Malesch Records                .

P-205 - same 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1975/76; The pre-vinyl demos, more guitar-organ psychedelic underground ala Pink Floyd and Black Widow. English lyrics. (Code C)

PACIFIC SOUND - Forget Your Dream! 
(Long Hair-G) Reissue on CD taken from the original Mastertapes of one ad only album by swiss masters of PSYCHEDELICA 'Pacific Sound' originally released in 1972. A truly spectacular heavy psychedelic album and pure classic of it's time. Flying acid leads, roaring keyboards, strange vocals. This CD issue has 3 bonus tracks from 1971, extensive liner notes and lots of nice pictures of the band. (Code C)

PANCAKE - Roxy Elephant
(Garden of Delights / G) NYRVANA PANCAKE was formed in the early 70s in Germany. They released one of the best psychedelic singles of that era and shortened their name in 1975 to PANCAKE. Though "Roxy elephant" doesn't feature keyboards, one can clearly hear symphonic echoes. They went on to produce two more albums: "Out of the ashes" (1978) and "No illusions" (1979) The first of three - from this dual guitar, vocals, bass and drums German band. "Their debut, Roxy Elephant, was more typical of the German & British progressive style of the era, with the focus on multiple guitars, dynamics with rock songs, ballads, hard-rock edged, yet also afire with space-rocking instrumental breaks: 15,00 €

PAINTED FACES - Anxious Colors 
(DR-1020) Absolute fantastic CD release featuring all rare singles and unreleased tracks by one of the most legendary ACID-PSYCHEDELIC-GARAGE-PUNK bands of all time. Included here there absolute classic ANIXIOUS COLORS, 28 tracks in total, 11 of which are unreleased! (Code C)

PAISLEYS - Cosmic Mind At Play
(Sundazed / US) The Paisley's mystical, brooding album, Cosmic Mind At Play, makes it's first ever legit re-release on Sundazed! We've roughed up the band members (along with legendary producer Warren Kendrick), raided their closets and unearthed more than enough Upper Midwest jewels to mind-expand this album to near-bust; now included along with the rare original issue are a bevy of extras; unissued cuts from the sessions, and revealing demos... Sundazed proudly presents the full, swirlingly-psychedelic portrait of these dark Minneapolis wizards! BONUS TRACKS Something's Missing Medley: Comin' On / City Of Light / Home Again (previously unissued album outtake) The Fool With The Jewel (previously unissued live recording) Step Quietly and Quickly (previously unissued demo recording) Elf In A Magic Bottle (previously unissued demo-recording) In Dreams (previously unissued demo- recording)! 15,00 €

(Gear Fab / US) 1966/67 / The great southern California Pop/Folk/Psych rock band, that paid home mage to the British invasion by wearing uniforms and tall fur hats in a attempt to emulate the guards outside Buckingham Palace. Originally featuring Emmitt Rhodes on drums (hi later went on to play with Merry-Go-Round). The Palace Guard were the featured band at the Hullaballo Club in L. A. Don Grady, most famous for his role in "My Three Sons", played in earlier version of this band before he went on you coin Yellow Balloon. All their 45's, 2 tracks from Emmit's first band "THE EMERALDS". (Code C)

PAN & REGALIZ - same
(Wah Wah / SP) 1970 / Great killer Spanish heavy psychedelic beast. Psychedelic effects, stoned vocals, flute and howling guitars. Comes with bonus tracks in Digipack release. (Code C)

PANTA REI - same 
(Timothy's Brain-US) 1970 / A Swedish weird heavy progressive rock with a 'hot rats feeling; has long tracks extending over 13 minutes, with strong guitar and spacy freak-out moments. A total classic for the 70's Collectors. (Code C)

PAPA BEAR'S MEDICINE SHOW - Live At The Retinal Circus
(One Shot/US) First time on CD for this legendary band that existed from 1967-1969. Their only album was actually a bootleg, made in 1970 in an edition of 105 copies. This is different material entirely from that original album, recorded in 1968 in Vancouver's main psychedelic venue, the Retinal Circus. Good soundboard sound and music in the vein of the Doors, Lovin' Spoonful with a touch of old timely music thrown in. A homemade looking CD that will be as rare as rare as the original album, someday! 18,00 €

