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WAILERS - At the Castle 
(Norton-Us) Live at the legendary Spanish Castle with the full revue including 15 years old sensation Rockin Robin and Gail Harris, plus 2 bonus tracks (Code C)

WAILERS - Livewire!!! 
(Norton-US) Mean-ass collection of 1964-1967 tough walkin' punk pounders culled from LP`s, rare 45s and unissued demos with blow-out insane sound. Feat. "Out of our Tree" / "Hang up". (Code C)

WAILERS - Tall cool one 
(Collectables-US) US 60's / The very first album of classic, with great track "Louie Louie". The pioneers of 60`s punk rock. (Code C)

( Shadoks / G ) 1970; Our latest release from the vaults of El Paso's Suemi label, this album has really been turning some heads. Very unusual sounds spearheaded by brothers Darrell and Doug Adams who later moved to the West Coast and released LP's with the middle eastern influenced band "Light Rain". The album has a spooky, late night vibe and lyrics that reveal new meaning upon every listen. Great guitar work by Mike Cancelarre and twisted vocals by drummer/ songwriter David Rutledge. Visions of late night desert peyote hallucinations on songs like "Scissor-Tail Swallow" and "Country Of The Goose" compliment a hard rock, Captain Beefhart vibe on "Mad Rapper". Unusual timing and phrasing makes this a journey into the twisted back roads of El Paso's great rock and roll heritage. Comes with 8 page booklet that has pictures of the band, the band's history in their own words and a brief background of each cut as told by Darrell Adams. This is destined to be one of our most sought after releases and has been compared to fellow Texas psych monster "Cold Sun" by some! 15,00 €

(Kissing Spell-UK) A 1978 great UK electric folk rock with psychedelic edges. This rare 1978 private pressing is currently valued at 200 uk-pound. Jethro Tull influenced fluty folk with a great title track. (Code E)

WAKEFIELD - The lost Warthog Tapes
(Gear Fab / US) From Pueblo, Colorado comes this psychedelic rock band formed in 1969 and continued to play until they broke up in 1974. The band recorded one concept album at Warthog studios in Denver between 1971-1982 that had been stored away for 30 years until it was discovered recently. A real lost classic with great fuzz guitars, dreamy, moody and bluesy vocals, harmonies and great use of woodwind instruments. 13 tracks with a playtime of 79 minutes. (Code C)

(Fracal/F) Deluxe presentation of the works he produced during the 70s. Friend of SOFT MACHINE's Robert Wyatt and one time assistant of Terry Riley through whom he became acquainted with the vocal ragas of PANDIT PRAN NATH, the Indian master of magic repetitive music. Featured here are "Logos", "Docteur Faust", "Hathor", "Les Fous D'Or", "Nagual", "Let's start". Often magic as well as telluric, his music's cosmic nature is like a shaft thrown over different worlds, forsaken by the most. (6CD BOX)! 69,00 €

(CR-1005) Excellent mod psych album that was released only in Japan with original full color artwork. Similar to the psychedelic "Small Faces" with hints of Cream this is classic UK psych, includes the superb "Francis" as well as the band excellent singles. (Code C)

(Shadoks-G) 2-CD 1966/1967 Two diff. Albums on double CD. Bloody rare Columbian garage psychedelic classic. Rumoured to be US teens when living in Coca country. (Code E)

WANIYETULA - A Dream Within A Dream
(Garden of Delights/G) Reissue of 1983 album , plus 3 Bonus-Tracks. Waniyetula were already founded in 1969 in Frankfort on Main. In the beginning of 1976 they wanted to record an LP with texts by Edgar Allan Poe, but The Alan Parsons Project beat them only just to it with their masterpiece "Tales of mystery and imagination". Disillusioned they quit the plan momentarily but kept it in mind and in 1982 they recorded the tracks again. One year later they were released as LP "A dream within a dream" (Klangkunst KK 2811-018). Naturally their record isn't able to match the one from The Alan Parsons Project but after all they had no Arthur Brown as guest singer and no Orson Welles as speaker. As a bonus, among other tracks of Waniyetula, two today hardly accessible ones from their LP "Concert '71". Taken from the master tapes: 15,00 €

