Malesch Records                .

NAHUATL - same 
(ROM-Factory-Mex) 1974 / First album by killer Mexican hard psychedelic trio with loud fuzz leads galore, wild vocals and great guitar. Plus one bonus track. This CD is from the original Mastertape. (Code E)

NARNIA - Alsan is not a Tame Lion 
(Narnia-UK) 1974 / Super-rare UK progressive album with a folk edge, female vocals and mystical lyrics with Peter Banks (ex "YES") on guitar. (Code E)

(Voiceprint-UK) 1981 (Code C)

NATIONAL HEALTH - Of Queues & Cures 
(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1978 / The second album with Dave Stewart (ex Arzachel) This is deeply part of Canterbury history and course. (Code C)

(Cuneiform-US) The first live album of this band ever. Recorded at two different shows in 1979: Four tracks recorded live April 27th, 1979 at A L'ouest de la Grosne, Bresse-sur-Grosne, France; Five tracks recorded December 1st, 1979 at the Main Point, Bryn Mawr-PA, USA. Comes with a 16 page booklet with liner notes by Canterbury expert Aymeric Leroy. (Code E)

(Spalax-Digipack-F) First album from 1977; post Egg/Caravan Canterbury classic rock. (Code C)

NATURAL ACOUSTIC BAND - Learning to live
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1972 / UK folk rock with the beautiful vocals of Krysia Krocjan. Limited edition. (Code G)

NAZZ - 13 th / Pine 
(Distortion-US) More unreleased stuff from Philadelphia band from the 60's . Featuring Todd Rundgren. The CD is compiled with unreleased material taken from the archives of Steewky their singer. (Code C) 

NAZZ - From Philadelphia / Woodys Truck Shop 
(Distortion-US) Double CD release featuring on disc 1 the album worth of unreleased demos recorded between 1967 and 1969 by this band from Philadelphia featuring young Todd Rundgren (11 tracks). And on disc 2 "WOODYS TRUCK SHOP" 1966 demos with Todd Rundgren (5 tracks) (Code H)

NAZZ - Open My Eyes-Anthology
(Castle / UK) 2-CD / Everything ever released by Todd Rundgren's late-'60s band! The Nazz's mixture of power pop, Who-like drive and psychedelia made for one tremendous band, with Todd in the guitar hero and songwriter role. Includes their three albums "Nazz," "Nazz Nazz" and "Nazz III" plus their singles, with standout tracks "Open My Eyes," "Hello It's Me," "Back of Your Mind," "Forget All About It," "Meridian Leeward," "Only One Winner" and "Some People." Digitally remastered from original master tapes by the esteemed Bill Inglot, with extensive notes…34 tracks ofessential,late-'60s-American-rock'n'roll! 19,00 €

NECROMANDUS - Necrothology 
(Audio Archives-UK) previously unreleased tracks, live material and special tribute song. Full band history, bios & pics. Produced by Tony Iommi. Dark underground downer rock. (Code E)

NECRONOMICON - Tips Zum Selbstmord
(Garden of Delights / G ): Here is one of the most famous releases in German rock from 1972. A obscure, yet legendary heavy and psychedelic underground band, whose only LP was released privately, instantly becoming obscure and collectable, not least because of its title, meaning " Tips For Committing Suicide". Also, aptly the music was dark, outer-edge bleak rock, with acid guitars and distincly psychedelic wailing angst-ridden German vocals. A concept of heavy rock, Pink Floyd psychedelia, progressive elements, the minimalism of Can and the 1968 generation's rebellious spirit. Coming with 4 bonus tracks! 15,00 €

NEGATIVE SPACE - The living dead Years 
(Monster-US) New Jersey legends of Dark basement 60's Fuzz-rock. Included all of their "Hard, heavy, mean & evil" album, plus 9 bonus track, lyrics, bio., and photos. The album released originally in 1970.(Code C)

(Sundazed-US) 24 tracks, included previously unreleased cuts from the master (1967-1968) From the San Francisco area a psychedelic mind splinterin' as the mushroom folk-rock blast of the "Jefferson Airplane" realm, with full history booklet. (Code C)

