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XHOL CARAVAN - Motherfuckers Live 
(UDOR-UK) 3-CD release of the greatest Krautrock bands. You get 2 beautiful recorded live shows from 1968 and 1969, one of which reproducing the entire infamous "Freedom opera", including a mesmerizing, expanded version of Donovans "Season of the witch". The other live show is a cosmic space improvisation for German radio broadcast (WDR-Radio Live 1969) A 20 minute bonus CD has NURSE WITH WOUND, CURRENT 93 & CHRISTOPH HEEMAN covering their favourite moments of XHOL CARAVAN. Comes in a full colour package with a 12 page booklet. (Code H)

(GOD / G) 1969 / German mental jazzy progressive with a twisted psychedelic edge and their two 7" single tracks as bonus. (Code C)

XHOL - Hau-ruck
(GOD / G) 1971 / Plus one bonus track (1974) The live album Hau-ruck, which follows on a more esoteric level, overtly trippy in feel with one lengthy improvisation per side, the cosmic Annexus Quam like "Breit" and the psychedelic blues "Schaukel". (Code C)

Code A     11,00
Code B     13,00
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Code G     22,00
Code H     25,00
Code I     29,00
Code J     33,00
Code K     35,00
Code L    39,00