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OBERON - A Midsummer's Night Dream 
(Audio Archives-UK) Reissue of the rarest and most expensive Uk folk private pressing obscurity. Medieval gothic folk with blood-curdling chants, male / female vocals and a unique, timeless quality. (Code E)

OCHS, PHIL - Pleasure of the Harbour 
(Collectors Choice-US) perhaps Phil greatest record from 1967 boasting the dead on attack on apathy feat. "Outside of a small circle of friends", "Cross my heart". (Code C)

OCHS, PHIL - Rehearsals for Retirement / Gunfight at Carnegie Hall 
(Colectors Choice-US) 2 classical Phil Ochs albums on 1 CD. Rehearsals for retirement is a sot of soundtrack to the Chicago 68, democratic convention and reflexes Phils anger, bitterness and disillusionment with society, the protest movement and even himself. "Gunflight at Carnegie Hall" was only released in Canada, having aroused controversy for the unlikely covers of Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley songs. (Code E)

OCHS, PHIL - Tape from California 
(Collectors Choice-US) The rockin title track Phil real foray into the genre-highlights this 1968 album, plus "Half a century high", "Floods of Florence" and another dazzling work. (Code C)

( Revola / UK ) So here it is...the long awaited, long anticipated release of October Country, one of the prime collectable projects of legendary producer Michael Lloyd:Michael Lloyd is in some ways a mysterious figure...child prodigy surfrocker...Kim Fowley protιgι...member of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, house producer for Tower Records, vice president of MGM Records at 23, producer of hits for artists from The Osmonds to Leif Garrett, and involved in some of the most awesomely collectable softpop/ psychedelic rarities of all time! This much sought after album by little-known LA act October Country includes as much input from Lloyd and his usual collaborators as it does from the band themselves, on a set of songs mostly written by Lloyd..rendering the group's own roots as a We Five-ish folkpop group completely unrecognisable! A superb piece of classic psychpop, done in tandem with the soundtrack to Steven Spielberg's first movie "Amblin'", featuring many of the same musicians.....this is in many ways the companion piece to the legendary Tower Records album by The Smoke (effectively a Lloyd solo album), and some of it's songs reappear in punkier versions on the soundtrack to early 1970's cartoon The Cattanooga Cats..sung by bubblegum king Joey Levine, softpop beauty Melody Clinger, and the unlikely figure of Rupert Holmes....but that's another story! A snapshot of a genius at work, and of the Sunset Strip pop scene of the 1960's!! This is its first time ever on CD! Included are the mono single mixes all in the usual Rev-Ola state of the art remastering! Plus a lavish package with detailed notes by Steve Stanley. Michael Lloyd is a legend....from his days in The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band to his mega-success as a pop producer....and this is a must for all collectors of softpop, psychpop, and 1960's West Coast music in general! 15,00 €

OCTOPUS - Restless Night 
(GRT-G) 1970 / Plus 4 bonus tracks. English psychedelic-pop progressive rock. (Code C)

ODA - same 
(Hallucinations-US) First release, a sub label for the vinyl. Reissue on CD of rare album by USA local heavy psych to psychic-hard rock band ODA. Led by the axe-craftian Randy Ora on splattering guitar, shooting off some furious leads all over the place. Originally released privately in 1972. Digitally remastered taken from the original master tape. And including 4 pre-Oda bonus track. (Code C)

ODYSSEY - Setting Forth
(Lion/CND) Once upon a time, when the music business was more music than business (but only just), there was a band that created a quintessential dose of New York sixties psychedelia-strong harmonic vocals, heavy swirling organ, and fuzz guitar riffs of the greatest ferocity. Finally, their lone album-one of the ten rarest and most sought after US psychedelic albums-is available again: painstakingly remastered, repackaged, and ready for true psych fans to devour. This is truly one of the cornerstones of underground psychedelic music, recorded in 1969, released in an edition of fewer than 100 copies, and impossible to find as it only came in a plain white cardboard sleeve. An album that jumps right out of the speakers at you, from it's opening "In-a-gadda-da-vida" riffs right to the very end. Twelve-page booklet has part one of a band history by Odyssey leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. LP version in heavy cardboard gatefold jacket will be available in June:15,00 €

ODYSSEY - Live at Levittown Memorial Auditorium: 1974
(Lion/CND) A live recording that was never really meant to be, recorded by Odyssey's sound engineer on a portable cassette recorder, and recently unearthed! "Live at Levittown" is the only document of Odyssey as they were in their progressive phase, just before Fred Callan and sometime Odyssey keyboardist Tom Doncourt recorded their legendary album as Cathedral. Bonus tracks include three "basement recordings" from the "Setting Forth" era-two untitled originals that never made the album, plus the band's version of "Whiter Shade of Pale". These three tracks have been salvaged as well as possible from the cassette that is the only recorded evidence of these songs. Important note: this disc is not audiophile quality sound! despite our best efforts, it's rough sounding, but we think that you'll find it well worth listening to, despite the source limitations. Twelve-page booklet has a continuation of the Odyssey story by band leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive:15,00 €

