Malesch Records                .

SABATÉS, JORDI - Ocells Del Mes Enlla
Spanish import. An incredible album from 1975 as it is, believe it or not, a blend of progressive rock with Latin bossa dance. Sure to please anyone who's into any of these styles. Strong guitars and Hammond organs in the amazing title track (which covers up one side on the original vinyl)! 15,00 €

SAFT - 1971-1996
(Polydor/Norway) 2 CD-set with the complete work of SAFT (total 43 tracks) A DOUBLE CD compilation of almost all recorded material from Norwegian PROGRESSIVE FOLK ROCK band from the 70's. most of the material is taken from their 3 Polydor albums released during 1970-1973 and the singles from that period. Original of which are extremely hard to find these days. Also some later material is exposed here: 23.- €

(Musea-F) Reissue of 1979 album featuring member of French band Weidorje. Songs inspired by Scandinavian myths. A combination of classical and progressive rock mixed with folk rock. Including bonus tracks. (Code C)

SAGITTARIUS - Present Tense 
(Sundazed-US) 1968, plus 8 single version; previously unissued demo tracks. Gorgeous US 60's psychedelic-pop with superb vocals harmonies, orchestration, sitars, mellotrons. A total classic of dreamy sound. (Code C)

SAHARA - For all the Clowns 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1974 / Second album of German progressive, more straighter with an overdose of progressive influences, notably FOCUS / YES and CARAVAN and a potpourri styles. (Code C)

SAHARA - Sunrise 
(Ohrwaschl-G) 1973 / German group, post Subject Esq.-Musically progressive meets symphonic. Rock in YES, CARAVAN style with proliferation of multi-instrumental, a mass of keyboards and various wind instuments, and full time lead guitarist. (Code C)

SALEM MASS - Witch Burning 
(Gear Fab-US) 1971 / Salem Mass is indicative of the sound so prevalent during this time; the heavy organ and moog synthezizer introduced by such great bands as E. L. P. and YES. A very spacey album full of haunting vocals, dazzling guitar and swirling organ. (Code C)

(Repertoire / G) 1969 / Sam Apple Pie was a hard-rocking British blues outfit, fronted by charismatic vocalist Sam Sampson. A blues-rock outfit from the Walthamstow area of London. With the great opening track "The Hawk", a 12-bar mid-tempo boogie. Plus rare photos liner notes and 2 single-mono mix tracks. Comes in nice Digipak format!! 14,00 €

SAMETI - same 
(Spalax Digipaxck-F) 1972 / German band produced a music with trippy AMON DÜÜL II and HAWKIND styles. Heavy Krautrock! (Code C)

SAMURAI - same 
(P-Vine / Phillips-JAP) 1971 / A english / japan mix group, with Miki Curtis on vocals & flute, psychedelic progressive rock with hard fuzz guitars, organ, flute, piano and a smokelight sound. (Code H)

(heartbeat-UK) Then came the Electric Prunes; a must for every Prunes collector! An album of direct-to-disc recordings from 1965, featuring the two bands who would later become the legendary US psyche pioneers, the electric prunes ! Great sleeve with loads of unpublished photos. Completing the History of this seminal band. (Code C)

SANDROSE - same 
(Musea-F) 1972 / Tremendous french progressive rock, with great guitar work, female vocals and keyboard. In places sounds a bit like FANTASY / CARAVAN.(Code C)

(M2U/Korea) Lastly reissued, this Progressive rock masterwork is considered as one of the ten international Progressive rock classics. A very original group, become legendary. Beautiful dialogues between guitar and mellotron. Some superb melodies are lightened by the powerful and crystal clear female singer's voice, by the majesties guitar flights of Jean- Pierre Alacren and the splendid sound of keyboards. Comes in a high quality LP-Style Mini sleeve! 20,00 €

SANDY COAST - Shipwreck 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1969 / plus 4 bonus tracks reissue of very hard to get UK only album from one of Hollands finest progressive/psychedelic band from the late 60's early 70's. (Code C)

SANTONI, I - Noi I Santoni 
(Arkama-I) Super rare Italian album, originally released in 1971 on the Jukebox label. This band puts progressive rock and jazz arrangements against Mediterranean folk themes. This one should appeal to fans of Le Orme and Laser. Digipak, with orig. artwork. (Code C)

(Action-GRE) This was a very US west coast sounding group, comprised of Peggy Richmond (vocals, flute) Bill and Stephen Richmond (guitar/keyboards/drums) They sounded similar to "Jefferson Airplane", "Peanut Butter Conspiracy". The album contains some pleasant vocal arrangements and nice touches of acid and fuzz guitar and is recommended. (Code E)

SATURNALIA - Magical Love 
(SPM-G) Picture CD / First released in 1973 it was the first ever 3-D-picture LP. But it was a bad joke for the listeners because it was never released on normal vinyl, so since then nobody has heard the album without a lot of crackles, wich are always part of a picture LP. Remember it was 1973 where a lot brilliant bands recorded their first and sadly often their only album. SATURNALIA play guitar orientated progressive rock, also influenced from folk and psychedelia. There are two singers, male and female, and the voice of the latter is especially wonderful and will take you in ist spell. NOTE The CD contains no booklet. (Code C)

SAUTERELLES, LES - The Columbia Recordings 1965-1967
(Jaxx Records/Swiss) 23 track collection by legendary Swiss 60´s band incl. their sought after 1966 Parlophone LP, their rare first 45, four Italian only singles and 3 unreleased tracks from their early days. Tracks incl.: Routine, No No No No, Hey Girl, Hong Kong, I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better, Much Too Much etc From masters, comes with booklet, detailed liners & rare pics! 15,00 €

(Mod Lang-US) 1968 / plus 3 bonus tracks, unissued rehearsel recording. Totally essential US fuzz psychedelic ripper. No way, snarling leads never sounded better than on this one! Features some fine eastern influenced electric guitar jamming. (Code D)

SAVAGE ROSE - Babylon 
(Polydor-DK) 1972 / This album was based on jazz, gospel and R&B with the predominant keyboards augemented by sax, trombone and choir. (Code C)

SAVAGE ROSE - Dodens Triumf 
(Polydor-DK) 1972 / This album was a departure from rock, containing instrumental mood music to a ballet which was performed on Danish TV. (Code C)

SAVAGE ROSE - In the Plain 
(Polydor-DK) 1968 / This second album with the new guitar players Nils Tuxen, with the combination of piano, organ and harpsichord. (Code C)

SAVAGE ROSE - Refugee 
(Polydor-DK) 1971; This album is closer to their roots in R&B and straight Rock `N Roll sound.(Code C)

(Polydor-UK) 1968 / Digital remastered series, with original liner notes: This first Danish contained typical late 60`s conventional rock, with powerful female vocals. (CodeC)

SAVAGE ROSE - Travelin' 
(Polydor-DK) 1969 / The third album, Digitally remastered. (Code C)

SAVAGE ROSE - Wild Child 
(Polydor-DK) In 1973, the trio engaged a new backing group and reverted to their previous rock-based sound on WILD CHILD 1974, which is generally agreed to be their best effort. (Code C)

SAVAGE ROSE - Your daily Gift 
(Polydor-DK) 1971 Their influences now also comprised soul, gospel and country and their songs became melodramatic quasi-Spectoraffairs with Anisette on both lead and multiple backing vocals. (Code C)

SAVOY BROWN - Hellbound Train - Live 1969-1972
( Castle / UK ) 2-CD/ Here´s the maths: Four different line-ups, four different shows,four years, twenty tracks of uncompromising blues-rock. It all adds up to a perfect tribute to on of Britain´s hottest rock exports of all time, led by guitar legend Kim Simmonds. Mixing band originals with the pick of the R&B and R&R covers, Hellbound Train captures a legendary outfit in its prime: 18,00 €

(SPM-G) 1978, recorded live at the Marquee & the Brecknock, with John Steward on guitar/vocals. UK hardrock blaster with a DEEP PURPLE feel. (Code C)

SECOND HAND - Death maybe your Santa Claus 
(SFM-UK) The second album of UK underground, dominated organ, spacy vocals and trippy lyrics. Plus 3 bonus tracks. (Code C)