NEIL, FRED - Do You Ever Think Of Me?
(Revola / UK) Fred Neil was the eminence grise of 1960's Folkrock... the most famous unknown songwriter in the world....a reclusive, truculent man, who vehemently shied away from admired by his contemporaries that his songs are everywhere Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, the Lovin' Spoonful, Tim Buckley, Jefferson Airplane (who also wrote two songs *about* Fred!)....and most famously I suppose by Harry Nilsson, whose megahit cover of "Everybody's Talking" (from the soundtrack of "Midnight Cowboy") means that Fred Neil is the writer of one of the seven most played songs in the world!....Not bad for a man who deliberately retreated from fame at the height of his powers to pursue Dolphin research! "He taught me everything that was music" says David Crosby....and here are some of his best recordings, produced for Capitol by Nik Venet, the almost-pop-structured "Fred Neil" album, and it's experimental follow up "Sessions".....Pure genius....I quite seriously defy anyone not to love Fred Neil! This is A *very* expanded Revola classic which contains his best known songs "Everybody's Talking" and "The Dolphins". A must for folk, folkrock and general music fans everywhere! 15,00 €

NEO - same 
(Musea-F) This five-piece (keyboards, bass, guitar, drums & saxophone) band played a fiery and climatic progressive rock. They built and developed complex themes, full of breaks and changes in rhythm, with great instrumental combinations between keyboards, saxophone and the tremendous guitar. Sometimes, the group reminded Bo Hansson by the complexity and the numerous colours and breaks of their music and sometimes, their refined, delicate themes are reminding Camel or Caravan especially with the soft sound of the saxophone or some songs of King Crimson, circa "Island". (Code C)

(ACME/UK) First time on CD for these legendary 1967 sessions. Top notch basement floating garage psych with organ, featuring members who were later in PLEASE/THE FLIES and T2. Coming complete with bonus tracks and killer sleeve notes. Taken from the master tapes. Limited edition! 15,00 €

NEON ROSE - Dust and Rust and... 
(Vertigo-SW) Compilation of 3 albums from 1975 / 76, plus 2 bonus tracks; This Sweden group, with their melodic/heavy rock strongly influenced of "Deep Purple" and "Alex Harvey Band". Their instrumental sound was entirely based on guitars and they weren't exactly the most imaginative band around...! (Code D)

NEU! - 1
(Grönland-EMI / G) 1971 / The highly innovative and influential NEU! Originate from the early incarnation of Kraftwerk. Eponymous debut and a classic of the Kraut rock genre. Long spacey instrumental pieces with weird guitar and loop effects laid over repetitive "real" drums: From the original master tape and original poster cover. (Code E) 

NEU! - 2
(Grönland-EMI / G) 1973 / The second album and as brilliant as the first one, with Rother's multi-layered, fuzzed, wailing and shrieking guitars, spurred on by Dinger's metronomic drums and abstract percussive. From the original master tape and in original poster cover nice reissue. (Code E)

NEU! - 75
(Grönland-EMI / G) 1974/75 / The bands third and still brilliant album, rather more manic than the previous two albums but experimental and challenging to the extreme "Classic Rock Album". From the master tape with original poster cover. (Code E)

(Musea-F) 1978, plus one bonus track. One of the better German "Genesis" inspired bands to emerge in the late 70`s. Barely original, but very competent with lenghty tracks featuring poetic Gabriel style vocals and synthesized symphonic arrangements highlighted by guitar, synthesizer and flute solos. (Code C)

( Gear Fab / US ) Reissue on CD of a long lost TREASURE. Their album is one of those privately pressed jewels from 1972, with a great weird garagy PSYCHEDELIC sound, we are all hunting after. Doors-inspired music with great fuzz sound and distorted guitars. Their songs range from songs of protest such as 'Speaking Freeley' and Flying' to the 7 minute fuzz-fest 'Flower'. Only 500 originals were pressed 400 of which were destroyed in a fire, so remaining orignals are very hard to come by and go for the 4 digits in bucks, and still hardly ever pop up. Featruing nice photos and story of the band! 15,00 €

NEW COLONY SIX - At the Rivers Edge 
(Sundazed-US) 1966 / Plus bonus tracks. The Chicago band playing a very British invasion sound, they sounded very punkish with a strong "Animals / Them" influence. (Code C)

NEW COLONY SIX - Colonization 
(Sundazed-US) 1967 / plus bonus tracks. Their second album is more pop but contains a finer cover of the "Yardbirds" classic Mister you're a better Man.(Code C)