(Gear Fab / US) The mystery New York band that recorded this Psychedelic classic LP in 1968. This five piece band intertwined screaming fuzz guitar and dominant keyboards with the tasteful use of violins and some trombone to give it a "St. Pepperish" type of sound. They fully succeeded. (Code C)

PARISH HALL - Skid row Runner 
(Audio Archives-UK) Much overlooked strident, bluesy gut-rock from 1970 US trio. A powerful album. (Code E)

(Subliminal-SW) This 2 CD set presents the nucleus of Swedish 1960's - 1970`s underground psychedelic rock scene. Parson sound a most remarkable band know in later incarnations as International Harvester and Trad, Gras &Stenar, and features both intricate studio recordings and orgastic live performances. They never had a release out untill now. The recordings date from 1967/1968 while the band explored unknown musical territory as well as inner-and-outer space. They were even invited by Andy Warhol to play at the opening of his exhibition in Stockholm. The bands psychedelic approach towards music is so fresh and vital that it transcends time, with informative booklet and lots of photos. (Code H)

PARSONS, GRAM - Another Side of this Life 
(Sundazed-US) The lost recording of Gram Parsons 1965-1966. The highly anticipate release of another side of this life, 20 previously unheard demo recordings of Parsons country rock pioneer and former of the Byrds and founding member of the Flying Burrito Brothers. Parson singing and playing acoustic guitar. His guitar was like a wallet to him: he carried it everywhere and he loved to play. (Code D)

PASTORAL - Altrapodus en el cielo
(M2U / Korea) Should be 2nd album. A continuing of their second 1977 album with fine folky themes, with much acoustic guitars and even occasional bagpipes. Very charming and beautiful. Comes in superb gimmick cover and of course in a limited edition. (Code H)

PASTORAL - Humanos
(M2U / Korea) First CD reissue of this Argentinean folk band from 1976. Hailed from Argentina. They were a good looking folk duo recording quasi-protest songs. Their debut album, on which they were assisted by session musicians, was well received. Comes in LP miniature paper cover. (Code H)

(Ohrwaschl-G) 1972 / Australien dark & doomy psychedelic underground; their music drew on that trippy Pink Floyd style; the paternoster style blended heavy classical motifs, psychedelic flights into the cosmos and much more. (Code C)

PATRON SAINTS - Fohhoh Bohob 
(patron Saint-US) 1969 / US private release and limited edition; rare US weird psychedelia, an offer is pleasant but boring guitar folk in the Shadrack Chameleon mould. (Code D)

PATTO - Monkey's Bum 
(Audio Archives-UK) Superb previously unreleased 4th album by this legendary progressive band featuring the outstanding guitar playing of the late, great Ollie Halsall. (Code E)

PATTO - same
(Repertoire/UK) First issue by Vertigo records in 1970 and now available on CD. The 8 featured, plus one bonus track show just what a great Jazz / Rock band Patto were and why they´ve been hailed as a major influence by so many artist: Release on Mini LP-Card sleeve 15,00 €

PATTO - Hold Your Fire
(Repertoire/G) Reissue of their second album, originally on Vertigo. Featuring UK axe legend Ollie Halsall mixing up fiery jazz with a hard rock assault in a manner that only can be called 'fusion'. Vocalist Mike Patto is best known for his playing with Tiomebox, Bow Street Runners and Spooky Tooth. 60s/70s: Release on Mini LP-Card sleeve, plus three " Demo takes " bonus track: 15,00 €

PATRON SAINTS - Latimer Sessions
(Patron Saints/US) 2-CD-set / In early 1971, The Patron Saints line-up included Eric Bergman (guitar, bass, vocals), John Doerschuk (guitar, piano, vocals), Kirk Foster (bass, guitar, vocals), Joe Ivins (drums, vocals) and Jon Tuttle (guitar, piano, vocals). When Jon left the group unexpectedly in April, the remaining Saints were forced to soldier on as a foursome. At the end of April 1971, after countless hours of work, we finished creating our new "masterpiece." Most of the songs were new, but we also re-recorded versions of Flower, Do You Think About Me?, White Light and Andrea, all of which appeared originally on Fohhoh Bohob. This CD compilation contains all of the songs from the Latimer sessions, plus a number of bonus goodies: 22,00 €