SECOND HAND - Reality 
(ACME-UK) 1968 / Great first album by UK underground bunch. Hard psychedelic / progressive with flashing leads abound. (Code D)

(Second Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / German heavy rock with heavy guitars, long progressive instrumental parts, notably inspired by anything like HENDRIX / ATOMIC ROOSTER / STATUS QUO and such like. (Code C)

SEDMINA - Melita & Veno Dolenc
( Mellotron / I ) This Slovenian band made some of the most beautiful, darkest, and mysterious folk/progressive music around. Their sound is very similar to some of the underground German folk/psych bands of the time. In addition to the female vocals, this features all kinds of stringed instruments, as well as clarinet, flute, and recorder. I highly recommend all three of these!: 15,00 €

SEEDS - same 
(GNP-Crescendo-US) 1966 /19 original tracks including the hit single Pushin to hard. The great psychedelic punk by the Los Angeles based group with Sky Saxon. Their music was raw and often simple, but Saxon's growling vocals gave them a unique sound. (Code C)

SEEDS - Travel with your mind 
(GNP-Crescendo-US) 1967 / Flower power is here / previously unreleased material Sky's secret photos, 20 tracks. (Code C)

SEOMPI - Awol 
(Gear Fab-US) 1970 / Seompi, an acronym for self Expression on musically potent instruments. This is heavy Texas rock. In 1970 they recorded over 6 hours of live and studio tracks and the best of those who were contained on the 1997 Rockadelic album release. This entire album is now on CD. Plus the original versions of their elusive Black Star 45s. Much like Josefus / Mariani . (Code C)

SERENITY - Piece of Mind 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Reissue of ultra rare private pressed album by New Zealand Folk/Psych/Rock trio. Beautiful melodic folk rock tunes very serene (hence the name) Great vocals and intriguing acoustic and electric guitars. (Code E)

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Back door men 
(Sundazed-US) 1966, plus 3 bonus tracks. The bands second album was a mixture of cover versions and originals. It provided more examples of their Bo Diddley-inspered sound and of Joe Kelly's superb guitar work. (Code C)

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT - Raw'n alive at the Cellar, Chicago 1966 
(Sundazed-US) Great live tracks, with Gloria , Hey Joe, Let it rock. (Code C)

(Sundazed-US) 1966 / plus 3 bonus tracks. A garage band from Chicago. Shadows of Knight's version climbed to a tremendous climax of blasting fuzz guitars and just made it to the lower reaches of the US Top 40. (Code C)

(Gear Fab-US) 1970 / US legendary garage band from Iowa. Musically, it has that early 70's progressive feel, pleasent guitar folk with some psychedelic influence, plus 1 bonus track. (Code C)

SHAGGY - Lessons for beginners 
(Retro Acts-SW) 1975 / Thunderous Swedish hardrock with truly blistering guitar assaults, real strong vocals. (Code D)

SHAINS, LOS - Anthologia
(Iemsa Records/Peru) 2-CD; Los Shain's were the best selling garage band from Peru in the 60's decade,they play extremely fast with loud screaming vocals - true wild style garage beat. Now, their old label from the 60's Iempsa made a 2-CD Anthology,celebrating their 40th anniversary. You will listen fabulous versions of classic tracks of bands as The Trashmen, The Seeds, The Ventures, Question Mark & the Mysterians, The Yardbirds, Paul Revere and the Riders…. The band was founded by Enrique "Pico" Ego Aguirre, had some different line ups, but the most powerful includes Gerardo Manuel Rojas on vocals and the Barreda brothers on bass and drums. This 2-CD compilation is something you need in your 60's collection, 30 songs, that will blow your mind with killer fuzztone guitars, wild screams, garage drums and powerful basslines, sometimes mod keyboards, both, Spanish and English lyrics. Some of the material was never reissued before, incredible sound quality, from the original mastertapes, 86 minutes of music. Imported from Peru! 22,00 €

SHAPE OF THE RAIN - Riley Riley Wood and Wagget 
(REP-G) 1971/UK rural progressive rock with stunning vocals. (Code C)

(Background-UK) Shape Of The Rain are chiefly remembered for their only LP release "Riley, Riley, Wood and Wagget", issued in 1971 on the Neon (RCA) label. What is generally not know is that the band originally formed in 1966! The remained together as a unit until 1975. This important CD release illustrates a cross section of the rehearsal sessions. None of these recordings has been previously issued before in any format, although this CD does contain early versions of 3 tracks that later appeared on their album. This historic CD shows new insight into how the band developed their musical style from a rich variety of 60's pop, beat and psychedelica to a later more American influenced style. This 19 tracks CD comes complete with the band's original poster-artwork, plus rare live photographs and extensive sleeve notes penned by band leader Keith Riley. (Code E)

SHIDE & ACORN - The Legend of the Dreamstones 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1969 / Fragile early 70's UK folk, a bit like the Incredible String Band with whimsical female/male voices, traditional instruments, mandolins, harpsichord, flute, acoustic guitars etc... Deep Summer wood music for mystic elven folk. (Code E)

(Mio/Isrl.) defence de is the first album by Birgé Gorgé Shiroc, the trio that later became Un Drame Musical Instantane. The two-disk set includes the whole LP "defence de" (1974) with an additional 40 minutes of unreleased music from the same sessions. The second disk (and a first for MIO!) is a DVD featuring an avant-garde film with touches of surreal humour by Jean Jacques Birgé and friends from 1974 PLUS an additional 6 hours of music made by the trio-quartet during the years 1975-1976 (which is ALL the group's recorded music!). From the NWW list. "I just yesterday got the Defense De CD + DVD and I must say it is a complete freak out. All 6+ hours of it! 25,00 €

SHIVER - same 
(Shadoks-G) Guitar drenched psychedelia with hard rock edge by this amazing US West coast band from the late 60`s recorded between 1969-1971 and unreleased until now. With cuts like the 15 min. long "Alpha Man" with long and hypnotic guitarjam and the over the top "Boneshaker", Shiver takes you on a journey to the darkside of the Flower-Power scene. Vinyl version previously on Rockadelic. (Code C)

SHORT CROSS - Arising 
(Gear Fab-US) 1972, plus 5 bonus tracks, including their rare '45 release and other unfinished demo, unreleased tracks. US rare bluesy heavy psychedelic rock, with plenty of good guitar work throughout, some slow bluesy ballads. (Code C)

SHYLOCK - Gialorgues
(Musea / F) 1975, 1981 / Like KING CRIMSON, SHYLOCK builds an energetic, elaborated, tormented progressive rock, and shows its personality by a bursting lyricism & a refined romanticism, which remind PULSAR. + 5 bonus tracks. (Code C) 

SHYLOCK - Ile de fievre
(Musea / F) 1978 / SHYLOCK was compared to KING CRIMSON by the same fondness to develop anguished themes, electric feverish progressions & the same instrumental complexity & richness. Incl. 1 bonus track. (Code C)

SIDDHARTHA - Weltschmerz 
(Penner-G) 1975; Sophisticated mixture of progressive and art rock influence by psychedelic and folk, mainly in english language, but for the first time there is an song in german. (Code C)

SIGMUND SNOPEK - Virginia Woolf 
(Gear Fab-US) The 1973 classic Sgt. Pepperish masterpiece from former member of Bloomsbury people, a progressive 60`s pop band. Sigmund Snopeks style of progressive rock a fragmented classical passage, left field lyrics and unexpected time changes are all part of his musical stew. An outstanding and trippy experience, has 2 previous unreleased tracks. (Code C)

SILOAH - same 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1970; An obscure Munich hippy folk and ethnic combo who took hints from Hapshash & the coloured coat/Amon Düül. With 2 bonus tracks from 1970-1971. (Code C)

SILOAH - Sukram Gurk 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1972 Plus one bonus track. On their second record, which is again highly psychedelic, the organ is dominant, plus 20 page booklet. (Code C)

(Whirly Bird-US) 1968-1969 previously unreleased tracks, great CD. (Code C)

