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T. C. ATLANTIC - Best of 
(Bacchus-Archive) US IMPORT CD only. Cool compilation from garage psych combo who were one of the top draw local rock bands in the Minnea polis area ca. 1965-1969. Their classic track "Faces" was featured on a legendary 60's garage punk compilation and is included on this collection of 20 songs. (Code D)

T. SWIFT & THE ELECTRIC BAG - Are you experienced? 
(Gear Fab-US) A US 1968 psych album with fuzzed out rendition of the classic Jimi Hendrix feat. other great outstanding tracks that show the influence of such bands as the BYRDS, THE DOORS and VANILLA FUDGE. (Code C)

T2 - It's all work out in Boomland 
(SPM-G) Picture CD Peter Dunton suprised found a master tape in his archives. Added are three tracks which were recorded live at the BBC studios in 1970. Re-remastered in stereo, superb quality, new sleeve and new picture label. (Code E)

T2 - same 
(Acme-UK) 2nd album by "It will all work out in Boomland" psychedelic progster whose debut is still in massive demand by collectors. This unreleased 2nd album recorded in 1970, contains the original line up. Including incredibly stunning fuzz guitar leads by the legendary KEITH CROSS. First time on CD and taken from original masters and acetates. (Code D)

T2 - Second Bite 
(SPM-G) Picture CD / New recordings from this incredible good band. Great guitars, great voices, great songs. Pete Dunton and guitarist Mike Foster are working together since Kerith Crossand Bernard Jinks have left the band in the early 70's. They always had in mind to start the band`s life again-this CD is the first result. (Code C)

T2 - Waiting for the Band 
(SPM-G) Picture CD / 23 years after the release of their Boomland album 1972 are better than ever. Founder, singer, drummer, songwriter Peter Dunton, with one word the man behind everything, is now surrounded by the personel he needs; Mike Foster on bass as of that brilliantrhythm section and the newest Ray Lee on guitar, just 17 years old, one of btitains greatest new talents and hailed as the new Eric Clapton! This CD contains the long awaited live recordings (incl. No more White Horse and In Circles ) plus five new studio tracks. (Code C)

TABULA RASA - Ekkedien Tanssi 
(love) The second album of 1975, plus 2 bonus tracks, Underrated Finnish dark progressive with great, blistering guitar action. (Code C)

(love) The first album of Finnish dark progressive rock. (Code C)

TAMAM SHUD - Live in Concert
(Canetoad/Aus) A Tamam Shud concert - July,2,1972, - as against a live performance-was an experience, especially those on the northern beaches peninsula of Sydney. There, amid largely like-minded individuals, you were able to inhale the atmosphere, chill or groove to the music, knowing full well that the evening would be uncluttered by pretension and uninterrupted by mindless individuals looking for a "good time". Sure, the then grommets so Avalon were a nuisance at concerts held at the Avalon Community Centre, but at Mona Vale, coolness ruled and this is where these tunes were recorded. Over 76 minutes great and good quality Live recordings, with liner notes and rare photos! 20,00 €

TANGERINE - The peeling of Tangerine 
(Gear Fab-US) 1971 This group from Pennsylvania recorded originally one rare album. It contains five original songs. Overall an interesting album which ranges from hard-rock, guitar oriented jazz-rock, tinges of psychedelia and lots of drums, with a 14 minute track "My main woman". (Code C)

TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI - Tasavallan presidenti
(Siboney-Love / FIN) The debut album from 1969, one of the most well know Finnish jazzy progressive bands. Feat Jukka Tolonen on great guitars. Featuring 2 bonus tracks. (Code C)

(Siboney-Love / FIN) The second album, originally released in 1972. A milestone of finish progressive rock, as good as the first and the last. Featuring the guitar phenomenon, Jukka Tolonen. (Code C)

(Siboney-Love / FIN) The last of their 3 album and originally released in 1974. With no exception is this equally as good as the previous two. . Featuring the guitar phenomenon, Jukka Tolonen. (Code C)

(Love /Finl.) New 24-bit remastered version, plus 3 bonus (1969/70) tracks; The second. A milestone of Finnish progressive rock, as good as the first and the last. Featuring the guitar phenomenon, Jukka Tolonen. In addition to the eponymous debut disc, this reissue edition includes the first two 7" singles of Tasavallan Presidentti! 15,00 €

TAYLES - whoaretheseguys? 
(Gear-Fab-US) 1972 / Reissue of the one and only album by Madison, Wisconsin USA band. Orig. from the mastertapes, including also 2 tracks that that we banned from the radio. Strong influenced by "Grateful Dead" some part is R&B bar blues, some experimental guitar work, feat. some pretty frantic and melodramatic guitar sound. (Code C)

TEA - The Ship 
(Spalax-F) 1975 / A Swiss hard-rock band fronted by english vocalist Marc Storace. The typical early 70's British rock style, with a little in the way of progressive touch.(Code B)

TEA AND SYMPHONY - Asylum for the Musically Insane 
(REP-G) 1969 / Twisted psyched-out folk with all kinda influences thrown in... A fascinating reminder of one of the most intriguing bands to emerge during 1969. (Code C)