PAX - May God... 
(Background-UK) 1970 / A heavy psychedelia rock from Peru, with english vocals, with the most heavy violent guitar leads imaginable. (Code E)

PEACE, JOE - Finding Peace of Mind 
(World of Sound-G) 1972 / US killer album. Dreamy psychedelic folk with acid fuzz leads, popping in and out of the blue, varied guitar styles from the fuzz guitar, to the jangly guitar and the wailing guitar and catchy percussion. (Code C)

(Shadoks-G) CD issue of 'Rockadelic' LP by psyche-rockers PEACEPIPE who also went by the name Human Equation. Classic power-rock trio with superb guitar histrionics from John Uzony. Plus bonus tracks includes both sides of their rare single on the accent label from 1968. For fans of Bubble Puppy and Blue Cher. (Code C)

(ESP / US) Balaklava is one of the most extraordinary, sublime and sophisticated protest albums of 1968. To many, this album (the groups second for ESP Disk) represents Tom Rapp's surrealist song-craft in perfection. Not a foot-stamping anti-Vietnam war album but a complex and psychedelic masterwork that touches on Tennyson & Tolkien in a sub line metaphorical fashion. Tom Rapp among the most erudite, intellectual songwriters of the American 60's era. (Code C)

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - One Nation Underground 
(ESP Disk-US) 2 classic albums by TOM RAPPS' Pearls before Swine recorded for the ESP label in 1967 and 1968. PSYCHEDELIC ART-FOLK - ROCK, HIPPIE - ACID - ROCK or PSYCHEDELIC - PROTEST - FOLK you name it. (Code C)

(Water-Reprise/US) 1969 The first Reprise album from Pearls Before Swine - a bit more straight ahead and folksy than their work for ESP - but in a really great way, one that lets you hear the best of Tom Rapp's amazing songs and vocals! The album follows in a tradition that includes Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin, Leonard Cohen, and Fred Neil - but it's also got a really unique style that's the unique province of Tom Rapp - the main force behind the group, and the voice on all of the tunes. Rapp's vision was quite unique for the time - not nearly as revolutionary or personally preoccupied - more sad at the fading world, and granted with a unique ability to paint any subject in shades of blue. Titles include "Wizard Of Is", "Frog In The Window", "Footnote", "Look Into Her Eyes", "These Things Too", and "Mon Amour"! 15,00 €

(Water-Reprise/US) 1970 An incredibly beautiful album from Pearls Before Swine - one that uses light orchestrations to create a baroquely folksy sort of feel - easily elevating the album past previous efforts, into classic territory we'd rank with the best from Nick Drake or Leonard Cohen! The whole album's great - with fragile and haunting songs from Tom Rapp, all supported by sparsely arranged instrumentation that includes harpsichord, flute, oboe, cello, and dobro. Genius throughout - and a clear inspiration for music still being made 30 years later - with classic tracks that include "The Jeweler", "Rocket Man", "Song About A Rose", "The Old Man", "When The War Began", and "From The Movie Of The Same Name"! 15,00 €

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - Beautiful Lies You Could Live In 
(Water-Reprise/US 1971: One of the most perfectly formed albums ever recorded by Tom Rapp's enigmatic group Pearls Before Swine - a record that does an incredible job of skirting between Rapp's earthy sense of the planet's passing, and his ambitions for larger forums of expression. The core group is lightly folksy - with strong use of acoustic guitar that goes far beyond any folk rock clichés - plus some additional arrangements that feature contributions from the team of Bob Dorough and Stu Scharf, who seem to have a habit of appearing on under-discovered gems like this one, and making them sound all that more hip! The whole thing's great - filled with beautiful songs that should have been as over-recorded as the best by Tim Hardin or Leonard Cohen - with titles that are even better, too! Tracks include "Snow Queen", "A Life", "Butterflies", "Simple Things", "Freedom", "She's Gone", and "Island Lady"! 15,00 €