(Background-UK) 1973 / This mega-rare item will suite everyone into classic progressive, like King Crimson, or Gentle Giant's Octopus. (Code E)

(Sundazed-US) Classic 1965-1966 Texas-Mex. Hits of pop sixties southern rock. Plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code C)

(sundazed-US) 1965/66 album, including rare singles, B.sides and songs from the Crazy Cajun, plus unseen photos. (Code C)

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues
(Acadia / UK) Originally released in 1968, includes 3 bonus tracks! Re-mastered and re-packaged with liner notes by Ed Ward, Editor of The Austin Chronicle and contributions from Shawn Sahm (Doug's son). (Code E) 

(Acadia / UK) Originally released in 1969. Includes a re-working of the smash hit, "She's About a Mover". First time available on CD and includes 6 bonus tracks "Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day", "Sir Doug's Recording Trip", "The Homecoming", "Hello Amsterdam", "At The Crossroads" and "Texas Me"! (Code E)

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - Together After Five
(Acadia / UK) Originally released in 1970 and celebrating 5 years together, Sir Doug reunited with "The Crazy Cajun", Huey P. Meaux Available for the first time on CD and includes 4 Bonus Tracks" Dynamite Woman" You're Doin' It Too Hard" Spearfish By Night" Southside Girls". (Code E)

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - 1 + 1 + ! = 4
(Acadia / UK) Originally released in 1970 and now available for the first time on CD; Contains 4 bonus tracks, features Pete Drake on pedal steel and Hargus "Pig" Robbins on piano, Re-mastered and re-packaged with liner notes by Ed Ward, editor of the Austin Chronicle and contributions from Doug's son, Shawn. (Code E)

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET - The Return of Doug Saldana
(Acadia /UK) Originally released in 1971 and now available for the first time on CD, Contains bonus tracks, "Michoacan" and "Westside Blues Again" (Code E) SOULS OF INSPYRATION-same (Pacemaker-CND) Reissue on CD of yet another very sought after Canadian progressive/psychedelic album from 1970: Excellent keyboard and guitar driven psych tracks for the mind, with strong melodic songs, attractive harmonies, strong vocals. Taken from the original master tapes. (Code C)

SISA - Orgia
(Discmedi/SP) Jaume SISA was an important part of MUSICA DISPERSA and is a folk-rock artist with a very idiosyncratic style. His first album " Orgia" was a prime example of psychedelic rock the Spanish way with Sisa followings his whim much like Robin Williamson(Of Incredible String Band) in his heyday. The vocals and harmonica playing is a little indebted to Bob Dylan, but of course this is a lot stranger. Elsewhere there are kazoos, piano, tablas, recorders, snippets of tapes, and even occasional strings and brass. The same year, 1971, that Musica Dispersa was released, he also put out this great solo album. Crazy acid folk with lots of humour and weird vocals by Sisa himself! (Digipack)15,00 € 

(LongHair-G, LHC 15) Originally released on CBS in 1971, and now for the first time on CD. These 4 guys from Bremen (Nothern Germany) played with US Westcoast feel in some ways comparable to Quicksilver, but with the unique Kraut flavour. Electric and accoustic guitars with occasional keyboards dominate the jamming sound. Outstanding is the title track Trip Away - really a good commitment, that will be hold within the 11 mins! From the masters and informative booklet! (Code C)

SKIP BIFFERTY - The Story of Skip Bifferty
(Castle/UK) 2-CD (Disc One: The Album from 1968, plus 8 bonus tracks, including 3 previously unissued tracks: Disc Two; 13 tracks of BBC Sessions, recorded in 1969, and 2 HEAVY JELLY single tracks; plus 3 " GRIFFIN " tracks, including one BBC recording:) Nice poster cover with photos and Story: One of the best UK flower power psychedelic pop-rock! 20,00 €

SKYDOG - Just want to make you happy 
(Red Lounge-G) First re-release ever taken from the master tapes of this insanely rare LP from Georgia made in 1974 in an edition of 100. Only 2-3 originals in hands of collectors known to exist. Wild & psychotic hippie PROGRESSIVE rock mixed with incredible HEAVY FUZZ PSYCHEDELIC yammers. Monstrous orgies between the guitar and hammond organ and you can also find heavy eastern tunes woven in the long guitar jams. This CD comes with 4 never before released & long bonus tracks. Many unseen picture of the band and the CD is housed in hard carton triple fold-out sleeve. (Code E)

SKYFARMER - Amazing Grace
(Gear Fab-US) Formed in 1971 from the ashes of MOUNTAIN BUS, who had just gone down in flames due to lawsuit filed against them by Leslie West's Mountain because of the name. The original members teamed up with spoke fellow Chicago Blues Rockers and formed SKY FARMER. Their album features some various styles with excellent free form jams with extensive guitar breaks and beautiful haunting vocals by Ann Lindquist. Country blues mixed with Psychedelia. (Code C)

(Gear Fab/US) 1970: Sleepy John was formed in December of 1969 as a culmination of long friendships and various musical styles. The band, sometimes referred to as psychedelic, was all but. They were a driving, all-original and straight ahead band building on guitar and Hammond organ. There are two separate recording sessions on this CD. The first one was recorded in the basement at Jim Bartlett's house in Lewiston, Idaho in April of 1970. The other session was recorded in the Sleepy John house in Spokane later that summer with Bosco in the base. Both sessions were engineered by friend and fellow musician, Paul Speer Brother's of Stone Garden! 15,00 €

SMASH & AGUJETAS - Pureza y vanguardia del flamenco
(BMG/SP) From 1978, this is the last album by Andalusia legends Smash, and came together again five years later in a slightly changed line up. 25 minutes of new material was released on a split LP. Here Smash partly went back to their heavy blues-rock roots, but Gualberto's new interest in flamenco was also evident on certain tracks. Side A is by Smash, but B side is by Agujetas. Tracks by Smash include their commercial hit "El garrotín" and some other flamenco prog-rock songs. Agujetas is classical flamenco music..! 15,00 €

SMASH - Glorieta de los Lotos 
(Philips-SP) 1970 / First album of Spain hard psych classic. Bluesy feel, roaring fuzz, really rocks wild. (Code D)

SMASH - We come to Smash this Time 
(Philips-SP) 1971 / Second album. Fantastic spanish psych monster with garagey feel, psychy moves, full-tilt fuzz blasters, awesome the track Fail Safe. (Code D)

SMITH - A group called Smith 
(Hitland-I) 1969 / US / A west coast band from Los Angeles whose sound was characterised by Gayle Mc Cormicks voice. With some great cover versions like Last Time/Let's spend the night together . (Code C)

SNAFU - same/Situation Normal
(Angelair-UK / 2-CD) In 1972 Bobby Harrison had just disbanded his blues/rock outfit Freedom and recorded his first solo LP. Among the many first-class musicians who featured on that album was Micky Moody, then lead guitarist of Juicy Lucy. That collaboration inspired the formation of a completely new group to play American inspired funk and R & B: Snafu. Bobby Harrison was of course the drummer with Procol Harum and appeared on the classic single, "A Whiter Shade Of Pale". Micky Moody's first band included Paul Rodgers on bass and vocals who later became the lead singer of the acclaimed Free. In turn he was replaced by Bruce Thomas, later of Quiver and Elvis Costello's Attractions. In Snafu, Harrison and Moody were joined by Terry Popple, drums (later with Van Morrison), Colin Gibson, bass (formerly with Ginger Baker's Airforce) and keyboard/fiddle player Pete Solley. The band's musical influences ranged from the Allman Brothers to Little Feat. They had some success as a live act, and the two albums presented here on CD for the first time date from 1974. (Code E)

SOCRATES - Breakingthrough 
(Minos/EMI-GR) 1981 / Again Greek-progressive rock. (Code D)

SOCRATES - Drank the conium 
(Polydor-GR) 1972 / The first album of the rare Greek early 70's hard-psych monster with vicious guitar leads galore mixed with wasted, howling vocals.(Code D)

SOCRATES - On the Wings 
(Polydor-GR) 1973 / The third album, with great guitar work. (Code D)