TEMPEST - same
(Castle / UK) 1973 / Formed by Mark Clarke and Jon Hiseman after the demise of jazz-rockers Colosseum. These two albums show Hiseman moving away from the jazz-rock of Colosseum in favour of a sort of mundane and far less satisfying power rock with Tempest. (Code C)

TEMPEST - Living in Fear
(Castle / UK) 1974 / The band played at the Reading Festival in August 1973 and recorded Living In Fear before splitting in mid-1974. A year later Hiseman formed Colosseum II. Mark Clarke later was briefly in Uriah Heep. (Code C)

TEMPLE - same 
(Psi Fi-UK) 1975/76; At times these come across as almost post new-wave gothic, that kind of mysterious Dead can Dance sound, but with a psychedelic edge. Very different and moody for a 70`s band, though they could be heavy and aggressive too. (Code C)

TEN YEARS AFTER - Live at the Fillmore East 1970
(Chrysalis / UK) 2 CDs / These shows were recorded at the Fillmore East on 27&28 February 1970 just before release of "Cricklewood Green". This double CD of previously unreleased recordings sees the band at the peak of their powers coming as it does between their storming Woodstock appearance in the late August 1970:Excellent live quality and great long live tracks like "I'm going Home" 11:57 min. "Help me" 16:05 minutes, plus photos and liner notes. (Code E)

TENTACLE - The Angel of Death 
(SPM-G) All these bands have something in common 1. They are Scottish, 2. The recordings were made 1971/72, 3. All were produced by Jim West. Tentacle are playing fine guitar rock on the high level. (Code C)

(Musea-F) 1978 / A progressive group which plays a fully instrumental music based on the melodically work of it's two keyboards (mellotrons, piano, synthesizer) and on Patrick Tilleman's (ex ZAO) violin. It contains beautiful, strong and energetic themes, as well as some other melancholic ones. (Code C)

TETRAGON - Nature 
(Musea-F) 1971, plus one live bonus track from 1972. An obscure band from Germany; complex classical rock with extensive use of rearranged Bach and other classical theme. The deliberate accent on their blues and psychedelic roots, guaranteed a unique twist on the genre; their sole album. (Code C)

THEM - Shut your mouth
(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1979 / Brilliant album of 60's band. Thems reunion concert without Van Morrison, 12 great tracks. (Code B)

THEM - Now & Them
(Cherry Red / UK) There can't be anyone out there who has never heard of 1960's Belfast legends and hitmakers, Them. From the Maritime to Van Morrison's mainstream rock fame, it's a pretty well known tale....but like most things Irish, there are always a couple of.....left turns....which are well worth a of those is the Kim Fowley sponsored Belfast Gypsies, with half the original Them....the other half took on Belfast powerhouse vocalist and old mate Kenny McDowell, and headed back to the scene of the happiest dates on their bizarre U.S. tour…California....where with the aid of producer Ray Ruff they signed to Capitol susiduary Tower, home of The Standells and The Chocolate Watchband, as a full on Psychedelic Punk band.....Shadows Of Knight?....Pah! We'll show 'em how it's done!....two, overlooked classic albums resulted, of which this was the First....together with the attendant single mixes, a picture of a forgotten period for a world-famous band. Them. This album has never before been released on CD and comes complete with the rare single mixes, all from original masters. The sleeve notes contain the full story of Them in California making this a must for Psych Punk fans, Van Morrison completists, and all fans of Them! 15,00 €

THEM - Belfast Gypsies
(Revola/UK) The second part of our THEM trilogy...detailing the post-implosion fate of Northern Ireland's greatest gift to music until The Undertones!...THEM! we've learned over time of the fate of two factions....Van Morrison went to New York to launch a solo career with initial guidance from legendary soul producer Bert Burns.....Alan Henderson led the remains of the last line-up away from rainy Belfast to new life of garage/psych in California....which you can hear on "Now And Them" (CRREV 29).... From a slightly earlier line-up, brothers Jackie and Pat McAuley enlisted a new crew...remaining true to the tough R&B/beat sound of the Them recordings they had contributed to (like "Gloria" and "Baby Please Don't Go") Meeting Maverick producer Kim Fowley in Denmark Street's legendary Giaconda coffee bar, they decided to take this sound forward in a series of blistering recordings...which developed the beat sound like psychedelia never happened! The crude guitars, the swirling farfisa...much like The Monks!....Combined with the semi-rap lyrical sensibilities Fowley had used in "The Trip", it was an awesome sound....but one out of time....this album, put together for the Swedish market where The Gypsies were a legendary live attraction, never saw a proper release outside Sweden....but here it is expanded with their mega-rare single "People Let's Freak Out" featuring Fowley and the infamous Guy Stevens (the original Mod DJ, and producer of both Mott The Hoople and The Clash in his time!) as "The Freaks Of well as the mysterious instrumental "The Gorilla" ..and single mixes of "Gloria's Dream" and the awesome "Secret Police"...which could be hit now! Fabulous stuff! This is the first time on CD in the UK.....first ever UK release actually! And all in the usual Rev-Ola state of the art remastering! Release includes the mono single mixes with lavish package including detailed notes by Jon 'Mojo' Mills of Shindig magazine....featuring an exclusive interview on the album's history! 15,00 €