WAPASSOU - Ludwig, Un roi pou L'Eternite' 
(Muse F) The final album from 1979, the band from Strasbourg dreamy, picturesque music containing recurrent rhythms generates pictures and emotions even without the use vocals. The music becomes less refined, more melodic and reminds sometimes of Mike Oldfield in more simple and less a domed. (Code C)

WAPASSOU - Salommbo 
(Musea-F) On the followings albums, the band confirmed the originally of its music based on the combination and building of the themes by the keyboards, the violin and the acoustic or electric guitar. This highly original combination and the music inspired by BACH and WAGNER, the chaming climates The repetitive sequences played by the organ and the violin give to this band solemnityas well as dark and deep symphonise. Originally from 1977. (Code C)

WAPASSOU - same 
(Musea-F) On their first album from 1974, with lots of guests (Benoit MOERLEN, percussion, flute, clarinet, sitar, drums) WAPASSOU plays a music reminding of the first PINK FLOYD, and includes varied and bothering melodies containing flute, clarinet, guitar and sitar interventions and a rock pulse. WAPASSOU evokes such bands as Czar, Caravan, Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel. As a bonus, you get two tracks edited as single. (Code C)

WARA - El Inca 
(Runner Braz.) One of the rarest albums from South American continent now on CD. An amazing Hard-progressive rock album by Bolivian band WARA. Five long tracks with excellent guitars, from 1973. (Code H)

(Angel Air-UK) 1972 / The second LP. Plus previously unreleased tracks. 1 bonus live track and 5 demo tracks. (Code C)

WARHORSE - same 
(Angel-Air-UK) 1970, plus bonus tracks. 4 live and 1 demo track. UK hard rocking "Deep Purple" offshot. (Code C)

WARLORD - same
(Audio Archives-UK) Mega-rare previously UNRELEASED recordings from the mid. 70's by this dark UK underground doom band. We are talking no-nonsense heavy duty SABBATH style occult rock by a group of drug-crazed muse's with a genuine interest in witchcraft and the black arts. A nice homely bunch to introduce to the vicar when he comes over for tea and fairy cakes on a Sunday afternoon. Probably the heaviest Audio Archives release to date, more potent than Dark and more doomy than Black Widow. Includes additional live material, full band history and magnificent medieval war-cry artwork. (Code E)

(Kissing Spell / UK) 1976 / An obscure acoustic folk-rock band whose albums are now very rare and sought-after. They appear on numerous collectors wants lists worldwide. They formed at Cambridge University in 1971. After going full-time in 1974 they were a popular attraction at colleges, folk clubs and festivals. The Harvest Time album isn't as consistently good but as a private pressing is extremely elusive and consequently sells for £ 300 plus. The title track takes up all of Side 2, whilst Side 1 contains several shorter compositions. (Code E)

WATERLOO - First Battle 
(Musea-F) 1971 / Sole album by Belgian progressive rock band. Includes bonus tracks, taken from the non LP singles and an unreleased track. Organ / guitar based psych with early prog. moves great "Jethro Tull"-like flutes. (Code C)

(Background-UK) 1970 / First album of peruvian soft-psychedelic melodic folk influenced pop band. Like "Left Banke" or "Badfinger". (Code E)

(Lazarus-US) The second album with bonus tracks: Astonishing late Beatles like discovery, full of beautiful harmonies & arrangements, blended with superb psychedelic elements, sung in English. (Code D)

WEB - I Spider 
(Polydor-JAP) 1970 / UK progressive rock, pre Samurai long tracks with organ, mellotrons, guitars, tenor sax, flute etc. (Code H)

WEED - same 
(Second-Battle-Digipack-G) 1971 / A very British sounding to Krautrock hard-rock, boogie edge and gutsy, standing the ground between Sperrmüll-Reaction style, with Ken Hensley. (ex Uriah Heep) (Code D)

( Spalax / F ) 1973; Walter Wegmüller was a well-know figure in the late-60`s, as a mystic, artist, and as an eccentric and gifted talent. One of the group of Swiss friends that included Sergius Golowin and H.R.Giger, befriended by Timothy Leary whilst he was stuck in Switzerland in the early-70`s . reputedly, Timothy hatched the idea of a musical interpretation of Walter Wegmüller´s new set of Tarot cards, and a concept centred on the trump cards was soon formulated. The band were an expanded amalgam of Wallenstein and Ash Ra Tempel musicians. The first three sides cover a wide range of moods, with folky touches, strange electronic diversions and fiery space-rock drives, fronted by guitars, synthesizers and Mellotron. The fourth side is encompassed by a single suite that surges beyond Ash Ra Tempel, previewing the sound of the Cosmic Jokers. Throughout, Walter is our guide, narrating in a most imaginative manner his visions of the Tarot, in a weirdly accented German: Packaged in a box with numerous cards and insert and two CDs: Limited Edition and long time sold out: Here the last change! 59,00 €

