orig. artwork and band history. (Code E)

MOTIONS - Introduction / Their Own Way 
(Pseudonym-NL) Now on CD taken from the original masters both the first and second album by one of Holland most legendary beat bands from from the 60's THE MOTIONS. Originally released in 1965/1966. The CD has 7 non-LP bonus tracks which are taken from singles released during that 65/66 period, plus photos and stories etc.. (Code C)

(Kissing Spell-UK) 1971 / Densely layered folk-rock, with female / male vocals, cynical, misanthropic with an occasional cello. (Code E)

(Musea-F) 1970 / Plus 4 tracks from 1980. A classic from the continental progressive scene!! Soft Machine influenced, wild, driving long tracks with great guitars riffing away. (Code C)

MOVING GELANTINE PLATES - The World of Genius Hans 
(Musea-F) 1971 / The second album / plus 5 tracks from 1980.(Code C)

(Long Hair-G) First album (1970) of underrated Dutch band. A powerful collection of freaky, powerful progressive rock tracks with psychedelic leanings, dominated by composer, vocalist flute and sax player Bertus Borgers. Their music style was quite original and reminds sometimes to early Colosseum with frenetic sax and fuzz guitar riffing; also good use of organ and electric piano. A well done album which should have a wider audience. Informative booklet with band history by Bertus Borgers. From the masters. Secret tip! A must for every prog rock-fan. (Code C)

MR. ALBERT SHOW - Warm Motor
(Long Hair / G) Reissue of the fantastic 2nd album by Dutch PROGRESSIVE ROCK outfit from the early 70's. Same vein as 1st album but more mature (listen to fabulous track 'Electronic Baby' and you know what we mean). Long powefull track with great interlay between guitar and sax/flutes. This CD version has 5 bonus tracks ad liner notes by Bertus Borgers, leader of the band. A must, like the first one. Art work made by the famous Dutch comic artists JOOST SWARTE! 15,00 €

Mr. FOX - Same / The Gypsy
(Castle / UK) Excellent sounding reissue of these very early 70's folk rarities originally on Transatlantic; at one time when I was trying to snag more UK Transatlantic rarities, I remember searching for anything by Mr. Fox in vain. This has both of their two albums, and is sure to please folk/folk rock fans. The electic instrumentation is notable, as the album from pretty straight folk to pretty wild electric with fuzz cello & organ! Also notable is the very dark lyrical imagery. Definitely a good one. "Mr. Fox was a septet formed in 1970 by Bob Pegg (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Carolann Pegg (then known as Carole Pegg) (vocals, fiddle). Contemporaries of Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention, Mr. Fox was unusual in that they avoided relying on electric guitars and their music's deep origins in the folklore of the Dales. Mr. Fox, whose other members were Alun Evans (drums), Barry Lyons (bass, dulcimer), Andrew Massey (cello) and John Myatt (winds), started out with a self-titled debut album on Transatlantic that generated a massive amount of enthusiasm and controversy, over their mix of traditional folk forms and experimental touches in the rhythms and other embellishments. They were serious rivals to acts like Steeleye Span for a time, especially upon the release of their second album, The Gipsy, which featured a smaller line-up and a more experimental approach to their material. Multi-instrumentalist Nick Strutt, in particular, was heavily showcased along with the Peggs on that album. This was to prove their last album, however, as the group splintered soon after." 15,00 €

MURPHY BLEND - First Loss 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1970 German rock, as they combined the psychedelic krautrock sound with heavy rock, blues and classical music. (Code C)

(BMG-I / Digipack) 1973 / It mixed heavy rhythms with progressive developments ala "King Crimson". The title track covers is very classical in it's construction(as a musical analysis will demonstrate),with bold dynamics, superb playing and memorable melodies. They sound like a cross between a vastly improved early Uriah Heep and Deep Purple on smart pills, blending heavy rock and classical music. Over all, the album was closer to English progressive rock than many other Italian groups. This makes it more accessible to many and detracts little from it's musical value. (Code E)

(Sundazed-US) 1969 US / classic of psychedelia, mythical organ psych with haunting female vocals, plus 5 bonus tracks were added to the CD format. Comes with original artwork, plus extensive linernotes: A very great CD. (Code C)

(Discmedi/SP) New, nice Digipack issue. 70s Barcelona band's masterpiece of melodic tunes paying a certain tribute to the English folk movement of that era, as it does to early Amon Düül's freak-out sound concept. Hypnotic rhythms, Eastern influences and Selene's sensual voice transport the listener into another dimension. Echoes of the Incredible String Band are present, mainly in the guitar parts. Comes with great sleeve artwork!! 15,00 €