THEM - Time Out! Time In For
(Revola/UK) " Time Out! Time In For Them was the product of a cohesive group; there was no flitting between styles, the songs were all strong and Armstrong's cut and run guitar darted everywhere oscillating around the album in a sonic flurry. His use of sitar on " Time Out For Time In"," Black Widow Spider" and " Just On Conception" was also impressive, never misplaced or overdone-having started out as a jazz musician in Belfast Armstrong had great ability as a subtle improvisational player. The album title track epitomised the radio-friendly psychedelia of the era and in all rights should have been as huge a hit as " Incense And Peppermints". If it had been it would of no doubt have saved this particular aggregation. " Just On Conception" meanwhile blends " Square Room" and the Zodiac's " Cosmic Sounds " for another slice of raga-esque mysticism, whilst " Waltz Of The Flies", jazzy time signature and McDowell's David Crosby-like vocal air another side to the matured band. However, this isn't an album with highlights or hits. It's an entire package, containing everything you'd hope to hear from " Them" in 1968:from the out and out mystical to bluesy psychedelic rock and straight ahead well-thought-about pop with bite! Comes with story-line notes and 8 bonus tracks! 15,00 €

THINK - Variety
(GOD / G) Released in 1973. Plus 2 bonus tracks: A band with unusual origins, Think were actually formed by three Germans, one Czech and two Hungarians (who had been touring with the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany) who decided they preferred the "free" West. Upon meeting the producer of Menga Records the idea for a band was formulated. Bizarrely, the group existed only as long as the recording sessions, yet the results were quite an exceptional album that fused together radically different cultures into a complex progressive rock featuring flute, violin and guitars in a richly folk and classical intoned style, hinting at Pell Mell and Eden yet original with an atmospheric beauty. (Code C)

THIRD ESTATE - Years before the Wine 
(Mellow-I) 1976 / US psychedelic folky melodic rock. The album is full of melodical guitar and has some exquisite, often haunting female vocals on the title track. (Code E)

(Cherry Red / UK) In 1967, master of Bubblegum Joey Levine had started writing with Artie ("Under The Boardwalk") and Kris Resnick....a collaboration that was to produce practically every song in the Bubblegum genre.....but the spirit of the age, they produced their masterwork....The 3rd Rail "Id Music" An orchestral psychedelic adventure into denunciation of the advertising fuelled culture of 1960's of the most pointed barbs "Run, Run, Run" was incredibly a hit single....known by everyone as a highlight of Lenny Kaye's seminal "Nuggets" album, and leads off this redone and intensified Revola classic. The sound of Superpop advertising jingles biting the hand that fed them....featuring the full album, single mixes, and the impossibly rare follow up singles, which just got more and more wicked, though in theory, still impossibly commercial! This is one of the most unusual protest records of the 1960's, attacking the enemy from the inside with it's own weapons....and doing it better!....and a beautiful sounding record to boot! This is a Revola Classic of Softpop / Psychedelia and includes the hit singles, with extensive liner notes by Dawn Eden and Joey Levine! 15,00 €

(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1972 / The second album of this heavy rock crew. (Code C)

(Spalax-Digipack-F) 1971 / Powerful three piece heavy metal band. With the guitarist Terry Stamp. (Code C)

(Soleil Zeuhl/F Excellent instrumental Zeuhl album by François on guitar and piano, but, unlike his first album, where he played all the instruments himself, this features a crack rhythm section: Philippe Bussonnet (Magma, One Shot) on bass and Daniel Jeandheur (One Shot) on drums. If you like zeuhl, this is essential; recommended. "A HIGHLY energetic recording, lead by a rhythm section on fire. Thollot's guitar is on top, with a somewhat airy Frippian sound. The music is not so dark as on his first album being more direct, with a strong rock edge. Hot playing and very powerful Zeuhl grooves!15,00 €

(Soleil Zeuhl/F) The first release by a French multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, piano, drums) "deeply influenced by the Zeuhl school, especially by Present in its recent incarnation." This is his first ever published work. "The music is dark and tormented, propelled by heavy & throbbing bass lines in the Zeuhl tradition we enjoy! The piano give both melody & rhythm." This is released in a tiny edition of 500 to provide folks with a taste of his talents in anticipation of his upcoming 2nd album, also to be released this year, which will feature Philippe Bussonnet (Magma, One Shot) on bass and Daniel Jeand'heur on drums. Should be really good, as this first effort is nothing to sneer at! "By the way - maybe useful for the non-French speaking - the translation of the title is "Ceux d'en face" = those facing opposite (or : those in front). It's a glimpse towards Univers Zero as "Ceux du dehors" = those from outside and also to Present as the longest track of No. 6 is called "Ceux d'en bas" = those from underneath. Someone has to do someday a 'those from above' and then the paranoiac circle will be complete! 15,00 €

(Big-Beat-UK) 20 tracks compilation by highly collectable 1960s Icelandic garage/beat punk band, including rare pictures and memorabilia. Compiled in co-operation with all the band members. (Code F)

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND - Collection Vol. 1 
(Denver-MEX) 1971 / Mexican low down blues-rock / heavy-rock with harmonica shouting throat, spanking leads. (Code E)

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND - Collection Vol. 2 
(Denver-MEX) Another D with diff. Tracks and heavy-rock. (Code E)

