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Q65 - Afghanistan 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1970/1971, plus one previously unreleased 14 minute track. A much more based progressive / psychedelic effort with lashings of wah-wah guitar jamming, acoustic passages etc.. (Code C)

Q65 - Revival 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1966-1968 / plus 7 bonus tracks . Their mega rare sound album including the Q65-Blues EP. All time classic dutch garage psychy beat. (Code C)

(Repertoire / G) Fronted by ex-Big Tree / Merseybeats bassist John Gustafson and also featuring ex-Herd drummer Mick Underwood, Quatermass were a Hard Rock trio who were snapped up by Harvest Records. This, their one and only LP, was released in 1970 and contained 9 lengthy tracks that have now been joined by two rare bonus cuts, 'One Blind Mice' and 'Punting'. First released in 1970 on Harvest Records. Featuring new Artwork by Storm Thorgerson: 14,00

(BMG-I / Digipack) Their first ultra rare progressive-psychedelic-rock LP from 1972, now new-remastered on CD: Hard progressive with incridible hard leads, furious vocal and soaring keyboards. (Code E)

(BMG / I) This Italian band released the 1st of their two albums in 1972. It features keyboards, guitars, vocals/flute, violin, bass and drums. Definitely in the symphonic/classical vein, this has been compared to early P.F.M., & that's a pretty valid comparison. Pretty fantastic and a classic of the Italian scene. Remastered version. Comes in miniature LP sleeve! 17,00

QUICKSAND - Home is Where I Belong 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1973 UK / Very underrated Welsh rural progressive rock that might please anyone into Man / Help Yourself, great guitar work throughout. Limited edition. (Code G)

QUICKSILVER M. S. - Happy Trails 
(Repertoire-G) 1969 / The culture band from San Francisco. Americas hit-herto neglegted heritage of folk, blues and R & B. New re-remastered CD. (Code C)

QUINTESSENCE - In Blissful Company
(Repertoire/G) Digipak, plus 2 bonus tracks ( 2 single version from 1970 in Mono recordings " Nothing Hill Gate" and " Move Into The Light" ) This underground group was formed in response to an advert in 'Melody Maker' and after auditioning had been held in All Saints Hall, Notting Hill Gate. The guiding lights were Raja Ram (who'd been born Ron Rothfield in 1940 in Melbourne, Australia) and Sambhu Babaji. Their music was a fusion of jazz, rock and Eastern music which made great use of jazzy flute and rock guitars. At times they veered towards the pretentious but at their best they were able to achieve a high degree of spiritual union with their audience through the chanting of mantras. In Blissful Company was recorded a few weeks after their formation following their rapid success in getting the audience to their feet at consecutive Implosion underground events at the Roundhouse in 1969: 15,00

(Repertoire/G) 1970 / Beautiful foldopen-Digipak, plus one Live-bonus track: "Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga". The self-titled Quintessence followed the next year. Very much a period piece it hasn't aged well. The opening track, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga has a haunting quality and several other cuts like High On Mt. Koilash, Shiva's Chant, Moho Mantra and the finale, Infinitum are based around mantras and achieve a spiritual feel. Of the remaining material Burning Bush contains some good fuzz guitar and Prisms exudes an aura of freshness and optimism. The remaining cuts are rather tedious, mostly instrumental freakouts:15,00

(Repertoire/UK) Reissue of third album and housed in a digi pack by London-based underground hippy/Krishna outfit Quintessence. Dating from 1970, it features mostly instrumental tunes including the epic closer "Sri Ram Chant". Originally released on Island records this is a wonderful mix of hippy rock and eastern jams: 15,00

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