(Karma / DK) Much acclaimed Danish progressive rarity from 1972, with high pitched vocals, real wild fuzz guitar and swirling keys. Reissue from the original master tape and plus bonus tracks. (Code C)

OLD MAN AND THE SEA - 1972 - 1975
( Karma / DK ) Now on CD the lost recordings from Danish psychedelic underground band from early 70's 'Old Man & The Sea'. 15 tracks in total. 14 studio (most of them unreleased) and 1 live (unreleased). CD comes with stunning psychedelic artwork and full history of the band: 15,00 €

OLIVER, KLAUS - 1967-1970 
(Capt. Moze Records-US) Ligitimate reissue of their 500 copies private press 1970 LP, probably the first DIY rock 'n' roll album from Canada. One studio (recorded in a basement of course) focusing on original material, the other side live featuring rendition of "2Season of the witch" and "Kentucky Woman", among others. 21 tracks including the entire LP, the first 7" from 1969, 1 live out-take, 1 studio out-take, 2 basement tracks from 1968/1969, 2 basement tracks from 1967/1968, and 1 just discovered track from a pre-Oliver Klaus beat group, recorded in 1966. Plus 12 page booklet. (Code G)

OLIVER - Standing stone 
(Wooden Hill UK) Recorded on the Farm in Wales in early 1974. Killer private release "real" psychedelic bblues with distorted vocals, blasting fuzz leads. (Code E)

OMEGA PLUS - How To Kiss The Sky 
(Shagadelic-Korea) First ever real psychedelic release in France during the 60's. Omega Plus consisted of 3 session men including Claude Engel whoop's main career started with Christian Vander's Magma after Omega Plus disbanded. One and only 1969 LP now on CD. A mix of Folk, Psychedelia, Blues and Jazz and sung in English. Comes as gatefold hard paper sleeve version. (Code G)

(Mind's Eye-US) 1971 / A USA 70's Megararity, basically a psychedelic rock, mixing heavier fuzz laden songs with mellow folk / psychedelic anthems, with raunchy and harmony vocals. (Code D)

(Gear Fab-US) 1974 / US psychedelic folk-rock. Originally released in 1973-1974 privately in an edition of 400 copies. Outstanding acoustic-electric folk rock feat. great vocals and guitar work. (Code C)

OPEN MIND - same 
(Second Battle-G) 1969 UK-World class mod-psychedelia beast that everybody knows. Great new Digipack, plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code E)

OPHIUCUS - same 
(Musea-F) 1971 / Plus bonus tracks of the unreleased english version of the album. This elegant, sunny, mainly acoustic, fine and soft music is based on superb, exquisite, polished vocals harmonies very elaborate compositions and refined arrangements. (Code C)

OPOSSUM - Bear's Banquet
(Garden of Delights / G) "As the precursor of Morpheus, they were playing jazz-rock with progressive elements, slightly comparable to the sound of Soft Machine or Colosseum. The band was founded in 1974 they recorded some tracks cleanly and professionally in their rehearsal room..." and it is these recordings that have been released here. I thought that this one started a little slowly, but after a short while it really starts to smoke. The band consists of flute, saxes, keyboards, guitar, double bass and drums. Definitely has that German jazz/rock sound: 15,00 € 

ORA - same 
(Background-UK) 1969 / A British mega rarity: soft-rock psychedelic, with haunting long tracks full of fuzz mayhem, gentle pop sike vibe. Plus 7 previously unreleased tracks and the 7 minute hard rock track Witch / Seashore / About you. (Code E)

ORION'S BEETHOVEN - Superangel / Tercer Milenio 
(Re. Runner-BRA) Both albums by this Argentinian heavy-psych rock band on 1 CD. Originally formed in the 60`s, but only made their first album in 1973. They went on to release a further album Tercer Milenio. Great heavy psych/prog rock with excellent guitars and some nice mellotrons. (Code G)

ORPHEUS - same 
(Arkama-I) Massachusetts band, produced by Alan Lorber, obviously part of the Boss town sound scene. This 2 CDs contains all the 4 albums they've recorded. "Orpheus" (MGM 1968), "Ascending" (MGM-1968), "Joyful" (MGM-1969) and "Orpheus 4" (Bell-1971) plus some bonus tracks. They differed a little from the other bands in the scene as they had a strong singer songwriter soft rock attitude. Nice artwork with complete biography and a lot of rare photos. Comes in gateful-hard-paper-digipak. (Code H)

OSAGE TRIBE - Arrow Head
(Vinyl Magic/I) Osage Tribe were formed in 1971 by Franco Battiato, then working as pop singer, with his loyal drummer Cucciolo, guitarist Marco Zoccheddu who had just left Nuova Idea and bass guitarist Bob Callero...the remaining trio, based in Genova, a prolific city for many great bands, veered towards a more aggressive sound and released their masterpiece, Arrow head, in 1972, a five tracks album that's still regarded as one of the finest in its genre. Mainly hard rock based, but with strong progressive influences rather than dull solo parts, the album has in the long Soffici bianchi veli and the softer Cerchio di luce with some jazzy influences are the best cuts: 15,00 €