(Denver-MEX) 1971 Mexican first album, with low down bluesy heavy rock. With harmonica, shouting throat and spanking leads. (Code E)

(Long Hair / G) First time of CD; Digitally remastered + 8 bonus tracks; Originally released in 1971 on Philips. This solely album of Hamburg's six piece is a crossover of progressive- and jazz rock, notably with influences as wide-ranging as Blodwyn Pig (two covers as bonus tracks) and Curved Air. Long jammings by highly talented musicians, all blending into an unique sound with the distinct spirit of krautrock. Over 25 minutes bonus material, digitally remastered and with informative booklet. Tip! 15,00 €

THUNDERMUGS - On the Spot 
(Arkama-Digipack-I) 1969 / mega rare album, never released. Los Angeles garage cult band. Farfisa fuzz guitar and melodic vocals. (Code C)

THUNDERPUSSY - Documents of Captivity 
(Wild Place-US) 1973, plus 4 live bonus tracks. Classic American progressive rock with complex searing acid guitar arrangements, and vocal harmonies. (Code C)

(Cuneiform-US) 1976 / A two guys duo, plays psychedelic, folk, symphonic rock. Steve Tibbetts plays many instruments, tape effects, vocals and Tim Weinhold-percussion. Great track like "How do you like my Buddha?", with excellent guitar work. (Code E)

TIBET - same 
(Musea-F) 1978 / A German progressive band. They'd become a complex and sophisticated spacey progressive with classical keyboards leanings, typical of other mid 70`s bands like JANE/NOVALIS. A unique characteristic was their unusual angelic sounding singer. (Code C)

TICKAWINDA - Rosemary Lane 
(Kissing Spell-UK) One of the most collectable FOLK/PSYCH albums in the world. Repackaged with the original artwork and sleevenotes by CLIVE GREGSON. He was the one who helped the unexperienced band in the studio. Originally released 1975 on private pressed. (Code E)

TIGER B. SMITH - Tiger Rock 
(Second Battle-Digipack-G) 1972 / Heavy rock trio, played progressive fuzz-blues-rock with long instrumental passage, British blues-rock to freaky psychedelic tinged. (Code C)

TIPPET, KEITH GROUP - Dedicated to you, but you weren't listening 
(REP-G) 1971 / The second album of Keith Tippet, famed jazz pianist and composer. UK progressive Jazz at its very best. (Code C)

(Record Runner-BRZ) One of the most collectables from South America. This keyboardist from Uruguay made a rock opera based on The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Originally released in 1978. (Code E)

(Kissing Spell-UK) Reissue of rare as (only 50 copies were pressed) folk album from 1968-1969, split between live and studio recordings, very much a busking type affair with washboards, kazoos, banjo and plus some tracks with psychedelic-electric guitar overtones etc... being used on this collectable piece. (Code E)

TOKENS - Intercourse
(Revola / UK) From the depths of the legendary BT Puppy vaults...(a label which seems to have as many "lost albums" as they had hits!)...the very Daddies of Softpop...The Tokens! Though the Tokens are best remembered for their international smash hit "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", recently revived in "The Lion King", they did much more...producers, writers, publishers and label owners, they had a long string of hits in all those roles..."Intercourse" is a full on Softpop song cycle, inexplicably turned down by their then-label Warner Brothers, and released in an edition of 200 copies on their own BT Puppy label for contractual reasons...far from their Doo-Wop roots, The Tokens delivered an album pitched somewhere between Pet Sounds and Sergeant Pepper, with all the production and arrangement tricks that wonder Warners were dumbfounded!.....and no wonder collectors have been going nuts and paying silly sums for this album ever since!...Newly remastered by The Tokens themselves, this is a surprise treat in anyone's language, as The Tokens show not only every cult Softpop group, but many superstars just how it's done....with the wicked tongue-in -cheek touch which they were justly famous for! 15,00 €

TOLONEN, JUKKA - Summer games/Tollonen
(Love / FIN) 2 LPs on 1 CD. His first solo album (1971) coupled with his second (1973). He started his career with the legendary TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI and have built up a reputation as one of the most important guitar players in the Nordic countries, which is easy to understand. (Code C)

TOLONEN, JUKKA - The Hook/Hystercca
(Love / FIN) 2 LPs on 1 CD. His third (1974 )and fourth (1975). He started his career with the legendary TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI and have built up a reputation as one of the most important guitar players in the Nordic countries, which is easy to understand. (Code C)

TOLONEN, JUKKA - On the rocky road
(Love / FIN) A 2-CD retrospective on one of the most repudiated and innovated guitar players from the north. A great collection of songs from 1971-1997. Worth checking out as well is his early works with the classic band TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI. (Code E)

TOLONEN, JUKKA - A passenger to Paramaribo
(Love / FIN) 1977/78 / Tracker from Finnish elite guitarist. Jazzy and groove sound based on guitars, and with instrumental tracks. (Code C)

TOLONEN, JUKKA - Montreux boggie
(Love / FIN) 6 track live recording from Montreaux Jazz Festival 7/6-78. Excellent sound with the Finnish guitar virouso and Swede Coste Apetrea. Ends with 13 minute "Hänryckning". (Code C)