NEW DAWN There's a New Dawn 
(Arkama-I) Psychedelic rockband from oregon, originally released by Hoot in 1970. An album full of fuzz guitars and acid organ sounds in contrast to a few nice rock ballads. (Code C)

( Fonit Cetra / I ) This was the final album by the original line up before three members split to form Ibis. This is one of their most successful albums of classical rock, featuring gobs of keyboards, as well as guitar, bass, drums and vocals. A classic of the Italian classical rock sound! 15,00 €

NEW TROLLS - Tempi Dispari
( Vinyl Magic / I ) New Trolls were a long lived Italian band who started with pop leanings and turned into a more progressive rock type band. Somewhere along the way, the band split apart when three members left to form Ibis. Guitarist Vittorio DeScalzi then formed this lineup which recorded this album, which is a live show from 1974. Also along is keyboardist Renato Rosset (later of Nova) adds some great electric piano, along with sax, bass & drums. There are two side long pieces which are sorta in the Weather Report/Il Barricentro/Dedalus mold. For fusion fans like moi, this is one of their best. For strictly progressive/symphonic rock fans, this will probably not be your favorite! 15,00 €

(Shadocks-G) 1968 / Hexagone silver CD sleeve triple foldout, with many extra photos, plus 3 extra songs. The ultimate acid psych drenched monsterpiece, great good-time, stoned vibe, spaced-out acid leads. (Code E)

(Sundazed-US) 1971 / A wickedly rare phase 'n' fuzz fueled slice of psychedelia, featuring ripsnorting guitar work by Bert Bailey these guys were Caribean immigrants and they idolized "The Who" and "Jimmy Hendrix" style. Heavy rock with great acid fuzz organ jams and fuzz bass. (Code C)

NHU - same (RCA/SP)
"A very obscure group. Their album in the melodic heavy progressive style is actually very good. It features slow, graceful music, dominated by the well-known combination of electric guitar & organ. The guitar player has added unusual amounts of delay & flanging, effects to his instrument, resulting in a very spacey sound close to the Berlin sound of Manuel Göttsching & Edgar Froese."-Their one & only album from '78, the majority of this real rarity is instrumental and this is a good one: 15,00 €

NICE - The Swedish Radio Sessions 
(Castle-Music-UK) The NICE recorded this previously unreleased Radio session during their first European Tour in late 1967, prior to releasing any records. It includes exclusive cover versions and unique material. The shorter 1967 recordings, heard here, showcases a more integrated band, dominated by David O'List's jagged, spiky guitar work. Next up is their own piece of whimsical pop-psyche "Flower King of Flies", which is notably heavier than the released version from their debut album and one great tracks "You keep me hanging on", plus very nice informative booklet with liner notes and many photos. (Code C)

NICHOLLS, BILLY - Would you believe 
(Sequel-UK) Plus 2 bonus tracks. 1968 / With a help from Small Faces and others. British answer to the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Originally, one of the rarest 60's artefacts with original vinyl copies valued at 1.500 UK Pound. (Code E)

NIGHT SUN - Mournin'
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 1972 / There are nine tracks of progressive rock with all the typical characteristics of the band, which wanted to become a clone of "Deep Purple", with heavy instrumentations and a screaming vocalist. (Code C)

NINE DAYS WONDER - Only the Dancers 
(Bellaphon-G) 1974 The third album with eccentric and bizarre lyrics in a more dramatic rock with longer tracks. (Code B)

(Bellaphon-G) 1971 / German band, to create a bizarre and fascinating rock fusion showing distinct "Zappa" and "Canterbury" influences. Their debut LP featured four tracks of exceptionally complex music featuring highly powered instrumentals, diversions into jazz fusion, high experimentation. (Code B)

NINE DAYS WONDER - The best Years our Life? 
(Garden of Delight-G) So far unreleased tracks, characterised by a certain degree of restlessness owing to numerous changes in rhythm and frequent breaks. Their music is heavily influenced by the Mothers of Invention. (Code C)

NINE DAYS WONDER - We never lost control 
(Bellaphon-G) 1973 / The second album without the jazzy elements and instead being more richly textured and mellow progressive rock with hard-rock touches. (Code B)