(Water-Reprise,/US) 1971 A return to folksier forms for Tom Rapp and Pearls Before Swine - working here in territory that's very different than some of the baroque light arrangements used on previous records. Rapp's emerging as a more confident singer/songwriter - recording in an almost Dylan-like setting, but with more of the irony of Leonard Cohen, and as always, working in a timeless idiom that's still beginning to be understood more than 30 years after its inception. Beautiful work throughout - as earthy as it is majestic - and with titles that include "My Father", "The Man", "Once Upon A Time", "City Of Gold", "Nancy", and "Wedding"! 15,00 €

(Rhino-Handmade / US) An individually numbered limited edition: 21 Tracks; 2 Previously Unreleased, Single CD, 20-Page Booklet;David Peel was, and still is, a street musician and political activist from the Lower East Side of New York City. With a collection of friends who became his band, (dubbed The Lower East Side), he recorded two groundbreaking albums of social reflections, urban tales, and hippie mythology for Elektra Records. Both Have A Marijuana (1968) and The American Revolution (1970) were, as you might think from their titles, musical counterculture manifestos presented with guitars and grins. David Peel & The Lower East Side's And The Rest Is History: The Elektra Recordings collects both of these albums, as well as two previously unissued tracks recorded for, but not used on, the second album. It also includes an informative booklet with Mr Peel's recollections of the recording of the albums and track-by-track commentary on his composition of those albums' songs. And, for those who wanna sing along, there are also lyrics for every song. Since these two Elektra albums, Mr Peel has continued to record and release albums which express his unique vision and musical viewpoints as well as remain active as an icon, advocate, and volunteer for social and political reform in which he strongly believes. So return with us now to the time of pink prismed eyeglasses, hand-rolled patchouli incense, and colorfully patched denims. To the time of co-ed bodypainting, cross-country Volkswagen expeditions, and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" played at full volume. To the time of peace, love, and understanding before cynicism became a full-time national sport. Both Have A Marijuana and The American Revolution have been out of print in the United States for about a quarter of a century; neither has ever been released on compact disc in their country of origin. They are a must for your personal audio stash! 23,00 €

PEELERS - Banished Misfortune 
(Elegy-UK) Very rare folk-rock band's much acclaimed sole album recorded in 1972; including the mandolin, dulcimer, concertina, harmonium and even the captivating balalaika. A classical and traditional folk-rock music. (Code E)

PEGGY'S LEG - Grinilla 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1973-Seriously rare Irish progressive rock, 6 long tracks, plus 1 bonus their '45. Remastered, original artwork, 8 page booklet + rare photos etc. Prog. rock, dreamy art parts, whilst furiously ripping at others.. Real wild guitar overall, including a wild frantic version of LOVE SCULPTURE'S -"Sabre Dance". (Code E)

PELL MELL - Marburg 
(Bacillus-G) The first album from 1972 "Marburg" saw a unique combination of psychedelic and progressive sounds, complex and lyrical, with subtle classical touches handled in a manner rivalling the best Italians of the era. A unique touch was the two lead vocalists, each with a distinctly different style, drawing comparisons with Gentle Giant. And the music was really quite avant-garde for classical-rock. (Code B)

PELL MELL - Only a Star 
(spalax-Digipack-F) 1976/77 Another album of strange classical rock, with mellotron, synthesizer, flutes, guitar, violin etc... (Code C)

PELL MELL - Rhapsody 
(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1976 By the time of Rhapsody, some serious changes had happened, they'd become a virtual orchestra, now with three vocalist! It's classical rock as high art. (Code C)

(Vinyl Magic/I) Yes! Another very good one-shot Italian band, this time from 1970, and issued on the teeny tiny Vedette label. "Here we have another of those promising bands that died a premature death due to lack of recognition. Concealed within a sleeve picturing a clothesline is one of the finest Italian albums. After an uncommon introduction featuring some oscillator noises, the album moves into a dark and forbidding heavy progressive rock with organ and electric guitars dominating. This mood permeates all six tracks...some tracks also have a more classical & baroque feeling, due to the extensive use of cembalo...The secrets behind the great success of this album are magnificent songwriting and musicianship, inventive instrumental ideas (often with references to classical music) and the consistent atmosphere throughout the album. Apparently Uno was recorded in 1970, making it one of the first classics of Italian progressive rock! 15,00 €