(P.M.-DK) 1977-1978 / Including 12 previously unreleased tracks. Tremendous danish spaced-out , fuzz drenched acid psychedelia of the highest echelon, with ultra-fuzzed-out guitar flashes, file along St. Michael / Damon. (Code D)

TOMORROW - 50 Minute Technicolor Dream 
(RPM-UK) Fantastic CD full of unreleased material by one of the UK's best psychedelic 60's band, including Steve Howe & Twink. Also included here are 30 minutes of Live material from the mid. 60`s. Essential. (Code C)

TOMORROW - same 
(EMI-UK) 1968 / UK 60's psychedelia with Keith West. Remastered reissue with 11 bonus tracks and 12 page booklet. The bonus tracks with guest stars Ronnie Wood, Aynsley Dunbar and Steve Howe. A great CD release. (Code C)

(Polygram-MEX) 1973-Mexican rock outfit came from Mexico-City and their very rare album is reputed to have had a psychedelic taint being a good mix of "Led Zeppelin", "Stones", "Jethro Tull" and native old mexican music.(Code E)

TONGUE - Keep on Truckin' 
(Gear Fab-US) The extremely rare 1969 LP from this Wisconsin group. Hard fuzzed-out guitar great vocals and harmonies and wailing organs showcase the hard and angry sound so prevalent in 1969. Has great version of "Tim Hardin" MORNING DEW. Plus 2 previously unreleased tracks from 1970. (Code C)

(REP-G) 1971 / UK progressive rock with a Jazz tinge cuts, with guitars, organ, flute, electric sax. (Code C)

TONY, CARO & JOHN - All on the First Day 
(Shadoks-G) CD issue of UK folk rarity from 1972 recorded with three-piece featuring the vocal talents of Caroline Dore. Stunning psychy folk with alternate male / female vox, effects, killer psyched guitar leads. CD issue includes 5 bonus track. (Code C)

TOP, JANNICK - Soleil D'Ork 
(Utopic-F) Unreleased tracks from 1974-1976 with Christian Vander on drums, Klaus Blasquiz; vocals Michel Graillier keyboards and Brain Godding; guitar, with "Mekanik Machine" first version 9'28 minutes. (Code D)

TOP, JANNICK/VANDER - Best on Tour 1976 
(Utopic-F) The best live recordings from a 2 months tour of MAGMA in 1976, when they called themselves VANDER/TOP. Featuring the extended piece "De Futura and 'La musique des Sheres" plus the 2 shorter piece "Mekanik zain" and "Troller Tanz". (Code D)

TOUCH - Street Suite 
(Gear Fab-US) 1969 / Plus 7 previously unreleased tracks, from Missouri based the totally unknown group: A bluesy hard-fuzz rock monster with strong male and female vocals, really strong guitars and excellent powerful guitar solos. With great tracks like "Light my Fire" etc. (Code C)

TOUCH - same
(Electric/UK) Excellent reissue of an early, groundbreaking, quite experimental for its time progressive rock, recorded in 1968! Although forgotten rather fast, since the leader of the band refused to even try to play the material live, insisting that it could not be done, and since there was never a follow up, the record gained a lot of attention when it was released in early 1969 and is often mentioned in interviews with folks of the time as a early classic. This reissue includes photos, liner notes and bonus tracks. Nicely done! "It was with great surprise and delight that I heard about the release of the Touch album on CD...Their songwriting, musicianship and arrangements were quite an inspiration to me. They were way ahead of their time, and one of the best American progressive rock bands: 17,00 €

TOURNAS, KOSTAS - Aperanta Choraphia 
(Polydor-Greece) Tournas had been the leader of Poll, a short-lived group that made two good electric folk-rock albums in 1972. A major progressive folk-rock opus with no distinction into separate tracks. Kostas Tournas wrote and arranged it for large orchestra and provided vocals, guitars and keyboards himself. The first minutes move dangerously close to easy listening with Burt Bacharach-like brass and strings, but it soon improves when drifting towards folk-rock during Tournas' relaxed vocals. (Code D)

TOURNAS, KOSTAS - Astroneira 
(Polydor-Greece) The 2nd album from 1972. Later parts visit progressive jazz-rock, with great electric guitar and organ solos and even psychedelia in a kind of spiralling journey. This is a complex and highly rewarding work, which sounds better on each listening. (Code D)

TRÄD, GRÄS & STENAR - Djungelns Lag
(Halv / SW) Perfectly realized (& authorized) reissues of the obscure 3rd & 4th albums by this legendary Swedish group, originally issued in 1972/73. "Recorded live in Sweden 1971. From the original master tapes and with previously unreleased bonus material. Complete with liner notes from the band and tons of pictures, flyers etc. (Code E)

(Halv / SW) Recorded live in Sweden and Denmark 1972. By Swedish psych/Kraut/stoner legends of the 70's. (Code E) 

(Til / SW) Swedish long haired hippies. Folk music with progressive touches. Live from this Swedish cult version of "Woodstock" with excellent sound. (Code C)

(Silence-SW) 1969 / Scarce first album by Swedish mystic psychedelic band. Got awesome long versions of "All along the Watchtower". Has a real stoned vibe all over. (Code C)

TRADER HORNE - Morning Way 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1970 / Plus 2 bonus tracks; UK folk-rock gem with great femme vocals, with Jackie Mc Auley on guitar. (Code G)