NIRVANA - Story of Simon Simonpath
( Island / UK ) Remastered reissue with bonus tracks. Originally released in 1967, this was an early attempt at a rock concept album from the original band with the famous name. The packaging contains all the details of the original gatefold, including 'The Story' - written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons. Their debut album The Story Of Simon Simopath, a science-fiction pantomime, was an early attempt at a rock concept album. It contained some finely constructed pop songs, including the harmonious Pentecost Hotel (later issued as a single), We Can Help You (issued as a single by the Alan Bown Set the catchy Satellite Jockey, Wings Of Love, which was later issued as their sixth single and a couple of more mellow songs:- Lonely Boy and Never Found A Love Like This Before: 14,00 €

( Island / UK ) Remastered and coming with bonus tracks. Classic sixties psychdelic rock. Including the 'Tiny Goddess' and 'Rainbow Chaser' The follow-up All Of Us was an even more poignant collection of often dreamy pop songs. Two tracks, the sad but beautiful Tiny Goddess, which was issued as the group's first single, and Rainbow Chaser, one of the early examples of phasing which actually climbed to No 34 in the Spring of 1968, were outstanding. This song was later included on You Can All Join In, Island's 1969 sampler. Also of note were the heavily orchestrated Melanie Blue, All Of Us, and Girl In The Park: 14,00 €

NIRVANA - Local Anaesthetic
( Repertoire / G ) Fronted by Patrick Campbell Lyons, the UK Nirvana were originally formed in 1967 and soon became a favourite of serious music critics." Local Anaesthetic" was first issued on Vertigo´s swirl´imprint in 1971 and contained two lengthy heavely orchestrated tracks that further enhanced the band´s reputation for producting striking and innovative work: 14,00 €

(P&M Music-UK) 1969 UK organ and guitar based exploitation psychedelia that truly reflects the 60's Swingin' London sound. (Code E)

NORTHWIND - Sister, Brother, Lover.. 
(Audio Archives) 1971 / Reissue of melodic & rural sounding. Rare progressive rock, similar to Wishbone Ash, duelling guitar, long tracks, plus two ultra rare tracks, played in USA on acetate. Last copies. (Code E)

(Ohrwaschl-G) 1970 / Most sought after heavy Krautrock, singer is a beast, rhythm sections pumps like a throbbing ulcer, the axeman really destroys amps with sheer pleasure. (Code C)

NOVALIS - Banished Bridge
( Repertoire / G ) 1973; "Formed in late 1971, the Hamburg band Novalis took their name from an 18th century poet, and aptly, they created a rock music of poetic, lyrical and instrumental beauty. In their early days, Novalis started with a repertoire of King Crimson and Pink Floyd numbers. A year later and with a set of their own songs, Jochen Petersen discovered Novalis in concert and was so impressed that he promptly got them a contract with Brain...Banished Bridge showed their King Crimson a dreamy, laid back progressive rock." 14,00 €

NOVALIS - same
( Repertoire / G ) This 1975 self-titled album was their 2nd album and continues to show their keyboard dominated progressive/symphonic sound, influenced by their early years performing King Crimson and Pink Floyd pieces, but showing their own take on these influences! 14,00 €

NOVALIS - Brandung
( Repertoire / G ) Their fifth album, from 1977. "Formed in late 1971, the Hamburg band Novalis took their name from an 18th century poet, and aptly, they created a rock music of poetic, lyrical and instrumental beauty. In their early days, Novalis started with a repertoire of King Crimson and Pink Floyd numbers. A year later and with a set of their own songs, Jochen Petersen discovered Novalis in concert and was so impressed that he promptly got them a contract with Brain...with an even richer palette of instruments [the band] made the majestic and all the more symphonic Brandung, with an even more subtle classical and folky concoction of underlying influences, partly returning to the dreamy feel of their debut" 14,00 €

NOVALIS - Sommerabend
( Repertoire / G ) Novalis´breakthrough in 1976. The album was produced by Achim Reichel mastermind and vocalist of the legendary Rattles. `Sommerabend´ was not only a success in Germany, but also in Japan, and the title track soon became the focal point of the band´s live shows: 14,00 €

