Malesch Records                .

RAGNARÖK - same 
(Silence-SW) Ragnarök belong to the rich Swedish tradition of moody instrumental theme writers (ranging from Bo Hanson to Björn Jason Lindh ).Their first album from 1976, was a revelation of soft, jazzy instrumental rock based on twin guitars, keyboards and sometimes flute. Dagarnas Skum perfectly depicted calm Nordic summer evenings-beautiful, yet cold. (Code C)

RAHMANN - same
(Musea / F) RAHMANN released only one album, in 1979, but what an album. They played a sort of precursor to ethnic jazz-rock, mixing jazz and Arabian music. The complex and thoughtful music, written by guitarist Muhammad HADI (Today MAD SHEER KHAN), is energetic, well-composed and full of rhythmic changes. The sounds of the ney flute and other Near Eastern instruments (Oud, electric sitar, saz, darbouka.) brilliantly top off music close to that of BRAND X, featuring fiery guitar, sinewy keyboards and the bass of Gérard PREVOST. It mixes the best jazz-rock (such as THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA) with Near Eastern music to produce a totally original style that can't be compared to anyone else. The CD includes four bonus tracks, as well as guest appearances by Didier LOCKWOOD, Lisa DELUXE, and so on. Possibly the best reissue. (Code C)

RAIK' S PROGRESS - Sewer Rat Love Chant
( Sundazed / US ) Who would have thought a freaky combo like Raik's Progress could be lurking in the sunbaked grape fields of Fresno, Calif? Drawing on wild and woolly influences as diverse as Capt. Beefheart, Them and the Animals, these San Joaquin Valley boys-helmed by Steven Krikorian, later to reinvent himself as hitmaking artist Tonio K-cut an album's worth of material best described as jawdropping! Cryptically titled gems like "Sewer Rat Love Chant" and "Why Did You Rob Us, Tank?" have been gathering dust ever since...until SUNDAZED connected the dots and unearthed this brilliant '60s album! 15,00 €

RAINBOW - After the Storm 
(L.S.D.-CAN) 1968 / los Angeles based psychedelic outfit. The contents incorporate several different styles, with lots of fuzz guitar reminiscent of Iron Butterfly . It ranges from heavy soul, hippie-pop, a sorta west-coast sound, pretentious pop with lots of keyboard gimmickry with lots of sound seffects. (Code B)

(Long Hair/G) Formed in early 70's as Denmark's first supergroup consisting a.o. of YOUNG FLOWERS guitarist and 2 members of BEEFEATERS. Progressive rock in the style of 'BURNING RED IVANHOE' and inspired by 2nd TRAFFIC lp. music is powerfull and indicative of the hippie era. In the late 1970 the singer was replaced and the band decided to remake their first album again with lot of changes. The 14 minute 'Living On The Hill' is the highlight on both versions with great guitar playing by Peer Frost. Both albums are on this CD. Over 78 minutes. CD comes with informative booklet. Taken from original masters. 17,00 €

RAMASES - Space Hymms
(Repertoire/UK) 10cc founder members Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Lol Crčme and Kevin Godley were responsible for writing, playing and producing this intriguing 1971 vintage concept album. They did the ground work at their Strawberry Studios in Manchester on behalf of "Ramases" - allegedly a central heating salesman from Sheffield, who believed he was the reincarnation of an Egyptian god! Comes in Digi-sleeve with original artwork and plus 4 bonus tracks: 15,00 €

(Sonet /SW) "Mikael Ramel's albums are little known outside of Sweden but are worth investigation. Till Dej (1972) was his strongest effort, featuring many of Ramel's friends from the Silence label, Flasket Brinner and Life. This contains hippie rock which veered off in a lot of different directions supplemented by witty Swedish lyrics and wacky studio effects."-Scented Gardens of the Mind. Ramel was a member of Flasket Brinner and can be found on their excellent double album (now reissued as a single CD). This excellent reissue from the masters includes great rare photos and many bonus tracks:(Digipack) 17,00 €

RAMEL, MIKAEL - Extra Vaganza
(Sonet/SW) Mikael Ramel's albums are little known outside of Sweden but are worth investigation. Extra Vaganza (1974) was a similar album (to Till Dej), basically made by the same bunch of musicians. Some tracks are similar to those on the studio part of the Flasket Brinner's 2nd album. It's another recommended album. Ramel was a member of Flasket Brinner and can be found on their excellent double album (now reissued as a single CD). This includes Bo Hansson-moog, Kenny Hakansson-guitar & Rune Carlsson-drums among the many musical guests. This excellent reissue from the masters includes great rare photos and many bonus tracks: (Digipack)17,00 €