(Lazarus-US) 1971 / The great progressive album with flute, tenor sax, keyboards. Plus 3 bonus tracks. (Code D)

TRAFFIC SOUND - Tibet's Suzettes 
(Background-UK) 1972 / Reissue of the 3rd album Perus Heavy progressive band, with flute sounding similar to Jethro Tull and Raw Material. (Code E)

TRAPEZE - You Are The Music…We're Just The Band
(Cherry Red / UK) From Wolverhampton, Trapeze formed in 1968 and were one of several acts signed to Moody Blues label Threshold Records. Originally a five piece, after the release of their eponymous first album John Jones (vocal) and Terry Rowley (guitar) were dropped from the line up, leaving Glen Hughes (vocals and bass - who went on to join Deep Purple as a replacement for Roger Glover in late 1973.), Dave Holland (drums, percussion) and Mel Galley (guitar). It was this new line up that went on to record "You Are The Music…We're Just The Band" in 1972, Trapeze's third album. This is classic 70s funk rock at its best. With original artwork and photos by Fin Costello this is a must for all rock and Deep Purple fans! 15,00 €

TRAPEZE - Live At The Boat Club 1975
(Major League/UK)Live Classic British Rock from one of the most under-rated British rock bands of the 1970's but who were a headline act in the States. 70 Minutes of high energy classic rock and riffs. The CD includes a 12 page booklet with rare photos, biography and liner notes from lead guitarist MEL GALLEY (WHITESNAKE). Featuring DAVE HOLLAND (JUDAS PRIEST)! 18,00 €

(Chrome-gold-UK) This outfit formed in 1968 in San Francisco, this psychedelic music with strong fuzztone guitar work and with some gentle more folky love songs. (Code C)

TREES - On the Shore 
(Sony-UK) 1970 album of sublime folk brilliance. Formed in 1969, folk-rock quintet Trees used a similar blueprint to that pioneered by Fairport Convention, whose influence was unsurprisingly evident in the two trees albums made for CBS and both released in 1970. Celia Humphris with the beautiful vocals, with great electric guitar work. One of the best UK-folk rock, with informative booklet. (Code C)

(Mellotronen/SW) Treittoariga Kriget (30 Years War) were a Swedish band who existed during all of the 1970's. Their sound was a heavy, guitar based progressive hard rock with some keyboards thrown in, all backing a good, distinctive vocalist. This reunion album (The Fire Of Years), which includes all the original five members, plus a keyboardist added (a big plus in my opinion) is built upon ideas and sketches that the band was working on in 1977, but never completed. This is a very strong effort; maybe the best of the ones that I've heard, and the fact that they could be away for 20 years and just pick up the pieces with an album as strong as this one is really impressive. Nice Digipack package as well! 17,00 €

TRIADE - 1998: La storia di Sabazio 
(Vinyl Magic-I) One of the rarest from Italia, originally released in 1973. Italian progressive with emphasis on keyboards, strong arrangements, beautiful vocals, with typical refined Italian warm blooded emotions. (Code C)

TRIANA - El patio
(Warner / SP) Triana were on of the best known creators of symphonic flamenco-rock and inspired countless other late seventies Spanish groups. Their style highlighted the distinctive vocal and Spanish guitar stylings of flamenco (where rhythm is a keyword), alternating it with more symphonic parts by moog synthesizer, string ensemble, piano and electric guitar. This fusion was almost perfectly homogenous on " El Patio" (1976), sounding like these styles had never existed separately! 15,00 €

TRIANA - Hijos del agobio
(Warner / SP) The second album from 1977; "A symphonic prog band that defined Flamenco progressive and were the foremost Spanish progressive band. These guys, at times, remind me a lot of King Crimson in their early days, yet were a genre in themselves. With poetically styled songs, gorgeous flamenco guitar, and a very Spanish sound! 15,00 €

TRIANA - Sombra y luz
(Warner / SP) "A symphonic prog band that defined Flamenco progressive and were the foremost Spanish progressive band. These guys, at times, remind me a lot of King Crimson in their early days, yet were a genre in themselves. With poetically styled songs, gorgeous flamenco guitar, and a very Spanish sound, Triana are a must to try, being a very important progressive band. Any of their first four El Patio, Hijos Del Agobio, Sombra Y Luz and Un Encuentro are all worth the find! 15,00 €

TRIKOLON - Cluster
(GOD / G) 1969 / Plus 1 bonus track! An German obscure, reputedly excellent blues and classical progressive trio. (Code C)

TRIMBLE, BOB - Jupiter Transmission 
(Parallel-US) Reissue of stupidly rare mid-80's American psych album. Touted by some as the greatest psych folk ever Bob has a really strange wavering voice that's mixed in with psychedelic backwards guitar effects and cosmic mayhem. Some beautiful songs. (Code C)

TRIP - Atlantide 
(Si-Wan-Korea) The third one from 1972. This group was close to E. L. P.. It melted a deep virtuosity with a brilliant lyricism through superb and cleverly built melodies "The Trip" is the most percussive with fabulous organ parts, offer a music more built and arranged, with complex developments which reminds early Yes or Banco. Comes in truly splendid gimmix cover artwork. (Code G)