PENNY ARKADE - Not The Freeze
(Sundazed/US) With a throb of excitement matched only by finding King Tuts OTHER tomb, Sundazed has recently unearthed a long-forgotten treasure from the seminal mid-60s Los Angeles rock scene: the previously unreleased album by the Penny Arkade! Spotlighting singer/songwriters Chris Ducey and Craig Smith along with bassist Don Glut and drummer Bobby Donaho, the Penny Arkade--with its jangley melange of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape was a potential pop-rock goldmine in the making. But its only album was inexplicably shelved... Produced by Michael Nesmith, the original, unreleased Penny Arkade album is now expanded to contain extra material from the sessions, revealing demo recordings, and much more. Complete original, unreleased album plus 17 bonus tracks! With the addition of long-buried photos and a detailed band history penned by MIKE STAX, this is an astounding tape-vault discovery of the first rank!15,00 €

PENTACLE - La Clef des Songes 
(Musea-F) This album from 1975 is a sort of French sung "King Crimson" deeply inspired by both King Crimson first album, melancholy melodies, slow rhythms with moments of tension, acoustic guitar refined chords, delicate floating sounds of keyboards and the nostalgic and fragile accent of the singer's voice. This CD with an exceptional beauty, is a workofart, a musical dream enhanced by three bonus tracks discovered by Musea... The booklet includes biography, photos and lyrics. (Code C)

PENTAGON - Die Vertreibung der bösen Geister 
(Garden of Delight-G) complete unreleased album by progressive-blues rock band from Germany in 1970. The only had 1 single and recorded this album, but it was only issued at testpressing it never came out, until now. (Code C)

(Microfon-ARG)1973 / The second album, originally Double album, by one of the most heavy psychedelic rock, with L.A: Spinetta and David Lebon on guitars. Tons of lethal fuzz scattered all over. (Code H)

(Microfon-ARG) 1973 / The Third and final album by legendary Argentine heavy psych crew. (This is the first press and in Argentinia sold out. ) (Code H)

PESCADO RABIOSO - Desartomentandonos 
(Microfon-ARG) The first album from 1972, plus 3 bonus tracks-1973 / Brilliant first album by Argentine heavy psych crew. Blasting leadsin the Color Humano / Almendra direction with Luis Alberto Spinetta on futios distorted wah-wah guitars throughout the entire album. A killer must have album. (Code H)

PESKY GEE - Exclamtion Mark 
(REP-G) 1969 / Pre Black Widow hard psychedelic which I really like! Inspired by the overnight success of Black Sabbath the guys eventually changed their music style and after just one album pesky gee left PYE to became Black widow. (Code C)

PETARDS - same 
(Bear Tracks-G) 1967/68/69/70/71; rare singles tracks release and best tracks of German progressive rock band. All the ingredients you like are in here: loud leads strong organ, wasted vocals. A great CD. (Code C)

PHAFNER - Overdrive 
(Arkama-Digipack-I) 1971 / originally in edition of 50 copies. Hard-edged-drug induced heavy psychedelic rock with some great fuzz-guitar. (Code C)

(World in Sound-G) Reissue of US psychedelic ultra rarity recorded 1971/72. The original albums (a complete one and a one-sided) are legends for all psychedelic/garage collectors, only 25 copies pressed of each - not many people have the pleasure of having seen a copy. The music is creeping slowly and sensitively in your mind, whether stoned or not - it takes you wherever you want. Those are the complete sessions, 55 min. in master tape quality presented the first time to the public - extremely informative booklet (20 sided), with outstanding artwork and colour photos! One of the best Psychedelic albums, playing in the same league as Fraction, Music Emporium, Hunger, Mystic Siva, Damon. Later the band changed into Trizo 50 that will also be released on WIS! For us unbelievable that this extremely talented band didn't make it!!! (Code C)