(Vertigo-GR) 1976; Top-level Greek progressive with more keyboard, with Vangelis. (Code D)

SOCRATES - Taste of conium 
(Polydor-GR) 1972 / The second album with lots of blazing Hendrix wah-wah leads and wild vocals. (Code D)

SOCRATES - Waiting for Something 
(Minos/EMI-GR) 1980 / Their fifth but still fantastic heavy progressive one, with cooking leads all the way through. (Code D)

SOFT MACHINE - Backwards 
(Cuneiform-US) Rare tracks; three tracks were recorded in late May, 1970 in London. The May 1970 performance which makes up most of this CD was recorded very shortly after the studio sessions for the third album were completed. Two tracks were recorded in late November, 1969 in Paris. These two tracks have miraculously survived from 1969 and are a priceless addition to the dramatically small recorded legacy of Soft Machine's septet line-up. Plus demo track "Moon in June", the first part of track was recorded in October and November, 1968 in the USA, while the second part was recorded in mid 1969 in England. (Code E)

SOFT MACHINE - Noisette 
(Cuneiform-US) Noisette was recorded January 4, 1970 by the short live quintet formation of the group. With Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, M. Ratledge on keyboards and Robert Wyatt on drums and vocals. Noisette showcase a band in transition from their earlier psychedelic-progressive rock period towards a more jazz-rock sound that would make them famous for their 3rd and 4th album. Plus previous unreleased material. (Code E)

(Cuneiform-US) An unreleased album from his favourite band many years after it was recorded! This is precisely what Cuneiform has just offered to all Soft Machine aficionados with "Spaced", a real album with more than recorded in 1969 with the legendary line-up from the "second album". This good quality recording consists of instrumental music composed for a BBC multi-media show and is mostly free improvisation. (Code E)

SOFT MACHINE - Virtually 
(Cuneiform US) Recorded March 23rd, 1971 at the Gondel Filmkunsttheater in Bremen, Germany, by exclusive arrangement with Radio Bremen. (Code E)

SOFT MACHINE - Live In Paris
(Cuneiform/US) 2-CD set / The Soft Machine line-up of Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall and Mike Ratledge lasted under half a year and recorded just one half of an album (side two of "5"). Live in Paris is a rare recording of this quartet during that lineup's final days; Dean left Soft Machine later that month. It is also a special, rare example of a Soft Machine concert recorded and released in its entirety. Live in Paris shows Soft Machine playing in top form. As Aymeric Leroy points out in the liner notes, the music illustrates main composers Ratledge and Hopper's "shift in compositional style…towards looser and more minimalistic themes." The tracklisting consists of works from "Third" and "5" in often significantly different versions, as well as several piece not recorded elsewhere. This excellent quality release - formerly released as "Live In France" on another label - is taken from the less than 2 dozen shows performed by this version of the band, and shows that despite such a short life, that this version of the quartet definitely had their own style and sound: 20,00 €

SONICS - Here are the Sonics 
(Norton-US) 1966 / One of the finest punk bands from North west, this era. Whith great tracks like The Witch , Psycho and Stychnine and more. Total 16 cuts. (Code C)

SONICS - Psycho Sonic 
(Big Beat-UK) Originally cut in 1964 and 1965 the 29 recordings offered here present nothing less than some of the very rawest and most savage rock music yet achieved. The two first albums plus a few rarities. (Code D)

SONICS - The Sonics Boom 
(Norton-US) 1966 / Mono reissue with 3 bonus tracks Psycho (Live) / The Witch (Live) and alternate take version. Total 16 cuts. (Code C)

SONICS - Introducing The Sonics
(Sundazed/US) Cornerstone of the crunchy sixties' Northwest sound, direct from the Jerden MONO masters! Their most powerful album, ca 1966, plus rare BONUS cuts! Including 'The Witch', 'Psycho', 'You Got Your Head On Backwards', 'I'm A Man', etc.! 15,00 €

(Big Beat-UK) A very great compilation with 20 tracks. Previously unissued single tracks from 1967. On these long-rumoured 1966 sessions, the early Sons run the gamut from 12-string and fuzz-tinged rockers to epic production pop and smoky nightclub R6B, and they master them all, with slick harmonies and soul to spare. (Code E)

SORCERY - Sinister Soldiers 
(Monster-US) US Texas heavy power guitar rock. Originally available as double LP... recently re-issued as two single LP's. Original 1000 $. This is a very local rarity. (Code C)

SOUL INC. - Volume One 
(Gear Fab-US) One of the biggest bands in Louisville USA during the 60`s. They released 7 singles between 1965-1969, with bonus alternate version from the studio archives. Originally 60`s garagy sound. Despite the tendency for vocals with a soulful tinge they produce some sounds worthy of your attention: Stronger than Dirt is a moody punk version with fuzz and backward guitar effects, whilst the flip 60 Miles High is a midtempo folkpunker with a laidback but rough-edged feel. (Code C)

SOUL INC. - Volume Two 
(Gear Fab-US) Great psychedelic punk garage music that shows the band transition from mid to late 60's when they became ELYSIAN FIELD. Including 3 tracks under the name ELYSIAN FIELD , with track like Connection / Midnight Hour and instrumental guitar track Laryngiti. (Code C)

(Shadoks / G) 1968 Brazil / Amazing Hard Psych. Rarer than Spectrum. A real beauty. Lots of covers but soo good. Beside Modulo & Spectrum the hottest item from Brazil. The guitar sound screams like hell. Very few known original copies. If you want to hear a real acid Psych version of "Crossroads", "Can´t Find My Way Home" or "Whithering Tree", this one is for you. We love those versions better than the original because they just sound more stoned. 15,00 €

(Hugo Montes-HMP-006) Korean Import. Reissue of rare British religious PSYCHEDELIC FOLK album from the 70's most sought after by folk-collectors. A fine mixture of Folk, rock and psychedelica. (Code G) 

SOUP - same 
(Gear Fab-US) US Wisconsin band which featured the late great guitar virtuoso Doug Yankus. This CD reissue contains their 1970 hard driving psych-blues album and their target 45, and as an extra bonus 8 tracks from their very KINKS sounding predecessor band The private proporty of Digil / 1967 1968 and unreleased material from 1971. (Code C)

SOUTHWEST F.O.B. - Smell of Incense 
(Sundazed-US) 1966-1969, plus 11 bonus tracks. Their pleasant softrock album has some psychedelic influences, with tracks like Smell of Incense from the orig. West coast pop art and other single tracks. (Code C)

SPACE FARM - Going Home to Eternity 
(Ascension-AUS) Great New Zealand hard psych-monster. Tremendous fuzz, wah-wah assaults, real strong vocals and pumping bass drums rhythm. A must for those into Human Instinct and the likes.(Code E)

(Wooden Hill-UK) 1966-69 / A beautiful package collection of all this classic UK 60's psychedelic band material together with their Top Gear / BBC sessions in stunning sound quality. (Code E)

SPECTRUM - Geracao Bendita 
(Shadoks-G) The best psychedelic from Brazil. KILLER FUZZ from beginning to end. like Modulo 1000. A late 60's soundtrack from a movie starring the band themselves. Originally banned in Brazil, plus bonus tracks and unseen photos. (Code C)

SPECTRUM / MURTCEPS - Ghosts: Post-Terminal reflection 
(Raven-AUS) 1971-1972 / Compilation of all albums and singles. Tremendous Australian organ based psych-progressive rock, with intricate playing, refined melodies etc. (Code E)

SPEDDING, CHRIS - The only lick I know 
(Repertoire-G) One of music's most in demand session guitarists Chris Spedding has also had a colourful solo career and this album, first issued by Harvest in 1972, was the axeman's third stab at solo stardom. Mostly self penned the 9 featured tracks show off not only Spedding's stunning guitar work, but also his ability as a fine Rock singer. (Code C)

(Sundazed-US) Visionary solo work recorded during SKIP's last days as part of the seminal San Francisco band MOBY GRAPE, plus extra Oar and unissued Oar, many previously unheard recordings. Plus previously unpublished photos. 22 tracks. (Code C)