NOVALIS - Vielleicht Bist Du Ein Clown?
( Repertoire / G ) Their sixth album, from 1978, and the last of their quality releases, although this has more emphasis on vocal numbers than in the past. "Formed in late 1971, the Hamburg band Novalis took their name from an 18th century poet, and aptly, they created a rock music of poetic, lyrical and instrumental beauty. In their early days, Novalis started with a repertoire of King Crimson and Pink Floyd numbers. A year later and with a set of their own songs, Jochen Petersen discovered Novalis in concert and was so impressed that he promptly got them a contract with Brain! 14,00 €

(Sonet-SW) 1971 / The second album by brainblasting Swedish guitar charged hardrockers. (Code D)

(Mellotron-SW) 1971 / The 3rd album by Swedish heavy progressive band. This album was their most progressive one. It contains 6 bonus tracks from singles, like "Mount Everest". English lyrics, B-side tracks; previously unreleased song, which has a slow blues character, and another track "En ny tid är här" is an alternate version of the same song from the second album, here with guitar and glockenspiel given a more prominent character, with story of November and photos / nice picture CD. (Code D)

NOVEMBER - En ny tid är här 
(Sonet-SW) 1970 First album of Swedish hardrock classics with fuzzed bluesy vibe, real good guitar based rock. (Code D)

(Mellotronen-SW) Limited edition. Unreleased live-set from 1970/1971... amazing and perfect sound quality! (Code D)

NU - Cuentos de Ayer y de Hoy
(BMG/SP) "Ñu were one of the best Spanish groups of the late seventies, sounding like a violent mixture of Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath and High Tide, with aggressive, Ozzy Osborne-like high-pitched Spanish vocals on top. Most of the tracks were unusually complex for the genre and characterized by screaming vocal parts alternating with head swirling battles between lead guitars, violin and flute. Cuentos De Ayer Y De Hoy (1978) is regarded as their classic, comprising ass-kicking adrenalin-filled tracks...despite some obvious influences, this is a truly original album, ranking among the most indispensable ones from this part of Europe! 15,00 €

NUCLEUS - Live in Bremen
(Cuneiform / US) The groundbreaking UK band Nucleus were one of the very first jazz/rock fusion groups, forming in 1969 and releasing their first album in 1970. During their lifetime, the band recorded 13 albums for labels like Vertigo and Capitol, among others. The band was founded by trumpeter Ian Carr. he recruited musicians for the band in the autumn of 1969. The timing was perfect: the world was ready for Nucleus and other early bands who were combining the energy and excitement of rock with jazz instrumentation, like Miles Davis, Tony Williams' Lifetime and Soft Machine. This never before released concert, recorded May 25th, 1971 and licensed from Radio Bremen, captures the band at an early peak and with an interesting lineup: Carr, Karl Jenkins-piano & oboe, Brian Smith-tenor & soprano sax, flute & percussion, Ray Russell-guitar, Roy Babbington-bass & John Marshall-drums. Most notably, Russell never recorded with the band, and his short tenure with Nucleus was completely unknown until now. This fine slice of vital, exciting jazz/rock includes some wonderful archival photos supplied by John Marshall and liner notes by Aymeric Leroy: 18,00 €

(Mellow / I) The 3rd & last album by this early 70's Italian progressive/heavy quintet (keyboards, guitars/violin, guitar, bass/flute, drums with vocals from all). The sound combines a heavy edge ala early Deep Purple, etc with obvious progressive rock tendencies. Definitely dated sounded...and fun! 15,00 € 

NUEVO MEXICO - hecho en casa 
(La Circula electrica-Mex) 1975 / First album with long layered tracks full of guitars, keyboard, flutes.. a great mix between progressive and psychedelic. (Code D)

NUEVOS HORIZONTES & JOSE Y MANUEL - Totas Sus Grabaciones 1970-76
(Ramalama / SP) 2 CDs / Spanish release. NUEVOS HORIZONTES was a very unknown Spanish psychedelic pop group very much in the vein of Sagittarius and Millennium. The girls of VAINICA DOBLE wrote some songs for them, like the amazing 'Mi Mosca Favorita' or 'El Afinador De Citaras', all of them were performed stunningly with great vocal harmonies. JOSE Y MANUEL were a folk-pop duo, who also released some records together with NH. Very recommended, with remastered sound and 16-page booklet with info in Spanish and pictures. (Code E)

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