RAMONCIN - Ramoncín y el W.C.
(EMI/SP) Now sought-after debut album by Spanish singer Ramoncín. It was originally released in 1978 and the man caused big scandal with his punk attitude at that time (just three years after dictatorship ended). Musically is kinda hard-punk-progressive-rock: 15,00 €

(Background-UK) 1969 The first album of classic progressive /psychedelic band, plus 4 bonus tracks, unreleased tracks like Time an illusion etc... (Code E)

RAW MATERIAL - Time is.. 
(Rep-G) 1971 / The second album. UK progressive with keyboards, Tull like flute, long tracks, good vocals, varied instruments. (Code C)

(Asc.-AUS) 1964-1965 Brilliant best of album featuring massive 30 fantastic beat tracks. Excellent vocals, dual guitar-work, superb musicianship make a brilliant mix of songs and intros, tracks include versions of ""Poison ivy / James Bond theme and Shakin' all over"!! (Code E)

(English Garden-UK) 1991 / 1993; This is superb Folk-rock featuring beautiful female vocals and stunning instrumentation. In addition to the electric guitar there is also dulcimer, harpsichord, and morocan finger bells. (Code E)

RED DIRT - same, plus... 
(audio archives-UK) 1970 A monsterous album from the UK of grinding blues-rock / rasping vocals, heavy guitars, plus 4 previously tracks and the new edition / Remastered version. (Code E)

(Audio Archives-UK) Now on CD the reissue of this dark ultra rare and totally stoned acid-folk private pressing from 1971. Red Television trip out with twisted vocals of subversive nature combined with drowsy guitars creating an overcast atmosphere of melancholy, especially all the unique aspects culminates in the mornfull 15 minute long elegy Ghost of Emile Zola a tense display of haunting voices and shivering guitar burst. (Code E)

(Garden of Delights/G)Relaxed jazz rock, more easy going than in their early years. From the "Jazz live" series" of Radio Bremen. taken from the station's master tapes. 15,00 €

REMAINS - A session with... 
(Sundazed-US) 1965-1966. A highly regared Massachusetts PUNK band. This CD with previously unissued studio rehearsaldemo tracks. (Code D)

(Condor-MEX.) Forget the rubbish, here's the real thing. Taken from the original master tapes! The CD reissue of the ultra rare LP from Mexico (1971). Twisted Fuzzpsych with gruff demented vocals, some progressive parts, some bluesy parts. And exact FULL COLOURED REPRO of ultimate stunning artwork. (Code E)

RENAISSANCE - Innocents & Illusions
(Castle/UK) 2-CD; Two fiercely collectable albums and bonus tracks. 'Illusion' was only ever issued in Germany. Compiled with full input and co-operation from the surviving band members. Following the break up of The Yardbirds in 1968, drummer Jim McCarty and guitarist/vocalist Keith Relf formed Together, an acoustic based group. This short-lived group then became Renaissance in early 1969 with the addition of keyboardist John Hawken, bassist Louis Cennamo and vocalist Jane Relf. This line up of the band recorded the self titled debut album and a single...." The single is included on this album. Obviously the band here is quite different from what Renaissance soon became, with their "Prologue" lp, but you can still hear pre-echoes of what they would become due to the classical/acoustic flavors used here, as well as predominent use of piano. Pretty ahead of its time for 1969 in terms of turning away from heavy rock and mixing in acoustic, progressive and especially classical influences. "Illusion" The second lp by this line up (this) remained unreleased in the UK, but was only issued in Germany" "The group's second album is more polished in its sound, but the record never found an audience because it has never remained in print for very long or been very easy to find. The classical influence is more pronounced, and Jane Relf stretches out further in her vocalizing, as the original group evolved somewhat in the direction of Renaissance Mark II."-Bruce Eder/All Music Guide. Obviously the band here is quite different from what Renaissance soon became, with their "Prologue" lp (the next one after this), but you can still hear pre-echoes of what they would become due to the classical/acoustic flavors used here, as well as predominent use of piano. Pretty ahead of its time for 1970 in terms of turning away from heavy rock and mixing in acoustic, progressive and especially classical influences: 22,00 €

(Sundazed-US) With 44 tracks and over 2 hours of music including 17 never before heard recordings on 2 discs. The way the Raiders played these songs was the way they sounded in real life, in clubs and VFW halls. Recorded in 1964 in the Columbia Studios. (Code H)