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Mojo Rhythm Vol.1 - Sessions & Shows 1966-1968
( RPM / UK ) This album takes in both the original and later line-ups of the Spencer Davis Group. Two-thirds of the album features the original line-up, boasting the exceptional vocals of Stevie Winwood and many big hits from the era in a previously unreleased live or session form.(live In Session): Midnight / It's Gonna Work Out Fine / Dimples / Watch Your Step / It Hurts Me So / I Can't Stand It / She Put The Hurt On Me / Keep On Running / Goodbye Stevie / We'll Be Together Til The End Of Time / When I Come Home / Mean Woman Blues / Can't Get Enough Of It / Pretty Woman / Neighbour Neighbour / (various European Radio Sessions 1966/67): I'm A Man / With Their New Face / / Gimme Some Lovin' (live On Finnish Tv 1966) / Don't Want You No More / Mr Second Class / Time Seller / Moonshine / Feel Your Way / With Their New Faces On: 18,00 €

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Mojo Rhythm Vol.2 -Sessions & Shows 1966-1968
( RPM / UK ) Volume 2 of our latest Spencer Davis Group Collection covers the live recordings by the group made at various concerts and shows, following on from Volume One's Live in the Studio recordings made for radio broadcast. Again this collection shows how the Group were able to really cut it live as a musical unit and here in front of audiences too, and why with their own sound they are so well liked by todays 60's music fans, mods, R&8 enthusiasts. Recording quality wise we admittedly range from high to low-fi: the high being at the beginning which is a recently discovered tape master of their performance at a London venue early on in their career, superb sound quality and driving performance with the Group making up the set as they go along. 25 minutes of terrific R&B that not even the generations of bootleggers have ever got their hands on - you are hearing it for the first time in 35 years! The lo-fi is their appearance at a show in Finland which was obviously recorded on very sub-standard equipment as some of the performance is lost to the mists of time. However it is still a fascinating recording of the band in action complete with a comperes intro naming the band as having a drummer called Peter Tork! The albums' highlight appears in this section too which is the rendition of 'Georgia On My Mind'-just sublime. This collection is rounded of with the one recording of the Mk II line up taken from the NME Poll Winners concert in 1968 that blasts out some gritty guitar work from Ray Fenwick. England 1965 Kansas City / Every Little Bit Hurts / Stevies Blues (early version) / It's Gonna Work Out Fine Germany 1966 Somebody Help Me / Sittin' & Thinkin' / Keep On Running Finland 1966 When I Come Home E / Dust My Blues / Mean Woman Blues / Together `til The End Of Time I'm A Man / Georgia On My Mind / Gimme Some Lovin' England Empire Pool Wembley 1968 Dust My Blues: 18,00 €

( RPM / UK ) If the 1967 line up of Spencer Davis, Pete York, Eddie Hardin, Phil Sawyer had released an album of the studio recordings they made together that summer this is what it would have been. As it was some of the tracks appeared on the Mulberry Bush film soundtrack, a couple on singles, a few on the 'New Face On' album and all in 1968 (notable exception of the 'Time Seller' single). When Phil Sawyer left the group in December 1967 many of that summers recordings were remixed or overdubbed with new vocals. So here you have another 'what should have been' scenario lovingly conjured by RPM. Time Seller (original version) / Don't Want You No More / Mr Second Class / Sanity Inspector / Taking Out Time alt version / Every Little Thing / Virginals Dream / Looking Back / Picture of Her / Just Like Me / Possession / Morning Sun / Feel Your Way bonus tracks / Picture Of her alt version / Just Like Me alt version / Possession alt version: 18,00 €

(BMG-MEX) 1970 / Great Mexican band which featured a vocalist from the US. Lots of incredible organ and guitars, vocals are all in English. Mexican psychedelic full of dreamy organs, west-coast sounding, guitar leads and fuzzed out backwards guitars, plus 2 bonus tracks. (Code E)

SPIDERS - Let's go Spiders 
(Big Beat-UK) Vol. 3 in the GS, I Love You series. The 7-man Spiders represent one of 60's Japans most accomplished combos to emerge from the GS (Group Sounds) explosion during their 1961-1971 decade of existence. This 28-tracker selects the pick of their prolific output (most self composed), possessing, to quote compiler Alec Palao. (Code E)

SPIDERS - Nuevas Rutas en Sonido 
(BMG-MEX) 1973 / The second album of Mexican band. This is more prog. psychedelic rock with blasting guitar leads and two bonus tracks. (Code E)

SPIKEDRIVERS - Folk Rocking Innovation from the Motor City in the Mid 60's
(RD-records-CH) Long expected for release and here it is, one of the best hippie west coast release with deep emotions, unique eastern influenced songwriting/instrumention, jingling guitars and mystic vocals. A real masterpiece (most songs was never released). The first incarnation of this band consisted of Mary Carol and Sid Brown (both later in the Peace County Conspiracy) They made a fantastic single on OM records in 1966 and taught the Paul Butterfield Blues Band how to jam on these ethnic sounds your hear on the album "East West". They recorded for Atlantic records where Ahmet Ertegun supervised and Tom Dowd engineered the sessions. They were offered a dream contract on the spot but Ted Lucas said that he didn't want to work for a Turk. Shortly afterward they split and the three without Lucas and Keelan added Marshall Rubinoff and Ron Cobb. In 1967 they recorded some tracks that are featured on this album. Contains detailed biograhy and photos and great artwork by Sid Brown. (Code C) 

SPINETTA, LUIS ALBERTO - Spinettalandia Y sus Amigos 
(RCA-ARG) 1972 / Solo album by Argentinias most important musician of the late 60's and 70's where he led groups like Almendra, Pescado Rabioso and Invisible. A psychedelic-progressive rock with great guitar work of Spinetta. (Code H)

SPIRIT - Model Shop
(Sundazed/US) It's mindboggling that something as dazzling as the Model Shop soundtrack -recorded by the classic Spirit lineup- has been languishing unreleased in the vaults for over 35 years! The stuff of longplaying-legends and vinyl-myths, this full-length album was recorded in late 1968, but the completed master was shelved before release. Rescued from obscurity at last by Sundazed, this much rumored film-score gem is now center-stage where it can take a much deserved bow. TRACKS: The Moving Van / Mellow Fellow* / Now Or Anywhere / Fog* / Green Gorilla* / Model Shop I* / Model Shop II*/ The Rehearsal Theme / Song For Lola (Clear) / Eventide* / Coral* / Arent You Glad* All tracks marked * are previously unissued versions, making their first appearance ever on this set! 15,00 €

(REP-G) UK 1969 / This first released album of John Morgan band, including a version of "Honky Tonk Train Blues" , perfectly show the energetic Blues based rock sounds that brought them a formidable reputation on the UK live circuit. (Code C)

SPIRITS & WORM - same 
(Arkama-Digipack-I) 1970 US Top notch female sung west coast psych gem with great fuzz psych likes all over. Was on A&M-records but withdrawn due to so called "satanic / occult" cover and lyrics. Highly recommended for anyone into California psych guitar realms. (Code C)

SPIROGYRA - Burn to Bridges 
(Repertoire-G) 1970 /1971 demo tapes. Collection of the unreleased tracks from two demo sessions. Great UK folk-rock group with female vocals. (Code C)

SPIROGYRA - St. Radiguns
(Repertoire / G) This was the four piece Spirogyra's debut LP, originally issued in 1972 by B&C Records. The Canterbury based band were at the forefront of the British Folk Rock movement of the early 1970s, their blend of magic and tales of middle age times mixing perfectly with their acoustic based music. A highly prized collector's item and a classic of the genre! 14,00 €

SPIROGYRA - Old Boot Wine
(Repertoire / G) Led by Barbara Gaskin, who later had an international hit with Dave Stewart, and guitarist songwriter Martin Cockerham, Spirogyra´s brand of folk rock brought them considerable critical acclaim in the early 1970s. This 9 track collection was their second LP and included the collector´s single" Dangerous Dave"! 14,00 €

