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VAINICA DOBLE - Todas sus grabaciones en Opalo 1970-1972
(Ramalama/SP) The complete early recordings by Spanish female duo, including their debut album, a true masterpiece blending folk, pop, psychedelic and soft-rock. Here are featured the singles of that era as wel1:15,00

VAINICA DOBLE - Heliotropo
(BMG/SP)This is a Spanish-Dutch duo, who sang their own folk-rock songs. Absolutely brilliant second album by Spanish folk-psychedelic female duo, originally released in 1973 on Ariola! 15,00

VAINICA DOBLE - Contracorriente
(Warner/SP) This Spanish female folk-psych duo released their third album, yet another masterpiece, in 1976. Of course, not as rare as their debut album, but definitely nearly as good!!! Originally released on Movieplay! 15,00

(Polygram-GRE) 1973 / A brilliant album. A hard to describe mixture of great songs, rock textures, melodical almost arabian music and strange dialogues. This is a wonderful release that bears up to constant listening. With great tracks like Sunny Earth and The City etc. (Code D)

VASHTI BUNYAN - Just another Diamond Day 
(Spinney-UK) Official CD reissue from 1970, plus 4 bonus tracks. One of the rarest UK Folk psych albums featuring beautiful haunting female vocals. Featured here are David Swarbrick and Robin Williamson. Fragile female voice interwoven with wispy delicate acoustic baroque-like sound from ancient Celtic meadows and forests. (Code D)

VASHTI BUNYAN - Just Another Diamond Day
( M2U / Korea ) CD reissue of one of the rarest UK FOLK PSYCH albums featuring beautiful haunting female vocals. Featured here are DAVID SWARBRICK and ROBIN WILLIAMSON. Fragile female voice interwoven with wispy delicate acoustic baroque-like sounds from ancient Celtic meadows and forests. Originally from 1970. Reissue coming in a high quality miniature LP sleeve, plus insert and plus bonus tracks! 20,00

(Castle / UK) 1969 / Cave Woman, The Delicate Wizard Of Gobsolob and Once Among The Trees the story of a chase with strong sexual overtones. Plastic Man, a comment on politicians, and Owed To The Dip, an organ-dominated instrumental and their own interpretative cover versions of The Bee Gees New York Mining Disaster 1941 and Tim Rose's Come Away Melinda. Worth a listen, but don't pay a lot for it. Paul Eastment was later in GHOST. Organist Frank Wilson was a founding member of Warhorse. This reissue includes the band's interesting version of Telstar. Two cuts from their album have also been compiled. (Code C)

VINEGAR - same
(Garden of Delights / G) Reissue on CD of the one and only album by Berlin underground band VINEGAR originally released in 1971. Musically in style of early PINK FLOYD, progressive but very PSYCHEDELIC, long instrumentalxtracks but also with Female vocalist reminding of NICO. One of the lost treasure from Germany very sought after! 15,00

(Long Hair-G) Split CD by two bands from South-West-Germany. Over 60 minutes music, guitar dominated, melodical, produced in 1971. Progressive blues-rock with flute (Violence Fog) and echoes of West-Coast-Music (Jerusalem). Digital remasterd from the original tape. Brilliant. (Code C)

VIRUS - Revelation 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / Plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks: German killer hard rock / progressive rock. This album was aptly titled, being full of invention and surprises with in long tracks that sported extensive guitar work-cuts, swirling organ, free riffing and lots of interactive musical interplay, resulting in a powerful cosmic excursion that is largely instrumental. (Code C)

VIRUS - Thoughts 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / The 2nd album with more hard-rock and blues style, with a wild psychedelic edge, with lyrics about drugs and paranoia. A legendary band. (Code C)

VIRUS - Remember
(Garden of Delights/G) Early 70s German progressive band which had 2 albums "Revelation" and "Thoughts" on the Pilz label. These live recordings were made for WDR radio in 1973! 15,00

VISITORS - same 
(Si-Wan-Korea) One of the most obscure French album, released in 1974, but also one of the most researched one finally reissued on CD. Visitors was a punctual formation gathered around Jean-Pierre MASSIERA and featuring a score of musicians. Besides the rhythms, the accent is pointed out on keyboards (Hammond organ and mini-Moog) and especially the vocal and choruses that remind Vanilla Fudge. The band presents a sophisticated progressive music built on many breaks and refined developments with particularly tremendous violin interventions from Didier Lockwood from which this album represents the first disco graphic step. (Code F)

VITA NOVA - same 
(Penner-G) 1971, plus 2 bonus tracks. Very unusual art-rock/underground with hohner clavinet and latin words. They played a complex fusion of classical rock and fusion style. (Code C)

VOLO, IL - same 
(BMG.I) The first Italian album from 1974. Symphonic band which music is built upon two keyboards. Close to PFM or Banco by the vocals parts and the beauty of the themes and to E. L. P. by the instrumental virtuosity. (Code C)

VOLO, IL - Essere o non essere? essere... 
(BMG-I) The 2nd album from 1975. Symphonic-rock, with some theme more soft and some majesties keyboards flights ala King Crimson. (Code C)

VOX DEI - Cronica de Coleccion 
(Microfon-ARG) Great CD with different and rare tracks over 50 minutes heavy psych rock, excellent. (Code H)

VOX DEI - Cuero Caliente 
(Diapason-ARG) Reissue of their debut album from 1970 were they played more hard-blues / hard-rock and rock ballads. (Code H)

VOX DEI - En Vivo-La nave Infernal 
(Diapason-ARG) 1976 Violently wild live show of their superb group Vox Dei. Heavy progressive with great tracks. (Code H)

VOX DEI - Es una Nube, no hay Duda 
(Diapason-ARG) 1973 / Their fourth album. Heavy prog.-rock. (Code H)

VOX DEI - Jeremias Pies de Plomo 
(Diapason-ARG) 1972 / The 3rd album and back to the hard blues rock aproach with stunning rock, harmonica playing. (Code H)

VOX DEI - La Biblia 
(Diapason-ARG) 1971 / Ultimate Argentinia heavy bluesy progressive rarity with wild guitar solos with basslicks and furious drumming. (Code H)

VOX DEI - Lo Mejor de... 
(Diapason-ARG) Compilation of the best tracks from all Vox Dei released tracks. (Code G)

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