PHLUPH - same 
(Arkama-I) The only album of this band hailing from Boston. Originally released in 1968 and produced by ALAN LORBER. On the same wavelength as ULTIMATE SPINACH, with psychedelic guitars and keyboards. Includes a cover version of BOB DYLAN`s "It takes a lot to laugh" and 1 bonus track. (Code C)

PHYLTER - same 
(Spalax-F) Second league symphonic rock influenced by Genesis and Camel, recorded in a little studio 1978 in Brugge. As usual for this genre in the late seventies, they used a wide array of keyboards (Lots of string ensemble, electric piano, etc.) and soft guitar parts. (Code C)

PLASTIC PENNY - Two sides of A Penny 
(Repertoire-G) Their debut album, released by Page One in 1968. This is underrated UK pop-sike merchants, and includes their UK Top 10 hit "Everything I am", the rare "Nobody knows it" and "Happy just to be with you" as bonus tracks. (Code C)

(Repertoire-G) The group's ultra collectible second album, from 1969,at last gets a CD release complete with two bonus tracks. Includes a psychedelic and slowed-down version of "Hound Dog". (Code C)

PLEASE - 1968/1969 
(ACME-UK) UK legendary 60's psychedelic underground. A collection of demos taken from original master tapes and restored acetates: featuring members of the Flies, Bulldog Breeed, Gun and pre T2. 60`s archives recordings. (Code D)

PLEASE - Seeing Stars 
(ACME-UK) Recorded in 1969 in the World famous Marquee studios, this would have been this legendary UK psych band's first album. Unfortunately due to management problems the tape reels have sat on library shelves for over 30 years!!! The ACME vinyl edition from last year is long gone, so here is the greatly anticipated, and long overdue, CD edition with 4 previously un-issued bonus tracks! The historical piece of UK psychedelia comes complete with stunning booklet as well. (Code D)

PLJ BAND - Armageddon 
(Polygramm-Greece) 1982 / Greece heavy progressive rock, incredible Hillage-like space leads howl over the nearly spoken apocalyptic lyrics. (Code E)

PLUS - Melancolica Muchacha 
(RCA-ARG) 1978 / The second album of Argentinian heavy progressive rock of their main influences Depp Purple and Led Zeppelin with great guitar riffs and some longer tracks. (Code G)

POETS - same 
(Distortion-US) Compiled material from this UK PSYCH / GARAGE band. Contains 23 tracks spanning 1963-1967. Contains 9 previously unreleased tunes. ONLY ON THIS DISC! Extensive liner notes by Lenny Helsing and 12 page booklet with rare photos and infos of the band. (Code C)

POETS - Scotlands No. 1 group 
(Dynovox-US) 23 tracks comp spanning 1963-1967 period from Scotland's greatest exponents of freakbeat-psychedelic, includes 9 previously unreleased tunes, features "In your tower", "Wooden Spoon" and "Baby don't you do it" and more. (Code D) 

POHJOLA, PEKKA - Keesojen lehto
(Love/Fin.) One of the most progressive albums from Pekka. Instrumental keyboard tracks with a little jazz influence. One of his best efforts. New 24 bit remastering edition! 15,00 €

POLIFEMO - Polifemo II 
(Record Runner-BRA) Reissue of 2nd album by Argentinian SUPER GROUP formed by members of legends like COLOR HUMAN, PESCADO RABIOSO and SUI GENERIS. Originally from 76`more PROGRESSIVE with use of Mellotrons and Moogs.(Code H)

POLIFEMO - same 
(EMI-ARRG) 1976 / Plus 2 bonus tracks with David Lebon on guitar and vocal. Great psych-prog-rock with organ, flute etc. A brilliant album. (Code H)

POLL - Anphrope 
(Polydor-Greece) This group from 1972, had some commercial success in Greece with their melodic hippie folk-rock full of acoustic guitars, bongos and vocal harmonies. Their first album was the best of the two with tasty fuzz guitars, bouzouki and sitar. While this came out in a sleeve made out of sacking and plus poster cover. (Code E)