SPIROGYRA - Bells, Boots And Shambles
(Repertoire / G) The last studio LP from the band who, by the time of its release by B&C Records in 1973, were basically down to a duo of Barbara Gaskin and Martin Cockenham. The three-part " In The Western World" is a highlight of this 7 track release, one of British folk rock's finest recording! 14,00 €

(Shadoks-G) 1969-1970, plus 3 bonus tracks. Never released before!! Extreme psychedelic Exotica drenched music with long acid guitar journeys and weird electronics with James Cuomo later became France based psych folkrock band Mormos. (Code C)

SPOT - same 
(Ohrwaschl-Digipack-G) 1971, plus 2 bonus tracks. Thundering Swiss heavy monster with gutterish vocals manic riffing sorta Black Sabbath vibe throughout, screaming fuzz... loud riffing guitars. (Code C)

SPRIGUNS - Revel Weird and Wild 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1976 album of acclaimed Folk rock gem with magnificent Mandy Morton vocals, with beautiful songs and harmonies. (Code G) / (Japan CD / Code H)

SPRIGUNS - Time will Pass 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1977 / Another great folk-rock CD release of beautiful UK gems.(Code G) / (Japan CD / Code H)

SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS - Jack with a Feather 
(Background-UK) 1975 / This top-notch folk ranks as one of the best UK-Folk albums, together with albums by bands like Mellow Candle, Trees. (Code E)

SPRING - same 
(REP-G) 1971 / plus 3 previously unreleased tracks; One of the first bands to use Mellotron as an integral part of their sound. A progressive rock Masterpiece. (Code C)

SPRINGWATER - Includes bonus album BORN AGAIN
(Angelair-UK) Many will remember the UK top five hit "I Will Return" from 1971, the catchy mixture of fuzz and slide produced by Springwater, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Phil Cordell. The 'Springwater' album featuring "I Will Return" is here on CD for the first time ever, coupled with Cordell's 1977 solo album 'Born Again', also on CD for the first time. This set saw Cordell link up with renowned session guitarist Ray Fenwick (ex Spencer Davis Group). The contrast in sound is still as popular and enjoyable now as it was then. This landmark release kicks off with that classic single, and with both albums remastered and transferred to CD it will fill gaps in any collection of eclectic 70's pop. The CD booklet features informative sleeve notes written by Joe Geesin in association with Phil Cordell. (Code D) 

ST. FIELD, JOHN - Control
(M2U / Korea) Ultra rare PSYCHEDELIC folk rock album recorded in 1971 and released in 1975 on Movie Play, Spain. Scottish John St. Field (real name: Jackie Leven) made this ACID FOLK album under influence of the SD culture of Europe and USA. Now reissued on CD housed in exclusive mini-LP sleeve! (Code H)

STACK - Above all 
(Gear Fab-US) 1969 / US early 70's melodic, raw, heavy psychedelic rock with some real cool bluesy fuzz-guitar touches. Plus 1 previously unreleased track and a 12 page booklet with photo, interviews and tourposters of the band. (Code C)

(Rhino-Handmade / US) 18 Tracks; 16 Previously Unreleased; Single CD;20-Page Booklet Over three decades ago, the band that would become Blue Oyster Cult created two albums' worth of recordings for Elektra, using a different name for each album's sessions, first Oaxaca and then The Stalk-Forrest Group, and, after delivery of the finished recordings to Elektra, neither album was ever released. Though they were signed as Soft White Underbelly, and are now known as The Stalk-Forrest Group, they began recording tracks for their first Elektra album using the name Oaxaca. Ten tracks were completed in early 1970. Though recollections are sketchy, it appears that Elektra Records were none too pleased with these recordings, and all of them were shelved. Sandy Pearlman, ever persuasive, convinced Elektra to take yet another chance with this version of the band. Elektra finally agreed, and in early 1970, the band began recording masters for another album. This time the recordings were made as The Stalk-Forrest Group. And this time an album was completed, mixed and mastered. However, Elektra decided again not to release any Stalk-Forrest Group recordings at all. Soon after recording the second unreleased Elektra album, Andrew Winters left the band and soon after that The Stalk-Forrest Group was under no further obligation to Elektra's recording contract. Other than an Elektra MONO promotional single of "What Is Quicksand?" and "Arthur Comics" and other than the appearance of "Arthur Comics" on a 1986 Elektra Records compilation entitled Elektrock (The Sixties), all of these marvelous psychedelic Stalk-Forrest Group recordings have remained unreleased in their original tape boxes on a dusty tape vault shelf. St Cecilia: The Elektra Recordings collects together all of the surviving Elektra Archive STEREO masters for both the final Stalk-Forrest Group albums as well as the unused masters from the initial Oaxaca sessions. We say "unused masters" because three Oaxaca sessions tracks, "What Is Quicksand?" "Donovan's Monkey," and "Arthur Comics," were snipped out of the first album master tapes by the original producers so that they could be included without change in the delivered Stalk-Forrest Group album master. In addition, we've included the MONO masters from both sides of The Stalk-Forrest Group single: 23,00 €

STEAMHAMMER - Reflection
(Repertoire / G) " Reflection" showcases the dazzling guitar work of Martin Pugh and the earthy vocals of Kieran White. Blending contemporary sounds with traditional blues resulted in a style that proved tremendously popular with club audiences throughout Europe, especially in Germany where the featured track ´Junior`s Wailing` was a Top 10 hit. This 1969 debut album, from one of the best bands of the late 1960s/ early 1970s, is now re-mastered and in a digipak, including informative sleeve notes and an interview with bassist Louis Cennamo: 14,00 €

( Repertoire / G ) This 1969 Steamhammer`s second LP comes with four rare bonus tracks, including the singles ´Autumn Song`and ´Junior´s Wailing`, to give 14 slices of blues based rock at it`s best. A full discography and personal notes from vocalist Kieran White are also a feature of this release. A very great release! 14,00 €

(Repertoire / G) The band`s third LP, issued by B&C in 1971, contains eight tracks of fine blues rock that critics view as the band´s best work. Two of the tracks were recorded at London`s legendary Lyceum and show just what a solid and extiting live act Steamhammer were! 14,00 €

(Repertoire / G) Ex-Renaissance bassist Louis Cennamo had jointed Steamhammer by the time of this LP`s release in early 1972, though this was actually their last album. The lenghty " Penumba" dominated this 3-track effort which also featured contributions from The Yardbirds Keith Relf and Fuzzy Duck´s Garth Watt-Roy: 14,00 €

STEEL MILL - Green eyed God 
(Green Tree-G) 1971 / Plus two bonus tracks of killer hard progressive rock, lots of flying leads, wasted vocals, flutes... (Code C)

STEVENS, MEIC - Outlander
(Rhino-Handmade / US) Originally in the early 70s released on Warner. A rare acid/folk masterpiece by this original Welsh wizard. Ranging from magical eastern sitar and tabla trips to Dylan-esque visions.Meic Stevens may not be a familiar name in much of the world, but in his native Wales the singer-songwriter's stature is often compared to that of Bob Dylan. A local legend whose psych-folk influence can be heard in such contemporary Welsh groups as Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Stevens also founded his country's first independent record company, the estimable Sain label. Stevens sang mostly in his native language, a political act not unlike speaking Basque in Spain or Cherokee in the U.S. His one English-language album is 1970's Outlander, an outstanding marriage of musicianship and eclecticism. Arising from the same fertile soil as the work of the late-'60s icons, Stevens's album nonetheless manages to avoid easy comparisons. Its jazz-Indo-psych ragas merge seamlessly with its acid folksongs and Dylan-esque meditations on relationships and politics. Performed by a remarkable cast of musicians hand-picked by English rock tastemaker Ian Samwell, Outlander was created with a minimum of rehearsal and consists largely of first takes. Greeted with critical acclaim upon Outlander's U.K. release, Stevens traveled Stateside for a two-week tour in the summer of 1970. But the album never crossed the Atlantic; its very first U.S. release is this expanded, remastered Rhino Handmade issue. Copies of the LP have fetched upwards of $500 on the collectors' market, a testimony to the enduring quality of its songs. Now, fans can enjoy the original album in its entirety, along with nine bonus tracks, including outtakes, alternate versions, and the 1970 B-side "Blue Sleep." TRACK LISTING: ROWENA (Full Version) (4:41)LOVE OWED (3:21) LEFT OVER TIME (4:35) LYING TO MYSELF (2:46)THE SAILOR AND MADONNA (5:36) OXBLOO (1:12) YORRIC (8:49) MIDNIGHT COMES (3:06) GHOST TOWN (5:50) DAU RHOSYN COCH (2:43) BALLAD OF OLD JOE BLIND (2:24) GREAT HOUDINI (3:31) ALL ABOUT A DREAM (3:22) EVENING COMES UP (4:46) UPON THE MOUNTAIN (2:22) WHERE HAVE ALL MY PEOPLE GONE (2:25) YORRIC (Early Version) (5:37) THE SAILOR AND MADONNA (Early Version) (4:08) BLUE SLEEP (3:57) BALLAD OF JOE BLIND (Alternate Version (2:29)!! 23,00 €