WEIDORJE - same 
(Musea-F) The band from MAGMA ex-bass player, Bernard PAGANOTTI, who plays a strong and hypnotic music with Zeuhl influence. Paga's growling bass builds a basis on which keyboards, saxophone and guttural vocals are brilliant. A very waited reissue with two live bonus tracks of great interest. Originally released in 1977. (Code C)

WELCOME - same 
(Black-Rills-CH) 1976 / The first album of Swiss symphonic rock, keyboards all over the space, a bit in the french majestic style. (Code C)

WENDY & BONNIE - Genesis 
(Sundazed-US) Genesis, the sole album by SF-based sister Wendy & Bonnie Flower, ranks as one of the most remarkable unheard albums of 1969. Melodic confections laced with radiant harmony and breezy Brazilian splashes makes this sophisticated. Lots of rare photos. (Code E)

( Castle UK ) The Pye years. Whimsical pop outfit whose songs were characterised by pleasant harmonies and quite inventive arrangements. Featuring 11 never before issued studio DEMO tracks from 1968. 27 Tracks total! 15,00 €

(Sundazed-US) 1967 / US; First time official CD release of this legendary album. The music has been taken direct from the master tapes and this release features ""Help, I'm a rock (Single mix) & Tranparent day" (single mix) as bonus tracks. With great liner notes too, plus photos. (Code C)

(Sundazed-US) Official reissue of the bands privately pressed debut album. From the Masters with lots of bonus tracks. A sacred US 60`s psychedelic band, with some tracks sounding like Acid Test era Grateful Dead, and others with a psychedelic Bob Dylan edge. Tracks from 1965-1967. (Code C)

(Sundazed-US) 1967 / US; The second album of one the best psychedelic west coast pop sound. Direct from the master tape, plus 2 bonus tracks (single mix of) "Unfree Child" & "Smell of incense", fantastic liner notes and photos taken from the bands own archives. (Code C)

(Sundazed-US) 1968 / US; Amazing third album aka "A child guide to good & evil" officially released on CD for the first time taken straight from the original masters, features 2 bonus tracks (single version of) "Shifting sands" & "1906", great liner notes too. (Code C)

WESTWIND - Love is 
(Elegy-UK) First time CD reissue of a very rare and collectable folk album from 1970. Delightful material throughout with haunting female vocals that are both compelling and charming. Comes with the beautiful original artwork and is fully remastered. Highly recommended. (Code E)

WHALEFEATHERS - Declare/same 
(Arkama-I) Two albums on one CD. The first album "Declare" by this Southern American group. A cult imprint for collectors of obscure blues rock and psychedelia. Covering Skip Spence 'Omaha' from Moby Grape and delivering a set of heavy keyboard driven psychedelic and blues infected rock. The second album by this heavy blues rock and psychedelia unit. Along with their debut it has been a collectors' item originally released on Nasco in 1970. Featuring covers of "World in pain" (Mountain) and the blues standard "I don't need no Doctor". Extended pieces with spacious instrumental parts in keyboard and guitar distortion overload. Comes in digipak-mini-hard-paper sleeve. (Code C)

(Si Wan-Korea) 1971 / UK melodious prog like Moody Blues rock, with flute, guitars, keyboards and harmonies all over. (Code G)

WHITE LIGHTNING - Strikes Twice 
(Arf Arf-US) 1968-1969 / Awesome release by 68/69 recordings by Zip Caplans band after the Litter, blows your mind. US acid rock. (Code D)

WHY NOT - Revolution Inc. 
(WWR-0071-picture CD) The British legend of psychedelica released three albums ('The Orange', 'The Pink' and 'The Black') in the 60's, all have cult status especially in the USA. Over the years the members of the band were still recordings and finally their output from 1967 to 1980 is now available on CD. One can listen to a bunch of brilliant hard rock songs their first single "I've Gone" from 1967, and two up to date unreleased tracks from 1970. (Code C)