(Condor-Mex.) Very limited reissue on CD of the first album by REVOLUCION DE EMILIANO ZAPPATA oficially from the original master tape, comind with original artwork, mini poster and 5 bonus tracks, 2 single tracks and 3 unreleased tracks. One of the best MEXICAN PSYCHEDELIC rock bands from the early 70's! (Code E)

(Collectors choice / US) 1968 / One of the more interesting one-off albums of the 60's, finally on CD! Rhinoceros was the brainchild of producer Paul Rothchild (Doors, Love) who wanted to put together a supergroup-which was actually the band's name for a short time-of top L. A. musicians to make a really "heavy" rock album. And, while the final, short-lived line-up didn't have stars of, say, Blind Faith-like magnitude, it did include Danny Weis of Iron Butterfly, Doug Hastings of the Daily Flash and (for a short time) Buffalo Springfield, and ace session drummer Billy Mundi among others. The result was a sparkling mixture of soul and hard rock, sparklingly recorded but-curiously enough given the involvement of Rothchild-with virtually no overdubs! Over the years, it's become a cult classic, and we're proud to put it back on CD where it belongs, with notes including quotes from lead singer John Finley. A Collectors' Choice Music exclusive! Includes the hit "Apricot Brandy", "When You Say You're Sorry", "Same Old Way", "That Time of the Year", "You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss)", "I Need Love", "I've Been There", "Belbeukus". (Code C)

RHUBARB'S REVENGE - Our Confessions of a Big Lanky Dope 
(Gear Fab-US) 1973 / plus 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Originally home -made record of 100 pressed. US psychedelic /progressive rock, including tracks Mr. Spaceman / Victoria / Time of the season and others. All very strangely interpreted. (Code C)

RIFF RAFF - Original Man 
(Discoforme-AND) 1974 / The third album of UK progressive-rock. (Code C)

RIFF RAFF - Outside Looking In 
(Discoforme-AND) Their unreleased debut album from 1972. Plus four previously unreleased bonus tracks. UK progressive-rock. (Code C)

RIFF RAFF - same 
(Discoforme-AND) 1973 UK progressive rock members of bands like Aynsley Dunbar, Nucleus and Ginger Baker Airforce. (Code C)

RINGERS - Let Them Be Known 
(Break-A-Way) 21 track collection (complete output) of obscure 1965 / 1966 garage beat from Los Angeles, including rare 45s, great sounding, unreleased tracks and their 1970 peruvian-only LP. Delaited 12 page insert with complete history and rare pictures. (Code C)

RIOT SQUAD - Jump ! 
(Castle/UK) One of the most enigmatic groups of the 60`s . The Riot Squad have long been shrouded in mystery. Due to their ever-changing line-up, all manner of personnel are rumoured to have passed through their ranks, and their seven PYE singles, four of which were produced by the legendary Joe Meek, are sought-after collectors items. All appear on this compilation, which also includes four previously-unreleased sides and a couple of tracks on which The Riots back fellow-Pye/Joe Meek singer Glenda Collins! 15,00 €

RISING STORM - Calm Before / Alive Again At Andover 
(Arf-US) 1967 / It is the seminal garage band. Tough vocals entwine with ragged guitars to express the tension of the sixties brought to a fever pitch by throbbing drum work and organ backup. 13-22-track-recorded live on 12 June 1982 at the Kemper Auditorium, Andover MA. (Code D)

(Cherry Red/UK) Jimmy Campbell, poet laureate of Liverpool, had taken a serious left turn from the Psychedelia of the 23rd Turn off into the working-class-Nick Drake-isms of his acoustic solo work....a catharsis of adult themes, rather depressing to listen to.....THEN he took an even stranger which today would be applauded as a masterly ironic yet evocative concept....yet in the early 1970's was seen as an amazingly perverse course Recruiting lifelong pal and ex-Merseybeat Billy Kinsley, he formed Rockin' Horse....the serious adult themes stayed intact, like a Mike Leigh film set to music, but the music itself the sound of LIVE mersybeat as they had played it as kids....the girl group and R&B-isms, the soaring yet cheerfully hit and miss harmonies of a time when anything seemed possible for young scousers were to project the realities of how it all panned out for the city, and many of those youngsters.....and by God, it worked! 15,00 €

ROCKSHOP - Mr. Lee's swing 'n affair present
(Dionysus-US) 1969 / US obscurity mixing a 60's garage sound with a pre 70's heavy fuzz feel. (Code C)