STEVENS, MEIC - See the Morning / No savage word
(Shadoks / G) 1972-1975 / 2-CD: Both amazing rare Lp's both pressed at Deroy studios, in UK. Loner vibe, beautiful vocals and great folky music. If you like MICHEALANGELO with a touch of Billy Nichols, this one is yours. Half of both the albums is electric , the other half acoustic, a full band behind each song. Those 2 albums are completely unknown so far! 18,00 €

STILL LIFE - same 
(REP-G) 1970 / UK obscure progressive rock, with organ, guitar, demented Van der Graaf Generato styled prog. rock, basement (Code C)

STILLROVEN - Too Many Spaces
(Sundazed / US) Minneapolis legends the Stillroven forever staked their claim in the 60's garage firmament with their pedal-to-the-metal, frenetic version of "Hey Joe" still. The definitive version as far as we're concerned. (We've lovingly documented this period of the group on our previous set, entitled, Cast Thy Burden Upon The Stillroven). Now, we've plugged the group into even bigger 'n more ghastly amplifiers and, with their help, have mightily assembled the group's never-before-issued second album. Recorded at A&M Studios in 1968, the long-lost Too Many Spaces showcases the group's heavier, more psychedelic side, all the while perfectly maintaining their homegrown garage roots and midwest-melodic sensibilities! 15,00 €

STONE ANGEL - East of the Sun 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Recorded in August 2000, plus tracks from 1986 / Dark, sometimes sad but always unique in it's way of blending gothic, medieval, folk and prog. Potent imagery sweeps over an intrisinc warmth making audible the ambivalence of beautiful and deadly marshes and the strange contardiction of children playing on the cliffs of Dunwich amongst the bones of the dead. (Code E)

(SI WAN-Korea) 1975 / UK acid-folk-rock, with flute, violin, dulcimer; Stone Angels sound blends baroque instrumentation with lazily sustained electric guitars in an eerie haze of gothic splendour. (Code G)

STONE ANGEL - Holy Rood Of Bromholm
(Kissing Spell/UK) Available again! Repressed!! This UK electric folk band's, privately pressed LP was released way back in the early 70s. Featuring mainly female with male vocals, fuzz guitar, bell, sitar, violin, flute and dulcimer. Wonderous mournful gothic-flavoured folk LP. Taken from the original master tapes, comes complete with its original sleeve design! 18,00 €

STONE ANGEL - Lonely Waters
(Kissing Spell/UK) 2nd album by re-formed UK folk legends STONE ANGEL (previously MIDWINTER). This line up sees the return of original bass player Mick Burroughes and also features Jane Denny (Daughter of ???) on additional vocals! 18,00 € 

(Gear Fab-US) CD version of absolute Killer sensational psychedelic revelation. The lost album by IDAHO band "Stone Garden" who once had a single out on the same label as 'Fraction' in 1966. The album is compiled of material recorded from 1966-1970. Screaming loud fuzz-guitars. Influences of Cream, Doors are prevalent through this album. (Code C)

(World in Sound/G) An outstanding piece of US psychedelia. They started in Kansas, 1968. NOT to be confused with STONE CIRCUS that recorded for the Mainstream label. The powerful sound with male and female organs, great organ and heavy guitar has a strong Jefferson Airplane feeling. This is previously unreleased material that was found in the archives of the Cavern Sound Studios where the WIZARDS FROM KANSAS also recorded. Including "Gotta find way", "New world", a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Gonna leave you and more. Originally recorded in 1970, now reissued from the original masters with a detailed biography and pictures, in collaboration with the band.! 15,00 €

STONEGROUND - The Last Dance live! 1973
(DIG-Music-103) 1973/A Stoneground concert was more then just great music, it was a family event with music going on and on all night. In the end, after all those years on the road, the song… the struggle.. the records and all disappointments the bent went through came to a head that cold January night in 1973. Stoneground went out with a bang! This was as good as it got. Ever! (Code E)

(Repertoire / G) 1969 / The band's debut album with Maggie Bell ( vocals) and Leslie Harvey ( guitar) steaming into action after being discovered and signed by Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant. Maggie has fond memories of songs which were their first attempts at writing original material. "Big Jim Salter" is about a man who worked in a childrens´swing park in Maryhill, Glasgow.´Touch Of Your Loving Hand`is a blues song, which Maggie performs with Jimmy Dewar in the style of Ray Charles with a strong guitar solo! 14,00 €

(Repertoire / G) 1970 / Stone the Crows, one of the finest hard rock bands of the early Seventies, were graced by the presence of Maggie Bell, a remarkably powerful lead singer who shouted blues and soul with all the passion you´d expect from a fiery Scot. Maggie is teamed with guitarist Leslie Harvey and the title track is dedicated to the police. Mad Dogs And Englishman is about Stone The Crows and their exploits on a Joe Cocker Tour while`Danger Zone` is a Curtis Mayfield song! 14,00 €

STONE THE CROWS - Teenage Licks
(Repertoire / G) 1971 / Stone the Crows were flying high when they first unleashed this excellent album. The Scots band were winning popularity polls, selling out concerts and aiming their sights on America. "Teenage Licks" proved to be their most successful seller with great cuts like`Big JimSalter´and ´May Be Right I May Be Wrong`and a cover of Dylan`s `Don't´t Think Twice`´Ailen Mochree` is a Gaelic song sung with feeling by Maggie Bell: 14,00 €

STONE THE CROWS - Ontinuous Performance
(Repertoire / G) 1972 / The band was rehearsing on stage at Swansea´s Top Rank Ballroom when guitarist Leslie Harvey touched a live microphone, was electrocuted and died instantly. The band were devastated, but carried on for a while bringing in fellow Scots guitarist Jimmy McCulloch of ´Ontinuous Performance´ and went on the road with them. This was their final album! 14,00 €

STONE THE CROWS - Live in Montreux 1972
(Angel Air / UK) During 1969 Maggie Bell and Les Harvey formed Stone The Crows. The band had their first critically acclaimed album released early in 1970, followed later in the year by 'Ode To John Law' and in 1971 'Teenage Licks'. Maggie won the Melody Maker's readers poll for Best Female Singer in 1971 but shortly afterwards, on 3 May 1972, Les Harvey was tragically killed after being electrocuted on stage at Swansea's Top Rank on 3 May 1972, Les Harvey was tragically killed after being electrocuted on stage at Swansea's Top Rank Ballroom. The band decided to soldier on and floated the prospect of a replacement guitarist: Peter Green was mooted, Steve Howe played one gig to assist and Jimmy McCulloch finished off the sessions for what became the band's final album 'Ontinuous Performanxce' released late 1972. The band broke up in 1973, and Maggie Bell went on to have a very successful solo career. She said recently 'Stone The Crows was a great band and we had some wonderful times on the road. Our music was very good for the times and when you consider it was all done 30 years ago, it doesn't sound too bad!' This wonderful recording is released for the first time, supplied from Maggie Bell's personal archives. The 8 page booklet features informative sleeve notes! 17,00 €

STRAWBERRY PATH - When the Raven has come to the 
(P-Vine-JAP) Mini card sleeve digipack. Earth top level Japanese hard progressive classic from 1973, with stunning wah-wah / fuzz outburst, raw vocals. Limited edition. (Code I)