WICKED LADY - Psychotic Overkill 
(Kissing Spell-UK) 1972 / UK heavy acid rock with loaded fuzz guitar and Hawkind like jams, including the tracks Voodoo Chile and heavy-doom rock. (Code E)

WICKED LADY - The Axeman Cometh 
(Kissing Spell-UK) Recorded 1968-1972 in a basement. Over 60 minutes of wah-wah hell, acid freak-outs from this underground band. Music by a lost legend of proto-metal. (Code E)

( Musea / F ) Benoit was keyboardist for Magma from 1975 to 1978. Additionally, he released a few solo albums in the mid/late 70's, of which this was the first. A keyboard/Moog-dominated record that at times gets amazingly heavy and at other times very wonderfully atmospheric, this is sorta comparable in timbre and tone to Jan Hammer's best work post Mahavishnu. Some of the material is solo and some features great guests such as drummer Clement Bailly (Magma, Richard Pinhas), Guy Delacroix, Patrick Gauthier (Magma, Heldon), Patrice Tison, Jean-Pierre Fouquey and more! 15,00 €

WIGWAM - Being 
(Love) 1974 / Excellent album as well. Beautiful cover art, plus many photos, liner notes and new 24-bit digitally re-remastered from the 1st Generation 8-Tracks Tapes. (Code C)

WIGWAM - Fairyport 
(Love) 1971 / Originally a double album. Great Finnish band of majestic complex progressive musicianship. With Pekka Pohjola and Jim Pembroke. (Code C)

WIGWAM - Fresh Garbage 
(Love-FIN) Rarities from 1969-1977 /2 CDs / Brings together Wigwams rare Love records single tracks, as well as some previously unreleased live recordings, to complement the selection on the Highlights "best of compilation issued by Siboney in 1966. Although excellent, Wigwams finely-crafted studio recordings never revealed what the band could do on stage. Now we have more evidence of Wigwams live magic, as well as their 45 magic; wether progressive, oddball or popsy, always delightful. (Code F)

WIGWAM - Highlights 
(Love-FIN) The most famous Finnish group of the 70's, with the best tracks from the first album Hard 'n' Horny and other albums 1970/71/73/74... to 1977 / Finnish progressive jazz rock, to melodic folkrock influenced, with Jukka Gustavson on keyboards and Jim Pembroke vocals-guitar. (Code C)

WIGWAM - Live Music from the Twilight Zone 
(Love-Siboney) Recorded at N-Club, Ailibi and Tavastia Club, June 1974, with great track "Let it be" and other great long tracks. (Code C)

WIGWAM - Nuclear Nightclub 
(Love) 1975 originally released. Now new 24-Bit digitally remastered edition including 4 bonus LIVE tracks, and poster cover: Great CD version. (Code C)

WIGWAM - Fairyport 
(Love/Fin) 1971/Their 3rd album, & for my money, probably their best. Originally a double album, it all fits nicely on 1 CD, with a previously unreleased 10 minute live bonus track as well. This is the newly remastered, 24bit version from 2003. What was originally the 1st 2 sides of the album are especially wonderful, organ-driven, song-oriented progressive, like the best of Caravan from the same period (1971). Includes some nice, rare photos. Warmly recommended!:15,00 €

WIGWAM - Tombstone Valentine
(Love/Fin) Wigwam, Finland's most famous combined song form with a progressive outlook, & remain a 70's favourite of many folks. This, their second album from 1970, is an excellent place to start with this band! This is the newly remastered, 24-bit remastered version from 2003. This has a combination of their psychedelic roots and the beginning of their well known sound. No bonus tracks but some wonderful photos in the booklet I hadn't seen before! 15,00 €

WILD TURKEY - Final Performance 
(Audio-Archives-UK) Previously unreleased live album, recorded at their last gig, at London's Marquee club, in 1974, with 3 bonus tracks from previously years Berlin open air Festival. Includes unreleased songs and rare photos. (Code E)

WILD TURKEY - Live in Edinburgh 
(AACD 043) Great Live recording from 1973 is without doubt nothing sort of sensational and captures fully this brilliant unique style of melodic yet undeniably powerful brand of driving rock. Comes with special poster sleeve full of rare, never before seen photos. (Code E)