TRIP - Time of change 
(Vinyl Magic-I) 1973 / Their most progressive one! Total keyboards drenched wild extravaganza and sung in English. A must for keyboard lovers. (Code C)

TRITONUS - Between the Universe 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 1976, plus bonus tracks / Symphonic-progressive rock, with electronic effects, highly derivative classical rock with Kin Ping Meh vocalist Geff Harrison. (Code D)

TRIUMVIRAT - Mediterranean Tales
(EMI / G) Triumvirat were an *extremely* ELP-styled band from Germany. This one, their first, was never released in the USA, if I remember correctly. This is from 1972, and this is remastered, with 3 bonus tracks! 13,00 €

TRIUMVIRAT - Illusions On A Double Dimple
(EMI / G) Triumvirat were an *extremely* ELP-styled band from Germany. This was their 2nd album, and is the one that established them in the USA. This is a lot of fun, but it really is very ELP sounding. This one came out in 1974 and is remastered, with 2 non-lp bonus tracks! 13,00 €

TRIUMVIRAT - Spartacus
(EMI / G) Triumvirat were an *extremely* ELP-styled band from Germany. This was their 3rd album and is another one that old timers will really remember, along with Illusions. This is a lot of fun, but it really is very ELP sounding; if flashbacks to Trilogy or Brain Salad Surgery are not your thing, perhaps you should go elsewhere. This remastered release from 1975 has two bonus cuts - one live track and a previously unreleased song! 13,00 €

TRIUMVIRAT - Old Loves Die Hard
(EMI / G) Triumvirat were an *extremely* ELP-styled band from Germany. This 1976 release has some changes, as Barry Palmer joined, replacing Helmut Koellen. Some folks think that this is one of their better ones, even though Koellen is missed. This remastered version includes one non-lp track as a bonus! 13,00 €

(EMI / G) Triumvirat were an *extremely* ELP-styled band from Germany. This was their 3rd album and is another one that old timers will really remember, along with Illusions. This is a lot of fun, but it really is very ELP sounding; if flashbacks to Trilogy or Brain Salad Surgery are not your thing, perhaps you should go elsewhere. This remastered release from 1975 has two bonus cuts - one live track and a previously unreleased song! 13,00 €

TRIZO 50 - same
(World in Sound/G)TRIZO 50 (post-Phantasia) added one new member on keyboards, Bob DePugh, the younger brother of drummer John DePugh. The band recorded about 150 songs on a 4-track tape recorder during 1973-74. A cross-section was released on a Demo album (25 copies). The band introduction on this Demo album says: " . Excuse the technical shortcomings. What we want you to notice are the songs, the sound, and the fact that we are exactly what the market is looking for, what the upcoming rock generation is looking for.." - Listening to that album you will surely agree. The musical spectrum goes from straight 2-minute psychedelic beat/garage tunes with harmony vocals, pounding organ, excessive fuzz reminding to The Seeds, Stooges Yardbirds, over to distorted "Zapparesque" hard rock cuts into raga-stoner acid folk! The Trizo 50 music continues the outstanding, individual and very surprising song writing of Phantasia. This release contains 22 original cuts (4 bonustracks to our LP version) - all songs have been carefully remastered and were taken from the original mastertapes. The 36 page booklet includes lots of interesting background information and is the first part of an extended biography to be continued with a second TRIZO 50 release. This album is a great experience for all fans of true Rock 'n' Roll! Look forward to enjoy songs as, "Naughty & Nice", "Lonely", "Day Dreamer", "Right or Wrong Babe,..." ! 15,00 € 

TROGGS - Trogglodynamite
(Repertoire/UK) 'Oh No' is just one of the highlights of this superb collection of performances by the Troggs, originally released in 1966. It includes "I Can Only Give You Everything" and the lovely "Cousin Jane" and typifies the group's mixture of musical aggression and saucy humour that helped make them a Sixties' pop sensation. Includes 8 bonus tracks of which one is a storming version of "Evil Woman". Detailed 12 page colour booklet and housed in a digi-pack sleeve with original artwork: 15,00 €

TROGGS - Cellophane
(Repertoire/UK) First released in 1967, this album really does invoke the spirit of the Swinging Sixties with it's soft-rock folk-psychedelic feel throughout. Featuring 'Love Is All Around', 'My Lady' and 'Little Red Donkey' and 12 bonus tracks (including both sides of solo singles from Trogg's drummer Ronnie Bond and leader Reg Presley!). Superb stuff housed in a digi package and detailed booklet: 15,00 €

TROGGS - Hip Hip Hooray
(Repertoire/UK) One of the rarest of all the early Troggs albums, originally released in 1968 under the title "Mixed Bag" it now sees reissue under a new title with 11 (count 'em.. Eleven!) bonus tracks, 9 Seventies' cuts plus 2 further Reg Presley solo tracks. The band display their flair for song writing on an album that only contains one cover (a shock considering that the band rose to fame on the back of cover songs). Features the fantastic psychedelic tinged "Purple Shades" and the excellent "Surprise Surprise". Housed in a fine digipack re-creating the original artwork: 15,00 €

TROJAN WAR - same 
(Philips-Greece) Another of the rock operas, this album had vocal contributions by several ex-members of Peloma Bokiou, Poll and Nostradamus. This is a symphonic work with much orchestration and shifting styles. The music for Trojan war was written by Giannis Kozatzas and Giannis Petrious, originally released in 1975. (Code D) 