POOR - same
(Cherry Red / UK) So...a group who come up in every rock of Curt Boettcher, The Millennium, Ricky Nelson, The Buffalo Springfield and many more… .remembered as the most popular live band at the Troubadour in it's heyday....garage legends....and containing future Eagles and Stone Canyon band members to boot Most music fans have heard of them....and hardly anyone has ever heard them? Well, it's just another twist in the strange story of Colorado's finest...THE POOR Coming to LA in 1967 in search of fame, Colorado Garage legends The Soul Survivors soon found themselves obliged to take appropriate The Poor....because despite sold out acclaimed shows around town, they were! Odd jobs playing demo sessions for legendary producers Curt Boettcher and Jim Bell, via the good offices of their long-time friend Joey Stec, kept them going, along with a gig selling the LA Free Press...their recording history of albeit excellent one-off singles for a bewildering variety of mostly long lost labels has made a reappraisal of their work all but impossible until now When, with painstaking detective work, a whole slew of pre-production demos was located under people's beds, in attics, in the dusty boxes of the Curt Boettcher estate, studio cupboards, Colorado local radio stations....recordings every bit as good, and in some cases better, than their seemingly completely inaccessible released recordings.... from acetates, radio station tape copies, and publisher's dubs, all cleaned up absolutely as good as new, Revola brings you...the alternative Poor...possibly the only one we'll ever get! This amazing and legendary Poor album....featuring future Eagle Randy Meisner, Ballroom and Sagittarius arranger Jim Bell, future Stone Canyon Band members Pat Shanahan and Allen Kemp, Curt Boettcher co-writer Randy Naylor, and Colorado surf/punk master Veder Van Dorn....contains alternate recordings of their classic psych-pop/folk rock repertoire, including some songs never before released. Also included are extensive liner notes with involvement from band members This release has never before been available on CD or LP anywhere, anytime! Therefore a must for fans and collectors of the whole extended Millennium family of bands, The Eagles, folk-rock, garage, country-rock and just plain classic 1960's pop! 15,00 €

PORCHETTO, RAUL - Cristo Rock 
(Microfon-ARG) 1972 / Plus 4 bonus tracks . Argentinian psychedelic concept with nice bluesy vibe, acid guitars, some folky tunesprog moves and amazing male vocals sounding like fem vox. (Code H)

POSEIDON - Found my way 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1975 / German progressive rock with symphonic touch, spacey sounds, plus 8 bonus tracks. (Code C)

(Soleil-05) Third recording of the band, originally issued in 1978. The music is brighter, not so dark as on Triton, having evolved into a high-energy jazz-rock combo. The band plays tight and fast, guitarist Charles Goubin, plus 7 bonus tracks. (Code C)

(Soleil-04) Plus 4 bonus tracks! Triton is a condensing of those idea Jannik Top was all too rarely given ample room for in MAGMA, recomposed into fiery rock and jazz forms, all complex jigsaw-puzzles of riff, motifs/refrains and solos. (Code C)

POWDER - Biff! Bang! Powder
(DR-1015) Hailing from San Mateo on the San Francisco peninsula, POWDER evolved out of the ART COLLECTION, and 4 tracks of THOMAS & RICHARD FROST. In total 27 tracks… (Code C)

PRATT, GRAHAM & EILEEN - Clear Air Of The Day
(Kissing Spell/UK) Folk duo that met at the university in 1967 and has been together ever since playing folk-clubs around the country in the 70's. They released 5 albums during the mid 70's to 1980 and this is the reissue of their 2nd album originally from 1977 on the Cottage Records label! 18,00 €

PRISM - LIVE 1975-1977
(Shroom / US) CD with material by pre-HANDS band PRISM from Texas. Excellent PROGRESSIVE PSYCH recorded LIVE during 1975/1976. Including some great versions of Gentle Giant's 'Plain Truth' and King Crimson's 'Great Deciever': 15,00 €

PRITCHARD, DAVID - Nocturnalearworm Stew
(Pacemaker/US) Reissue of incredible pionering electronic album, recorded in the early 70s in Canada. Serious headphone music with influences of Stockhausen, Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Stravinsky with a sound often compared to early Eno and the first Kraftwerk albums. Combining the first portable synthesizers, acoustic instruments and random objects. Coming with a 16 page booklet with photos and track by track information. Including 4 bonus tracks, not on the original 1976 Island release. 15,00 €

