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UGLY DUCKLINGS - Too much too soon 
(Pacemaker-CAN)1966-1967 / This is definitly the best Canadian punk album tracks as well as single tracks and even one newly recorded track. (Code C)

ULTRA - same 
(Monster-US) 1975 / 77: Bad-ass mid 70's Texas heavy rock band formed out of the ashes of 60's band "Homer"!! Wailing guitars all over the place. (Code C)

(Arkama-I) A real underground from this mystic psych/folk band from California. From the early 70's. A till now unreleased album by complete unknown band. Some testpressings saw the light of day in the early 70's, but they never got released until now; nice fuzz psych-folk with female singer. (Code C)

(Vinyl Tap-UK) 1979 / obscure UK spacerock bunch who were 10 years ahead of the current spacerock revival. Long tracks, amphetamine riffing, acidy lyrics and vocals. (Code C)

(Shagadelic-Korea) Now On CD of UK/Italian exploitation groovy swinging London keyboard driven gogo/psych LP, with lots of distorted fuzz guitars. It appears that this obscure and rare album was the work of the well know Italian meastro Giampiero Reverberi. Music for groovy people. For go-go people and swinging people. Comes in a gatefold hard paper sleeve version. (Code G)

UNITED EMPIRE LOYALIST - Notes from the Underground 
(PN-CAN) A Canadian psychedelic progressive rock group from the Vancouver bay. With a collection of previously unreleased performances from 1968-1970, with four additional tracks from a 1990 reunion. Great guitar long jamming, included the blues track ""You don't love me" and "Otis Redding jam". (Code C)

(Edsel-UK) 1968 / Joe Byrd master-minded this group of experimental California musicians. Overall the album was one of the most successful attempts to marry experimental electronic music with rock lyrics. The beauty of the lyrics was matched by the excellent female voice. (Code C)

(Sundazed/US) Unbelievably cool and avant-garde rock album (recorded in 1967 and released in 1968) by a band who was, imo, one of the three truly avant psychedelic US bands of the time (along with 50 Foot Hose and Silver Apples). The (in)famous Joseph Byrd led and provided keyboards and electronic music, Dorothy Moskowitz sang, Gordon Marron played electronic/ring modulated violin, Rarnd Forbes played fretless bass and Craig Woodson played drums. If somewhat dated now in parts, the good stuff still raises a chill down my spine. This includes rare photos, new notes by Joseph and Dorothy and 10 bonus tracks. Some are completely inessential, but it does include some very good tracks, including the fascinating and very different 3-song demo that got them signed to Columbia in the first place. Conditionally recommended!: 15,00

UNIVERIA ZEKT - The Unnamables 
(Musea-F) 1971 / A mythical album! Magma at the period of 1001 Centigrade hides behind this name in a didactic attempt to make it's innovative music appreciated. Magma of the great period in full splendour. With biography, rare photographs, etc. (Code C)

UNTAMED - It's all true 
(Circle-UK) 1966-1969 / CD release by one of the most overlooked UK 60's R&B / psych-beat legends "Lindsay Muir's Untamed". This CD contains an unreleased version of the ultra rare single "It's not True" + 9 more unreleased tracks, including BBC Saturday Club sessions. Limited edition, with full colour sleeve and heavy duty 4 page full colour insert. (Code E)

URSA MAJOR - same 
(Pearl Past-CAN) 1973 / Great Detroit heavy rock trio with Dick Wagner on guitar and vocals, Greg Arama on the bassguitar (ex Amboy Dukes) (Code E)

UTOPIA - same 
(Arkama-I) Originally released by Kent in 1967. A rare obscure album recorded by this Heavy Blues Rock band hailing from somewhere in California, which has no relation with Todd Rundgren's Utopia. Worth a listen if you like psychedelic music. (Code C)

Code A     11,00
Code B     13,00
Code C     15,00
Code D     17,00
Code E     18,00
Code F     20,00
Code G     22,00
Code H     25,00
Code I     29,00
Code J     33,00
Code K     35,00
Code L    39,00