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ZABU - My coffin's ready 
(Musea-F) 1972 / Great French early 70's psych-blues rock. This guy's on the edge I'd gather from his demonic, wasted vocals, backed up by Magma members. (Code C)

(Deram-Japan) 1971 / UK rural hard psych with folky, progressive feels, with powerful distinctive female vocals, heavy guitars, bass, keyboards and string arrangements. A bit like T2 in places. (Code H)

ZAKARY THAKS - Form the Habit 
(Sundazed-US) Great 60's set featuring each of their frenzied singles from the stomp of BAD GIRLS to the psychedelia of GREEN CRYSTAL TIES also includes outtakes and backing tracks, an interview with lead singer CHRIS GERNIOTTIS and previously unpublished Photos. Texas garage punk rockers. (Code C)

ZAO - Shekina
(Musea / F) 3rd album with a music with complex writing, with very sophisticated compositions, where sax and piano scan play themes with strange tones. (Code C)

ZAO - Osiris
(Musea / F) Formed from two former MAGMA members: Yochk'o Seffer (sax) and Faton Cahen (piano), ZAO proposes through its albums a fusion of rock, jazz, Hungarian folk influences and the mark of modern composers. (Code C)

ZAO - Kawana
(Musea / F) 4th album, "Kawana" is a bit more jazz rock oriented. Ex. MAGMA members with an avant-garde touch. (Code C)

(Second Battle-G) 1971 / A German obscure progressive, drawing on a wide range of German hard-rock and British late 60's style. (Code C)

(Vinyl Magic / I) 1978 / A somptuous mixing between Prgressive baroque, Italian classical and medieval musics. A delicate and sophisticated music based upon organ parts, harpsichord sounds, fine acoustic guitar chords and superb flute flights. Close to Jethro Tull of Fruupp but more clever and baroque. Worth to be discovered: 15,00 €

ZINGALE - Peace 
(Krypton-ISR) 1977 / Plus 6 bonus tracks from 1976-1977; Mid. 70's Israeli top-notch progressive rock, english vox, long tracks with lavish use of key, strong vocals. Good stuff. (Code F)

ZINGALE - Peace 
(Earsay/Isrl.) Reissue of classic album by legendary Israelian PROGRESSIVE band from the early 70's. The CD comes in a miniature sleeve like the original gatefold. Made available again in very limited qty of only 300 copies. For my mind, this is the best progressive rock album from Israel (a small honour, it is true, but an honour nonetheless). The band consists of vocals (in English), guitars, keyboards (mostly electric piano, with some piano and synths), violin/mandolin, bass and drums. This excellent reissue includes the entire album from the master tapes + 6 bonus tracks taken from non LP singles (where they sing in Hebrew). Due to the melodicism of the vocals and general demeanour and the violin, it reminds me a lot of Caravan circa "For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night" minus the organ, although it doesn't really *sound* like Caravan. But you get the idea. The band had hopes of being launched on the international scene, but a few cases of bad luck put an end to that, and the album barely limped out in Israel alone, where it quickly disappeared and soon after became a serious dollar collector's item. Really good mid 70's progressive in a semi-Canterbury vein! 15,00 €

ZIPP'S - Be stoned! Dig Zips! 
(Pseudonym-NL) 1966-1969 / First full lenght CD release by Dutch 60's drugg-induced outfit "The Zipp's", includes all their singles, some live tracks, unreleased demo version. (68 minutes of sixties beat) (Code C)

ZIPPER - same 
(Music Maniac/G) Long awaited reissue on CD! "ZIPPER" was a HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC ROCK formation from the late 70's which featured FRED COLE of 'DEAD MOON" in optima forma screaming his brains out and licking his ACID-DRENCHED GUITAR! A LOST TREASURE NOW REISSUED AND A MUST-HAVE FOR ALL "DEAD MOON" FREAKS!! 15,00 €

ZOMBY WOOF - Riding On A Tear
(GOD / G) Plus 4 bonus tracks: A majestic and sophisticated progressive rock band from South-Germany played in 1977, the kind of bombastic symphonic rock that could be heard quite frequently in the 70s, with lots of keyboards, a strong energy in a dreamy Faithful Breath-like style. (Code C)

ZYMA - Thoughts 
(Garden of Delights-G) 1978 / Plus 2 bonus tracks. A German obscure 70's progressive, like a very Canterbury influenced jazz-rock style, with hints of "Soft-machine" and "Isotope". At any rate, here you hear real experts at play. (Code C)

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