(RGE / SP) Euro release. Rare and super psychedelic Brazilian album from 1969, with lots of fuzz guitar, wah-wah and some bossa influences! OS BRAZOES were the backing group for GAL COSTA in her early psychedelic days! If you dig Mutantes' early work, you should check this out. Incluidng covers of Gilberto Gil's 'Volkswagen Blues', Jorge Ben's 'Carolina, Carol Bella', etc. 4 Page booklet! 15,00 €

(Millenium-BRZ) compilation of three album from 1969 / 1970 / 1971. The best tracks of the Brazil psychedelic group. Musically ambitious and out and out blissful as pop music ever got. (Code C)

(Fresh Air/South Africa) Rare South African underground blues rock band. Great guitar work and some strange flute interventions. Nine tracks from the first album, originally released in 1970 and 2 tracks from the second album originally released in 1971. From the mastertape and the Otis Waygood story! 18,00 €

OUBA - Freak out Total 
(Gear Fab-US) Recorded in Montreal in early 1968, this super rarity comes out to you in all it is PSYCHED out glory. West coast-influenced, it's basically a freedom freakout with drivin' organ part, jamming guitar passages and sections of fairly incoherent wasted vocals. It's very progressive with quite a jazzy atmosphere, but it's also very self-indulgent. (Code C)

(Rubber-UK) This is one of the most sought-after British progressive albums from 1970. The London-based outfit were pretty competent musicians and the material on the album ranges from Beat-psych through to jazz-blues. The highlights include the "Hendrix"-influenced "Closing in on me and Wings of the Morning". (Code E)

OUT OF FOCUS - Four Letter Monday Afternoon 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 2 CD / 1972 / Plus one bonus track. It's more jazzy underground, almost certainly a dedication to Soft Machine -Third, it has mainly instrumental and lenghty tracks. (Code E)

OUT OF FOCUS - Not too late 
(Ultimate Transmission-UK) One of the most sought after and collectable Kraut-rock bands, being part of the Munich scene, this is the CD version of their complete unreleased album by German Kraut band legends recorded in 1974. A jazzy psychedelic blend with "Canterbury" touches and English vocals, long tracks. (Code C)

OUT OF FOCUS - Rat Roads
(GOD-064) 1972/The rest tracks from the album! "Four letter Monday Afternoon", all unreleased and over 50 min. progressive-jazzy rock. Great studio sound quality. (Code C)

OUT OF FOCUS - same 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1971 / The second album of Munich band. They rapidly established a stylish and refined blend of rock and jazz, that drew in psychedelic overtones. (Code C)

OUT OF FOCUS - Wake up 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1970 / Debut album legendary early German psychedelic / progressive rock band. Loaded with hammond organ, guitar workout alongside more fragile acoustic day dreams. English vocals. (Code C)

(pseudonym-NL) Reissue of one of the holy grail of Dutch Psychedelia. Here available again after being deleted for a long period of time. Comes with original artwork, extensive booklet, restorted masters and 5 bonus tracks. Almost every track is a winner. (Code C)

OUTSIDERS - C.Q. Sessions 
(Pseudonym-NL) 2-CD / Completely 34 tracks, including bonus tracks, this double CD worth of material recorded during the sessions that led to the C. Q. release. Lots of alternate takes, demos and unreleased tracks, plus both Muziek Express single track. (Code G)

(pseudonym-NL) 1966-1967 / Plus 6 bonus tracks. First album of Dutch classic garage beat. (Code C)

OUTSIDERS - Strange Things Are Happening
(RPM /UK) The complete singles 1965-1969 Known as The 'Dutch' Outsiders (save confusion with the US group of the same name), from 1965-1969 The Outsiders ruled the R&B / Psych beat roost, a big hit in Europe and equally in the US where they sold 2 million records. Here are their complete singles. Leader Wally Tax is still releasing new albums today, his latest on Virgin in Holland, and has helped with the sleeve notes. The package is licensed from EMI Holland and the band. This release is the next in the Bam Caruso series and is packaged by Phil Smee with plenty of photos and memorabilia. This is the first ever complete collection of their singles and has been re-mastered from original tapes: 18,00 €

OVNIS, LOS - Hippies 
(ECO-MEX) 1968 / A legendary Mexican band, with full of fuzz guitar-work, farfisa organ and in place with a punky edge. There's also an incredible cover version of the "DOORS" Light my Fire and other great psychedelic tracks. From the original Mastertape and plus 10 bonus tracks. (Code D)

OXFORDS - Flying up through the Sky 
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue on CD of this great Louisville bands 1969 LP featuring the female vocals of Jil Demarco, with a sound remniscent of "JEFFERSON AIRPLANE". This release will also featur their earlier FUZZED-OUT garage singles plus unreleased material which was to be part of their unfinished 2nd album from 1971. (Code C)

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