STRAWBS - Dragonfly 
(Si-Wan-Korea) Reissue on CD of one the best early Strawbs album from 1970, plus special liner-notes by Mr. Dick Greener of Strawbs. Comes in LP miniature in paper cover. (Code F)

STRAWBS - same 
(Si-Wan-Korea) First time on CD the debut self-titled album from 1969. This well-know group's progressive rock was imprinted with folk and medieval influence, offering beautifully melodic compositions featuring Dave Cousins' lovely singing and elegant passages with mellotron, organ and acoustic guitars. Comes in LP miniature in paper cover. (Code F)

STRAY - Definitive Collection
(Sanctuary / UK) 2-CD The Stray began life back in 1966 in West London, dropping Stray, so called because they throught it fitted in with their idea of wanting to be a band that played all different styles of music and coult `Stray` down any musical path they desired. The band startet out by playing mostly Soul & R&B covers but their musical direction changed when founder member del Bromham began writing songs with a typical psychedelic style. They became well know on the London circuit for their use of pyrotechnics, becoming the first band carry their own light show. The band signed to Transatlantic Records in 1970, to help built up the label´s Heavy rock profile which led to a successful recordings career, including what were arguably their finest years 1971-1973. This release is a comprehensive anthology which traces the band´s history during their Transatlantic year, and includes a bonus disc of their Transatlantic album and extensive sleeve notes by Phil Casey! 17,00 €

STRAY - Time Machine / Anthology 1970-1977
(Santuary / UK) 2CD / Bastions of the 70`s UK college circuit, Stray`s brand of anthemic albums for Transatlantic, Dawn, Pye. Long overdue for revival, the best of those long-players is assembled on this comprehensive retrospective, alongside their rarest material from the period. They've long been cult favourite among connoisseurs of prog and hard rock, and this set explains why! 18,00 €

STRENG, PEKKA - Magneettimiehen Kuolema
(Love/Fin.) First album from Pekka Streng, originally released in 1970: New 24.bit-digitally-remastered version, plus 3 bonus tracks. On this album you find TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTI members backing Pekka up. Musically this is wonderful psychedelia with a lot of acoustic guitars. We could mention PINK FLOYD, but this album is much more electrified. Good one !!! 15,00 €

(Love/Fin.) 1972; One of the ultimate classics of Finnish psychedelia. Tender folk leanings, concentrate on fairy tales, Eastern mysticism and spiritualism, social criticism and so on, with a strong humanist emphasis. This is his second, a dn last, which is compared to his first, more lavish in its orchestration - had on it some of the best jazz and rock musicians in Finland. New 24.bit-digitally-remastered version, plus 4 bonus tracks! 15,00 €

(WWR-0038-picture CD) At last the long awaited collection of singles, demos, out-takes, different mixes and live recordings. For the first time an CD, the outstanding single " It's A Game" and as a kind of bonus "Chris Adams" interviewed by Chestar Studziniksy. This CD which is about 70 minutes long is a rare document and a must for all fans of then warm reviews. (Code C)

STRING DRIVEN THING - Live in Manchester 
(WWR-0069-picture CD) SDT founding members Chris Adams and Grahame Smith reformed the band together with young ambitious musicians from Glasgow for only two gigs, held on 7th November 1992 in Manchester and one week later in Berlin. Only the gig in Manchester was taped. The audience was enthusiastic and both concert received more then warm reviews. (Code C)

SUB - In Concert 
(Penner-G) 1970, plus 5 bonus tracks. German progressive-psychedelic-rock, they had a very riffing psychedelic style, an excellent lead vocalist and knew how to jam and freak out. (Code C)

(Ohrwaschl-G) 1972, plus 2 live bonus tracks from 1971, Munich Pfarrsaal. Subject played a complex progressive with fusion elements, some classical influences and superb musicianship with english lyrics. (Code C)

SUCK - Time to Suck
(Fresh / SA) South African Import. CD reissue taken from the original master tapes. The loudest, most controversial and obnoxious revolutionary fist-in-your-face rock album of the early 70`s.Suck`s rapacious musical rampage through a conservative South Africa in 1970 is stuff the legends are made of! "Time to Suck" is all howling guitars! Including covers of "Black Sabbath", "Grand Funk" and "King Crimson" Code F)

SUGAR CREEK - Please tell A Friend 
(L.S.D. -CAN) 1969 / West coast sounding rock band from new York with outlaw psych early sound touching on psych, folk-blues along with fuzz trippers, guitar strong hooks, real fluid acidy leads. (Code C)

SUI GENERIS - Confesiones de Invierno 
(Microfon-ARG) First press CD. Another rare classic album progressive-melodic rock. (Code H)

SUI GENERIS - Instituciones 
(EMI-Odeon-ARG) 1974 / Plus 2 bonus tracks. Highly regarded Argentine progressive crew with eloborate tracks, refined playing/melodies with Charlie Garcia, Nito Mestre, David Lebon. (Code H)

(Scenescof-US) Plus one bonus track. A lovely sought-after 1970 British acid folk rarity from the Village Thing label master tapes. They were a hippie male and female duo and use instruments like guitars, dulcimer, kazoo, glockenspiel etc..... Very much in the vain of "Incredible String Band / COB / Forest". (Code D)

(Kissing Spell-UK) 1974 / Originally recorded as demo for 'vertigo' in 1974 and never released. Extended fuzz-like guitar tracks, extremely heavy sound by band looking like "Black Sabbath" in doomy setting. (Code E)

SURVIVAL - La onda de Survival 
(Condor-MEX) This extremely rare and excellent psychedelic, garage, underground piece from Mexico is the first time on CD, originally released in 1971. (Code-E)

SURVIVOR - All Your Pretty Moves
(Monster / US) No! This is not the famous wimp merchants from the Rocky movie. This is a reissue of a rare 1979 Texas hardrock/metal classic and collector favorite. Excellent, inspirational driving US hardrock with a sound akin to UFO, Poobah, Full Moon and Legs Diamond. Highlighted by the outstanding guitars of Pat O'Hara and Paul Restovich. Coming with a non-album bonus cut, lyrics and the band history! 15,00 €

SVANFRIDUR -What's hidden there? 
(Background-UK) 1972 / Top Icelandic progressive masterpiece. Driving guitars, very good vocals, well arranged songs with a subdued vibe. Awesome psychedelic gatefold cover artwork. (Code E)

SWEET MARIE - Stuck in Paradise 
(Gear Fab-US) Reissue of extremely rare and wild 1971 album by this Honolulu band. Their album contained acid rock, exotic rhythms and hard rock.(Code C)

(Vicious Sloth-AUS) Reissue of 1964 album. This album must be rated amongst the rarest and most unusual of the period in terms of Australian rock history. It must be remembered that in the mid-60`s recording an album was almost unheard of and that the band only paid for and produced 200 copies of the record. This CD represents a genuinely historical document of surf beat dance music from the 60's Australia. (Code E)

(Musea-F) 1976 / Finally this Canadian masterpiece hits the streets and about time to! Ten songs, very diverse and sophisticated, mixing a wide range of influences, from rhythm and blues to jazz rock and progressive rock. One of the real masterpieces from Canada, with a Finnish guitarist. (Code C)

(elegy-UK) 1969 / First Time on CD this splendid late 60's electric folk rarity. This unique album draws upon Greek and Roman mythology giving the music a timeless and haunting quality throughout. This Scottish trio tranquil yet evocative style is characterised by an assortment of instruments including flute, vibraphone, guitar and various woodwind. A truly delightful album of mellow splendour. (Code E)

(Sundazed-US) 1966 / Plus 4 bonus tracks: This garage rock quintet formed in San Jose. Typical 60's garagey sounding pop-rock. (Code C)

Code A    € 11,00
Code B    € 13,00
Code C    € 15,00
Code D    € 17,00
Code E    € 18,00
Code F    € 20,00
Code G    € 22,00
Code H    € 25,00
Code I    € 29,00
Code J    € 33,00
Code K    € 35,00
Code L    € 39,00