ROMANOS, GEORGES - Two little Blue Horse
(Zodiac-Greece) If you like the thought of Greek ballads overrun by heavy fuzz guitars and mutilated by Revolver-styled studio effects, then this is the album (Zodiac-1970) for you. Exotic melodies coupled with a full-force fuzz assault, with a nod to the Byrds ("Eight Miles High" riff makes an appearance); bears comparison to the early Erkin Koray albums for Mediteranean psychedelic intensity, bit with baroque pop/psych tracks of a Left Banke type thrown in for added spac. (Code G)

ROOM - Pre-Flight 
(Deram-Japan) 1970 / Great UK progressive rock. Very versatile sound with lots of cooking, stinging leads, female folkie /bluesy vocals, complex rhythm changes. (Code H)

(Si-Wan-Korea) The third album from 1973. A prog-rock inspired by the seventies one: Dynamics, many breaks and accelerations. "Contaminazione" performs BACH's music with a classical orchestra. (Code G)

(RCA) Reissue of the second album from 1972. Fooking loud guitar charged Italian progressive behemoth. (Code C)

(RCA-I) The first album from 1971. Stupendous Italian hard driving complex progressive rock with the loudest guitar leads imaginable. (Code C)

(Garden of Delight-G) 1970 / CD full of material from the pre- Eulenspiegel band Royal Servants with recording done in 1970 during their change from Beat / R&B to progressive rock. Long tracks from the original mastertapes, 32 pages booklet and 4 bonus tracks. A great German group. (Code C)

RUFUS ZUPHALL - Weiss der Teufel
(LongHair/G) The 1st album "Weiss der Teufel" (1971) has gradually gained legendary status. All tracks were recorded live in the studio, resulting in a raw and unpolished sound. The side-long title track developed into a very twisted and frenetic flute solo! Some people regard this track as one of the finest moments of German rock. "Weiss der Teufel" is a great album, typifying the raw-edged, largely instrumental early progressive rock. Here it comes with original album sleeve cover art, informative booklet in known LONG HAIR-tradition and with lots of bonus tracks (over 70 minutes). € 15,00

(LongHair/G) 2nd album "Phallobst" (recorded July to August at Dierks-studios Cologne, 1971) was more polished and had a wider dynamic and instrumental range (mellotron, clavinet, acc. guitars were added). It shows the group members as well educated musicians playing their own compositions with passion and energy. Comes also with lots of bonus tracks (over 70 minutes). € 15,00

(Longhair/G) "Avalon And On" is the title of the 3rd album, previously unreleased on CD. It contains material from 1972 planned to be released as the official 3rd album. But before a record deal took place the band split off. The tracks were released as a part of a 4 LP box by Little Wing in 1989. The music is more in the vein of "Phallobst". Two long tracks (over 12 minutes) and some more song oriented stuff show once more the great talent of Rufus Zuphall. Also this CD has lots of bonus tracks and informative booklet: All experienced progressive rock collectors will know about this excellent group from Aachen, which can arguably be dubbed the German Jethro Tull (…Dag Erik Asbjornsen in "Cosmic Dreams at Play") 15,00 €

RUMPLESTILZKIEN COMUNE - Wrong from the Beginning 
(Black Rills-CH) 1977 Swiss progressive with a definite "Van Der Graaf Generator angle". Long tracks. Rhythm changes, kinda menacing vibe to it. (Code C)

(REP-G) 1972 / UK, awesome wild progressive masterpiece with inventive attacking leads by Ray Russel. (Code C)

RUPERT PEOPLE - The Magic World Of...
(Circle-CPW-C103) UK psychedelic outfit from 1967/1968 who made some excellent and by extreme rare and sought after 45's is presented here with their complete recording history on CD by Circle records who also brought us "Beat Merchants" and "Urrtamed". As usual the CD comes with 16 page full colour booklet, individually numbered. Included here all their rare Columbia singles + 4 unreleased tracks + 4 more bonus tracks recorded during their 1999 reunion concert. (Code E)

RUPHUS - New born Day 
(Pan-N) 1973 / Plus 2 bonus tracks. From Norway brilliant 70's heavy progressive rock with male and female vocals. (english lyrics) with great guitar and various keyboards. (Code C)

RUPHUS - Ranshart 
(Pan-N) 1974 / The second album of this great Norway progressive rock, some symphonic, combination of flute, organ and guitar. From the Mastertapes. (Code C)

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