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YA HO WA 13 - I'm Gonna Take You Home
(Swordfish/UK) These USA seminal west-coast weirdest are rumoured to have had members of 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS and SKY SAXON involved and perform with them. True or not, this album is extremely rare and musically very weird. This mystical and drug-indulged collection of lysergic acid heads created some of the scariest sounds ever. This toxic concoction will liquidize any cerebral matter within a 10 meter radius. Manic, screamed vocals are accompanied by relentless 360 degrees twisted guitars. Presented with 'The Lovers' and 'The Chariot' tarot card cover! 18,00 € 

YAKI, LOS - Vuelve el sonindo agresivo
(Condor / Mex) Mexican Import. 22 tracks that compile the first two albums from the primal "Stones/Kinks" covers of their first album to the "Deep Purple/Spencer Davis Group" covers from the second. Mastered from the original Capitol Records analogue tapes. (Code D)

(Gear Fab-US) 1975 / US solid under-rated Wisconsin hard rockers. The album feat. inventive arrangements and good playing, loud and crispy drumming, driving guitars and haunting keyboards. (Code C)

(dot-US) 1968 / Their album is a delightful potpouri of West coast sounding flower power and psychedelia with lots of fuzz guitar with beautiful "Jefferson Airplane" like male/femalelayered harmonies with track like "Catch the wind". (Code E)

YARDBIRDS - Live Blueswailing!
( Castle / UK ) July 1964 St. Georges Hall live recording. Recently discovered professional recording featuring two songs the Yardbirds never recorded in the studio: 'Someone To Love' and 'The Sky Is Crying'. This recently discovered live Yardbirds set was recorded prior to their amazing Five Live Yardbirds debut album and definitely adds to the band's already legendary status - equalling (if not bettering) Five Live in both sound quality and performance. Here is what Yardbird Chris Dreja has to say about this recording: "This tape is just a very interesting historical piece," reckons Chris nearly forty years later. "It's pretty rough and ready. It's from an embryonic stage of the band, and an added interest is Keith's interchanges with the audience. The nature of this album is just this startling piece of history. It was ahead of its time. It's incredibly valid, PLUS it's The Yardbirds, PLUS it's Eric. There is nothing out there with such an intimate feel. That's what got to me. It was like being in the room again or up there on the stage, in that wonderful magic period"! 18,00 €

YATHA SIDHRA - A Meditation Mass
( Laser Edge / US ) 1973; A Meditation Mass is actually one of the most magical albums ever made, a single cosmic suite, with ethnic and jazzy touches, pure cosmic Krautrock which really trips-out. I΄ve often quoted it as my favourite all-time album, duo to its uniqueness, that it has never dated, and is so charged. Few albums hold that same quality. Flutes, guitars and electronics are the basis of the music, which floats, ebbs and grows and occasionally breaks out with real energy. A Step on from the realms of Kollektiv or instrumental Thirsty Moon: Jewlbox, with the original cover version: Last CDs copies and now rar! 19,00 €

(Sundazed-US) 1967, plus 8 bonus tracks, previously unreleased and bonus tracks: Dreamy US pop psychedelic with a feel like UK bands of that era. (Code C)

YEZDA URFA - Sacred Baboon
( Syn-Phonic / US ) 1976; Yezda Urfa produced inventive, complex and unusual Progressive rock, with sophisticated arrangements in the style of Yes and audacious vocals and harmonies comparable to Gentle Giant. If you imagined the latter recruiting the singer, bassist and drummer of the former for the recording of "Sacred Baboon", you might have an idea…Long, rich and varied instrumental parts display the perfect cohesion of the musicians, who perform brilliantly throughout this unjustly ignored work. An American rarity, reissued al last! 15,00 €

YOUNG, CATHY - A spoonful of Cathy Young
(Maple-Korea) Reissue of one and only album by Canadian psych/folk lady Cathy Young. Originally released on Mainstream in the 60's. Included long fuzzy version "Spoonful" she was formerly a singer in the AU GO GO SINGERS folk band. (Code G)

(Karma-DK) The only documentation of this great Danish 60's band, they recorded live. Released in co-operation with the band, the recordings have been cleaned and the best 7 tracks (one of which lasts 16 minutes) have been selected for this release. Listen to this great band mixing HENDRIX and CREAM influences. (Code C) 

YOUNG FLOWERS - 1968-1969
(Sonet /DK) Important Danish hippie band with heavy influence from blues and Eric Clapton's CREAM. The members from this psychedelic power trio later ended up in MIDNIGHT SUN, SAVAGE ROSE and CULPEPERS ORCHARD. This legal release contains both their albums plus 1 bonus track called "Party beat". (Code C)

( Karma /DK ) Danish legendary psychedelic rock band from the 60;s /early 70's here with CD full of sessions taken from the bands own archives. The recordings are live from Denmarks Radio 1969-1970, and in Mono, which was all we had at the time. Some of the songs has never been out before in any way. The Track "The Pusher" recorded in 1969 at the Beat & Jazzbeat Concert. Other track "Turn me on" recorded in 1970at the Beatconcert with Bent Hesselmann (Maxwells/Rainbow Band) and Peter Thorup (Beefeathers) 15,00 €

( Sub-Pop / US ) Amazing lost treasure finally sees the light of day after 35 years.Originally recorded in 1968 to be released on the legendary " Candy Floss " label, home of the C.A.QUINTET. But due to reasons unknown the album was shelved and never released! Now for the first time we get the change to experience the extreme sounds of the " Michael Yonkers Band,led by Michael Yonkers who`s inspired by TRASHMEN; CALICO WALL and all and who`s guitar sounds like a hell of direction and beyond anything else from that time. A sound treated by home-made devices unheard ever since. Angst-driven songs full of tension and expression larded with guitar explosions.It`s 7 songs in total and all he recorded at the time,pure and unique, listeners will be astounded by his talents! 18,00 €

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