TROYA - Point of Eruption 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1976 Originally a megarare private German progressive rock album release. Long tracks, heavy leads, roaring organ, rhythm changes, melancholic vocals. (Code C)

TRUBROT - Lifun 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1971 / Housed in hexagonal cover original cover: Icelands hard progressive band with driving keyboards, loud guitar outburst, complex rhythm changes. (Code G)

TRUBROT - same 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1969 / Rare debut by Icelandics only released in the UK. More 60`s psychedelic sounding than their later ones. With organ, phased drums effects, flute dreamy vibe and awesome vocals ba Shady Owens (pre-Naturra) (Code G)

TRUBROT - Undir Áhrifum 
(Si-Wan-Korea) 1970 / Their second album. The perfect transition between their psych and prog period. Long tracks, great guitars in a sorta West coast vein, well composed songs. (Code G)

TRUTH - Of them and other Tales 
(Epilogue-US) 1969-1970 Superb previously unreleased album by a band that was formed the remains of "THEM" and toured live Americas late 60's. Great late 60's psychedelia with full sleeve and notes of the bands history. (Code E)

TRUTH AND JANEY - No rest for the Wicked
(Monster / US) 1975 / Plus 5 bonus tracks: This is essentially a driving hard-rock outfit with guitar work on their first album often has some psychedelic trappings. (Code C)

(Monster / US) Absolute crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the midwest's heaviest power trio's of all time. This features all the material from their RARE DOUBLE live lp + 40 minutes of never before released/heard live recordings. Tune in and hear Billy Lee Janey, heavily inspired by Jeff Beck, Hendrix and the blues, take his '64 Gibson Firebird to new heights of heavy wailing godlyness. A RAWLOUD, SCREAMING TRIP back in time to 1976! 15,00 €

TRY - Just a Try 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1980 / A successful combination of acoustic and electronic elements. Almost unknown among collectors of progressive, but recommended. Hardly any singing, keyboard, guitar and sitar predominant. (Code C)

TUMULTO - same
(Record Runner / Brazil) Monster hard rock from Santiago, Chile recorded in 1973. This is rock with a definite South American flavor. The main instrument here is the ripping guitar all over the place, but the percussionist, and the bassist must also be commended. If you are a fan of solid hard rock with memorable songs good vocal arrangements, and that 70's South American underground sound, then you must get this classic! 20,00 €

TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO - Thunder on a clear day 
(Sundazed-US) 1967-1968 / These Phönix shroom-heads stirred the savage fuzzback-laced sounds of the garage generation into the brain-backing trippyness of the emerging SF ballroom scene. This includes the entire scare Vault-label album, rare early single side, unissued cuts and more. (Code C)

TWENTY SIXTY SIX and THEN - Reflections! 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) Legendary german heavy progressive rock band. With previously unreleased tracks and in nice Digipack. Limited edition. (Code D)

TWILIGHT - Day and Night 
(Garden of Delight-G) 1975 German progressive rock with guitar, organ, bass and drums. The German band recorded 1975 in London a good one of rock, in the seventies. (Code C)

TWINK - Never Neverland and Think Pink 
(Get Back-I) Demos, 12 track collection of ultra rare tapes from John Charles Alder's vaults featuring demo versions recorded at the Lighting Wizard Studios-North London, between 1969-1970. Demo versions of songs that were released on the PINK FAIRIES masterpieces "Never never Land" and "Think Pink". Containing "The coming of the other one", Dawn Magic and others". Lots of photos and liner notes by TWINK. (Code C)

TWINK - The lost Experimental Recordings 
(Get Back-I) 16 tracks recorded at the London "Wizard" studios, very late 1969 and early 1970, under extreme acid conditions. Specially remixed for release at Westwood studios, LA. Produced by TWINK. (Code C)

TWINK - Think Pink 
(SPM-G) Picture-CD / Re-release of this high rated solo album from 1972. A must for everyone who is looking for prog/psych/acid acts! Twink was in the Pink Fairies, Tomorrow and Pretty Things and many other projects. (Code C)

(HMP-Korea) Reissue of highly obscure 60's soft-rock-psych piece. Twinn Connection is twin brothers Jerry & Jay Hopkins singing in beautiful harmony with each other. Typical 60's psych-tingled soft-pop, curiously arranged. Original from the mid 60's and release on Decca. (Code G)

TWOGETHER - A Couple Of Times
(Garden of Delights/G) A duo with keyboards and rums from 1973. The sound is astonishingly dense and atmospheric thaks to the synthesizer they used, some dreamy, melodic passages mixed with full blown organ prog. The 2 tracks from their only single come as bonus tracks! 15,00 € 

(Penner-G) 1972, plus 2 bonus tracks. Progressive classical rock with a great keyboarder but a bad singer. The original album is the most sought-after German record, with 20 page booklet, two live bonus cuts, of Collosseum numbers. (Code C)

TYMPIECE - Sweet Release 
(Vicious Sloth-AUS) 1971 / Plus 5 bonus tracks from 1969-1970. The album is a prime example of psychedelic pop. Folk and country elements combined with a progressive edge to create a unique band. (Code E)

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