(PDI/SP)This Catalan outfit was founded in 1975 by two original members of MAQUINA!, together with Carles Benavent & Joan Albert Amargós, who actually wrote all of these compositions. This is their debut album, from 1976, originally on the Edigsa-Zeleste label. Brilliant jazz-rock and one of the top names in the so-called 'Rock Laietà' scene formed in Barcelona at the time! 15,00 € 

(Shadoks-G) Canada 1968. Never released before LP from Vancouver psych-underground band. Better than all the stuff I've heard from up there. With West coast touch, fuzzguitar, Hammond, amazing male vocal, house band of the Retinal Circus (The Filmore of Vancouver), played with bands like Doors on same bill. 12 tracks. (Code C)

(Second Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / Plus 7 bonus tracks 1970-sessions. This album is a genuine treasure, perhaps one of ten best, which were made in Germany during the early "Krautrock" years. The full atmosphere of psych sometimes agressive sometimes melancholy, superb guitar, hypnotical voice and classical keyboards recall "Pink Floyd" and "Group 1850". (Code C)

MY SOLID GROUND - SWF-Session 1971 & Album 2001 
(Long Hair-G) Brilliant -German Underground band, famous because of eponymous LP 1971 on Bacillus Records. 4 never before released tracks from 1971 broadcast-session in the vein of their album -even better, great underground rock with heavy guitar riffs and spherical organ work. Bonus: Complete Album 2001 by bandleader and guitar player Bernhard Rendel with a scope reaching from space-rock and lyrical elements to flowing psychedelic sounds. Resourceful and innovative: My Solid Ground 2001; 12 page booklet; 66 min. Highlight! (Code C)

(Shadoks/G) The holy grail of raw garage rock albums! Recorded at a college in Illinois in 1968, original copies of Mystery Meat's 'Profiles' LP are now worth a year's tuition at almost any university in the midwest. How's that for irony? But relax, now you can hear this baby without the second mortgage, and without the snap, crackle and pops of the original pressing. All original songs! This will undoubtedly sell out fast and will stay that way, if we have anything to say about it: 15,00 €

(World in Sound-G) 1972 / From the original Mastertape and comes in a beautiful triple fold-out Digipack. Awesome US psychedelia Masterpiece: Spooky go-go organ, acidy guitar lashes, strong powerfull vocals. (Code E)

MYSTIC SIVA - Under The Influence
(WIS-G / Digipack / US) 1969/70 / With this release World In Sound presents previously unreleased recordings of Mystic Siva from Detroit, very famous in the psychedelic collector's scene for their outstanding and rare original album (already reissued by WIS). The music here, recorded live prior to the album is taken from the master tapes. The opener is an instrumental cut, followed by six diff. versions of original album tracks in very powerful style, mixed with four long acid jamming cover tunes, Tobacco Road (6:46), Come Together (5:14), I'm a Man (7:08), Black Sheep (4:17) - turned into typical Siva style with pounding and hypnotic Hammond B3 organ, wailing and distorted fuzz / wah-wah guitar work, powerful voice and massive drums which lead you to the holy grail of psychedelic music. Be sure, this gem will blow your mind (great stereo sound). For all who missed their live shows - according to the band: "Those recordings are how we really sounded"! * Black Sheep is a bonus track only for the CD (54 minutes). The cover consists of trippy paintings - in an exclusive triple fold cardboard package as first one. (Code E)

MYSTIC TIDE - Solid Sound 
(Distortions-US) 1965-1969 / US 60's psychedelic feat. 18 tracks, 7 unreleased from the 69's sessions plus 5 mega rare singles 1965/66. An absolute must for connoisseur of psychedelia, they were at the forefront of experimentation and ahead of their time. (Code C)

MYTHOS - same 
(Spalax-F) The first album originally released on OHR-label in 1972.Mythos were fine purveyors of cosmic Krautrock, covering ground from space-tripping Pink Floyd via Ash Ra Tempel, onto Hawkwind and further by also blending in classical and ethnic themes. Science fiction themes were used as basis for lyrics, though, especially so one the eponymous debut, the music came first. A magical album, full of invention, yet all the more memorable for the ecological sci-fi proverb that ends the opus "Encyclopedia Terrae". (Code C)

MYTHOS - Dreamlab 
(Spalax-F) The next album from 1975, befitted as one of the dreamiest and trippy of cosmic music albums, a wonder world of flutes, Mellotron and synthesizer. Mysterious and totally unique (Code C)

MYTHOS - Strange Guys 
(Spalax-F) The third album from 1978, blends space-rock, hard rhythms and riffs, pastoral flute and parts of progressive themes. (Code C)

MYTHOS - Concrete City 
(Spalax-F) Another album from 1979 Space-rock, and parts of progressive themes. Synthesizers and moog evolve between the progressive and the space rock style of Tim Blake in broader though. (Code C) 

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