WILD TURKEY - Rarest Turkey
(Audio Archives / UK) This is the 3rd in a series of WILD TURKEY CD's. This CD features all of the so called 'Chalfont' demos recorded in 1974 together with other rare material that has never been released plus both sides of the very rare single from 1972. Also a rare live track from USA concert plus 5 previous unreleased bonus tracks by singer Gary Pickford-Hopkins. This Turkey CD contains everything that collectors cannot get on any other WILD TURKEY release. From Glenn Cornick's personal archives. (Code E)

(Vanguard-Arkama-Digipack-I) 1970 / Their sole album is composed of musically competent electric folk music with a strong country influence, with Al Anderson.(Code C)

WIND - Morning 
(Green Tree-G) 1972 / With 1 bonus track. The second album, Morning was a vastly inferior, rather straight rock 'n' soul album with shot songs and little musical involvement. (Code C)

WIND - Seasons 
(Second Battle Digipack-G) 1971 / German killer hard-rock prog. Seasons offered a richly textured progressive rock, lyrical yet also very musically involved and certainly very anglo-American inspired, but with that german oddness typical of such bands. (Code C)

(Monster-US) 1982 / US legendary hard rock album with guitar solo heaven. Including 3 non LP bonus tracks among which a blistering live track from 1979. A nonstop spiraling guitar orgy. (Code C)

WINTERHAWK - There are back again 
(Monster-US) Live at the Aragon 1978 recordings from Chicago's Winterhawk, captured on Home turf at the famous Aragon Ballroom with the bonus of 2 rehearsal & studio tracks, stunning hard-rock led by Fret Melter, Jordan Marcus, including the 13 minute 'Creatures of the Sea' and the 10 minute closer 'Free to live'. (Code C)

WIZARD - same 
(Gear Fab-US) 1971 / Plus 2 bonus tracks. US wild, fuzzed out hard rock with psychy undertones. Great axework all over, furious vocals, solid rhythm section. From the Mastertape. (Code C)

(Radioactive / UK) Reissue on CD of ULTRA-RARE album from this PSYCH band from Kansas USA. Originally released on Mercury in 1970 and since then very sought after as only a few were pressed and NOT promoted at all, due to the fact the band called it a day. Leaving Mercury with an album, but no band to promote it. (Code C)

WIZZ JONES - Magical Flight 
(Scenecof-US) The re-emergence of an intergral piece of British folk rock history. This first ever CD release was taken from crystalline master tapes recorded in 1977 for the Plant life label. Backed by a fine band the best qualities of Wizz Jones are presented here in full glory, magical cross-over material which takes him into the ears of lovers of acid folk to Americanized folk and blues. (Code E)

WLUD - Second
(Musea / F) 1979 / This band from the late Seventies plays an instrumental Progressive music full of fineness and contrast. Its compositions are very well constructed, including many themes full of detours and surprises as well as rich harmonies. Can be compared to CAMEL or BO HANSSON. On this second CD, WLUD evolves towards a mixing of Progressive rock with some jazz-rock accents. They play melodious themes, full of nuances and marriage of sounds. Keyboards and guitar weave serene, tormented or ethereal and romantic climates. The mixing between CAMEL and BRAND X. The CD includes 4 tracks from their two singles and an unreleased track. (Code C)

WLUD - Carrycroch'
(Musea / F) 1979 / This band from the late Seventies plays an instrumental Progressive music full of fineness and contrast. Its compositions are very well constructed, including many themes full of detours and surprises as well as rich harmonies. Can be compared to CAMEL or BO HANSSON. On this second CD, WLUD evolves towards a mixing of Progressive rock with some jazz-rock accents. They play melodious themes, full of nuances and marriage of sounds. Keyboards and guitar weave serene, tormented or ethereal and romantic climates. The mixing between CAMEL and BRAND X. The CD includes 4 tracks from their two singles and an unreleased track. (Code C)

(Elegy-UK) Their second mega rare folk rock album from 1973, featuring the haunting vocals of Susan Traynor later of Mr. Fox fame. English pastoral folk with a certain dreamy west coast vibe. (Code E)

(Elegy-UK) Mega-rare folk-rock rarity from the UK, released on 1972, and his first album. Excellent pastoral-folk-rock: (Code E)

(Green Tree-G) 1969 / Power of the picts, plus 2 bonus tracks of legendary UK freak underground band. (Code C)

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