PROF. WOLFF - same
(Second Battle Digipack-G) 1971 / An obscure heavy rock band. An agressive heavy rock style with lots of psychedelic and progressive touches, fronted by guitars and organ, with german lyrics. (Code C)

PROSPER - Broken Door
(Garden of Delights / G) Reissue of 1975 record. German progressive with psych and jazz touch. Prosper were a dual guitar, Fender Rhodes/mellotron/mini-Moog, bass and drums progressive band. The keyboards give it a jazzier/fusion touch. At its best, this has some great guitarwork and a fusion underpinning. At its worst? Well, the vocals ain't so hot, in my opinion. Still, the is more very good than bad. Full history, lots of photos, and more! 15,00 €

PROTO-KAW - Early recordings from Kansas 1971-1973
(Cuneiform / US) This album compiles and releases for the very first time all of the studio recordings (as well as two live recordings) made by guitarist and composer Kerry Livgren with the seven-piece band that immediately preceded the formation of the lineup of the band that the world knows as Kansas. These recordings present a different and fascinating contrast to the music that Kerry would develop and release upon the world with Kansas just a couple of years later. Yet, as composer of all the tracks here, they still have his obvious imprint. In fact, two of the songs here would later reappear in different versions on Kansas' albums; Belexes would show up on the band's self-titled debut album, while Incomudro would appear on their 2nd album, Song For America. With dual keyboards (one of whom doubled on reeds) and an electric saxist/flautist (ala David Jackson) featured in addition to the more standard rock instrumentation, the sound is obviously influenced by jazz/rock pioneers as well as early progressive rock bands such as Van Der Graaf Generator and King Crimson. Early Recordings From Kansas 1971-73 is an exciting archival release of dark and exploratory early American progressive rock. The fact that these musicians were not able to find success while making this adventurous music in the heartland of agricultural America over 30 years ago should not be a surprise, but the fact that the tapes have survived and are able to finally be presented to the world in an authorized form will give fans of Kansas as well as all fans of early progressive rock a very pleasant surprise. These recordings have been licensed from, and released with the full consent and agreement of all the musicians. Kerry Livgren has returned to the original tapes and worked on all tracks in his studio to present this material in the best possible light. He also contributed liner notes and provided archival photographs: 15,00 €

PSIGLO - Ideacion & II 
(Record Runner-BRZ) 1973 / 1974, plus one bonus track. Both highly collectable album on 1 CD. Psiglo was a heavy psych rock band from Uruguay. (Code E)

PUBLIC NUISANCE - Gotta Survive 
(Frantic-1313-USA) Double CD worth of incredible material all unreleased until now, produced by Terry Melcher. They started off as THE JAGUARS in '64 and made 2 ultra rare 45's as MOSS & THE ROCKS (both included here) and then became PUBLIC NUISANCE, dressed in black with ultra long hair, sort a proto Ramones look, and playing a fascinating blend of punky garage-tinged psychedelic rock, with total WHO / SMALL FACES energy ans aSEEDS / MUSIC MACHINE monomania, all topped with some of the coolest guitar and lyrics. As heavy as STOOGES, as freaky as AIRPLANE and direct as CREATION. All cuts are gloriously remastered and the CD has a 28 page booklet packed with mind-blowing graphics and eye-popping picts of the band. AN ABSOLUTE must have. (Code H)

PUGSLEY MUNION - Just like you 
(Gear Fab-US) 1970 / US They released that great CREAM, PROCOL HARUM sounding album back in 1969. A unique album that Fuzz, Acid & Flowers describes as an unbased portrait of the bands own style of music, more the most bands from the same time have to show for their hardwork... Great Organ. Plus two alternate demo versions from 1970 and one live track from 1971. (Code C)

PUSSY - Pussy Play 
(Background -UK) 1969 / All time classic. UK psychedelia masterpiece. One of the foremost psych obscurities. (Code E)

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